{Antol} is down in the music room on the first floor of the main hall. He plays the piano for a while, the music drifting down the hallways and filling them with the sweet, if eerie, sound. His blue, transluscent skin taking on a soft glow every time the moonlight through the window touches it. His pointed ears twitch slightly, tuned into every sound, and his black

{Antol} eyes focused on the piano.

<Cian> stalks through the Asylum halls, enjoying his new found powers of stealth. A sound catches his ear, and at first he ignores it. He’d been hearing things since his Embrace. Seeing them too. It had started as just far off sounds and maybe a flicker in the dark, accompanied by an uneasy feeling, but each night it grew a little worse. He had thought it was just the old building playing tricks o

n his mind, but lately he wasn’t so sure. The sound is growing louder now, though, and he is certain this one was real. He follows it to the main hall where he sees a tall, blue figure playing piano. “What, is there like a club for blue skinned vampires now?” His voice is raspy and deep, a stark contrast to the melodies being played.

{Antol} pauses in his playing to glance back at Cian, taking stock of him before standing up. Once he does, he is easily seven feet tall, but in his robes he is fairly thin. He rather resembles an elf in appearance, and has an ornate sword on a belt at his hip. “Who’re you?”, he asks with a voice that is as delicate as the rest of him appears at the moment.

<Cian> eyes Anton as he stands to his full height. Even if he wasn’t crouched in a stalking position the other creature would tower over him. “Cian. I’m the new freak.” He cocks his head to the side as though listening for something but shakes it away. “Are you an accident like me?”

{Antol} blinks, blue lids for a second covering his jet black eyes before he reaches out and grabs Cian by the chin, turning his head one side and then the other as he examines him before letting him go. “Accident?”

<Cian> flinches slightly at the sudden contact, surprised, but does not fight against Antol as he turns his head, even going so far and to smile so the other vampire can get a look at his unusually large mouth full of razor teeth. “Yeah, accident. I didn’t come out looking this way on purpose. Even Jimmy was surprised and he’s the one that made me.”

{Antol} leans down and sniffs at the top of Cian’s head before drawing back. “I see. Perhaps you have some fae lineage you did not know about. It is faerie blood that makes me appear this way and you do resemble some of them as well.”

<Cian> opens his mouth to laugh but frowns and closes it before any sound comes out. “Wait…you’re serious? The fae are actually a thing?” This time he does laugh. “Wow. First vampires now the Fae.” Cian shakes his head and grins. “Well I am Irish so who knows, maybe you’re right. I’d be a fool to be a skeptic at this point.”

{Antol} smiles faintly and nods as he draws back. “It is likely the cause of your appearance. You are with the Orphans then?”

<Cian> nods enthusiastically. “Yeah, they’re my pack. Or something like that. I’m not sure if that’s official or not. Something about not being Proven yet.” He shrugs then suddenly stares off into a corner, his head cocked slightly to the side. He stays like that for what would have been several heartbeats if he still had a pulse. Eventually Cian shakes it off and refocuses. “Even so, I like them

and they seem to like me.” He looks Antol up and down as though seeing him for the first time. “You’re Antol aren’t you? Sara talks about you a lot. Of course, it’s Sara so she says shit like ‘his soul has fireworks’ or whatever. Weird kid. Cute though.” He chuckles. “Even if she did help with my makeover.” His long tongue whips out and licks one of the scars on his face.

{Antol} nods faintly. “I am. And i thought i recognized her handiwork.”, he glances off toward the corner. “Do not let the wraiths bother you. If they know you see them they will seek your attention. Atanya can assist you with learning how to control that somewhat.”

<Cian> follows Antol’s gaze back to the corner. “Wraiths? Like ghosts? I thought one of the other vampires err…” he pauses, trying to remember the word he’d been taught. “Cainites rather, was fucking with me. They told me some of us can move shadows around.” He shakes his head. “But you see it too huh? Glad I’m not losing it. I asked Eliza and she gave me a weird look. So not all of us can see t

hem? Seems weird I can, I’m not psychic like her and Sara.” He frowns in thought. “Who’s Atanya?”

{Antol} smirks a bit, but nods. “A few of those that are psychic can see them by trying. Some are gifted with the ability to see them without trying. And there are many that can move shadows around, myself included. It makes them inclined to leave me alone as wraiths do not like those kinds of shadows. Atanya is one of the Priests here, though she was a Priestess

{Antol} before her Embrace. She knows a lot about spirits of all kinds.”

<Cian> nods thoughtfully. “So…what is it that the ghosts or wraiths or whatever usually want? I assume they must be a pain in the ass if you go through the trouble of chasing them off.” Cian scratches the side of his face. “What’s a Priest do? I hear a lot of stuff about Priests and an Archbishop and…duckuses.” He frowns, certain that he said the last one wrong.

{Antol} “Priests unify a Pack. They are its heart. I would avoid the Archbishop, she can be… tempermental. A Ductus is a leader. Some packs have both Ductus and Priest, some have only a Priest. The Orphans were nomads and are used to doing their Ritae with other packs so haven’t had a Priest.”

<Cian> sighs in relief. “Thank you. Everyone else I ask just says not to worry about it until I’m Proven. Or to fuck off. Very little in between.” He grins and shakes his head. “And Ritae…those are like ceremonies right? Like when I dug out of the ground and Zaluut was there with them? And the thing with the cup?” He twirls his hand as he tries to recall the word. “Vaul…Vaulderie?”

{Antol} “Yes. Zaluut is a Priest, and a Bishop… but he often performs duties such as Creation Rites. Vaulderie is the most important ritual for us. It keeps us unified and allows us to work as a team without the Beast getting in the way.”, he looks toward the doorway and then bows his head. “I need to go to my own pack now, but perhaps I will see you around.”

<Cian> imitates the bowed head. “That would be cool. You seem to know more than most, and I want to know all I can. See you around Antol.”

{Antol} steps off into the ahllway and then is immediately consumed by shadow and disappears.

<Cian> watches him go with wide eyes. “Well that was fucking cool.” He lingers for a moment, tracing his fingers over the piano keys before spying a Wraith, somehow much clearer now that he knew what he was looking at. “Feels crowded in here,” he mutters and slips off to practice his Obfuscation a bit more.