After spending a few days with her thoughts, Izzy decides it is time to take some action. First, she needed to take care of her money shortage. Then she would find Lynn.

Wandering about aimlessly wasn’t going to get her anywhere. Izzy wished she had gotten Cora’s number the other night. “Well Blue, let’s find you something to eat” Izzy pats the dogs head and he wags his stumpy tail.

Izzy decides to put her skills to use. On her own for the first time in a long while she will need to rely on sharpening her reflexes. She chooses a likely target and slips the man’s wallet from his jacket pocket. Not much in it beyond the ID and a gift card for Denny’s. Izzy wrinkles her nose. She comes away with $20. Not bad, it would get Blue some kibble at least.

~*Ramirez*~ meanders down the street, talks to someone in Spanish, they shake hands gangish style and the quick eye would catch them maybe exchanging something, and then he keeps walking on. ~

Izzy sits out of the way of foot traffic, scraping dog food from a can with a knife and feeding it to Blue. “Slow down or you’ll choke” her cockney accent very evident as she reprimands her scruffy dog. “I mean it Blue” the can now empty, Izzy cleans her knife.

~*Ramirez*~ glances over at Izzy. Her accent really stood out to others around. He’d look at her dog a moment and then back at her. “You okay?”

Izzy sheathes the blade and stands up slowly. Blue sniffs the man’s shoes “yeah, well no, but I will be” Izzy seems a bit nervous and pats Blue as she speaks. She retrieves the tin can and tosses it in the trash nearby.

~*Ramirez*~ “Well, why are you not okay? What’s wrong?” He looks at her and then around her a moment.

Izzy let’s out a deep sigh “someone very important to me passed away, I just found out about it a few nights ago”

~*Ramirez*~ “Ah, sorry to hear that. Life seems to short sometimes.”

“I’m Izzy by the way” Izzy extends her hand after wiping it off on her jacket, just in case some of the dog food was on it.

~*Ramirez*~ shakes her hand. “I”m Ramirez. Nice to meet you. You hungry?”

Izzy shakes her head “not really, but thanks for asking. Haven’t had much of an appetite really. Blue on the other hand” Izzy looks down at the dog as he snuffles in the gutter.

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s a taco stand over there. We can get some stuff and get your dog something. I am done with work and kinda famished but I don’t mind talking to you.”

Izzy nods and follows Ramirez. She keeps the stereotype of the Mexican wanting a taxi to herself. “C’mon Blue. Nice guy here says he’ll feed you.” Blue barks in happy reply and licks Ramirez’s hand.

~*Ramirez*~ orders some food for himself and gets some for the doggo as well. He’d bring the stuff over to a park bench and sit down and then set the dog’s stuff down on a wrapper on the sidewalk before them. “There. I am so hungry.” He so eats. “So where are you from? Guessing england somewhere?”

Izzy grins “where did you get that impression?” She laughs. “Yeah, England mostly. The worse parts. Lately we’ve been traipsing all over the USA. Some in Canada… At least we were.. ” Izzy’s voice trails off. “That was all before Boss… ”

~*Ramirez*~ “Who is this ‘Boss’? Someone that was local here who you ran with elsewhere?”

“the people who knew him here called him Patrick. I only knew him as Boss. He took me in when we were back in England. He’s from there too. We took odd jobs all over though. I came to new Orleans to find him, but” Izzy looks at the table for a moment “he isn’t here anymore”

~*Ramirez*~ studies Izzy a moment and then smirks to himself, as if he made some unique discovery or was laughing at some private joke. He’d then look more serious. “So you came all this way to find him? Have you met like..Zane?”

“I think he was in the bar, Trill, the other night. I haven’t met him. I’ve met Cora and Cassian there. Cora said she would help me talk to the lady Boss was working with when he…” Izzy stops herself from saying it out loud. If she doesn’t say that Boss is dead, it won’t be real, or so she thinks clinging to some childish part of herself.

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “I know of those two as well. Is their boss Lynn? Is that who you are looking for?”

“Lynn, that’s the one. I just want to talk to her. I.. want to ask her… ” The words choke in Izzy’s throat, Blue whines and slips his head under her hand. “Sorry, it still hurts.” Looking to Blue, Izzy scratches behind his ears and assures him she is okay.

“well Ramirez, it has been nice talking to you. Maybe we meet again soon. I’ll be in town a while I expect. I’ll repay you for feeding my friend” Izzy stands and dusts herself off. She nods to Ramirez and whistles for Blue. The pair drift into the streets, then fade from view.

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Alright, see you around. I do show up at the Trill now and then. If I see her, I’ll let her know you are looking for her.” He’d get up and wave and then head off for more shenanigans elsewhere.