Jacob enters the trill rather upbeat, walking in with a positive vibe in his step. He is dressed in a dark maroon shirt with black slacks. He walks inside and looks around to see who else is there before taking a seat inside of a booth in the corner. Immortality lends itself to patience is what Conrad said. He will wait patiently for some interesting people to talk to. Perhaps he can find somebody to work on other studies with him.

Jacob pulls out a phone and begins to watch videos on swordfighting and other weapons. He can improvise now as necessary so it does not matter as much, but he would still prefer to be equipped with a weapon before a fight so that he can focus on defense.

Jacob notes the various sword techniques. He focuses on videos with the longsword, however he does watch other videos as well. As he sits he wonders if there are any other kindred in New Orleans who studied swordmanship in the Dark Ages. It would certainly be beneficial to have a teacher who was alive during the mythic times of knights.

Jacob continues to stay in the Trill watching videos until his phone battery begins to die. He sighs at the lack of interesting people within the Trill, nobody there he recognizes with the exception of Erik and the other bar staff.

Jacob decides perhaps he will go back to the Chantry for now, he will have to come back another night. Besides he has watched a variety of moves and techniques that he could practice at home.