Natasha is looking at her phone oddly as she heads into the trill, well that was just lovely… but on the other hand she did find out something interesting so maybe it wasn’t a total loss.

■► Cassian ◄■ heads to the Trill and knew Nat would meet him there. Katarina also received word to meet there but at the moment, he expected that Zane and Nat and he could talk things out and Kat could show up as she would eventually. If she missed out, he’d just have to light her on fire. He was a little fidgety after about a few minutes of drinking some dude’s

blood. The feeling was familiar. Was this another coke head? Fuuuuuuuck… oh well. It would not be the last. Cassian just wished tonight that it was more intentional. This meeting was going to go swimmingly well.

<Zane Calbeni> is sitting in his usual horseshoe shaped booth in the back, doodling on a sketchpad when the others arrive. He looks over at Natasha and waves, then nods to Cassian not too far behind.

Natasha sits down in a booth and sprinkles some salt out on the table, drawing little patterns in it while she waits impatiently for Cassian to arrive.

■► Cassian ◄■ heads back over to Zane and sat across from him and scooches in the booth. His hands come to rest on the table, fidgeting now and then, tapping out the Lone Ranger theme, whatever.. they just had a hard time of being absolutely still. He’d motion for Nat to come over too, since he spotted her. “You know, I think those 5th street people have a

whole cell of coke addicts over there. Just mentioning..for some reason.. but we need to talk.”

<<Vaclava>> just gives up and heads down to the the trill, still a bit peckish.

Natasha nods, a bit jittery herself. “No shit. I think I found one too… area hereby noted. What’s up?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “When Kat gets here, we’re going to talk about our plan. Zane, we need privacy and you to be present too.”

■► Cassian ◄■ waggles fingers at Vaclava in a hello fashion of greeting.

<<Vaclava>> heads into the trill looking for friendly faces. she smiles as she sees Cassian “Ah, my vfriend, how are you?” goes over for kiss kiss

<Zane Calbeni> looks thoughtful, and then nods. “Alright, can do. We could always take the convo upstairs… if the ghost has stopped throwing shit.”

Natasha waves to Vaclava as well from her spot by Cassian. “Uhm, sure! Oh! Uh… yeah. Privacy.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Sounds like a plan once she gets here.” He’d nod to Zane and then look over at Vaclava. “Hello there to you too.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles at Nat and Zane “Ah, hello my vfriends. HOw are you this evfening?”

Natasha shuffles in her seat a bit, bobbling her head. “Good. pretty good. You?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I believe the term is coked out, or high as fuck works too. How are you?”

■► Cassian ◄■ * fidget*

<<Vaclava>> goggles

<<Vaclava>> “Coked out? Oh my. Really? Do you need someone vwho is ah….inebriated to balance things out?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “No, it will pass. It can be kind of fun. it’s our true experience to get what it actually is like to be high like them for a little while, no? I value life’s little lessons, though 5th street does seem to have an uncommon amount of coke heads.”

Natasha nods in a greement. “He is not kidding… you even need a uh… pick-me-up there’s a good spot.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yeah, pick-me-up is definitely one way of looking at it.” * nod nod*

<<Vaclava>> looks thoughtful “Pick me up?”

<<Vaclava>> “I mean…do you tend to get a lot ofv …vwork done?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I feel like I could get a lot of work done, but would it be quality? That is the question.” He smirks.

*Katarina* makes her way into the Trill, taking a look around.

Natasha nods her head. “Oh yeah. I mean, not that I am a regular or anything but fuck yeah. You get all the things done.”

<<Vaclava>> nods thougthfully “Yes…vwell…quality is the concern…”

<Conrad> walks into the Trill still licking his lips from the biker he’d found outside. A…robust snack to be sure. One of the Chantry Ghouls had directed him here in his search for Cassian, and on further reflection he realized this would have been a better starting place. He spots Cassian sitting at a table with several Kindred he recognizes from the other night and heads over. “Good evening fr

iends! Cassian, just the fellow I needed to speak with!” He quirks an eyebrow at Cassian and one of the other vampire’s twitchiness but decides to ignore it for now.

<<Vaclava>> smiles at conrad “Ah hello, how are you this efvening?

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow as he looks among the others. “Well, perhaps we should go upstairs… for privacy’s sake.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes..perhaps we ought to.” He looks over at Conrad and lofts a brow…maybe twice. “Oh, okay, well follow along and you can talk with me upstairs.”

*Katarina* looks at Zane. “Something going on?”

■► Cassian ◄■ stands up. “You too, Katarina. we all go up the stairs. Vaclava, I trust you can keep secrets so you can come along if you wish.”

<Conrad> returns the smile to the friendly Kindred “It has been an interesting night, that is for sure Vaclava!” He nods acknowledgement to Cassian and turns back to Vaclava. “Shall we?”

<Zane Calbeni> bites his tongue but nods. “Yeah. We just need to talk is all.”

*Katarina* “Yay?” She follows when they go.

Natasha looks Conrad over, and blinks. “Wow, another one? Gah, we are so boring.”

<<Vaclava>> raises an eyebrow “Mmm? Secrets? Ofv course…I hafve many.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, he’s another one. You missed out on meeting him. Anyway, up the stairs in back. Let’s go. shoo shoo.” * wavey hand motions of shooing.

<<Vaclava>> will go with the others.

<Zane Calbeni> takes them all through the back and up the stairs to the storage area which has a ton of arcade games in it, mostly covered with sheets.

Natasha looks around at the room and then back toward Zane. “It’s so… abandoned 80s. I could get behind it.”

*Katarina* grins, moving over to peek beneath a sheet.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Well, here we are, up in the scary attic. It does have a retro thing going on.”

<Zane Calbeni> sighs. “It’s not finished. Once Ramirez helps the ghost or whatever settle it’s issues we are making the bottom floor a retro-style arcade and up here will be the bar.”

<Conrad> makes it all the way up the stairs before Natasha’s statement dawns on hi

m “what do you mean boring?”

<<Vaclava>> perks up a bit “Ramirez is helping a ghost settle?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “He’s very good with wraiths. They tend to like his method over others.”

Natasha looks at Conrad. “Exactly what I said. Snorefest city, look at you. You look like a damn librarian.”

*Katarina* partially tugs the sheet off, looking at whichever game’s underneath before replacing it and going back over.

<Conrad> raises a finger in protest. “I’m not a librarian. I’m a professor.”

<<Vaclava>> murmurs nothing wrong vwith librarians…

<Zane Calbeni> nods to Vaclava. “Yeah… it’s been… quiet since he was here so should be safe to talk up here.”

<<Vaclava>> “His…method?”

<<Vaclava>> smiles at Zane a bit “Vwell..ifv that changes I suppose vwe can call him.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods his head. “Yeah. Ramirez would assist the ghost and free it… the Giovanni would likely try to enslave it.”

Natasha rolls her eyes and sits down on a table. “Oooooh boy.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Alright, I’m going to trust a wraith that Ramirez is helping..hopefully, won’t have so much interest in stuff I’m going to say up here… so shall we get to this?” * twitch. “I think we should. Right then.. The Anarchs are a situation. The other Tremere already know my plans for things and Zane does too but .. Katarina, you are going

to help us. I need you to help plant someone as an anarch so we can get close in on Samson and find his secret weapon info and what not. You don’t have to do more than just validate her.. make her seem an anarch.. -and- one of your Clan.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “You can claim after to the anarchs whatever, including she tricked you. We Tremere are known for being tricksy.. but you pay me this boon, I will help you to get back on Lynn’s good side. After all, she still doesn’t know what you are.. just that you stole from her.”

Natasha raises her arms and conjures a bouquet of roses. “Tada!! Is it real or is it memorex?”

*Katarina* looks over at Cassian, raising her eyebrows. “Well, this should be fun. And I totally agree.”

<Conrad> coughs and raises a finger to get Cassian’s attention “Ah, yes, Cassian? About the Anarch weapon? I may have some information on that front. From someone who said she…or they?…know you.”

Natasha snaps her fingers and it’s gone again. “That’s not even counting the shit I learned to do by sleight of hand.”

<<Vaclava>> listens to cassian and then blinks at natasha “ooo that’s …clevfer …sorry so distracting though.”

<<Vaclava>> “mmm katarina is to play a dangerous game then.”

■► Cassian ◄■ looks at Conrad, his eyes gleaming with some kind of interest, be it good or bad. *fidget* “Oh? Go ahead then. What info and who told you?”

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow at Natasha. “Well that is a neat trick. Wasn’t aware Tremere could do that, duly noted.”

<Conrad> nods and steadies himself, still a bit worked up from the busy night. “Yes, well, quite by accident I err…encountered the one called Sascha, and she informed me the Anarchs have gotten ahold of some demonically tainted vitae, and that you should contact her about this asap.”

<<Vaclava>> is rather distracted by roses but then they’re gone so…

■► Cassian ◄■ “You encountered the Tzimisce named Sascha.. hasn’t anyone told you to not initiate like contact with the Sabbat and to just report it to the Primogen or me? I’m sure I said something like that or Isabo would have.. well, whatever, I guess it is good to get what she said, but.. how did you even run into her?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at Conrad. “Man, you are luckily she and that Assamite didn’t make a meal out of you.”

Natasha looks over at Conrad but contains herself. barely. She has the oooooooh, someone is in trouble look though. She is just glad it is not her.

*Katarina* looks at Natasha and whistles. “Hot damn.” She hen looks over at Conrad.

<Conrad> grins sheepishly. “Well all I had was a vague description of her and it would be impractical to avoid every redhead in the city so I…may have mistaken her for a mortal and possibly tried to drink from her…” He shrugs unconvincingly as though the incident hadn’t been one of the most harrowing of his unlife.

<<Vaclava>> listens curiously. such jucy gossip.

<Zane Calbeni> actually laughs a bit. “Wow… I’d have paid money to see the look on her face.”

Natasha smirks. “Man, I’d have paid money to see the look on your face when she turned around on you.”

<Conrad> gives Natasha a dirty look and raises his eyebrows at Zane in acknowledgement of his luck, raising them further at the mention of an Assamite.

■► Cassian ◄■ ‘s eyes widen.. and he seems to be processing… processing.. and then he cynically laughs. “Wow.. I guess I should be glad you still exist and were not delivered to me as a pile of ash in vase..along with what she said on a note. She’s deadly on her own and then there’s her partner in crime who you won’t see until it is too late, unless he

cares to show himself.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I do agree with Zane though… I would have paid good money to see the look on her face..being prey for a change. haha.”

<Conrad> nods and retreats into his jacket a bit. “Ah yes, suffice to say two of us were surprised, one was amused, and one was mortified.”

<Zane Calbeni> sighs. “If it were anyone else I’d question the demon blood thing but…”, he shudders. “Do we even know what would happen if one of us drank that?”

<<Vaclava>> eyes go wide “Demon blood!”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes, was there more to this demon blood thing? I am sure she was not lying. She may have played her prank on the Tremere in general, which I am moving on, but this is something she’d never lie about.”

*Katarina* goes to lean against a wall, looking disturbed. “Wonderful.”

Natasha blinks, looking among them. “Wow, that sounds… bad.”

<Conrad> shakes his head enthusiastically. “She seemed most sincere about the demon blood. Concerned even. She did not seem to know what would happen if they consumed it but definitely wished to consort with us on getting it out of their hands.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Alright, I will get with Sascha and get back to others on this as soon as I can. I’ll leave her a message tonight. For now though.. Katarina, I need you to do what you said you would for me.. get Natasha in as your Clan. Let them believe it.”

*Katarina* “I’ll give it my best shot.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Just so you know, Katarina, we’re not out to get rid of all the Anarchs.. but we are going to go after the top tier, Samson and his closest buddies. After, it will be up to the Anarchs to choose a better leader and Zane will be here for them too.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods. “Believe it or not i am not the boot lick SOB that Samson would have them believing I am. I mean, fuck, I let Sabbat in here.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “They also have explosives they were going to use on Charity Hospital. We want to find the location to those..and now the demons Katarina and Natasha.. be mindful. Find out what you can.. everything you can.”

Natasha nods her head. “I will be careful. And see what I can find out.”

<Conrad> looks at Katarina with respect for the first time “And if you could ‘acquire’ some personal effects from Samson and his inner circle, that could help turn the tide in our favor. The items need not be so important as to be immediately missed, so long as their owner can be identified.”

*Katarina* “I’ll get some squirrels and sparrows on that.”

*Katarina* “Both things.”

<Conrad> turns to Natasha “Your help in this matter would also be greatly valued.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Sure, just make sure it’s not something they would immediately miss.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Do not jeapardize the mission over that. We need to get to Samson and his closest buddies, avoiding most of the Anarchs so we can let them live, and dealing with how to get rid of the mortals they are using as cover.”

Natasha thinks a moment and then nods. “I can tell if an object is forming a psychic link, which i assume you require, if not a piece of them themselves like hair or fingernails.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “That is the absolute most important thing.. getting this info of their layouts inside, getting info on the demons blood and the explosives.. and some details on the mortals they use and a good place to trap/strike them. We don’t want to be trapped ourselves. Natasha would know the best stuff to retrieve for this, so work with her, Katarina.

You two will be very important so we do not mess up when we go to strike in force.”

“Oh, truuuuuuust me.”, Natasha says seriously. “Getting mauled to death by Brujah over some shit is not on my to-do list.”

<Conrad> smiles at Natasha “Perfection.” He turns to Conrad. “A few castings of Mask of Shadows should cover us enough to give the element of surprise when the final attack is to happen.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I will talk to Sascha as well and yes, the ritual was planned as one for us and/or the Brujah to help get us in. Sascha and Talwar may have something else to say that might be imperative on how that blood works.”

Natasha chuckles. “Can’t really say who drew the short straw on that one… you have fun, Regent…”

■► Cassian ◄■ “You be careful, Natasha.” He’d look at Katarina. “I’m depending on you.”

<<Vaclava>> says with conviction “Katarina vwill not let us down.”

<<Vaclava>> “She understands vwhat is at stake.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I let you in on this too Vaclava.. so just be careful and well, if you are asked what Natasha’s Clan to say Gangrel..since that is what Katarina identifies with.”

*Katarina* “Yep, I won’t.”

<<Vaclava>> nods to cassian “Good enoughv.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks to Cassian. “If our uh… dubious allies on this don’t know, don’t you have another source you could ask more directly? Or has he flown the coup?”

■► Cassian ◄■ lofts a brow and looked thoughtful .. and then nodded. “I believe he’s still around. I will talk to him too. Good idea.”

<Conrad> looks to Cassian. “Unless you have immediate need of me, or intend to to handle it yourself, I think it wise that I report to Isabo for mentoring once we are done here.” A touch of eagerness creeps into his voice, he is excited to learn more.

Natasha bounces and heads for the stairs. “Uhm, awesome. I’ll catch up with Katarina and go scoping the place ASAP, but i gotta get some stuff first.”

*Katarina* looks at Natasha. “Sounds cool. I’ll meet you there?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “That’s a good idea. We can meet here later to relay things. I’m going to head off and go write some things while everything is on my mind. Good night all.” He cracks his knuckles. “Thank you for letting us speak up here, Zane. I’ll be in touch soon.”

Natasha waves at Katarina. “Sure thing.”

■► Cassian ◄■ heads down the steps after and would head out for the night.. off to do tremering things with cocaine. That worked so well, of course.

<<Vaclava>> will take orf and bother cora later

*Katarina* goes off to do…things.

<Zane Calbeni> comes down the stairs and retakes his spot as he waves to Erik, shaking his head as the others head out.

Jacob walks to the Trill rather slowly. He has still not fully recovered from the other night but he does feel much better. He eventually learned what he needed to about the formulas of Thaumaturgy, despite the lack of help. As he walks into the door he saunters in, hoping to spy one of the Mages to speak to. An interesting lot, he hopes to gather what information he can. As he enters he sees Zane first and so he moves over there. As usual Jacob is we

::Maryska walks into the bar wearing a dualtone t-shirt, black and grey and a pair of black baggy cargo pants, she has a few knives strapped on her belt that encircles her waist, wearing a black leather jacket over top to give her a little extra warmth. Wearing black mountaineering glasses she scans the room, her eyes unseen, she settles in at a table and nods to anyeone she may know.

….as usual Jacob is well-dressed but his clothes are fairly plain today, much like a well off college student. He has on a nice vest and casual slacks.”Good Evening Zane.” He says with a pleasant tone and a smile.

<Conrad> proceeds downstairs and notices Jacob. “Ah Jacob! How fortuitous! I have those notes you asked for in here somewhere.” He digs around in his laptop bag and pulls out a notebook. “These were all the notes I took while mastering that…formula. They should prove quite useful. And of course I will happily answer any questions you may have.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods and waves a bit to maryska, remembering her from the Henry incident.

Jacob smiles,”Excellent! I myself have been working on my own projects however they have not yielded results due to a lack of understanding of properties of the blood… I believe I am much more equipped now though, so I will update you if I reach a breakthrough.” Jacob takes the notebook smiling.

::Maryska nods to Zane, she’s seen the face, but because it was a while ago she can’t quite place where, she picks up a drink and looks to the man. “I know we’ve met, I do not know where or how..I’m Maryska.”

Jacob looks to Conrad,” Have you adjusted quite well since you came here? I believe we really are better off for your presence. It is good to have people who are really interested in the studies rather than politics or power games.”

<Zane Calbeni> walks over and sits at maryska’s table, kicking his feet up in another chair. “Zane. Troublemaker and owner of this particular establishment. Also, a professor at the university on tribal cultures.”

<Conrad> smiles warmly at Jacob. “Thank you. Things have certainly been…exciting but luck has seen me through so far and I’m confident skill and experience will see me through the future. How are your injuries healing?”

::Maryska would nod and smile:: “Perfect, you’re the person to know then, I take my drinking very seriously.” ::She nods to him as she takes a sip of her beer.:: “We met elsewhere though yes?” ::she scratches the back of her neck as if she’s having a bit of trouble remembering where.

<Zane Calbeni> nods at that and smiles a bit. “Yeah. Here… I was teasing that older guy, Henry, I believe. You thought we were a couple?”

Jacob shifts with a little grimace,”Not fully healed as of yet, but hopefully soon. I have not been eating well enough. If only I had a better selection of food available to me that would probably help.”

<Cecilia> walks into the Trill, the Italian woman taking a look around before heading to the bar and ordering herself some coffee.

<Cecilia> looks like (link removed) and is wearing a sweater, jeans and heels, a purse in one hand.

<Conrad> laughs and nods. “Finding the best places to eat in a new city can be quite the challenge. No matter what your preferred dining experience. I had a bit of a dining mishap earlier tonight in fact. I’ll tell you about it when we’ve returned home.”

::Maryska nods and smiles:: “Ah right, yes, that night.” ::She laughs fondly of the memory of just having a good time, probably not so much fun for Henry, but she’ was sure he had a thick skin. “And what is the plan for tonight?”

<Cecilia> swivels around in her seat after getting her coffee.

Jacob smiles and nods,” I know that feeling all too well. As for why I am interested in your particular studies, I believe I will let you know as it is not really a big secret. My family was cursed long ago. A powerful death curse in fact. Many of my family members died of mostly of sudden heart attacks.I I did research into developing a potion of some kind that would possibly help only to discover that it was futile. So I sought other solutions…”

“Now instead of a Death Curse, it is simply bad luck and a nuisance. It has changed tactics. It has weakened though so at least that is an improvement.”


((Ignore that last post))

<Conrad> nods thoughtfully and furrows his brow. “Something of that potency would be beyond this formula and my current capabilities as a whole. However…” he clicks his tongue and strokes his chin, “the basic principles should be about the same. With time and research I see no reason why something couldn’t be done.” He nods confidently, bolstered by his recent successes.

<Zane Calbeni> shrugs his shoulders and leans back in the chair. “Not a clue. Since business seems to be concluded i have all night to do whatever. You have any plans in particular?”

Jacob smiles and nods,” My thoughts exactly! Seeing as to how you are already working within that field it could definitely help me pick up faster. Seeing as to how it is mostly a nuisance though, I have decided to work on converting my previous work to the new form. I believe I have made some advances into a path that I can use some of the principles for fortifying materials. Not entirely sure of the applications yet, but it definitely is intriguing!

::Maryska shrugs her shoulder.:: “Niet, nothing planned, aside from kill a few bottles of beer, still need to talk to someone about a ranch, although I cannot remember who.”

<Conrad> gets a gleam in his eye as he listens to Jacob. “Ah yes, that can be one of the most rewarding parts of research: discovering something intriguing but with little use only to find an application for it later down the road. Immensely satisfying regardless of one’s field of study!”

<Cecilia> listens, sipping her coffee as she gets up and goes over to join them. “My, my. Such an interesting topic.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods as he listens to maryska. “Lynn. She’s got a ranch up north, don’t know about around here though.”

::Maryska nodded again.:: “Right, her, next time she’s in, and I’m introduced and know whom she is.” she grinned and had another slug of her drink then looked at Zane. “So, you’re here in your bar, just relaxing, nothing else going on this evening?”

<Zane Calbeni> nods. “Kinda the way I prefer it. Cause when it rains, it pours around here.”

::Maryska chuckles.:: “Welcome to Hurricane country.” she wiggles her eyebrows and leans back in her chair. “I’m the other way, I like the rain, it’s nice to get out and enjoy it every now and again.”

<Zane Calbeni> shrugs and glances briefly over at Jacob and Conrad before looking back at Maryska. “Well, not saying I don’t like to have fun… Just prefer not to get my balls kicked up between my shoulderblades.”

::Maryska nods and looks the man over.:: “The look wouldn’t suit you.” she looks over at Conrad and Jacob briefly then back to Zane. “Curses, seems popular.” she smirks and looks at him again. “I could kill for a burger right now.”

<Conrad> turns to Cecilia and cocks an eyebrow. “I’m not sure that we’ve met, though with all the excitement recently I may have simply forgotten. Professor Conrad Austenveidt. And you are?”

<Zane Calbeni> smirks. “Well… we don’t serve food here but I know a place or two that would be happy to deliver.”

<Cecilia> has an evident Italian accent. “We haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet, more’s the pity. I am Cecilia di Pasqua, the Countess of Bardi.”

::Maryska smirks.:: “You need to look into food then, if you serve it, we will come.” she grins wide and takes another sip of her beer. “In the mean time, I’ll take a burger, everything on it, and fries.”

<Conrad> notices her accent and responds in Italian. “*Ah! A pleasure Countess Pasqua. I do hope you’ve found the States to be tolerable?*”

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow but then grins, catlike and full of boyish charm. “Sure.”, he pulls out his phone and texts/gets online for a moment, then puts it away. “It’s on the way. So… gotta ask… where is the little asian guy that was bringing you flowers?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at the Italian being spoken, but minds his manners and does not butt in.

Jacob notices them speaking in a different language and says nothing.”So Zane, how are you?”

<Cecilia> responds in kind, looking a little pleased and intrigued. “It has its’ charms, certainly.”

Maryska shrugs a little.:: “I’m assuming Ashe is busy with things, he’s a sweet man.” she sips her beer and looks at Zanes phone briefly. “How much is the food?” she reaches into her jacket and pulls out a leather wallet. “and what’s the number you used for the restaurant, I’m going to take you ordering as a suggestion of a good restaurant.”

<Zane Calbeni> smiles at her, waving a hand. “Don’t worry about that… but I’ll text you the place’s website if you want.”, he glances over at Jacob and shrugs a bit. “Pretty good. You look a lot better than the last time you were in here.”

<Conrad> laughs and smiles at Cecilia. “*That it does indeed.*” he looks to Jacob and switched back to English. “Ah but I’ve forgotten my manners. Cecilia this is Jacob, my associate.”

<Cecilia> follows his gaze, giving Jacob a polite nod of greeting. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

<Jonas> parks his bike outside the bar as he usually does before stowing his helmet in the side car and heading inside. He looks exhausted and heads straight for the bar as he usually does. This evening, however, he’s got a large glass mug in his left and signals Erik with his right for 3.

Jacob smiles towards her,”A pleasure to meet you as well. What brings you to a biker bar Cecilia?”

::Maryska nods and gives him her number to text the information to her.:: “I don’t think it’ll hurt giving you the number, better to have the bar owner on your side than against.”

<Conrad> feels his eyes go wide and his brow raise as a burly giant of a man enters the bar. “Good lord, it’s a modern day Goliath…I want it on record that I refuse the role of David.” He chuckles at his own joke and does his best not to stare but still occasionally glances over at Jonas.

Erik nods and gets Jonas his three beers. He does briefly glance toward Zane now and then, but mostly goes about his business of tending the bar.

<Cecilia> opens her mouth to answer, before her attention drifts to Jonas and she blinks, then lightly laughs at Conrad’s quip. “I’m sure there’s someone who’d be willing to play the role of David.”

<Jonas> manages a smile and nods, “Thanks, man.” He pours almost all 3 bottles into his 1 liter mug and then finishes the last bit that won’t fit and leaves all three empties on the inner edge of the bar for convenience. He then takes a few big mouthfuls of it and sighs happily before muttering, “I feel better already.” He then turns to see who’s hanging out tonight.

<Zane Calbeni> smiles and gives her another boyish grin. “Well, I don’t plan on calling you into trouble… unless you really like that sorta thing.” He sends her the info, a little mom & pop diner near the edge of town.

::Maryska looks up as the larger man comes in, her features don’t seem to change, but as if in response to everyone elses reactions she just speaks softly turning her attention back to Zane. “I’d climb that mountain.” she sips her beer again. “Hey, if you’re in trouble and want a hand, feel free to call me.”

A little while later, a man walks in carrying a bag and looks around, then walks over to Zane’s table and sets it down. “Munchies again? You should lay off the weed.”, he says and then heads back out again.

<Conrad> chortles and looks to Cecilia “Had I faith, or a soul, my prayers would be with whatever fool took that role.” He smiles “So how does a Countess spend her nights?”

<Zane Calbeni> pushes the bag over to Maryska. “There ya go. Burger with everything and fries.”

<Jonas> raises the large mug to his lips again and gulps down more of the ale before wandering over to the pool table and racking the balls for a game.

::Marysks smiles and looks inside the bag, pulling out the burger and fries, unwrapping the sandwich and takes a long smell of it, then takes a deep bite moaning almost sexually.:: “Mmm okay, that’s exactly what I needed.” she grins and nods. “They’ve gotten a new customer.”

<Cecilia> “She visits museums and galleries, occasionally goes shopping.”

<Zane Calbeni> smirks and then gets up, nodding to those about and then to Erik. “Well, nice meeting you again, have to do this again sometime. But right now I should probably get going.”

<Conrad> smiles “But of course! As one might expect from a refined lady such as yourself. I, too, enjoy history and the arts. Perhaps one of these nights you would allow me the honor of being your escort on one such excursion?”

Maryska nods and see’s the man take off.:: Good night then” she smiles and continues to eat her burger and tucks into her fries as she gets her food and beer, it seems like a small point of pleasure but she is enjoying it.

<Cecilia> “Perhaps I may take your offer, after careful consideration.”

<Conrad> presents her with a business card. “That’s all one can ask, is it not? Here is my contact information, should you decide to get in touch with me.”

<Jonas> sets the rack under the table on the little holder and then goes to get a cue. He then sets the cue ball down on the line a little off center and starts lining up his breaking shot.

<Cecilia> takes the card, looks it over, and slips it into her purse.

<Conrad> feels a bit emboldened and looks over at the towering giant. “Perhaps I WIILL play at being David tonight. However unsucessful the attempt might prove.” He gives Cecilia a sly smile and approaches the pool table. “Would you perhaps like someone to play against? Can’t say I have much experience but even a novice opponent must be better than playing on one’s own, no?”

<Jonas> aborts his breaking shot and straights up to look at Conrad, “I’m not a serious player anyway. This was just for fun to try to relax a little after a somewhat stressful day at the office. If you want to break, please be my guest. I’m Jonas, by the way.” He extends his rather large right hand toward Conrad.

<Conrad> reaches out and shakes the enormous hand with as much confidence as he can muster given the size difference. “Professor Conrad Austenveidt. A pleasure. Feel free to take the first shot. It’s been many years since I’ve played and I wouldn’t trust myself not to bungle it up.” He laughs and walks over to grab an open cue.

<Cecilia> smiles and orders a single malt scotch. “Have fun.”

::Maryska finishes off her food and then steps out for the rest of the evening, as her mun has just fallen asleep on the keyboard.::

<Jonas> “Many years, eh? You don’t look all that old.” He eyes him oddly but intently for a moment before leaning over again and starting to line up his breaking shot again. After a few slow and deliberate strokes he pushes the cue forward like a striking cobra and sends the cue ball into the rack with a very loud crack sending the balls all over the table. Sadly, not a single

one is sunk. He straightens up and steps away from the table, “Open table. Do your worst.” He chuckles and heads back to his mug and gulps down more of the dark ale.

<Conrad> circles the table a few times trying to find the best shot and settles for an easy solid. “My family has always been blessed with youthful faces. I’m actually in my early forties, and I’ve not shot billiards since my years at university.” He lines up a shot and just barely gets the two ball in. His next shot is not so lucky though, and bounces off the corners of the pocket.

“Rusty, as I expected. You’re stripes.”

<Jonas> nods, “Stripes it is, then.” He keeps clear of the table and waits for Conrad to complete his turn.

<Jonas> nods, “Stripes it is, then.” He heads back to the table and stares a moment before leaning over and lining up a shot. This time, however, his shot is rather light and just barely contacts a ball that was sitting on the edge of a pocket and nudges it in. He then moves around and lines up another shot, this time making a stop shot against his next target with another loud

crack. However this time he’s left himself with no viable shots due to his zeal. He sighs and tries a 3rd shot but it doesn’t net him another striped ball in a pocket.

<Conrad> studies the table for a moment and chooses another easy shot. He sinks the ball and finds himself without anything he feels confident in making. On a whim he banks the cue ball off the rail and by some measure of luck manages to sink something. “Well that was lucky! But also slop. The shot is yours, I was always taught not to play slop shots and I’ll stick to that now.” He

smiles and takes a step back, gesturing towards the table. “So what do you do for a living Jonas?”

<Jonas> “Sloppy or not, luck counts. I work with firearms for my trade. What do you do?” He takes a deep breath, then another drink of his ale before heading back to the table and smirks slightly before leaning down and taking a haphazard shot that manages to sink one of the balls. “See what I mean? Luck.” He chuckles a bit and moves around to take another quick shot that goes

in. “Three more and then that 8 ball is mine.” He moves and lines up another shot, but this time he miscues and the cue ball heads off in absolutely not the direction he wanted it to. “So much for a lucky streak.” He backs off again to let Conrad have the table.

<Conrad> makes a mental note of Jonas’s trade, just in case he needed some guns at some point. “Translation work mostly. Usually for museums but also sometimes more contemporary things such as business transactions. I also still teach the occaisional night class.” Conrad sinks two shots in quick succession but shoots wide on a third. “Well, I’ve been consistent if nothing else.” He

laughs and steps back to give Jonas the table.

<Jonas> “Languages eh? How many are you fluent with?” He heads back over to the table and again stares at it like he really knows what he’s doing. He cants his head to the side just a bit before leaning down and slamming another of the stripped balls into a corner pocket. He then tries to nudge one into a side pocket but the cue misses it completely and bounces off the far rail.

<Conrad> lines up and sinks another shot but this time misses the second one, leaving him with one ball left before the eight. “Blast, broke my streak.” He shakes his head and leans back. “16 languages in total, though some of those are dead languages so they are more read than spoken.”

<Cecilia> watches with interest, waiting to see who’d win before she left.

<Jonas> chuckles, “Like Sanskrit?” He moves over to the table and walks around for the blue chalk and applies some to the cue. He takes a deep breath and takes a quick shot and sinks his mark. He then moves around the table and again takes another quick shot that’s successful. “This could be it. I’m calling the 8 ball in the corner there.” He indicates the pocket with the tip of

the stick before leans over and taking a few practices strokes before holding his breath and making the shot. As the 8 ball falls into the pocket he stands up and nods to the table before looking at Conrad, “Good game, man.”

<Conrad> gives Jonas a friendly smile and stretches his hand out to shake again. “A good game and a well deserved victory my friend! Yes Sanskrit is among the languages that I’ve picked up over the years.” He waves at the bartender and points to Jonas’s mug. “And a drink on me for your win. I hate to go but I do have some business to attend to. Research mostly. Perhaps I shall see you

again here soon?”

<Jonas> shakes Conrad’s hand with no hesitation, “I’m around here usually to relax after working a lot. Let me give you a card like a real bonafide professional or something.” He pulls the biker-style wallet out of his pocket, which is on a chain, and from there pulls out a business card and offers it to Conrad, “My shop is in the Quarter so feel free to walk in any time the door

is open and unlocked. I’d advise against walking in if the door is locked as I’m pretty sure you can assume what horror might await an unwelcome visitor.” He grins a bit.

<Conrad> lays down some some cash to pay for the drink and gives Jonas a business card as well. “Quite the horror, I am most assured. We’ll be seeing each other again, of that I’m certain. Good evening!” He walks out of the bar, stopping to say goodbye to Cecilia as well. “Countess, I do hope to be hearing from you soon.” He tips his head to her and heads home to the Chantry to get some

research done.

<Cecilia> inclines her head and leaves, after paying for her drinks.