<Storyteller> In the hunt for Setites, it has been pointed out that a rather large amount of drugs was recently raided off a boat in the Marina, and so they may very well be operating in the vicinity.

■► Cassian ◄■ checks out the news, muses for a bit over a red headed vigilante… and then prepared to go take a trip to the marina out of curiosity to see what was going on down there. After all, ruining Setite plans was just another reason Cassian still enjoyed unlife as a Vampire.

<<Vaclava>> texts Cora to see what she is up to

*Katarina* would be hanging with Marge, eyeing her all the way down to the marina.

<CoraAnn> texts back: Working, but you are welcome to join us. I have a young tagalong.

<<Vaclava>> texts back to cora “oh myyyyy. please do introduce!”

Robert doesn’t stray too far from Cora though he grumbles about what this moisture is doing to his sensitive elecronic equipment.

Marge grumbles mostly about getting shot at cause some asshole rednecks are out after swamp bears.

*Katarina* rolls her eyes.

<<Vaclava>> asks for where cora is “working” and heads out to that location.

■► Cassian ◄■ texts Lynn to say he’s meandering out to the marina to investigate the drug thang going down.

<CoraAnn> lets Vaclava know where she is and then checks in with Cassian as well.

<<Vaclava>> goes to find cora

<Shotgun> texts Cassian: Good. Cora and Robert are down there already.

■► Cassian ◄■ says to Cora <txt> Omw there now too.

<Storyteller> So far the place seems fairly quiet save for the people all slowly arriving to have a look about themselves. It’s dark out, and the overhead lights have been put out except for the far corners. It’s starting to rain as well, making it even harder to see too far out.

Robert growls and puts his stuff into the car so as to protect it. “Goddammit mother fuckin rain!”

<CoraAnn> waves as she sees Vaclava from inside the jeep as she looks over at Robert. “Don’t you lose your shit on me, dude.”

<<Vaclava>> heads over to where cora is “….” looks over Robert

<CoraAnn> opens the door and lets Vaclava in out of the rain quickly. “Vaclava, this is Robert. Lynn is his Sire.”

Marge smirks at Katarina as she watches the goings on from the cab of her truck. “Well this will make things a little more difficult.”

Robert nods to the lady. “Bobby is fine though.”, he looks to Cora. “Sorry, just a bit worked up. I am not a field-type person. And i can’t swim.”

<CoraAnn> blinks. “You don’t have to… I mean, not like you can drown.”

*Katarina* grins back. “Sounds like a challenge. I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Robert sighs. “Oh, yeah, right.”

Marge pulls up alongside of the jeep Cora, Vaclava, and Robert are at. “Safe to assume we are all here for about the same reason?”

■► Cassian ◄■ knocks on the window to the van softly and gives a little wave to Cora.

<CoraAnn> waves back at Cassian, and enhances her sense of sight to help her see movement in this damn rain.

Robert looks Marge over and then over at Cora, then back at Marge. “What the fuck she been eating? Holy shit.”

*Katarina* gives Cassian, Cora and Robert a jaunty wave from her seat. “Her Wheaties, what do you think?”

Marge thumbs in Katarina’s direction. “What she said.”, she says before looking between Cora and Cassian. “Ya’ll know some shit about some bear hunting rednecks?”

<<Vaclava>> looks between cassian and cora, confused.

<Storyteller> A couple of boats with no lights are slowly making their way toward the pier.

<<Vaclava>> ” vwe hafve company…”

*Katarina* looks at Vaclava, then in that direction. “Well, let’s get this show on the road, then.”

■► Cassian ◄■ was wearing attire that was charcoal gray, a suit but one that let him maneuver well enough in. He also was wearing gloves and his suit jacket went down to a few inches above his knees in style, for the weather or hiding things. He reached in a pocket and pulled out 2 blue cords. “I know Cora has one, but I have made 2 others to wear. It helps

against Presence. I will continue to make more but this is what I have for now. You put it around your neck.” His words were soft.

<<Vaclava>> winks at katarina

■► Cassian ◄■ enhances his senses, activating auspex, heightened senses.

*Katarina* laughs, getting out of the car and taking one from Snow White. “Thanks, bro.”

Robert shakes his head and watches the others. “You guys are serious?”

<<Vaclava>> raises an eyebrow at robert

Marge nods. “Pretty much. These shitheads have been a serious pain in the ass.”

<CoraAnn> nods and keeps watching the boats for movement carefully. “Yeah. We need to make sure we are ambushing a bunch of humans though.”

<<Vaclava>> wrinklers her nose “That vwould be…unfvortunate.”

■► Cassian ◄■ pockets the spare one since no one seemed to want it. He’d nod to what Cora and Marge said and would look out at the boats quietly, studying the passengers and what not as he could to discern which lucky one had Setites on it.

<<Vaclava>> will take the spare one, just wasn’t sure if others would take it

■► Cassian ◄■ looks off in the direction of where he is aiming to see if it is something of consequence at the moment. Whether it is or not, he whispers “That one happens to have a sniper in the “insert # window’.”

*Katarina* looks at Cassian, then flicks her gaze in that direction.

<CoraAnn> looks off in that direction, her heightened senses just starting to pick up on the shape of the gun when she snaps back from the bullet going through the windshield and striking her in the arm. “Holy shit! That fucker shot me!”

<<Vaclava>> gasps and ducks down “Cora! Are you alright?”

<CoraAnn> growls, more annoyed than anything else and nods to Vaclava. “Yeah, scuse me.”, she hops out and starts to blur her way toward the boats.

■► Cassian ◄■ moves more to the shadows and was preparing an attack on said sniper’s weapon.

<CoraAnn> starts to push blood to her wounds as she runs down the pier and leaps onto the boat that the shots came from.

<<Vaclava>> just follows cora, ready to attack

::Maryska is just out for a leisurely walk, the sound of a couple of gunshots ringing out are picked up by her ears, as it’s not hard to hear them, they’re gun shots, her eye lofts upwards a bit and she begins to head in the direction of the sounds of bullets being discharged, it’s either big trouble, or it’s just a bunch of humans having it out, either way, it might be fun, who knows unless you go and check it out.::

*Katarina* shoves her hands into her pockets, following.

<<Vaclava>> just following cora, holding her action unless she sees someone who is actually shooting.

Marge gets out of the truck and growls, dropping down between the vehicles and then standing up as a black bear and growling loudly.

<<Vaclava>> still following cora

Robert watches all of this unfolding and decides that this is so not his calling. He gets up to the roof of the jeep and tries to watch through the rain for any incoming vehicles.

<Ghouled Gator 1> comes out of the water and tries to grab hold of the bear on approach, and even for an alligator it seems to be working out that this was not the wisest move.

<Ghouled Gator 2> goes for a smaller target and gets a mouthful of Cassian, yanking him around by the pantleg and only succeeding in burning itself, quickly letting go.

<CoraAnn> growls as she reaches the door on the boat and just crashes through it, glaring at the guy that shot at her. “You have seriously pissed me off.”

::Maryska continues to move towards the sounds of fighting, and the hollow deep hissing of some kind of large lizard? did she hear that right?::

*Katarina* works on getting closer to the edge of the marina

<CoraAnn> barely has time to register the sound of the shotgun cocking behind her before there is a hole blown clean through her and she collaspes onto the floor with a growl.

<<Vaclava>> bursts in after cora and pulls out her gun. she pulls the trigger 3 times annnnnnnd…..nothing. she forgot to reload???!!!

<Dealer Ghoul 1> The one that shot Cora the first time can’t use the rifle so close up so tries to kick Cora while she is laying on the floor and nearly sprains his ankle.

■► Cassian ◄■ rolls to his feet, recovering from the alligator attack and activates the thaumaturgy power of the focused mind.

<<Vaclava>> growls through gritted teeth “Svine!!” and kicks the ghoul in the crotch.

::Maryska charges the strange sight of a gator actually attacking someone, in the middle of a fight, maybe it wandered in? she wasn’t too picky about the situation, it was hurting someone she had met in a place people like her and her friends met, and she wasn’t really fond of the idea of having to explain to other people that she knows why she let living luggage attack someone without doing anything about it, so she plunged

the dagger into the reptile with a low growl::

::Maryska slips the bone blade out of the back of the hissing breathing boots and quickly slits it’s throat for a final blow, after she’s done that she stands up and looks at Cassian with a flat expression.:: “Normally…you get the gator skin boots after the animal is skinned.”

<Dealer Ghoul 1> tries to kick Cora some more but doesn’t seem to be doing much more than pissing her off at this point. “Stupid bitches!”

Robert is texting Lynn with a firm WTF did you throw me into these people are fucking crazy.

■► Cassian ◄■ would nod to Maryska and smirk slightly. “You can have the gator skin if you want. Fair is fair.”

■► Cassian ◄■ turned his attention back to the boat and focused on the man that was doing a fine job of beating his former partner, Cora, up. He’d use movement of the mind and throw him into a wall, knocking the man out.

■► Cassian ◄■ could unfortunately not see whoever else was fighting Cora so he’d direct his attention to the other gator. He’d gesture, focusing and black dots would appear over its body. He’d then snap his fingers and the gator would light on fire.

<Dealer Ghoul 2> slices at Vaclava, trying to take her arms off, or at least her hands, but she manages to be too fast.

<<Vaclava>> totally screams and dodges as the ghoul attempts to chop off her hands with the machete “KURVA!!! I vwill kill you!!”

*Katarina* makes eye contact with the other gator, commanding it to try and attack the other man on the boat. She watches it begin to try and get onboard awkwardly.

<CoraAnn> lets her blood work on healing her wounds as she shifts to move back out the doorway.

Robert gets into the jeep and figits nervously, debating stealing the vehicle and getting the fuck out of there.

The black bear charges forward and stops at the water, offering a very annoyed grunt as she looks from the gator to the boat.

<CoraAnn> uses the doorframe to steady herself and gets up so she can limp away with some dignity.

<<Vaclava>> beats back the ghoul in rage

::Maryska slips the dagger into it’s sheath and looks around at the people in attendance.:: “I am curious, is this a regular thing to happen?” ::her hand gestures to the dead and beaten beings.:: “this is normal Friday night?”

<CoraAnn> does her best to steady herself as she heals up, not fully healing because she needs to eat something first and there isn’t much available. She looks out toward the cars in the rain to see who else is all out there.

<CoraAnn> looks back to Vaclava and puts a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, hey… it’s okay.”

Robert starts the jeep up and waits, ready to go back home and take whoever needed a ride over there with him.

■► Cassian ◄■ heads down to the water and stops by Terra, looking across the water.

*Katarina* stretches, moving over to Terra and watching the gator work.

<<Vaclava>> blinks and looks at cora “My hands! The ritni otvor…he vwas going to cut offv my hands!!”

■► Cassian ◄■ uses movement of the mind to fly over to the boat after making sure no one masq breaching is looking, and he’d land to see how the others were.

The black bear looks over at Cassian and grunts, pacing along the shore a moment before heading over to Katarina and nudging her toward the truck.

*Katarina* looks over at Marge, nodding before giving the others a wave as she headed off. “Later, Vac, Snow White.” She gives Cass an impish grin.

<CoraAnn> sighs and takes hold of Vaclava’s hands. “hey, hey. if you keep hitting him with your new strength you will kill him. Do you want blood on these beautiful hands?”

::Maryska looks around at the people here.:: “Hm, what did I step into here?”

Marge shuffles to the truck and lets Kat drive them back. She climbs in the back and hides under some tarps back there.

■► Cassian ◄■ fortunately for Katarina, did not hear her call him Snow White or else he’d have had to waste blood and light her on fire as promised. She was so lucky! He’d go into the boat and over to Cora and Vaclava. “Are you alright?”, he’d ask in general.

<CoraAnn> looks down at Mary briefly, “Hey there… uhm… it’s complicated?”, she says before looking back to Vaclava and trying to gently pull her out of the boat away from the scene. She nods to Cass. “Uh, mostly okay?”

::Maryska looks up to Cora and nods slowly:: “From here, it looks like two men and two alligators were doing something and you wanted to stop them.” ::She nods at her own assessment.:: “Simple so far.”

*Katarina* gors off with Marge, driving back.


■► Cassian ◄■ looks at the remains of the one guy and then nods to Cora and would move to let them pass. He’d walk over to the other guy who was still alive. He’d lift him up and then call Lynn. After all, this boat was going to have to be dealt with concerning the contents. He’d also take a browse around to see if there was anything in any of these guys’ pockets

or in the boat that would be info they could use concerning the Setites or warehouses they had etc.

<<Vaclava>> kicks the ghoul to death in her rage. as cora pulls her away, she realizes what she’s done and immediately feels horrible. But at least her hands are not damaged and most importantly, Cora is healing.

■► Cassian ◄■ would remain with the boat and prisoner until Lynn shows up and work with her then on investigating and interrogating said person.

<Storyteller> It looks as though they must have delivered whatever it was they had somewhere else. Nothing here and they were on theri way back, one boat pulling the other along, both empty.

<CoraAnn> hops out and helps Vaclava down, then nods to mary. “Something like that. We were investigating some drug issues and they shot at us… and… Holy crap that is a big ass gator.”

<<Vaclava>> looks over “Gator…what??”

::Maryska looks down at the one she’d killed and nodded.:: “Yes, it was.” she turned her gaze back to Cora. “why is she so fixated with her hands?” she tilted her head a little looking at Vaclava, her sunglasses still on, she never seems to really take them off, wearing jeans, riding boots, and a t-shirt with a leather jacket.

<CoraAnn> replies, glancing back to make sure Cass is okay, then Vaclava. “She’s a musician.”, she says before looking back toward Vaclava. “You want me to come back with you?”

<<Vaclava>> looks at her hands, the gator, maryska, and then cora “I…yes…I’m fine but…” shrugs helplessly. “Are you alright?”

<CoraAnn> is still holding her midsection a bit, and her jacket is covered in blood… what remains of the jacket. her shirt is shredded by buckshot as well, not much left of it to cover her where she took it to the back. “I’ll be okay. I need to get a drink pretty badly. I’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

::Maryska looks at Vaclava for a moment, examining the woman that is clearly in shock, she looks down at the gator. “Think I will turn it into pants.” she nods, her thick Ukranian accent tinted by a slight texas drawl.

<<Vaclava>> nods to Cora “Please…stay vwith me….”

<<Vaclava>> looks at maryska and the gator “Vwhat did it do to deserfve to become…pants?”

<CoraAnn> nods and sticks close to Vaclava. “Setites like to use reptiles. Gators are common around here. One tried to eat Esmond his first night on the job.”

::Maryska gestures to Cassian whom appears to be gone now, she looks around and then back to Vaclava.:: “It attacked someone I knew, seems like it was part of all of this, so, I’ll tan the hide and such.”

<<Vaclava>> “It…it vwas simply a tool. It didn’t ask vfor this.”

<<Vaclava>> shudders

::Maryska looks at the woman a little more.:: “Either that or it just decomposes in the water…personally, I can use the gator.” ::She shrugs and looks at Cora.:: “So, drugs are not here, what kind of drugs are they?”

<<Vaclava>> nods “Yes…yes ofv course…”

<CoraAnn> nods and then squeezes Vaclava’s hand lightly. “I’m sorry. Come on, lets go home. I need a shower.”, she looks back toward mary a moment. “These guys deal mostly in heroin. They got raided earlier today, how we knew they might show up.”

<<Vaclava>> ‘s hand squeezes back reflexively but it’s clear she’s not all there.

::Maryska nods and smiles.:: “well, glad I was wandering by, needed some exercise, if I can help with anything else, let me know.” she looked at Vaclava and nodded. “Have a safe night.” ::She began moving the gator into a position that she could collect it when she got back with her truck.

<CoraAnn> sighs a bit. “Catch me at the Trill and we can talk a bit more. But i need to get out of here before someone sees me all covered in blood with half my clothes blown off via shotgun. And get her home so she can recover.”

<<Vaclava>> “Yes, a shower….”

<<Vaclava>> will head back with cora and do a lot of washing, particularly of hands and feet.

::Maryska nods and slips away, she’d go to her truck and then bring it in to get hte gator, and then load it in and drive away once all was done.::