::Maryska walks into the Trill looking about at the crowd from behind dark sunglasses that have leather caps on either side to prevent light from coming in, her hair drapes down her back over the leather jacket she wears and helps to frame her face, her thumbs hooked on the pockets of her blue jeans just under where her T-shirt is tucked into the waist line, her hands free to move but still holding. While she walks her black

leather riding boots give a light thud onto the floor as she moves to a table with a steady step, resting on a chair and flagging down a waitstaffer, ordering herself a tequila sunrise and a beer, she gives a slight sniff and rubs her jaw under her ear pulling a stray strand of hair back over her ear.

::Maryska was smiling, she looked amused about something, although anyone that would look at her would get the distinct sensation that there was anger, she emanated rage like a radiator emanated heat, even though she looked content, and calm. She smiled and handed the staffer some cash to cover the drinks with a nice tip, and then took a sip of the sunrise, then the beer. Leaning back in her chair she just scanned the room

again and listened to the music and the noise, she didn’t seem to really care about much of what was going on.::

::Maryska has another sip of her drink, downs the beer and moves to a far off corner table, blending in mostly with the crowd for the time being, keeping the sunrise with her, she begins to flip through her phone.::

::Maryska finishes her drink and finishes puttering around on her phone, having spent enough time in societies grasp she takes her leave and heads home.::