■► Cassian ◄■ would send off a text to Lynn, saying he needed to speak with her urgently and where she’d like to meet up.

<Lynn> responds that she is at the art museum, and that would be fine. She says her goodbyes to Selyri and waits for Cassian downstairs.

■► Cassian ◄■ indeed shows up a few minutes later, entering the museum and he’d head over to Lynn, spotting her easily enough. “Greetings, Lynn. How are you doing tonight?”

<Lynn> is in her cowgirl gear, though weaponless inside the Elysium. Not that she needs weapons. She looks at Cassian and sighs. “Not terribly great. I feel better we damaged the Setite foothold but now we have a possible breach on our hands. Plus Halloween is coming up and the Sabbat will likely pull their yearly shenanigans.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes, I am preparing for that too, since I was warned. I need to talk to you about Katarina and the incident. We spoke and it seems everything is not so crystal clear.”

<Lynn> nods her head and starts to move toward one of the offices. “I figured or else I’d have just summoned her and put my boot through her head.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes, it is quite the situation.” He’d follow her to one of the offices of her choice.

Lynn pauses outside one of the offices and knocks to make sure it is empty before entering. She lets Cassian in and then closes the door. “So, elaborate?”

■► Cassian ◄■ walks in after Lynn’s gesture and then would glance around the room some, as if scanning it. He’d then start speaking. “Katarina was not alone. She made a mistake picking someone to feed upon who was not what he seems and is well aware of what she was. Whoever the person was, she was encountered by police shortly after for trying to feed again

and they assumed she was a street worker. However, this person somehow was in the car and she said the person got out and shot at the cops, killing them while they were distracted with her.”

Lynn thinks on that a few moments and nods softly. “But she has no idea what? One would think she would notice feeding on another Kindred… Or anything else for that matter.”

■► Cassian ◄■ shakes his head. “No, she did not get to see the figure, whatever it was. She just knew she went after a male, I believe and wasnt being very particular. Whoever this person is though, they really pegged her.”

Lynn is about to reply when there is a firm knock at the door. She answers to see Dupre standing there and nods to him. “Evening, Seneschal. Can I help you?”

■► Cassian ◄■ bows his head politely to the Seneschal. “Seneschal.”

Dupre nods to them both. “Archons. Can we speak for a few moments?”

Lynn nods and steps aside. “Sure. We were discussing the recent police issue.”

■► Cassian ◄■ moves to the side and nods in agreement with Lynn.

Dupre nods as he enters and takes a seat inside. “I see. Well as of now they only want her for questioning. Which could be handled unless she cannot handle this? I prefer not to have police go to the Trill looking for her.”

Lynn nods. “I am sure Zane prefers that as well. We could have some of your own bring her in and get that over with.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, that is what I suspected is that at most they think she’s a whore or was trying it out and she got in a mess with something worse, or the cops did. I have expressed this to her already that it is better the cops think such than to keep her under suspicion for murder, so this seems like the best resolution, if you could have some of your

own bring her in. I can get with her to tell her to meet them and surrender at some point.”

Dupre nods to Cassian. “We have a few ghouls in the department who can bring her in and get her processed and out again before sunrise.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Alright, if you can give me a location and time then, I’ll send her the message so we can move this along.”

Dupre nods. “I will have them start searching near the marina. They can pick her up there.”

Lynn nods. “She will be fine as long as she doesn’t do anything to make it worse.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Very well.”