Jacob walks into the Trill going over some notes he has regarding some magical theorems. He finds a seat and waits for someone else to join him. He puts away the notebook into a small bag and thums his fingers onto the table

Jacob reopens his notebook and begins to read quietly to himself before transcribing the following into his own notebook in a code he had developed” Path of Curses. The Curse of Caine is a curse in and of itself and fits well with magic in relation to its nature…”

“…Unlike the living who can draw upon the forces of creation, the blood can only be drawn upon to invert. A struggle between Entropy and Stasis, the blood keeps them between either force…”

“…The blood does not promote new growth without taking life from elsewhere which it then converts back into death and stasis…”

“…The Death aspect of the blood and its energy of entropy loans itself well to converting into the entropic force of ‘bad luck’, it however cannot inherently produce the opposite. The absence of bad could effectively amount to good luck…”

“… If inverted unto curses however, then the entropic forces can be used to negate each other like negatives multiplied by the same. The destruction of negative energy with negative energy. This is however difficult and may in fact cause them original affliction to get worse instead and must be done with care lest it increase rather than nullify…”

“…if I first study the foundaments of curses, and create a path which then uses curses to remove other curses, then I should be able to remove my own… in fact this logic may be the basis of our entire condition, the curse of Caine nullifies the curse of Death…”

“…if by this same logic, must I trade one curse for another, displace it, or can I elimimate the curse in its entirety? The aspect of Death is an ever renewing force and therefore the persistence of the Curse of Caine must equally match the eternal struggle against it…”

“…Similarily my own curse was placed such that it was created eternal… thus despite becoming undead it continues to plague me in my limbo of life…”

“Perhaps the best way to respond to my curse is to use it to fuel my own curses. I could entrap the energy and then utilize it so that I can pass the energy unto others…”

“… This would not only enable me to eliminate the e

… symptoms, I could turn the very thing into a weapon against my… our enemies…”

“The other aspect of the curse of caine is a form of stasis that rejects change. This stasis holds our ideal self eternal. Therefore if we use the curse of blood we can hold the true form of an object, creature or identity, the same. A Path of Stasis could be possible. Perhaps even rejection of time. Which could be used to in essence, accelerate one’s self.”

“… most importantly, I must be capable of sealing away the effects in order to store it for later…”