Jacob moves around the Chantry with papers and materials. He can be seen with several vials he has filled with various liquids and herbs along with books that he was studying and notebooks and journals he was writing in. He opens a book and a notebook and begins making notes before he grabs one of the vials which is filled with a dark liquid and begins studying it. He notices Conrad as he walks in.”Ah Hello Conrad, Good evening to you. I was just abo

He cuts himself lightly and gathers some of his blood mixing it inside of a container with some of the dark blackish liquid. “I have been working to either distill or reinforce the blood such that I can create a fortification of an intended target. It does not seem to work on living or unliving targets, but it seems effective on objects.”

<Conrad> watches Jacob with some interest, sliding his tumb in th crease of the book he was reading so as not to lose his place. “Well, progress is progress! I too have been studying magic which directly relates to the blood. A ritual that infuses an inatimate object with the essence of one’s vitae. The object can later be broken down into that vitae upon consumption. I believe it

will prove useful, not only for emergency situations where vitae is not readily available, but also to help reduce the amount of time it will take me to master future rituals and paths, as I can stock up and then spend less time hunting.” He nods excitedly. “I believe it could also have another use in combination with Rego Vitae. The biggest drawback of the third level of mastery, the

ability to increase the potency of one’s blood, is that it leaves one feeling hungry. Though it increases our capacity for vitae it does not generate any upon use, having some of these objects on hand would help to alleviate that weakness and increase the efficacy of that particular power.” Conrad frowns and looks back down at the book. “Honestly, it is a wonder they bother teaching us

that power without also teaching us this ritual at the same time.”

Jacob furrows his brows,”You mean the principle focus of vitae infusion? That ritual is fairly standard, I am suprised they did not teach you it already. I suppose there are enough of us who already know it here to help you though, none of us knew that cloaking spell on the other hand.”

Jacob makes a hand sign crossing his fingers and cracking his hands together. He then proceeds to lacquer the liquid onto a large pencil and attempt to break it.”

The pencil resists for a moment before finally snapping and Jacob writes some more notes down inside of his book. “I do wish blood were easier to come by, it is so diffficult researching it when it goes by so quickly and one needs so much just to survive.”

Jacob turns to Conrad,”I suppose I could try to help you learn the ritual, but I do believe that Isabo or Cassian would prove better teachers. I only learned it recently myself as it is.”

<Conrad> nods and looks at the book in his hands “Yes that is the one. Progress on this particular ritual has proceeded a bit more slowly than my previous work, for the very reason yours is. I agree that it can be quite bothersome trying to acquire enough blood not only to experiment with but to survive as well. Were it not for the inherent cruelty of such an act, I would consider

cultivating a…oh what do they call them…” He clicks his tongue and closes his eyes for a moment in thought. “Blood doll! Yes that is the term. As convenient as it would be, I simply don’t think I could bring myself to harvest a human in such a manner. Hunting is one thing, but keeping them locked up for regular drinking or extraction of blood? A bit far for my liking.” He sighs and

turns the pages of the book back a few, referrencing a previous paragraph and then returning to his current place. “I have, however, been giving serious thought to the idea of finding a suitable subject to ghoul. Especially after the events of the other night, it would be helpful to have such an efficacious bodyguard around. However, that would worsen the problems with access to blood,

so it is something that will have to wait I think.”

Jacob nods,”I agree, my sentiments exactly. Honestly the kine that I feed upon are those who already interested in the occult, other mortal alchemists like I once was, for example would make an excellent ghoul.”

“They can produce substances that we cannot, and are more likely to become ghouls willingly and even be subject to my experiments without complaints.”

“My experiments mostly involve using the mortal metabolism to allow us to ingest drugs and potions, so an alchemist ghoul would be ideal I believe. I have also heard that the effects of vitae on mortals is a subject worth studying on its own.”

“Personally my greatest… concern… is the ethics of the blood bond and how it may also impact the focus of a ghoul.”

<Conrad> sighs and nods his head. “Indeed. Ethical quandries seem a nightly part of vampiric existence. I have put quite a bit of thought into the issues surrounding a ghoul and have decided it is a sin I can live with. I will of course, be taking certain steps to make it as concientious as possible. Whoever I choose to ghoul will be treated with respect, more like an assistant than

a servant.” He turns the page in his book and his eyes light up a bit, followed by a few moments of distracted note taking. “Ah right, ghouls. Another provision I have considered would be explaining the benefits and drawbacks to the mortal before hand so that they may make an informed decision, but that would require I greatly increase my mastery of domination so that I can wipe their

memory should they refuse, or perhaps convince someone to do so for me, though it would likely incur a boon for which I would have little to nothing to show.” He shrugs. “It is a quandry to be sure. That is not even taking into consideration whether I would want to seek out a ghoul for protection or experimental assistance, or both, or one for each.” He sighs and shakes his head. “I

would simply ghoul an animal of some sort, not nearly as ethically problematic, but that comes with its own challenges, not the least of which is that ours is not a clan which has an animal affinity.”

Jacob nods,”I think I will ask Cassian if I can have a ghoul, what the procedures are, and what he recommends I do. We need permission first before we make a ghoul anyway, so I may as well start there.”

Jacob tries his experiment again, placing another small bit of blood onto another pencil which hardens and then cracks. He shakes his head and writes some more notes into his notebook.

<Conrad> nods his agreement and absently scribbles some notes. “Have you given anymore consideration to your self defense training? I believe firearms will prove to be a double edged sword. Though they do work within the confines of the Masquerade, their usefulness against other denizens of the night is dubious at best, often requiring specialized ammunition that is expensive, difficult

to come by, and arouses suspicions from the seller. Carrying around a knife or sword or some such thing is an easy way to draw attention from mortal authorities, though they do prove a bit more effective with some blood enhanced strength behind them. Thaumaturgy is, of course, the most effective means available to us, but also the most likely to breach the Masquerade. Finding an acceptable

balance to this mess is proving to be troublesome. I actually started this particular research project to avoid that issue for a few nights.”

Jacob smiles,”Well I believe that my research may provide us a good solution to that. It would seem that by using the blood I can cause an object to become stronger to the point where wooden objects become as strong as metal for a time. I have not quite replicated the effects but supposedly a Tremere from another chantry had the ability to use pencils as stakes by performing this method. This would probably incur less risk of violating the masquerade

“So far I have only got partial results. I have used some of my old concoctions which helped some but the results were unstable. Also it would be more useful if I could do it without bringing any herbs or potions to use as that could be cumbersome.”

“If I can perform this with the blood and the blood alone, then it will be something available to me as long as I have access to blood, which I would have greater worries if I went without.”

Jacob continues reading through his book for a moment before closing it,” This does not take away the skill requirment though. I still will need to know how to handle a weapon, this will just let us improvise our gear a bit more and use what we have a little bit better.”

<Conrad> chuckles “Any little bit helps. And you are right that you would have much greater worries if you had no access to blood. Exactly why this Principal of Vitae Infusion is so useful a skill. I almost wish my Sire had taught this ritual to me instead of The Jinx. But…” He looks down at the book and shrugs. “From what I can tell, this is a ritual I could learn at any Chantry,

but The Jinx is not quite as commonly studied. Nor is the Mask of Shadows apparently, odd considering it’s usefulness and relative ease. Hmph. Sometime in the near future I really need to make it a point to speak to Isabo about what Paths she is best equipped to instruct me in, when she has the time.” He flips a page in the book and looks at it with mild confusion, before recognition

crosses his face and he goes back a page, having skipped a paragraph by accident. “You know…this section here,” he points to a spot in the book, “Goes into quite a bit of detail on transmutational properties of the blood. It’s an important facet of the ritual, after all.”

Jacob rushes over and grabs the book studying the passage quickly before returning back to his notebook. He quickly passes over his notes and makes a few marks briefly crossing some text out and writing in new text.

He shakes his head,”Such a simple mistake I had been making! If I had seen that passage I would surely have gotten this sooner.”

<Conrad> smiles and laughs. “Such is the way of research my friend! With all th information one has to take in, it can be easy to miss simple yet important pieces of data. I am eager to see the fruits of your labor!” He smiles and waits patiently for Jacob to finish with the book, occaisionally glancing at his notes out of curiosity.

He spends a few more moments writing before putting down his notebook.” I should have it now I believe… hold on let me go get something to test it on.” He walks out of the room and searches for an object hard enough to prove his technique. Something that would obviously break a pencil. He returns shortly with a small piece of brick.

<Conrad> watches with interest as Jacob returns, his thumb still absently marking his place in the book, but his attention fully leveled on the experiment about to take place.

Jacob begins to go through the hands motions and using the blood at the specified time, motioning over the old wooden pencil.” Now if the math is right this time, it should be strong enough to not break on the brick.” He focuses and pushes the pencil down onto the brick. The brick does not break, however neither does the pencil.

Jacob thinks for a moment,”Perhaps a pencil is not the best tool to test with. I had read that objects soft as feathers could also be turned into blunt objects… wait a moment.” He leaves the room and comes back with an old feather pillow and does the same to the pillow. He then proceeds to use the pillow to hammer the pencil through the brick.

Jacob smiles coldly with approval.”It does work! I suppose this means that we should be careful of invititations to a pillow fight with a Tremere. Apparently it can be deadly.”

Jacob laughs,”Hah, that is a fun idea isn’t it? Imagine threatening our enemies with pillows. Then actually proceeding to pummel them with one.”

<Conrad> laughs at the admittedly ridiculous scene unfolding before him. “I do believe you have it now! Perhaps we shall all carry pillows and pencils as standard field equipment now!” Conrad laguhs again and give Jacob a hearty pat on the shoulder. “You should report this to Isabo and Cassian as soon as you are certain the results can be repeated! I’m sure they will be keenly interested

in seeing what you’ve managed.” He looks to his watch and gathers his composure. “I must retire to my room for a while. I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do before night’s end. Congratulations on your breakthrough Jacob!” he gives his fellow Tremere a warm smile and heads off to his room.

Jacob laughs,”It certainly would be a sight. Still the benefit of this ritual comes through discretion. We would be wise to not let too many people know that we can turn anything into a weapon.”