<Kitt Bishop> sits out front of the main hall, on the steps. Her white robes a little muddy around the bottom and her bare feet kicking lightly back and forth as she reads a rather large book in her lap quietly.

<Cian> watches Kitt from within the shadow of a tree. He’d been practicing a trick Jimmy had shown him that they could do. Jinmy had explained it as blending into the shadows, but Sara had been quick to correct him about it more doing something to the viewers mind. Though of course the way she’d said it had been…odd. Cian stares at Kitt curiously, wondering if she could see him. They had warned

him that some more experienced vampires might be able to.

<Kitt Bishop> just flips through her book, but somewhat smiles to herself. She was well versed in Auspex but he was trying so she wan’t about to burst his bubble. She turns the page in the book, making some metnal notes as she goes over the material carefully.

<Cian> stares at Kitt intently for a long moment, trying to decide if her near imperceptible smile is because of what she’s reading or something else. Finally he grows bored and walks out from under the tree and crouches on a step next to but below her. “How’d I do?”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles faintly and looks over at him, seemingly not bothered at all by his appearance. “It takes some practice but not bad. Hard to sneak up on me though, my line is naturally psychic so we sense things. Hard to hide from us.”

<Cian> nods thoughtfully, his eyes fixed on her book. “Jimmy is having me practice so I can learn to move while hiding. Sara’s helping too…sorta.” He chuckles and taps his fingers on the stairs. “So you’re psychic like Eliza and Sara then? They always find me pretty easy.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods softly. “Yeah. It is useful to have. I can’t hide like that but I know some magic that lets me do stuff like that sometimes.”, she pats her book and glances off over the courtyard. “You seem to be adjusting pretty well. Some don’t take to it so quickly.”

<Cian> shrugs and turns around to sit on the step. “I wasn’t exactly a good person. I stole and fought and even killed a couple people. They deserved it though.” He shrugs again and picks at the concrete. “I feel more alive now than I did when I was…well…alive.” A chuckle escapes his lips and he looks out on the courtyard. “At least vampires are honest about being monsters. People lie to other

s and themselves about it, but I never did. Never pretended.” He looks at his hands and sighs. “The whole ugly as sin thing kinda sucks though. It’d be nice to hide it like Zaluut does. But at least it makes things think twice about fucking with me.”

<Kitt Bishop> watches him thoughtfully, and then nods. “Nothing you can’t learn to do one day. And we all have different roles.”, she says before glacing back down at the book. “You should see what some of the other Tzimisce turn into, or how some of them come out when they are Embraced. Lucas turned into a slug, he lost his arms and legs and it took him days to reliably

form new ones.”

<Cian> listens with wide eyes then bursts out laughing. “Sucks to be that son of a bitch!” His laughter fades into a chuckle and he shakes his head. “So is that what you are? A zimmisee?” He frowns and looks her over, searching for any signs of extra mouths or tentacles or any of the other things Jimmy had told him Tzimisce often had.

<Kitt Bishop> smiles a little bit and briefly touches her forehead. “Zaluut is the one that made me. Though I don’t really study shapeshifting… I study some of the old magic. The sorcerers were called Kolduns, in touch with powers of elements and nature spirits. Long story short, I can cantrol lightning.”

<Cian> raises his eyebrows in surprise. “Well that’s fucking cool. Sara said something about Zaluut being able to do that but…it’s Sara so I thought maybe she was kidding.” He rocks back and stares up at the sky. “Does it shoot out of your extra eyeball? I vaguely remember that from when I came out of my grave.”

<Kitt Bishop> laughs lightly and shakes her head. “Zaluut commands many elements. Earth, Air, Water… in addition to other forms of magic. But he’s been around a very long time. I can make my skin like an eel so it shocks people trying to grab me… I can also call upon the spirits and fire lightning from my hands. The eye is a side effect of my Embrace, some of my powers

do function through it.”

<Cian> shakes his head in wonder. “So you two are like vampire wizards? That’s…” a coughing fit seizes him, as the back of his throat develops an itch. His voice has been getting raspier and deeper over the past few nights, and the rest of his hair had fallen out. It seemed the Embrace wasn’t quite finished changing him. “Dammit…anyways…that’s pretty intense.” He kicks a rock off the stairs

and stares into the distance with a pensive look. “I wouldn’t mind being a wizard. Little extra bite to back up this bark.” He grimaces and bares his fangs in a manner both comical and disturbing. “Got a long way to go just learning my Gangrel stuff though. Jimmy says once I get better at the hiding part he’ll show me how to grow claws. Cause, ya know, I need to be scarier.” He laughs makes anoth

er face.

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles faintly at that and nods her head in agreement. “Well, it has its uses. Claws are dangerous, not much likes to mess with Gangrel cause of that. And there is a lot to learn. We can teach you some Thaumaturgy. Both Antol and Zaluut believe that it should be taught to as many as would wish to learn it.”

<Cian> cocks his head in curiosity. “Thaumaturgy? Is that what the…what did you call them…cold ones do? The wizardy stuff?”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and then shakes it a little. “Not exactly. Koldunic sorcery is command of ancient elemental forces. Thaumaturgy is a broad term for other kinds of magic. Like… I know some that lets me talk to furniture. Weird, I know, but useful for some things.”

<Cian> gives Kitt an incredulous look. “Talk…to…furniture…what in the actual fuck? Man…vampires are weird. How the fuck are we able to do all this shit. Like where do we come from?”

<Kitt Bishop> laughs at that. “Wow, that one is a long and complicated story. But we have a few Noddists areound here that could probably give you an earful. The short-short version is that Caine, as in and Abel, was the first of our kind. It branched out, which different lines forming that had common traits. But basically we have adapted and modernized as much as humanity,

because we come from that, and because we prey on that.”

<Cian> laughs and kicks another rock. “You’re fucking with me, right?” A quick look at her face and his expression instantly changes. “You’re…not fucking with me. Wow…damn…that…that’s some heavy shit.” Technically, Cian was Catholic, but he hadn’t been to mass in almost ten years and hadn’t given it much thought. “Guess that old priest was right about me being on the path to damnation then

.” He shrugs. “Yeah well fuck him. Can’t go to hell if I don’t die. Still though…Caine and Abel. Fuck.” A frown creases his face “Wait, what the fuck is a Noddist?”

<Kitt Bishop> takes the heavy leather tome under her arm as she stands up. “There are many paths… ideals some of us follow. Noddists are those that study the history of Caine. I can point you toward some representatives of different paths later if you like. They might be able to explain more. For now though, I should get back to Zaluut. Goodnight, Cian.”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles to him and then walks up the steps and into the main hall, quickly disappearing among the servants inside.

<Cian> nods and waves as she leaves. “Thanks Kitt. Night.” As the doors close he looks back up to the sky and walks over to his tree, disappearing into its shadows once he settles in. Before he had been dwelling on his bitterness about the changes his Embrace was forcing on him, but now his thoughts are awash in images of throwing lightning bolts and fire, of speaking to the earth and buildings,

and of a murder at the dawn of time that echoed through the ages until it left him here, neither dead nor alive, and filled with potential.