<Storyteller> The group gathers up as many of their number as they can locate, as something especially fishy seems to be going down out in the swamp. It’s bad enough to have disrupted the natural order of the spirits, and it is causing an uneasy, corruptive presence that echoes throughout the plant and animal life here. Twisting everything it touches, it is as if something were trying to rise up from some dark hole humanity left it in long ago.

<Storyteller> Having put out word to anyone that could be reached, the park that leads most easily into the swamp quickly fills with vehicles. The swamp itself looks sick, infected. It is dark and the trees are covered with a thick black mold. Algae has turned red and looks almost like chunks of flesh floating atop the water.

}Elena Selune{ looks down at the water with a frown, tocuhing it with a fingertip and swiling it around before sighing. “I should have been playing more attention to this area. This is out of control.”

<CoraAnn> pulls up and gets out of the jeep, “Is it too late to vote to make this a daytime mission?”

*Katarina* would come, a hawk resting on her left shoulder as she takes in the sight of the warped swamp. “I’d have to say yes.”

<Jonas> pulls his bike up to the group and backs it in next to another vehicle before cutting the engine and unlocking the steel plate that covers his sidecar. He looks over at Cora and speaks up, “Hey there, I brought you a present.” He pulls an ammo box out of the sidecar and sets it down for Cora and then sets about digging around more.

Katie pulls up in her car, and takes a good look around. She looks like she is wearing some sort of plate armor, except that it moves much more smoothly than any metal should.

<Conrad> steps gingerly out of his car, exceptionally light on his feet tonight. He isn’t sure what that human was on, but is damn glad he cast his Rituals before hunting. His form is still smoky and black, imperceptible to most, a fact he is grateful for as he paces and fidgets. “Indeed. Chances of dust are high as it is!” He giggles but quickly catches himself, then giggles again at the effort.

<Jonas> watches the cars as they pull in. When Katie is spotted he calls over to her as well and waves her over to him, setting a smaller box out on the nose of his sidecar for her.

<CoraAnn> walks over and takes a look at the box, “Aw, for me? You shouldn’t have!”

<Jonas> “I know. I was really in a good mood so I decided to do something nice before I do lots of really, really, not nice stuff to the snakes. Enjoy.” He grins at her.

Katie claps as she looks and then nods to Jonas. “Awesome. Totally needed these. Cause I rather not blow up. But i got some pipe bombs and stuff too. We’re gonna take out as many as we can catch.”

<Conrad> looks at his pistol and the knife and stake on his belt, suddenly feeling woefully unprepared. “Oh well!” He peers out into the swamp, searching for signs of movement.

}Elena Selune{ looks over after looking at the water for a long time, and speaks up. “As bad as it is here, this sickness is spreading out from the Umbra. I do not know what they have done, but it needs to end before this can be healed.”

*Katarina* looks over at the gator that makes its way up beside her and stops, before looking at Elena.

«~Daedalus~» He’d step out of the car that Katie drove up, wearing a hooded bit of clothing provided by the aforementioned owner of the car. He’d step over to Jonas, not carrying any weapons himself, though that wasn’t really about to change anyway, “Tis interesting seeing yourself again, though I am gladdened you are with us, in such a regard… not that I with

any true advantage in regards to information.. not that such even matters.”

<Jonas> looks over at Dae after dispensing some ammunition, “Miss the party? Not a chance. If my big secret is gonna get blown it might as well be food a good cause. This is a very good cause.”

<Conrad> perks up and stands next to Jonas, fading into view as he speaks. “Oh? A big secret? Fascinated to find out J-Jonas!” He practically vibrates in place as he holds out his hand in greeting.

<Storyteller> The way out to the ‘nest’ that the Setites have been using is by way of waist deep water most of the way. (Knee-deep on some of you freaks.) Earlier recon had revealed that there was a building out there, built somewhat like a barn and totally covered in that slick looking black mold. The whole area smells of rotting vegetation and death. It is relentless on the senses, acidic and putrid.

<Jonas> glances down at Conrad and shakes his hand, “I figured you were part of the crew. This confirms it.”

A hefty black bear arrives from the direction of the nearby forest, snorting a bit and looking about for familiar faces.

<Conrad> smiles and returns the shake. “Sh-Shall we?” He concentrates on the magic a moment and fades back into shadow.

*Katarina* looks over at the bear and waves.

<CoraAnn> looks at the water and sighs. “Fuck… Gonna have to burn these pants and boots when I am done.”

Katie pokes at the stuff floating on the water. “I am not looking forward to the possibility of encountering another giant snake or alligator.”

<Jonas> waves at the bear with a smile and after Conrad releases his hand he’ll heard over, “Time for a swim if you’re going like that. Good to see you again.” He’ll follow after the others once they all start moving into the swamp while trying to stay next to the bear.

<Conrad> follows Jonas, glad both for the enormous meat shield, and that undeath means he needn’t breathe in the acrid swamp fumes.

The bear nudges Katarina briefly before doing the same to Jonas and walks between them. It just took too long and was a waste of blood to transform back and forth, so this was for the best.

*Katarina* would go to keep Marge company, motioning for the gator to follow with her free arm so she didn’t dislodge the hawk on her shoulder.

«~Daedalus~» <whisper> “Of possible importance, I will not be able to move between, as it were, without assistance.” He’d move to walk alongside Jonas as well, keeping quiet now so he could listen to their surroundings.

}Elena Selune{ walks through the water, more annoyed that it is not deep enough to give her full freedom to swim… not that she’d want to. “I cannot use this water to enter the Umbra. It’s too corrupted.”

Katie makes sure that all of her important things are above the waterline and keeps up with the others.

*Katarina* begins to wade through the water.

<Conrad> stares long and hard at Jonas’s back, fighting the urge to climb up and ride his shoulders. Whatever drugs that vessel had taken were certainly potent. His head felt as though a hive of bees had taken up residence.

Jacob walks alongside Conrad and everyone else carrying a shotgun like last time, wishing he had remembered to train that more rather than focus so much on his thaumaturgy. Now is not the time for regrets however, it is the time for action.

<Storyteller> The building almost doesn’t look like it should even be holding together anymore. There is so much rot in the wood that it looks about to collapse at any moment. The water around it looks like sludge, thick, oily, and smells of death.

Katie digs in her bag and pulls out a pair of what look like pipe bombs strapped together. “Everybody might want to cover their heads. There is a solid 30% chance that this will cause pieces to fly in our direction.”, she says calmly as she lights it up and then throws as hard as she can toward a window of the building.

<CoraAnn> looks at katie and then takes a couple steps back and shields her eyes just in case.

*Katarina* looks at Katie, moving back. “….Wonderful.”

<Conrad> ensures he is completely behind Jonas and covers his ears.

<Jonas> braces himself and raises the arm not holding his UMP45 to shield his eyes, “Time to take ’em to boom town.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d move back as well, shielding his eyes in mimicing Cora.

Jacob looks away as the bombs are thrown.

*Katarina* turns away, shielding her eyes.

<Storyteller> There is a huge explosion from inside the building, those with some explosives experience would note that this is way bigger than that little bomb should make, but the whole building collapses under its own weight at that point, splashing into the muck that was below it and sending first a shockwave past the group gathered up, then waves of floating flotsam from the collapse of the building. There were some short-lived screams

from inside, and flashes of flame but they do not last long as the building itself smothers it out.

<Storyteller> The few that do exit the building look quite upset, and begin to advance.

*Katarina* turns to look back at the now-ruined building when the noise dies down, looking at the approaching survivors. “And here we go.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d take a few sidesteps from the group, so as to not step on them or get in the way, before shifting into his archid form. Thankfully, he won’t be losing this set of clothing this time.

Marge roars and charges forward, raising up and coming down on the first of the ones leaving the building with both of her huge bear claws, rending him to pieces in seconds and she looks at another like he’s next. Mama bear was pissed.

FoulFang looks surprised to see a Mokole, but doesn’t hesitate to charge forward and sink his claws into it as quickly as possibly, taking it for a threat.

One of the surviving Setites appears out of nowhere and starts laying into the Alligator, chopping at it with a machete.

Another moves toward a softer target, going for the weird girl with the armor and goggles, hacking at her with the machete and getting a deep cut on her arm.

<CoraAnn> looks at the werewolf and the were…whatever Daedalus is that both scare the shit out of her and shakily she fires three shots, doing her best to hit is and not Dae since he was scary but at least on her side and… it doesn’t seem to work. Why wasn’t it working? Silver was supposed to work!

Jacob lines up a shot with his shotgun at a setite and fires, however the bullets have no effect against it. “Why are they so tough?!”

<Conrad> shakes himself to calm his mind and the jitters. He’d have to process the fact that one of his allies just turned into a gian spider monster later. ‘The good thing about cocaine,’ he thinks as he pulls out the revolver full of silver bullets Cassian had loaned him, ‘is that your brain is moving so fast that shock just slides right on out.’ He moves around behind the enormous

werewolf and takes aim. ‘For instance, I should, by all rights, be running screaming into the night at the sight of this thing. Instead…’ he pulls the trigger as fast as he can all while shouting “Bang bang bang!”

*Katarina* wiggles her fingers and a dark tunnel appears in front of Setite 2, probably confounding the poor man or woman.

This thing walks up, as it stands to full height it must be ten feet tall and looks like an emaciated human wearing rotting pelts and carrying a shepherd’s crook, which it tries to swing at Katie but she is just too squirrely.

Derek watches the goings-on with a deep growl and his skin grows a set of black scales to cover him, his features becoming more serpant-like, and his forked tongue flicking out at them in disdain.

Katie brings her raygun to bear and it sends out a beam that brightens the area around her but putters out unexpectedly. “FUCK!”

<CoraAnn> brings the other gun up and fires a few more shots, hoping for the best but the creature is jerking around so much she can’t get a hit without risking hitting the other one too.

This thing that looks like a sheep version of a minotaur busts out running and runs square into the Alligator but doesn’t do much more than bounce off it.

The Sheep-like creature turns and charges again but the nimble Elena just glides out of it’s way and it charges past.

«~Daedalus~» Given the corrupted wolf just attacked him, and did some serious damage.. He lunges forwards with a swipe from his own claws.. and misses the werewolf entirely.

One of the Setites assaulted by both katie and katarina isn’t sure what exactly is happening and balks.

The Bane Herder trips over his own staff and nearly falls on top of Cora with a grunt.

FoulFang rips into the Mokole again, cutting deep with his fetid claws.

One of the Setite warriors cuts loose on Jacob, hacking at him with the machete after he snaps out of his fog.

Jacob lets out a small yelp as one of the Setites cuts him with a machete swing.

*Katarina* stretches out a hand and mimics a hawk’s cry, instructing her hawk to attack the confused Setite. The bird launches into the air and flies at him, clawing at him and taking out a decent chunk of flesh.

The Herder comes around and swings that long staff out like a baseball bat and there is a sick crunching noise as the Hawk falls into the oily water.

FoulFang snarls and closes in for the kill but this time his claws slide off Daedalus’s hide without going through the skin.

<CoraAnn> turns around and flips Derek off as she kicks him square in the crotch, hard enough to lift him up off the ground.

*Katarina* looks pissed as the bat-wielding enemy probably kills her hawk companion with a blow to the head and lets out a snarl, commanding the gator to attack him as the hawk disappears beneath the water’s surface. The reptile surges forward and bites down before yanking its’ head back, ripping flesh away from the creature.

The Ram charges and smacks into the gator again, doing a little damage.

<Jonas> tosses his SMG toward Cora and yells “Catch!”. He then calls over to the corrupted werewolf, “Hey dog boy…” as he starts to quickly get taller and more bulkier. He grows to 10 feet and gets out a deep, “Come,” before getting to 14 feet and covered in thick brown fur and says with a yet deeper voice, “get,” before stopping at 18 feet tall and looking like a cavebear out

of a prehistoric nightmare with foot long talons for claws and finally growls a menacing, “some.” before staring down at FoulFang.

}Elena Selune{ watches Jonas transform and then moves over toward Daedalus, reaching out despite all the goings on without fear for herself and laying a hand on the creature and murmuring. “Fellow creature of the water, let me heal your wounds.”, and her spirit flows through her hands to seal up some of the claw marks in Dae’s body.

<Conrad> looks over to where Jonas was once standing and pipes up with alarm in his voice. “Umm, friends? I believe something ate Jonas!”

«~Daedalus~» He wouldn’t take his focus off the battle, but would try to growl out a “Thank… You.. ”

Machete weilding Setite slices at katie again but her armor makes it just bounce off.

<CoraAnn> growls as she looks at Derek and her nails start to extend into nasty looking claws.

The same speedy Setite turns and swings on Elena, cutting deeply.

«~Daedalus~» He swipes his claws out towards the corrupted werewolf, managing to slice into it this time.

<Conrad> yelps in surprise and pain as a blade cuts into his back. “Ow! Unnecessary sir!”

katie tries again to get the raygun to work but is starting to think that she got water in it maybe…

Marge blinks as she sees Jonas. Damn. That was impressive. Not to be outdone she raises up and brings those claws down on the next Setite, shredding him like the first.

FoulFang steps back a half-step and looks between the pair… then decides that the bigger creature is the bigger threat and he can’t escape via the spirit world so he charges in an all or nothing, trying to bite Jonas and getting a mouthful of fur.


Foulfang grabs hold of the giant creature and a second set of jaws comes forth, sinking in and tearing a sizable chunk of flesh which he swallows whole.

«~Daedalus~» Although he and Jonas weren’t fully.. friends yet, they were at this moment comrades in battle. He lets out a low growl as FF rips a chunk out of Jonas, before darting forwards, raking his claws across the corrupted werewolf’s back. He’d try to return the favor of the bite then, quickly lunging down to sink his teeth into the werewolf as well.

<Conrad> stumbles away from the attacking Setite “I’ll get to you in a moment!” and looks at the revolver with a frown. He was pretty sure this was the one that had the silver bullets in it, but it hadn’t seemed to do much to the werewolf. “Odd, very odd. That should have worked.” He takes aim at the werewolf again, trying to be more careful this time as he can feel that some of the

blood he’d dedicated to his reflexes and coordination has run its course. “Let me know if this hurts.” He fires another round at its back and again the creature seems unfazed. “Cassian and I are going to have a talk after this.”

The Sheep creature charges blindly and bounces right off Daedalus and into the water.

Derek takes one look at what is going on and disappears completely.

<Conrad> watches one of the Setites fade into nothing and nods. “I believe that one has the right idea.”

<Jonas> takes a big swipe at FoulFang but in his anger from the pain he’s in swing high over his head and misses him.

The Herder is also not a stupid creature and chooses to step into the Umbra, it cannot gather more Banes if it is dead… so it chooses to flee.

}Elena Selune{ keeps careful watch on what is going on, continuing her healing in hopes that the more combat capable creatures will finish that thing off.

Katie smacks the side of the raygun and then points it at the remaining Setite, it goes off in a flash of light and leaves only a pile of ash in the water. “Fuck you!”

<Conrad> shrugs and fires off the last couple rounds of the revolver looking longingly at the pile of ashes where the Setite had been. He was feeling quite hungry and had hoped to stake and drink from the Setite before it was ashed, but, he decides, it is probably for the best, though it was unlikely that whatever blood bond would have been created would have been strong enough to

prevent him from ending the creature, the risk may well have not been worth it.

Marge looks around, and still not keen on tangling with the Garou she goes for the sheep creature, doing to it what she has been doing to the vampires.

«~Daedalus~» Dae lunges forwards to bite down on the werewolf and stop it from moving, using the pressure of his jaws to keep it still.

FoulFang howls and the wounds seal up as it starts just frothing at the mouth (both of them), snarling and snapping as it loses any sense of control it one had comepletely.

«~Daedalus~» Given he had the damned thing secure for the moment, he chose to instead change tactics just a slight; he takes in breath of air before breathing a gout of fire onto the wolf, managing to catch it.. and any fur it had remaining on fire. .. But it still wasn’t dead. He chose to fix that by raising it up into the air before shaking it back and forth, letting

his teeth to the rest of the work before finally spitting it out onto the ground.

<CoraAnn> hears the howling and crunching and looks like she is going to lose it as she looks over at the mess of monsters over there. Nightmare fuel, all of it.

Marge snorts at it and looks around to ensure nothing else is moving before going to check on Katarina and Jonas.

}Elena Selune{ looks at her own wounds, already starting to heal and then between the shifters briefly. “It will take time for this all to be healed, but I will get to work as soon as possible.”

<Conrad> shakes his head and holsters the revolver. Unsure of whether it is safe to approach the creatures that used to be Jonas and Daedalus, he slowly backs into the woods, still shaking his head. “Never again.”

<Jonas> melts back down into his mere 7 foot tall human form and looks like he found the business end of a lawn mower. A string of rapid-fire French comes out of his mouth toward what’s left of FoulFang as both of his middle fingers quickly rise before he freezes in place, “Fuck this mucky water stings in open wounds. I’m gonna need a tetanus shot, some antibiotics and a half a

case of whiskey.. for medicinal purposes of course. Where the fuck did I leave my vest.” He starts kicking around where he was once standing but is doing a very shitty job at masking the amount of pain he’s in while doing it.

katie looks at her arm and winces. “Well, this didn’t suck as much as last time. Still… I don’t think we should stick around.”

<Jonas> calls out, “Cora, please tell me you actually caught my weapon?”

<CoraAnn> nods and very, very cautiously comes forward, her hands still gnarled glaws. “Yeah…”

}Elena Selune{ looks Jonas over carefully, “I can heal you up some. But after that i need to reattune myself to the spirits.”

<Jonas> completely ignores the pain for the short time it takes to reach out and grab for his weapon, realizing she’s already spooked and not trying to spook her further, “Thank you. Cleaning this would have been a real pain later if it was full of this shit.” He slings it back over his shoulders before resuming his kicking while muttering “merde” a lot under his breath. He looks

at Elena, “Nah, I’ll be okay in a few days. Save it for someone more needy.”

«~Daedalus~» He breathes out after a moment, attempting to calm his nerves.. Before looking wordlessly to all the rest. He’d shift down into his homid form as well, still hurting from the werewolf. Luckily, at least this bit of clothing was dedicated, so he at least wasn’t without garments. He’d look over to Elena now that he could speak clearly, “.. Thank you for

your aid during the battle.”

<Conrad> slogs his way back to his car. After some careful consideration, he strips down, dries off with his shirt and uses it to wrap the guns in. After removing his keys from his pants, thankful he kept his wallet in his shirt pocket, he gets in and drives back to the chantry. He ignores the stares he gets as he walks naked from the garage to his room. Inside he puts on a pair of

sweatpants and removes the revolver from his shirt and writes a short, very cross note to Cassian and instructs one of the ghouls to leave it in his office. He then returns to his room, locking the door and lying down on his bed. He holds his picture of his late wife in front of him and sighs. “I’m sorry my dear. I may not be cut out for this vengeance idea. Not any time soon at least.”

}Elena Selune{ looks between them and nods her head slightly. “It is what I do. We can’t all be fighters.”

<Jonas> remarks idly toward Elena, “We all have our roles to play. I’m glad you were here.” He eventually finds his vest and reaches down to pick it up while making very sure to keep his SMG out of the water. He holds it up and talks to it, “You are absolutely going in the wash when we get home, buddy.” He then looks over at Marge and nods, “Impressive display.”

<CoraAnn> shrugs a bit and her hands return to normal though she still remains on edge. “No problem. I need to go and burn these clothes. Kinda pissed Derek got away… but I doubt we have seen the last of him.”

Marge returns to her hulking seven foot frame of a human form and nods. “We need to work on your adjectives. Big is not how I’d describe that.”

<Storyteller> Conrad swears he sees the image in the photo move, and for a moment, she just smiles at him.

<Jonas> grins sheepishly, “Hmm. How about hulky? I’m kinda hulky, no?”

katie starts to trudge back. “I need a shower. Or three.”

<Conrad> stares for a long time at the picture, his mouth slightly agape. Finally he shakes his head and sets it on his nightstand. “Must have been the drugs.” He feels the Beast grumble complaint at his hunger but ignores it and pulls out a book. More than anything he would like to sleep, but dawn is still several hours off, and though emotionally drained, his undead body did not feel

exhaustion as it had in life.

Marge laughs and shakes her head. “You are something, thats for sure. Come on. This place smells like ass and burnt hair.”

<Jonas> nods and will head out with Marge and off to get cleaned up.

«~Daedalus~» “Aye, a shower may be required in such an instance.. Though I thank you for that armor that was leant.” Since he arrived with Katie, he’d probably be leaving with as well, thus he walked with her back to the carriage.