Jacob wanders outside into the fresh night air. He is wearing some plain jeans and a blue work shirt and boots in preparation for collecting herbs and doing more yard work. He collects herbs as he walks through the forest and swamp. “Nightshade… Belladonna…”

Jacob comes back with his collection and puts it back into the chantry before going outside. He then begins to stretch himsel preparing for a new workout with more routines. After he stretches he does some of the chores before moving back into sword practice. He grips the sword and begins to move it in circular motions, envisioning the practice of a circle parry. Afterwards he begins to drop into a stance and practices the thrusts and slashes, feel

He continues his practice for several more hours before noting it down and heading inside. He cracks open some anatomy books and begins to study through the muscle groups and the way they move, and how it relates to martial arts. After reading through that for some time he moves on to researching locations to find a ghoul.

He opens up a notebook and begins to write in it. He begins to write the objectives for the ghoul and list qualities and qualifications that would make for a good candidate. He then begins to list possible locations that would likely be haunts for these forms of people. He then decides to also write the various duties he would like a ghoul to be able to perform such as day time errands, combat and research assistance.

Eventually he feels satisfied with his objectives and begins to compile the list of actual locations, apothecaries, hospitals. A military installation or military hospital may be good also, however there is difficulty in properly acquiring a ghoul.

Jacob then begins to scan the notes and transcribe them again and writes locations that could overlap Conrads desires and territory and also some to hand to Vaclava. Along with the idea that he only needs to be able to contact them and question the individuals himself. Another good option may be the use of public records, social groups, and social media…