{Becca} is at the music store, quietly walking through and looking at the instruments with a faintly fascinated expression.

<<Vaclava>> wanders into the music store, not entirely sure why the music led her here. But always trusting it, no matter what hijinks she became embroiled in.

{Becca} stops for a moment, settling on a flute and staring at it for a long time before shaking her head and pulling away.

<<Vaclava>> looks at becca, looks off into the distance, contemplating. is it really the right fit for this girl?

{Becca} hums something softly and changes gears, walking off over toward the keyboards.

{Becca} studies those for a moment before turning her attention then to Vaclava, going silent.

<<Vaclava>> looks up at becca and smiles “Do you like jazz?”

{Becca} watches her for a moment, and then shrugs slightly. “I don’t think I have heard it?”

<<Vaclava>> raises eyebrows “Oh really? I am surprised. Most American rock music is …derifved vfrom it, afveter all.”

{Becca} “Oh, they didn’t really let me listen to much that was not approved. Do you like it?”

<<Vaclava>> “Approved? Really? By whom?”

<<Vaclava>> smiles “Yessss I do like it…Nina Simone is one ofv my vfafvorites.”

{Becca} tilts her head, staring unblinking at Vaclava. “I do not know who that is. But i would like to hear it if it makes you happy.”

<<Vaclava>> looks delighted “Really…I bet they have it…let me see…”

<<Vaclava>> takes Becca by the elbow and guides her over to the section where they have the headphones and recording samples you can listen to. “It’s not got a lot of flut here but…try this…” puts on Mood Indigo

{Becca} starts to follow Vaclava. “My name is Rebecca. Or just Becca.”, she blinks very slowly a couple of times, listening with a puzzled expression.

<<Vaclava>> also queues up the Annie Lennox cover

<<Vaclava>> “Nice to meet you, Becca. I am Vaclava.

Jacob strolls through town looking for interesting venues that he can possibly find any ghoul candidates. He sees a music store with Vaclava inside and decides to peer in and say hello, recalling meeting her at the Trill several nights ago. He walks through the door and smiles at Vaclava as he speaks,”Good Evening Madam.” He says impishly.

<<Vaclava>> looks up and smiles at Jacob and nods, looks back at Becca to see how she is receiving this beautiful gift of Nina Simone heh.

{Becca} closes her eyes and listens, seeming to be enjoying herself. “This is beautiful.”

<<Vaclava>> https://youtu.be/k4XkEiREbjw)

Jacob whispers to Vaclava,”A real pleasure indeed. I was wondering if you would be interested in assisting me acquire some… loyal help sometime.”

<<Vaclava>> blinks and raises an eyebrow at Jacob “Really vwell..I am a little surpised you vwould ask me…”

{Becca} opens one eye to look at Jacob.

Jacob shrugs,”I figure you would have an interesting perspective and this would be something we have in common… we can talk more of it later, but you know… the kind of help that can assist with research, or watch the house while I sleep and do errands…”

<<Vaclava>> distracts Becca with See-line woman which has a bass-flute line.

{Becca} closes the eye again and listens.

<<Vaclava>> slips jacob her card and then becca when she’s got her eyes closed “Vwe’ll talk more later,” she says and slips away.

{Becca} blinks as Vaclava leaves and looks about sadly before getting up. She looks jacob over and then starts to wander off slowly.