<Kitt Bishop> is standing out toward the parking lot dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, though still in bare feet. She is talking to one of the Revenants, pointing toward the cars.

<Fiona> comes out of the main building, hands in her pockets, before looking over at Kitt. “Planning a midnight run?”

<Cian> steps out from the shadow of one of the trees and follows behind Fiona, watching curiously. Though it has only been a few nights and the Asylum is spacious, Cian’s begun to get a touch of cabin fever, and any chance to get out into the night sounds like a good time to him.

Abequa stalks along the outer wall, obfuscated, but as things look like they might be going on she pauses to watch and see if it’s anything interesting.

<Kitt Bishop> shrugs her shoulders a bit, glancing back at Fiona. “Gotta go check out the area where the people melted… Archbishop wants to know if it’s a rogue Tzimisce. And hell if I’m telling her no.”

<Fiona> “About fucking time.”

<Cian> frowns and scratches at his face in confusion. “Archbishop? Wait wait wait…we work for the church? Also…since when do they make women Archbishops?”

Abequa steps out of hiding and looks to Cian. “I would be careful speaking that too loudly. She’s got a temper… and tentacles.”

<Fiona> eyes Cian, scowling. “Were you fucking stalking me?”

<Kitt Bishop> rolls her eyes (probably all three of them), and tilts her head toward the car. “Well… If it is a rogue, I’m all for having backup. Lets go. I’ll use something to help conceal you once we get out there.”

Abequa perks up, all for that plan. This sounded interesting and might actually be something she could attempt to use her new skills on.

<Cian> returns Fiona’s dirty look. “Why yes, I have nothing better to do with my time than follow a cat pirate that wants to tear my head off. Also no self preservation instinct.” Cian makes an exaggerated show of rolling his eyes and sighing. “Anyways…what is this about an Archbishop with tentacles? How is the Pope not aware of this…” His eyes go wide. “Is the Pope one of us?”

He runs around the car to the passenger side. “Shotgun!”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head and points to the back. “You’re a noob, you sit in the back. Fiona gets shotgun, at least she’s Proven.”

<Fiona> looks back over at Kitt, shrugging and beginning to follow. Cian would get grabbed by his collar and yanked back as Fiona opens the door and gets into the passenger seat.

<Cian> stumbles a bit and flips Fiona the bird behind her back before climbing in the back seat.

Abequa shakes her head and climbs in the back as well, quiet little ninja. “There was an incident the other night while we were in town, but we didn’t see anything.”

<Fiona> “What incident?”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back, then nods, the looks over at Fiona. “Seriously? Ms ‘About time?’ I thought you knew.”

<Fiona> “I’ve been getting antsy. And no, I didn’t.”

<Cian> listens to the banter intently, excited to be getting outside the Asylum grounds he eases down in the seat a bit and stares out the window, doing his best not to be seen by anyone outside.

<Kitt Bishop> sighs and looks the steering wheel and such over before taking a breath and starting up the car. “Ahhh. Well… several people have come up missing from public bathrooms in town. Weird, but not exactly what got the Archbishop’s attention. A couple of times there were witnesses who said that the people were melted and then flushed or pulled through the storm grates. As

she put it, and I quote: ‘We don’t shit in our own yard’. We don’t want hunters and stuff showing up.”

<Cian> looks at Kitt in the rearview mirror. “I still don’t get the whole ‘working for the church’ thing.”

<Fiona> “Fuckin’ wonderful. We have to deal with some mad science crap.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks at Cian briefly in the mirror before nodding and starting to drive carefully toward town. “It’s not really the church. The Sabbat, which is the Sect of vampires we fall into, uses the chruch-based heirarchy for status. So at least it’s fairly easy to remember.”, she watches the road and esponds to Fiona, “Not sure what it is yet. Hoping it’s not more of that stuff

we fought before. Might just be a Tzimisce… melty people sounds like Vicissitude to me.”

Abequa shudders at the mention of that other stuff and sits back in her seat, looking out the window at the winding terrain.

<Fiona> “Great.”

<Cian> mulls over his new information about a sect while staring at Abequa. He didn’t remember seeing her around before. “What did you guys fight before that was so bad?”

Abequa doesn’t look over. “A God.”

<Cian> gives her a wide eyed stare “Ex-fucking-scuse me?”

<Kitt Bishop> blinks as she hears Abequa and then shrugs. “Actually… that was technically true. It was some ancient Tzimisce that the indigenous people had equated to Quetzacoatl, corrupted by a piece of the first one of that line… so it was absorbing people and gaining power… taking them over as a giant hive mind.”

<Cian> looks back out the window. “Well shit. Sounds like that was a bucket of giggles.”

<Fiona> shudders.

Abequa looks over at Cian. “So, scared yet?”

<Cian> shrugs. “I dug myself out of my own grave a few days ago and ate a dude, then immediately found out my body had been twisted into this…thing…for reasons no one seems to understand. All that after being roofied and taken into the woods to be murdered by a trio of psychopathic children who are now basically my family.” He sighs and looks over to Abequa. “So yeah, scared

shitless.” He flashes her a fang filled grin. “But fuck it.”

<Kitt Bishop> pulls into town and after getting out of the car, moves over to Cian’s side and starts chanting something while biting her thumb and putting symbols on the backs of her hand, then his, and Fiona’s as well if she holds still.

<Fiona> watches Kitt intently, but doesn’t move.

<Kitt Bishop> “As long as you don’t do anything specifically to draw attention, this spell will hide us from people.”

<Cian> watches in fascination as Kitt casts the ritual, still amazed by the wide variety of powers his fellow vampires have displayed. “Way to ruin all the fun,” chuckles and steps out of the car, instantly becoming serious. “Let’s do this bitch.”

Abequa smirks a bit and as she slides out of the car, she moves into the shadows between buildings and blends in, disappearing herself.

<Fiona> just cracks her neck and begins to move when Kitt does.

<Kitt Bishop> starts to make her way off toward where it was reported the man was pulled through a storm grate, the most recent attack and the most attention-getting. She circles around the area briefly before approaching the grate itself.

Abequa follows, obfuscated, staying along the outskirts in a scouting/protective sort of manner.

<Fiona> follows, keeping an eye out.

<Cian> follows Kitt, keeping an eye on their surroundings as Kitt investigates. He knows he wouldn

wouldn’t be able to spot anyone hiding supernaturally, but years on the streets had made him pretty observant, so he felt confident that otherwise he’d notice.

<Storyteller> Well, Abby is too busy watching people walking around. Cian is less distracted and does notice that there is a watch caught in the grate on the far side. Fiona knows that even those experienced with Vicissitude would have a hard time fully melting down a person and dragging them through something like that, it just doesn’t work that way.

<Kitt Bishop> frowns as she peers down through the grate into the darkness below. “I don’t like that. I swear there’s something watching us from down there. Maybe a lot of somethings.”

<Fiona> “This shit has to have someone else working with the possible Tzimisce. I doubt they can drag someone down into the grate by themselves.”

<Cian> walks over to the far side of the grate and kneels down to look at the watch. “You keep your ass down there, Pennywise. I can float just fine on my own.” He mutters. After a few seconds of not being eaten or accosted by clowns, he picks up the watch and heads back over to Kitt. “Found this over there.” He points to the other end of the grate. “Want me to do my see in the dark

thing and have a look?”

<Kitt Bishop> shrugs as she takes half a step back. “Go for it. Then we should probably head back. We can’t tackle this shit in the open and i am not going down in the sewer with you guys just yet if i can help it.”

<Cian> nods and crouches down. He focuses for a few moments, concentrating on the blood and directing it to his eyes like Jimmy had taught him. The darkness behind the grate explodes into view as his pupils narrow into slits and the grint tint of his eyes brightens.

<Storyteller> Deep down in the tunnel below he can see a couple of figures moving around, they look right at him with huge saucer-like eyes, oversized hands and feet, hunched bodies, and no lips, their broad grins a permanent feature on their grotesque faces. They move off into a side tunnel before he can get a better look, not that he’d want to.

<Cian> cranes his neck to try to get a better look then stands up. “Well…there’s at least two of them, and they look about as fucked up as I do.” He shakes his head and turns to the others. “Big eyes, big hands and feet, and weird as shit mouths. That’s about the best I can tell you. They darted off before I could really get a good look, so it’s probably safe to say the little

fuckers knew I could see them.”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns as she thinks, starting to move back toward the car. “I don’t know… I wonder if we have any Nosferatu to talk to abou it? We should head back, hold onto the watch, we might be able to use it for psychic tracking or something.”

<Cian> follows and gets back in the same seat, pleased with himself for actually being useful.

<Kitt Bishop> drives them back to the asylum, as careful as ever. Once back she nods to each. “I am gonna go report. I imagine we’ll be told pretty soon to go down there, so just kinda be ready for that. Thanks for helping.”

<Fiona> “Fucking wonderful.” She gets in the passenger seat. “No problem.”

<Cian> waves to Kitt as she heads inside then turns to Fiona. “So what do you think it is?” He immediately regrets opening his mouth and turns to Abequa hoping she’ll answer.

<Fiona> “Some Tzimisce shit.”

<Cian> frowns thoughtfully. “Is that better or worse than other options?”

<Fiona> “Unless I see the shit in question, I have no fucking clue.”

<Cian> “Yeah…that’s fair.” He looks up at the sky and kicks the dirt. “Got any advice on not getting myself killed down there?”

<Fiona> “Don’t do any stupid shit.”

<Cian> snorts and looks her in the eye. “Right, no shit.” He grins and sits down in the grass. “I’d say I’d bet it would make your night to see me get ripped to shreds and eaten by them fuckers, but fact is, you probably wouldn’t care either way would you?”

<Fiona> just gives him a look that clearly says ‘Are you fucking stupid?’

<Cian> furrows his brow at her. “What the fuck is that face for?”

<Fiona> “You really think I wouldn’t fucking step in if they attacked you?”

<Cian> frowns and opens his mouth but closes it right after. He does this a few more times before finally speaking. “I dunno? I mean…clearly I annoy the fuck outta you. Pretty sure everytime I open my mouth you want to sew it shut with barbed wire. So why put yourself at risk for my ass? I’m just a noob. I get dusted it’s no big loss right? Jimmy and Sara and Eliza might give a

shit. But why would anyone else here? The way I understand it, I don’t even count as a ‘real vampire’ yet.”

<Cian> holds up a hand. “And before you say it, this isn’t a self pity thing. I’m just looking at it pragmatically.”

<Fiona> shrugs. “Everyone annoys the fuck outta me. You’re not some special shit.”

<Cian> laughs and shakes his head. “Yeah I guess that’s fair. Well, for what it’s worth, if they attack you I’ll do what I can. Not that I think you’d need my help. But fair is fair.” He shrugs and looks at his hands. “Maybe by then I’ll have this claws thing figured out. Probably not though. Jimmy and Sara want me to get the moving unseen trick down first. Gotta keep these dashing

good looks away from the paparazzi.” He grins and laughs at his own joke.

<Fiona> snorts, expression unamused.

<Cian> grins “You laugh now, but one day I’m gonna be a movie star!” An evil grin spreads across his face. “The kind that eats the rest of the cast.”

<Fiona> “Keep fucking dreaming. Maybe you coulda done it when you were human, but now? Gonna be fucking tricky as hell.”

<Cian> stares at Fiona for a long moment before replying. “You…aren’t much for sarcasm are you?”

<Fiona> “Sorry, was that sarcasm?”

<Cian> holds his fingers up in a pinching motion, just barely apart. “Just a little bit.”

<Fiona> “Uh-huh.

<Cian> “So…you’re a…what was it?” He frowns for a second. “Ahrimane, right? But you used to be a Gangrel…so do you still do the Gangrel things. Uh…Disciplines? Or did you get new ones? Or both?”

<Fiona> “Why do you want to know?”

<Cian> shrugs “Honestly? I really just want to know as much about us vampires as I can. This shit is interesting.”

<Fiona> “Congrats.”

<Cian> laughs. “Message recieved, Fiona. I’m gonna head inside and see what the others are up to. Guess I’ll see you again when we go hunt these fuckers.”