<Jonas> rebandages the bite that was taken out of his leg a few days prior. There was lots of Betadine to disinfect and swearing involved in the process. Once done he pulled on some shorts, a tshirt with a picture of Stewie on it pointing to the onlooker with the caption “You suck!” before ambling down the stairs to open his business for the day. He’s going to begin by

checking his plans for the musical firearm comission job.

<Jonas> nods at what he’s drawn up and mutters, “This is gonna look so Steampunk that people into that sort of thing might actually become sexually aroused by it.” He heads over to a drawer and grabs an aluminum billet and starts to mount it in his milling machine before finding 0.0 to start marking off measurements with a dark blue Sharpie.

<Jonas> consults his plans careful and uses a micrometer to aid in accurately draw out the shape of what will be the pistols frame. As he’s working he mutters, “Measure twice and cut once. Fuck that. I’m measure three or five times. This needs to be perfect.”

<Jonas> caps his marker and sets his plans aside before he puts in his in-ear monitors to listen to heavy metal while working with light metal and starts cutting.

Katie heads into town, sending Cora a message that she is going to go check on Jonas. She drives out toward his place/shop every once in a while stopping and looking around with a shudder.

<CoraAnn> responds that she is out in that general area as well and will meet her there. She sighs and floofs her purple bangs, shuddering but starting to walk that way. Still couldn’t get the images out of her head… or the sounds.

<Jonas> has the lights on, the front door sign reads “OPEN” and the sound of cutting metal is easily heard through the closed door.

Katie heads on inside and shakes off a bit of night rain before looking around and then enthusiastically waving to Jonas. “Hey, are you okay? Well, I guess so if you are working huh.”

<Jonas> is standing at his milling machine wearing shorts, a black tshirt with a picture of Stewie on it pointing to the onlooker with the caption “You suck!” on it and has in-ear monitors on with the wire running down to a pocket in his shorts. He stops the machine when he sees the door open and pulls out the monitors while waving, “Hey. I’m hard to kill.” He grins as he

starts to amble over toward the front counter, his right thigh is very clearly bandaged tightly under the shorts. “How are you doing?”

<CoraAnn> takes her sweet time in going to the gun shop… while she kind of liked Jonas she was having a hard time not thinking about all of them turning into monsters.

Katie leans sideways and looks at the bandage, then up at him. She has some bandages wrapped about her left arm. “I am good. I’ll be better once Ramirez patches me up. Again. I gotta work on that.”

<Cecilia> is meandering around downtown, checking out art galleries and eventually ends up at the gunshop.

~*Ramirez*~ headed to the gun shop because it was mentioned, and well, he wanted something better to apply some entropic magic to. He’d show up after a google search for the place and wander in to check out the wares and tears.

<Jonas> nods, “I think we could all use a little work. That could have gone much better than it did for us despite still killing that thing.”

Katie nods and then grins when she sees Ramirez. “Hey! Speak of the devil…”

<Jonas> looks to the door as it opens again and his electronic doorbell plays the first phrase of the opening riff to Scuttle Buttin by Stevie Ray Vaughn. He nods to Ramirez, then to Cecilia and Cora when they actually enter the shop. “Damn, if I’d known I was hosting I’d have put out the chips and shit.”

~*Ramirez*~ waves to Katie. “Hey, Katie. Didn’t know you were here now. Convenient.” He smiles back to her and then looks over at Jonas and then to Cecillia and Cora. He’d glance around to see if there were any ‘normies’ about in the crowd of supers and he’d give Cora and Cecilia wave. “Hey Cora too, and Cecilia.”

<Cecilia> gives Jonas and the others a polite nod. “Good evening, everyone.”

<Jonas> waits for them all to be inside and then limps a little over to the door to flip the sign to CLOSED and lock the door, “Now we can talk and not worry about ears that shouldn’t hear.” He heads back to his counter and leans on it to keep weight off his nom’ed on leg.

Katie bounces, then winces and holds her arm. “Well, I came to check on the big guy. Walking in muck water can not be good for wounds.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You guys want me to help? I can heal serious wounds and stuff.” He’d offer. He had been called away on gang stuff and missed out totally on the fight.

<Jonas> “I’m good unless you’ve got energy to spare. I don’t know how you guys work with whatever you all do.” He looks at Cora, “You remind me I need to call your boss. My work for her is done and I need to wrap that project up with the parts swap. You know if she’s free tonight?”

Katie nods and takes up a spot by the counter, though she eyes the machines curiously. “Energy is rarely the issue it’s reality bitch slapping us for breaking it’s rules that is the problem.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah…energy is easy to get. It’s the rules applied to reality that suck for us, which well, someday we’ll be able to defy because they suck.”

<CoraAnn> nods to Jonas and kinda stays off to the side a bit and she nods to the mages as well. “She should be… unless she found that Ravnos. Uuuuhhhh, the one lady with us with the animals? She caused some trouble, Lynn is pretty pissed.”

<Jonas> “Hope it’s fixable trouble. The unfixable kind tends to get messy for people responsible.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Yeah, the unfixable ends people’s existences.”

Katie glances back toward Cora. “Oooooh, that doesn’t sound good at all.”

<Cecilia> looks at Cora, blinking. “Who is this person?”

<Cecilia> “I saw the news, but I’m afraid I don’t know much about them.”

~*Ramirez*~ takes out a couple red vials and holds them out to Katie and Jonas. “These should help. Just drink it fast….and you might feel a bit woozy after, but it’ll pass.”

<CoraAnn> glances back toward Cecilia. “Someone like me. And her being on the news is the issue. She drew waaaay too much attention.”, she looks back toward the others. “So… uhm, you need any of the ammo back or anything?”

<Jonas> takes the vial and eyes it with a raised brow, “Okay, what the hell.” He opens it up and shoots it fast to try to avoid the taste, figuring Ramirez was hinting that it tasted like licking an ashtray or something as equally pleasing to the palate.

Katie takes one and nods, giving it a look before tipping it back. “Down the hatch.”, she chuckles a little bit. “At least this time it’s just my arm… the armor improvements really helped.”

<Jonas> offers the empty vial back to Ramirez while looking at Cora, “Think of me like some people think of their drug dealer. First hit’s free and after that, if you like the product you pay full price. It was also for a very good cause. I have one rule about ammo. Don’t shoot me with my own shit. Deal?”

~*Ramirez*~ accepts the empty vial back. “Thanks.” He’d then look over at Cora. “I think I know who you are talking about.”

<Cecilia> “…I see. And you do?” She looks at Ramirez, slightly curious.

<CoraAnn> nods to Jonas. “Yeah, sure, no problem. I can’t see how that thing even hurt you…”, she just shakes her head and goes quiet.

Katie rolls her shoulder a bit before sliding the bandage off and stuffing it in her pocket. “Woohoo! I like my insides staying where they belong.”

<Jonas> blinks and looks down at the bandage on his leg, “Okay, that’s new.” He looks back up at Ramirez and rocks his weight onto what used to be his injured leg, “Thanks, man. I owe ya for that.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I do too. Your insides should stay there.” He smirks. He’d then nod to Jonas. “No problemo, hombre. Thanks for helping us with that monster and the all.”

<Jonas> “My pleasure. Hopefully this clears up the corruption infecting the river, too. If not I’ll be back out there again real soon.”

<CoraAnn> listens back and forth, hanging out off near the door. “We didn’t get all of them, but I think we did enough damage to send them packing.”

~*Ramirez*~ “They may return but we’ll be ready for them. Now many of us know what they are about.”

Katie laughs a little. “We blew the shit outta them. I got no problem doing it again. I gotta upgrade some stuff though.”

<Jonas> “I’m working on a pet project that that would do a fair amount of damage to something like that but it’s a gauranteed one-way ticket to jail if I use it anywhere even near the city. Long as we’re out in the swamp away from cops I can have some fun.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, me too. I want to get a better weapon or a few so I can use them against stuff and enchant them.”

<Jonas> “Well, you’re definitely in the right place for weapons that go bang. What are you looking for?”

<Cecilia> goes to inspect the weapons on display, looking up at Jonas, but waits.

<CoraAnn> remains where she is but keeps an eye on the others, then nudges Katie. “Keep what I gave you in case you ever need it. Just be careful, okay?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Something better than my street gun I got for 60 bucks. Maybe you could think of something cool. Pistol/revolver size for the one and maybe some sort of rifle or shotgun for the other, though I’ve actually never shot those before. I want to magic the rounds up. It’ll make dealing with certain types of beings easier.”

<Jonas> has a number of pistols in varying calibers in his display counter under the glass. He nods to Ramirez, “Okay, what’s your street gun and price range?”

Katie looks over to Cora and nods. “Understood.”, then she looks back to Jonas and Ramirez. “I can assist with metallurgy.”

~*Ramirez*~ “My streetgun is a 45 but pretty standard. I’m looking to up the game some since I keep running into things that require maybe faster reflexes and timing, but do enough damage to convince something it’s wise to leave us alone. In the end, I can boost up damage in certain ways, and yeah, Katie can improve metallurgy..so what would you suggest

for speed and efficiency, without losing the bang for the buck?”

<Jonas> “You ever here of a FiveSeven?”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Yeah, offhandedly, though I’m not familiar with it.”

<Cecilia> looks for compact, easy to conceal pistols, studying the displays.

<CoraAnn> nods and starts to walk around slowly, just looking at the different stuff laying out.

<Jonas> “It’s a small 5.7mm round, really neat. It’s like having a low-powered AR-15 in pistol form. For that matter we could always make you up an AR-Pistol.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Alright, sounds easy to fire then and decent pace. That might just be what I’m looking for. An AR-pistol would be cool too.”

<Jonas> has all sorts of tools and firearms in various states of disassembly on different benches and tables, his milling machine has an aluminum block in it that’s partially cut and there are metal pieces all over the shelf. There are also some steel racks that hold long guns that are locked up and some saves along the far wall.

<Jonas> “AR-Pistol is easy and costs about what AR would except that you’ll be working with a much shorter barrel and no stock to shoulder it. Any rounds you can put through an AR will of course work with it, and you then have access to the usual 30 round magazines, or some of the dual-drum monsters if you can magic the weight so one-handing the weapon with them is a viable

option. An FN 5.7 pistol costs in the neighborhood of $1300 give or take.”

Katie reaches over and hugs Cora, then Ramirez and then Cecilia just cause she is happy to see her and finally Jonas too cause she is glad he is okay. “Hey, I just came to check on you but I gotta get back and do some work. You guys take care and we should hang out when not hip deep in swamp gross.”

<Jonas> “Thanks, Katie. I appreciate the concern. If I need help with metals I’ll find you.” He’ll head over and open the door for her, and then lock it behind her when she leaves.

~*Ramirez*~ returns the hug to Katie. “I’m glad you are alright. We’ll get that Derek asshole eventually.”

<CoraAnn> hugs her back lightly and nods. “You take care of yourself. We’ll catch up at the Trill soon i imagine.”

<Cecilia> gives Katie a polite nod after returning the hug. “Be safe out there.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks back at Jonas after and looks thoughtful. “I think for now the Five Seven would be a good option, with something kinda AP in rounds for it, though if that’s not probable, I’m sure it can be worked on at home.”

<Jonas> waves dismissively and makes a ‘pshaw’ sound, “It’s a military pistol, of course we can get armor piercing ammo for it.”

~*Ramirez*~ thumbs up. “Great.”

<Jonas> “Okay, I’ll put the order in and give you a call when it shows up. Should be a few days if you’ve got the cash ready?”

<CoraAnn> listens to them as she looks at Jonas’s stuff.

<Jonas> has several AR-style and AK-style rifles in the rack. There are two with interesting labels on them. “Grendel” and “Beowulf”.

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, the cash isn’t a problem.” He wasn’t going to tell Jonas just now about his gangful employment of running drugs mainly but the occasional gun shipment too. His eye would catch the two weapons. “So..these are named. I’m taking it there’s some story behind them?”

<Jonas> “Huh?” He follows where Ramirez is looking, “Oh, nah, not really. Those really are the names of the ammo those weapons fire. The Grendel is a 6.5mm round and the Beowulf is a fifty-cal and both run through a slightly modified AR platform.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “So, how much would an AR Rifle cost around?”

<CoraAnn> tilts her ehad and looks at them too, still listening to the guys talk.

<Jonas> “Depends on what you want in it. Do you want super high-end components, do you want a factory assembled weapon from a known manufacturer, do you want me to cherry pick parts to keep the cost as low as possible and assemble it all for you?”

~*Ramirez*~ “I want something that’ll work to well, do auto-fire or near that on some bad stuff we run into.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Kinda tired of going and getting stuck in situations where it could be over my head unless I do something drastic and earn all this fucking paradox. I’ve done that a few times now and well, it hurts extra when you get too much and it takes so long to bleed it off.”

<Jonas> “I am licensed to sell automatic weapons, but the paperwork for all that is insane. Do you have the class 3 permit for autos and suppressors?”

~*Ramirez*~ laughs softly. “Nah, so some other method then? I don’t want it tracked like that.”

<Jonas> “Well, if you don’t want it tracked I can talk you through milling your own lower receiver. Then you have a weapon with no serial number and is completely untraceable.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Alright. I have some access to certain stuff here or there when connections get it.”

<CoraAnn> snickers just a little to herself thoughtfully, and shakes her head.

<Jonas> “Well, if you can get the lower I can do you a solid and assemble all the pieces. Just don’t tell anyone who did the work.” He grins as he heads over to the counter and points Cecilia at some of the smaller 2.5 inch and 3 inch barrel semi-auto pistols, “You couldn’t go wrong with a Springfield XDM if you wanted something small and reliable.” He looks over at Cora,

“Interested in a rifle?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Cora. “What’re you laughing at over there?” He smirks.

<CoraAnn> turns back around and then shakes her head. “Nah. I use a shottie when I have to, or a flare gun… unless you think you can modify a flare gun ”

<Jonas> “The gun itself shouldn’t be modified. That way it’s still just a flare gun. Now then, it does basically fire 12 gauge flares so that’s a standard size to work with so I can machine a sleeve that you can drop into the flare gun that will then accept pistol cartridges. If your flare gun is metal and not the cheap plastic most emergency kits have we can talk rifle

cartridges. I’ve done it before.”

<CoraAnn> nods. “Plastic onces are useful though for their own reasons… and not illegal cause they are emergency items and not weapons technically.”

<Jonas> grins and nods, “Exactly. The sleeve can be easily thrown away if you need to get rid of it.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Seems cool. You have a lot of interesting ideas. Can you order that 5 7 and I’ll leave you my info for you to get back to me on?”

<Jonas> looks back at Ramirez, “Okay, so I’m ordering you an FN Five-Seven and you’ll…” he makes air quotes, “…acquire an AR-15 lower for a build? One thing we can do that’s completely legal is use an Echo trigger. It’ll boost your rate of fire but still won’t be full auto so it’ll be legal if you somehow have to explain yourself to the police.”

<CoraAnn> nods in agreement. “Yeah, exactly. That might be useful.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Sounds good. I’m like barely legal so it won’t matter anyway.”

<CoraAnn> looks over at Ramirez and then busts up laughing.

<Cecilia> just arches an eyebrow.

<CoraAnn> “Barely legal.”

<Jonas> nods, “Good stuff. I actually have some Echo’s in stock so once you get me the lower we’ll finish the build. I’ll put the order for the pistol in tomorrow morning.” He looks back at Cora, “So a 12 gauge sleeve in what caliber? Anything up to a 9mm, maybe a .40 should be okay. Anything stronger than that will crack the plastic and ruin it.”

~*Ramirez*~ laughs. “I didn’t quite mean it that way but I am not that old either. I just meant I’m a Mexican and things are kinda fuzzy with that right now, whether legit or not.”

<CoraAnn> chuckles and seems to relax a little bit, the looks back over at Jonas. “Shouldn’t matter too much on that end. Whatever you think will work best.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You guys have a good night. I’m off to go earn some more money and talk to spirits.”

~*Ramirez*~ waves and would head off. ~

<Amy (Wraith)> “Yeah!”

<Cecilia> looks over at Jonas, having finally spotted a Glock Subcompact, provided he had one. “If it’s not a problem, I’d like this, preferably unmodified.”

<CoraAnn> nods and then also starts to head out. “I will tell Lynn that you are done with her stuff.”

<Jonas> waves and heads back to the door to let Ramirez out, this time he leaves it unlocked and flips the sign back to OPEN. He looks back to Cora and nods, “Thanks.” He then heads back over Cecilia, “Sure, that’ll work. Ready for paperwork hell?”

<Cecilia> “I suppose I am.”

<Jonas> crouches down behind the counter and gets out the forms and a pen and sets them down on the counter, “Have fun. Fill it all out. I can’t help you or explain anything to you to keep this proper. It’s all explained in there.”

<Cecilia> looks the forms over, as well as the pen, before beginning to fill them out as best she could.

<Jonas> waits for her to finish, then checks it over and starts working on the computer on the counter, “License?”

<Cecilia> “License?”

<Jonas> “You don’t have a driver’s license in the state of Lousiana?”

<Cecilia> “I’m afraid I don’t. Or from anywhere in the United States.”

<Jonas> “Well that’s a shame. That means I can’t sell you a firearm.” He takes the paperwork and puts it through a cross-cut shredder under the counter. “You don’t know how the law works here for firearms, do you?”

<Cecilia> “Not as much, no.”

<Jonas> nods, “If you’re not a citizen or legally resident alien that meets all the criteria you can’t buy a firearm legally.”

<Cecilia> “How unfortunate. My apologies for wasting your time.” She gives Jonas a nod, then heads out.

<Jonas> “Not a problem.” He’ll walk her out, wish her a good evening, and then lock up and spend another few hours at the milling machine before heading up to bed.