Jacob returns to the Chantry and puts his phone onto a charger. He then walks around and finds an old longsword to use to practice his swordsmanship. He finds that the blade is exceptionally heavy and that he could not even heft the blade without drawing upon the power of the blood. He sighs and finds something lighter to practice and begins to swing it around.

Jacob goes and makes himself a small practice target using a tree as the base. He swings his large branch repeatedly practicing thrusts and parries.

He practices his breathing for some time before remembering that he does not need to breathe at all. He tries to practice not breathing but feels uncomfortable doing it for too long. The reminder at not being human bothers him at some level. He decides instead to time his breathe when it would benefit his swordsmanship.

Jacob swings at the tree relentlessly practicing all the maneuvers before moving on back inside. Perhaps he should focus more on his strength if he wants to be able to fight effectively with these weapons. General physical conditioning would certainly improve his results in combat and require far less blood from him to get results.