<Storyteller> In accordance with the Traditions, Conrad was of course pointed to meet with the Prince before arriving at the Chantry. Given addresses for both. The address given for Introduction is an Elysium, an art museum, with instructions to go to the second floor.

<Storyteller> The museum is currently closed to the general public, yet there are a few cars in the parking lot. And of course a back entrance that he has no trouble entering.

<Conrad> Conrad checked the address he’d been given one final time. The last thing he needed was to show up to his introduction late. It was bad enough that his sire hadn’t deigned to be there with him, no need for one so relatively new to the blood, and completely new to the city, to pile on more demerits. He gave the cabbie a friendly farewell and generous tip before proceeding through

the back door inside the art museum. The professor lingered a moment in the main hall to admire a few of the pieces, making a silent promise to himself to check out the rest of the museum at a later date. With only a moment’s hesitation at the foot of the stairs to gather his composure, the young Kindred proceeded upwards to the second floor, steeling himself for whatever he might find.

<William Dupre> is sitting in an office in the only room that is open to the hallway on the second floor. It is a lightly decorated space, but the pieces that are here are of the highest quality. Dupre is wearing a suit, looking every bit the Southern Gentleman.

/Conradproceeds quickly to the only open door he sees, trying his best to keep his footfalls from being obnoxiously loud. He stops at the door and takes a breath to steady himself. A mixture of amusement and embarrassment crosses his face at the gesture and he shakes his head. It’s been decades since he had any need for air, but some habits die harder than others. Unsure of what exact

etiquette the Prince expects, Conrad decides to play it on the safe side and knocks on the frame of the door. “Sir? I believe we have an appointment? Might I step in?” His accent has very nearly faded by now, but someone with a good ear for it might be able to pick up his German upbringing.

<William Dupre> stands and smiles, nodding. “Hello. Oui, you do, and you may.”, he says as he gestures to the seat in front of him. “I am meeting with you in Mr Bishop’s stead this evening, there were other matters he had to attend to. My name is William Durpe, and I am the Seneshal here.”

<Conrad> crosses the room at a carefully measured pace, not so quick as to seem aggressive but not so slow as to seem meek. The Kindred from his home city picked up on those sorts of things like predatory animals, and until he sees differently, it seems safest to assume these would too. “A pleasure to meet you, Seneschal Dupre. As I am sure you are aware, I am Professor Conrad Austenveidt…”

Conrad trails off, unsure exactly what else he is supposed to say. He hasn’t had to introduce himself to strange Kindred in quite some time, and his Sire had given him very little instruction in what to expect. He takes the offered seat and takes a moment to get comfortable. “Wonderful choice of venue. A much nicer Elysium than the corporate office I am accustomed to.”

<William Dupre> nods and then smiles as he retakes his own seat. “It is rather my favorite. So, what is your lineage? Why do you wish to remain here?”

<Conrad> smiles in return, hoping the mood remains friendly. In his time as a member of the undead he had quickly learned that his was not the most popular of clans. In fact, it seemed they had some level of mutual enmity with nearly every other bloodline in existence. “Clan Tremere. My personal reasons for wishing to spend some time here in this lovely city is to absorb the culture and

to study the Creole as part of one of my recent research projects. But if I may be candid…” Conrad lets out a small sigh, already his mouth has gotten ahead of his tongue oO(Too late to back out of it now though) “My sire decided I needed some…perspective and as such put out a request to have me transferred to a new Chantry for a time. If I had to guess I would say that the local Regent

was the first to respond in the affirmative, and so here I am. The research project came afterwards.”

<William Dupre> raises an eyebrow but nods his head in response. “I see. There are quite a few of your clan within the city, but given the rich occult history and its’ current condition I can undestand the interest. The Chantry is quite far out, did you drive?”

<Conrad> shakes his head, perhaps a bit too emphatically. “I’ve spent most of the last few decades in cities to large for owning a car to be practical. Perhaps once I have a bit better idea of the layout of the area I’ll purchase one but for now taking a cab is satisfactory.”

<William Dupre> smirks a bit and picks up his phone, calling Cassian. “Just a moment. You can’t get a cab too far out there. Someone will come by for you.”

■► Cassian ◄■ <phone> “Hello?”

<William Dupre> “<phone> I happen to have someone here to see you at the museum office. But they will need a ride out. Perhaps you can arrange something?”

<Conrad> raises an eyebrow, suddenly both curious and worried about just how isolated this Chantry is. He sometimes has difficulty getting on with his clanmates. Unlike many Tremere, he has little interest in politics or climbing the Pyramid. For the most part he preferred to be left to researching his twin passions of language and the Occult, and this sometimes caused other, more

ambitious Tremere to look down on him and attempt to use him to their own ends. He could only hope that this Chantry would be different, or at least not as bad.

■► Cassian ◄■ <phone> “Ah, thank you for letting me know Seneschal. I shall be there momentarily to pick him up. I am just on the other side of town.”

<William Dupre> “<phone> Very good. We shall expect you shortly.”, he hangs up and places the phone back on the table. “I am sure that your clanmates can fill you in on any of the particular dos-and-donts in town aside from the typical.”

<Conrad> shifts in his chair, not quite sure how to feel about the prospect. “Is there anything else you needed from me Mr. Dupre?”

■► Cassian ◄■ hangs up and then would drive to the museum. The six foot one man, with long silver white hair and steel gray eyes headed inside the museum. He wore a charcoal gray suit with well fitted leather gloves and a dark blue satin button down shirt and black tie. Making his way past the guards, he’d give them a nod and waggle one of his gloved hands at them

and then gesture to tell the Senechal he was totally here.

<William Dupre> watches Conrad carefully, but finally shakes his head. “No. But you should wait for … oh, nevermind. It would seem you do not need to wait. You may go.”, he says as he nods to the man in the doorway briefly.

<Conrad> stands and reaches out his hand to shake Dupre’s “A pleasure, Seneschal. Give my regards to the Prince, if you would.”

<William Dupre> shakes his hand firmly and nods. “I will do so. I am sure you will find this city very interesting and I do hope you enjoy your stay.”

■► Cassian ◄■ goes to the doorway and nods to Dupre. “Good evening, Seneschal. I hope the evening finds you well.”

<Conrad> does his best to match the grip and nods before he turns to face the new voice. “Ah, you must be…” he pauses and frowns “actually I don’t believe I caught your name.”

<William Dupre> nods to Cassian. “You as well, Regent. I have been busy as of late but I make the most of it.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Excellent. How is the Prince doing? Seems to be busy this evening.” He’d look over to Konrad and give him a light smirk and nod. “Greetings, Conrad..I presume? I just had your information come in a couple days ago. Welcome to New Orleans.”

<William Dupre> nods to him. “He has a lot of deal with lately. So I am handling a few of the more formal responsibilities in his stead. I am sure it will be back to normal soon enough.”

<Conrad> straigtens a bit and nods back to the Regent. “That makes you Regent Cassian then? A pleasure. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the Chantry.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods affirming. “I am sure it will. I hope to talk to you sometime in the future, Seneschal. Until then though, I shall bid you adieu to go take the new Tremere here to meet the others and get situated with the local necessities.”

<William Dupre> nods. “Anytime.”, he says before glancing out of the doorway. “I have some guests downstairs to attend to as well. Goodnight, both of you.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Good night, Seneschal Dupre.” He turns his attention back to Conrad after. “Yes, that would be me. A pleasure to meet you too, so long as you are not too much of a thorn in my side. I expect some challenge but nothing too ludicrous. Come, I will take you to the chantry and we can discuss things and get you settled. Do you have anything

you’ve brought with you, such as luggage?”

■► Cassian ◄■ starts making his way to the exit of the museum.

<Conrad> shakes his head and follows Cassian out of the building “I had all my personal effects mailed to the Chantry address that my Sire provided. They should arrive within the week. Until then I had hoped we could perhaps make a stop on the way and I could pick up a few things? It is a custom of mine to make a point of quickly learning where the best places to get clothes and supplies

are when I move to a new location and the best way to do that is, of course, experience.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Ah very well then.” He’d lead Conrad to a jeep limited wrangler, charcoal metallic in color with black interior. The doors unlocked and he climbed into the driver’s side and started up the vehicle, waiting for the other Tremere to board. “These are good ideas. I tend to travel light too.” After Conrad entered the vehicle he’d

prompt, “Isabo is Primogen for our Clan. I will likely have her be your mentor while you get adjusted to things in New Orleans.”

<Conrad> nods his agreement and buckles himself in. “Reasonable, and appreciated. I’ve spent much of my time since the Embrace learning what I could of history and the generalities of our condition. I’m afraid my proficiency in our arts is not as advanced as it should be.” A twinge of embarassment colors his voice. “Not that I have been found lacking in interest or aptitude. I simply

got a bit too caught up in other studies. It has been a long time since I had so many avenues of interest to follow.” He kept his gaze firmly locked out the window as they drove. He still found the perceptive and controlling powers the Kindred possessed unnerving at times, and was all too aware that his clan excelled at both.

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “So you are familiar with which Paths of Thaumaturgy and how proficient? Also, what are your dominant studies otherwise?” His voice was calm, subtle and curious as he pulled out to the street and began the decent trek to the chantry that was an old plantation house in the boonies.

<Conrad> begins to feel some enthusiasm rise up within. He dearly enjoys learning about the vampiric condition and the abilities it confers, it was his lack of love for the politics that had caused a rift with his Sire. “As of yet I have only really touched upon the secrets of Thaumaturgy. I’ve reach the first couple mastery levels of the Path of Blood, but haven’t had the opportunity

to branch out into other paths. It took quite a while for me to master the basics of domination, much to my Sire’s chagrin.” A wry, slightly bitter chuckle escapes his lips. “Once we finally moved past that hurdle it was on to some basics in perception…Auspex I believe it is called? It was not until after both of those that I was introduced to Thaumaturgy. And I have also continued my

studies in linguistics, especially now that I know how of our existence as a species and how the elders may have affected the development of languages as they migrated. I believe there is a power in words that has yet to be fully explored but…well I’ve a lot to master before I can truly delve into that theory.” His passion for knowledge was rising and overshadowing the more passive parts

of his nature. “I’m currently doing some research into the Creole, but I have also…decided” oO(By which I mean ‘been instructed’) he thought bitterly “to put some more focus into my Occult studies.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods listening and smirks sardonically over the ‘dominate’ scenario. “Yes, it is indeed auspex. How long have you been a Kindred? Linguistics are important and can be valued here.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I know a Mage who is Creole. You might want to talk to her sometime.”

<Conrad> perks up quite a bit at the last part “Truly? My Sire told me a bit about the Awakened. Mostly that our clan originates from a cabal of them. It would be fascinating to meet one in person.” He stared out the windshield lost in thought for a moment before realizing he hadn’t answered the Regent’s question. “Oh let’s see. I believe it has been…twenty three years now? Yes that

seems right.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes we originated from House Tremere, which was a Mage Cabal from Hermetic Mages. There are none of those here that I know of currently. Zoelie is interesting. There are also others. We conveniently live right next door to them…and there’s some story behind that convenience as it was pretty unintentionable.” He smirks and pulls into

the driveway of the old plantation.

<Conrad> chuckles and looks directly at the Regent for the first time in the ride. “I’m sure it’s an interesting tale.” He looks outwards towards the plantation. He wasn’t sure exactly what he had expected, but this certainly wasn’t it. The chantry in his home city was an apartment building in the city that was owned, on paper, by the Regent’s favored Ghoul. He was certainly not disappointed

by what he saw, but it was definitely a change of pace. For the first time that night he was glad that he hadn’t worn one of his nicer suits.

■► Cassian ◄■ gets out of the Jeep and would walk up to the front door and open it, heading in to the main hall. “There are rooms on the second floor so feel free to pick one that is available. There’s a large study/library here on the first floor, and other amenities, house luxuries and labs about. You will be assigned to Isabo, though she’s not here right

now. She’s Primogen and can get busy up in the city. You know the Traditions to the Camarilla, I am assuming. You also know that if you disappear to go hunting after a certain Kindred, I will be most displeased with you. I wish you to tell me about this as it is some concern as to why you were sent to me.”

<Conrad> clenches both fist and jaw in frustration for a moment and casts his gaze downward. He had hoped his Sire would not bring it up but then, that may not have been prudent on his part. He sighs and shakes off the tension and replies with a tone that is evenly measured so as not to let his anger show through. “My Sire was not the only Kindred in our city whose attention I caught.

There was another, whose identity I do not know, who wished me for herself. Unfortunately, it seems my wife…” He stops as a lump forms in his throat. After a briefe pause he swallows and continues “My wife was an…obstacle she felt needed to be overcome. And so she had her killed. Made it look like an accident of course. Had I not already taken such a vested interest in the Occult I

might never have suspected foul play, but there were signs. I became obsessed with seeing this Kindred pay for her petty cruelty, but so far all I’ve yet to discover who she even was. I only know her gender because of an angry letter I recieved after my Embrace, the writing was clearly penned by feminine hands and the paper was perfumed.” Conrad forces back a tear, determined not to show

weakness in front of his new Regent. “I have, on occasion, perhaps neglected my studies and taken on unnecessary risks in my endeavor to seek vengeance. But since my target is, to my knowledge, still back home, I doubt that will be an issue here.”

■► Cassian ◄■ listened to the recount and his expression was neutral though perhaps there was a twinge in his eyes that said he felt something. “You were sent here to get your mind off of that and to do work for your Clan. Having said that, if you find yourself delving down such paths, I want to know. Mayhaps with some keen effort, we can learn more in time

of who this mysterious person was, but I want you focused on the here and now mainly. Are we clear?”

<Conrad> nods, relieved that no lecture seemed forthcoming. “Of course, sir. Where would you like me to start?” His initial trepidation about this venture was starting to fade, and honestly, he felt ready to dive into work and take his mind off of things for a bit.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Well, you can translate some things at leisure and also do you have plans to set yourself up with any sort of mortal guise while here? Some job of some sort?”

<Conrad> nods enthusiastically “Oh yes I thought perhaps teaching night classes would be satisfactory. I often teach English as a second language, or teach Spanish or French to American students. I could also do some consultations at local museums. My Sire was particularly fond of having me do that sort of work. Allows me to selectively edit my translations should I find anything that

may potentially breach the Masquerade.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods approvingly. “Alright, well work on setting yourself up in the mortal world then and get with Isabo. I’m sure she will seek you out quite soon. In the mean time, have fun setting up your room and getting acclimated. Do you have any questions before I leave you to your own devices?”

<Conrad> thinks for a moment then shakes his head. “I do not believe so. I shall get settled into a room and begin making calls to set up job interviews. Though I should like to stop by the library and pick up some tomes to research while I tend to the tedium of job hunting.” He nods to Cassian and holds out his hand. “I do hope this arrangement turns out beneficial to us all.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “I do as well. Have a good night.”

<Conrad> nods in return. “And you, Regent.” With that he heads off toward the library in search of Thaumaturgical research.