Jacob wakes up for the evening just before the sun is setting. He gets dressed, making certain to bring an extra shirt with him inside of bag before heading into town to go and drink his blood for the evening. He returns to the chantry later, wearing his second shirt. He then proceeds to begin gathering plants for a short time in the forest.

He puts on a set of gardening gloves and tools before stooping down to collect the herbs. “I must really get myself a mortal alchemist who can assist me with potion making…” He collects the herbs into various small containers and brings them inside setting the pouches and jars down in his laboratory.

He opens a book and writes down some information about which plants he gathered and from where before setting that down as well and heading outside.

Once he gets outside he begins chopping wood into various sized logs which he begins lifting and moving, mostly for the exercise than anything, although he also hopes that the rest of the Chantry will appreciate him doing the chores. Meanwhile he uses this as an oppurtunity to clear his mind and think about his next goals.

Jacob moves across the yard focusing on tasks with heavy manual labor required, rather than the more simple tasks. After finishing most of the chores he could think of he begins to practice his swordsmanship. He swings the blade through the air emulating the stance and forms he saw on youtube and from reading the texts he found in the library.

The blade is much easier to lift now than before, he can swing it without as much difficulty. He focuses some of blood through his body to assist the process. He has blood to spare and the effort should assist with his form if not boost his gains.

Jacob moves his feet into a thirty degree angle and drops down his hip with his sword in his right hand and right foot trailing behind. He lunges at an imaginary target in front of him bringing his blade across horizontally, then up diagonally, and down again vertically. He brings back the blade and thrusts and does the motions again several times.

Jacob then switches to his parries, moving his arm and wrists to practice deflecting a variety of attacks envisioning the placement of the flat of the blade and returning with well placed counterstrikes. After a few practiced routines he returns back again to his offense.

A few hours pass before Jacob even realizes it. The vampiric body does not tire as quickly as it did when he was mortal and he finds this a great boon for practice and exercising. He walks back into the chantry and replaces the blade where he found it before returning to his own study.

There he begins to quietly meditate and reflect on what he has done so far, and how he can improve. He spends a good deal of time doing this and then opens a notebook and records this information.

After he finishes writing down his lesson he moves back over to his laboratory and begins to examine his various herbs and plants he had collected. He opens up his notes and begins to go through the catalogues he made of his collection.