*Katarina* saunters in

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° had heard there was some other person he should meet through the word of the underground. Was it a great idea to go to the Trill which was owned by some Brujah? Probably not, but eh, Dragos was kinda bonkers and loved a challenge anyway. He roamed into the place after having parked his 70s Charger a block away in case he actually -had- to run

away while laughing at stirring the shit. Dragos was dressed in goth/metal clothing, various piercings, hair of black with reddish streaks at the ends. His skin was tanned naturally and he had a unique look that said he wasn’t just caucasian. His bright green eyes were somewhat mesmerizing. He might be known to the metal community. <fame 1: band leader for Wicked Carnival>

*Katarina* makes her way over to a table and kicks her feet up, giving Erik a two-fingered salute.

As usual, Erik offers a 1-fingered salute in return.

*Katarina* snorts, shaking her head, before turning to look at Dragos.

*Katarina* “Howdy?

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks over at Erik and orders a tap beer and then looks over at Kat as he flips her off. “Well, you’re liked, eh?”

<Sissy> comes into the Trill and takes a brief look around before tilting her head as she spots Dragos and Katarina. She goes to the bar and takes a seat there, nodding to Erik.

*Katarina* “It’s my ever-present charm, I’m told.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° smirks to Katarina. “Are you saying it’s non-existent and counter-productive? If so, you just need to take up acting.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° waves to Sissy. “Hey, I remember you from the other bar in Baton Rouge.”

<Sissy> nods and smiles to Dragos. “Yeah. I work music shows in a lot of places.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° thumbs up. “Awesome.”

*Katarina* just eyes Drago, refraining from flipping him the bird.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° squints his eyes back at Katarina, with amusement.

<Sissy> quietly orders a beer and turns so she can see the pair of them a little better.

*Katarina* rolls her eyes. “So, what brings you here?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “What brings me here is there are some people over here I wanted to see…one in particular I heard a rumor of. This bar is one of those safe places, right? Neutral grounds, whatever.”

*Katarina* “Yep.”

<Zane Calbeni> pipes up from the seat behind Katarina, and bops her on the head lightly. “Don’t start shit and there is nothing to worry about.”

*Katarina* is bopped on the head, turning to look at Zane.

<<Vaclava>> will drive her and cora down to the trill. she really was in need of a major distraction from her woes and self-loathing.

<CoraAnn> goes along with, for moral support despite not really feeling up to having to socialize after being stomped on by a few Setites. She needed to work on things… she was going to need to train more. She didn’t like killing things though, kinda why she avoided it.

*Katarina* “Nice seeing you too. And I’m always on my best behavior here.”

<Zane Calbeni> smirks. “Wasn’t talking about you. Or anyone specifically for that matter.”

<<Vaclava>> figures she has a lot to work on, too. But for now, distraction. She is quiet on the drive in, parks the car, and walks into the trill with cora, looking around for familiar faces.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° grins. “Way to go, making it all about you.” To Kat. xD

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “So how free can words be in this place? Just curious.” not that he might not challenge it anyway.

<Zane Calbeni> “Well, if it is something that would be… bad for certain people to hear the place can be closed for a private meeting. But As far as say politcal and idealogical viewpoints we believe in free debate here.”

<<Vaclava>> her face brightens when she sees zane and kat. she heads over there, kisses cheeks “Good efvening, darlings, how are you both? And vwho is your new vfriend?” to Dragos.

<CoraAnn> follows along behind Vaclava and waves to the others with a brief smile.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° ‘s attention goes to Vaclava and then Cora. “Oh, hello to you two.” He then said in general. “I am Dragos Danislav. Pleasure to meet all of you.”

<CoraAnn> tilts her head as she studies Dragos further. “Hey, I know you. You’re in a band… hasn’t played in a while though. I heard there was an accident?”

<Sissy> sips her beer and watches the little group gathering up quietly.

<<Vaclava>> offers her hand to dragos “Likevwise, Dragos, I am Vaclava Kapralova.” glances at Cora then back at dragos curiously “A band? Truly?”

*Katarina* gives him a lazy wave after rolling her eyes at Zane. “Katarina Antonescu. And a band, eh? Nice.”

<CoraAnn> nods faintly and takes a seat across from Katarina, leaving room for Vaclava.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods to Cora. “Yeah, we went to LA to perform and just outside the city, our vehicle was attacked and lit on fire..Not a pretty scene. We got some revenge for it, but really only Animal and I were left so we went recruiting again and are getting our act back out there. Even found a new terrific singer.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° shakes Vaclava’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Vaclava.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° then looks over at Katarina. “Ah you’re the one I was looking for.”

<Zane Calbeni> smirks as he listens. “That is usually the case.”

Jacob walks into the Trill looking worse for wear, limping and tired. He sighs as he sits down at the bar.

<<Vaclava>> “That’s terrible! Vwhy vwas someone trying to kill you?” raises an eyebrow at his comment to katarina

*Katarina* looks at Dragos, blinking. “Me? What for?”

Jacob moves over and sits by Vaclava,”May I join you all this evening?”

<CoraAnn> nods to Jacob after he edges in. “Sure thing.”

<Storyteller> Katarina sees a rodent across from the bar that waves to her and spins around, doing some break dancing maneuver and then it wanders behind some people in the crowd to disappear. Others -may- notice it but it was totally put where she would have to see it just looking forward.

*Katarina* eyes the rodent.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks at Kat. “You get it or do I have to spell it out to you?”

“I am so very thirsty after the other night. Exhausted too. I am glad that we made it out alright. That one young lady with the patches was very helpful.”

*Katarina* “Yeah, I got it.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ would pull into the parking lot with Katie and park his bike among the others.

<CoraAnn> glances over at Jacob and eyes him a moment. “That’s Katie. She’s a mage, and she can probably tear all your molecules apart too if you piss her off.”

<<Vaclava>> did sit next to cora and smiles as jacob comes over and sits down. “Ofv course, good to see you as well, Jacob.”

Jacob looks confused,”I studied magic when I was alive and I never saw anything like that. That is really impressive. How long has she been studying? Where did she learn that?”

*Katarina* “So take a seat and let’s talk business.”

<Sissy> keeps a curious eye of the group’s going about, taking another drink now and then of her beer.

<CoraAnn> shurgs. “I have no clue how that crap works. But she’s cool.”

<<Vaclava>> looks over at sissy and smiles “And vwhat’s your name, I missed it vwhen vwe vwere doing introductions.”

<Zane Calbeni> turns sideways in his seat so he can get a better look and listen as to what is going on. “So, what’s up?”

<Sissy> tilts her head and looks at Vaclava curiously a moment, then smiles back. “Uhm, Sarha, or Sissy… most people call me Sissy.”

Katie heads into the Trill along with Ethan and grabs a beer before looks around at the others, all healed up now. She goes over and hugs Cora and Vaclava tightly a moment. “Oh geeze i am so glad you guys are okay.”, she waves at katarina and jacob. “You too.”

“Nice to meet you sissy.” He says without emotion, as if in pain. He notices Katie walk in however,” Hello Katie. That was very impressive work the other night. I am curious if you could explain to me how it works?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° sits down across from Katarina. “So, what is it you do here exactly?”

<<Vaclava>> “A pleasure to meet you, Sissy!”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ gets a beer at the bar and pops it open. He’d then take a seat at a table near where Cora and Vaclava were.

<<Vaclava>> looks up as ethan and then katie come in, brightens even more as she is hugged and hugs back. “Me too,” she murmurs.

<<Vaclava>> moves out of the booth for a moment to get up and go hug ethan and kiss his cheeks. “Thank you, my vfriend.”

*Katarina* “Play music, go on adventures. You know, the usual.”

Katie looks over at Nickolas and raises an eyebrow. “It’s just a nanite patch.”

Jacob raises his eyebrows,”I was not aware that nanites have been successfully made, or that they were publicly available. Which must mean that you or someone you know made them. Regardless, it was impressive.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ smiles and gives her a hug back. “You’re welcome, ma’am. Glad I could help you.”

<<Vaclava>> nods “You did. I am mortifvied.”

<CoraAnn> looks over and nods softly. “Yeah… uh… thanks.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ shakes his head. “You should not be. You did not harm anyone who did not deserve it. Frenzy happens, but yours saved people, Vaclava.”

<Sissy> smiles faintly and remains off to the side.

<Zane Calbeni> keeps an eye on the goings on but does ask quietly, “Taking it things did not go completely well last night?”

Jacob nods,”I understand how she feels though. To lose control over yourself is always difficult, especially for us…” Jacob looks at Zane,”We took some injuries but no casualties. I am still suffering myself slightly.”

Katie shrugs slightly and takes a seat near to the others. “I made them. They are for repairing matter to its original state. You just luck out you qualify.”

Jacob raises his eyebrow.”That is similar to how I recover wounds to begin with. Perhaps I can learn something from that?…”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ shakes his head. “There was this huge snake out there and some setites. That snake was really tough.”

<<Vaclava>> “I’m just glad I didn’t actually hurt any ofv my vfriends.”

Izzy walks in slowly, still disliking the fact that she has to come to a place with so many people in it. Blue decides to go hunt through the local garbage for snacks.

<CoraAnn> looks over at Jacob and blinks. “Did you just say you heal via tiny robots?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° laughs. “You heal by blood magic, derp head.” He’d look at Jacob. “Nanotech is like Star Trek.”

Izzy scans the room for either Cora or Cassian. And wonders about the girls from the other night. She hopes they didn’t go after that thing..

Jacob frowns,” No, I heal by returning myself to my former state. It is like that patching but with blood magic.”

Jacob,” Magic nanobots, or magic blood, very little difference. The point is that it is not promoting growth, simply recovering the pattern. A vampires pattern is locked, and the power of the blood restores the pattern to that previous ‘default’ form. The restored flesh is not ‘new’ it is a copy…”

Katie just chuckles and shakes her head. “Our forms save a kind of permanent copy that can be restored as a backup. I can’t really do that on living things… for me it’s like trying to overwrite a file already in use. Too messy.”

Spotting Cora, she walks toward her, waiting for a break in the conversation. She tries not to be in the way or look at all stalky.

“I had thought you had used that patch on yourself as well Katie. Do they work on the living then?” Jacob asks

<CoraAnn> waves at Izzy. “Hey there. Take a seat.”

“hi. How’s things Cora? Missed you last time I was about”

Katie shakes her head at that. “No… Cora carried me out of the fight after I got cut up and Cassian kept me from bleeding to death till Ramirez could fix me up.”

Izzy sits, looking a bit out of sorts.

“hey Katie, did you find that fish thingy? That foamy whatsit?”

Katie looks over at Izzy and nods. “Yeah. We got it before it could try to make more. It was really gross.”

“they make more?” Izzy gets a disgusted look thinking about slimy fish people making spawn.

Katie nods slowly. “Yeah… you don’t wanna know how. Fire did the job pretty good.”

“so you torched it?” Izzy laughs “fish n chips” she holds her sides as her loud laughter goes on a few minutes.

Jacob shakes his head smirking,”Do we know if there are more? What are their goals?”

<Sissy> hops up from her seat at the bar and gives a nod about to those that notice her before heading out.

Jacob waves to her as she leaves,”Have a good evening, stay safe.”

“to not end up on the menu?” Izzy giggles one last time. With a deep breath to calm her giggles, she turns to Cora “anything on boss yet? And if not is there anything I could be helping with? It gets real boring just sittin about”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “You with the anarchs here or what, Katarina?”

*Katarina* “Possibly?”

<CoraAnn> snerks at that and looks away, playing with the salt shaker. “Well… there is the Setite problem. We were almost eaten by a giant snake last night.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “You’re not very talkative.”

*Katarina* “Well, I guess I’m not sure if people know or not?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at Dragos. “That’s cause her mouth has gotten her in trouble recently.”

“was it an anaconda? I like snakes, but they don’t have much for conversation..” Izzy thinks back to the zoo incident… Those were some happy snakes. Too bad that they ate the rabbits.

*Katarina* “…Also, that.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods to Vaclava. “I am glad too. You did great, all things considered. I wish my frenzies would be so kind to me but that only happens when I lock myself in with something awful and can’t get out.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks over at Zane. “Ah, what’d she say that was so precious that her foot is now stuck in her mouth?”

<Zane Calbeni> nods. “She stole some shit from an Archon and then pissed off a Tremere into ratting on her.”

<<Vaclava>> looks contrite “I imagine mine pale in comparison.”

<CoraAnn> looks over between Vaclava and Ethan… she bets they do too.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks at Zane for credibility in his voice..then eyes Katarina..going back and forth between the two. “Wow, that’s pretty win, Katarina.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I’m surprised you are still allowed out in public.”

*Katarina* “I help out a lot?”

Katie shakes her head a little to Izzy. “It was like 30 feet long and mean… and not alone.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Yes.. because you are only so strong and fast. I am worse, but in the end, I can say that because I am stronger and faster for now, Vaclava..and i was there to stop it. When I have frenzied by being forced to it.. it’s been awful because nothing could stop me. I think in the history of it all, I’ve been knocked out from it maybe three

times, and that’s from very powerful beings. I tend to not remember much either. I’ve woken up to horror.”

Izzy remains quiet a time “I don’t know much about setites, but I could use something to do. Until we find Boss, that is.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “What do you do to help out? Do you like the people here?”

*Katarina* “Some are cool, some are weird, some outright scare the shit out of me.”

<<Vaclava>> squeezes ethan’s hand wordlessly

*Katarina* “And I mostly tag along when people go to kill stuff.”

<<Vaclava>> looks over at Izzy “Ah, Katie, is this the vwoman you told us about?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Who are the people you like and trust versus the ones who scare the fuck out of you?”

Katie waves to the people and takes out her phone, “I am gonna call a cab and head back guys. But ti was nice to see everybody. I have plans… stuff to work on that may be of help when we try that again. Like better armor…”

*Katarina* gestures to Vaclava. “Her, I like. And lessee. Snow White, and a few others. Lynn scares the shit out of me, though.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Who’s Lynn?”

“bye Katie, take care luv” Izzy waves

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks over at Katie. “Alright, have a good night.”

*Katarina* “…The Archon he told you about.” She gestures to Zane.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Ah, yeah, not good to piss off the archon. So what did you take that was so cool?”

*Katarina* “A buncha trophies, I think.”

“Lynn is an archon? Why the hell is boss working with her?” Izzy shakes her head in confusion.

<<Vaclava>> “Goonight, katie darling!”

<CoraAnn> shakes her head a little bit. “Not going there. As for kat… it was something of her husbands or she might not have been so mad. Lynn is usually pretty chill… but she is also a Brujah so… Kat’s lucky to be in one piece after setting her off. I heard when Cass called her that she threw a couch through a wall and crushed the doorknob on the way out.”

*Katarina* shivers.

“so she’s the brujah archon then? He must be in deep…” Izzy stares at the table top looking a bit sad “he might not be able to contact me then.” Izzy sniffs a bit.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° laughs. That was funny imagining a couch through the wall.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “She sounds like we would get along well.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Who is your boss?” * to Izzy

<CoraAnn> chuckles a bit at Ethan. “it’s funny cause you and her almost sound alike. She’s got this old timey western thing going on.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Really? I’d like to meet her sometime. Maybe we could talk about some old times.” * he smirks.

“he’s the one who took me in, laugh if you want. The one who made me left me, never came back for me. boss watched over me and taught me how to survive. We do jobs together. Everywhere. Cora said, when I described him, he might be a man called Patrick. I do t know his real name, he’s just Boss to me.”

Izzy traces the circles from cups long since gone from the table.

<<Vaclava>> “I vwas vfortunate to hafve a nurturing, if stern, sire.”

<CoraAnn> nodss a little bit. “She might like that. She doesn’t get a chance to talk to people from her own time a whole lot.”

<<Vaclava>> “Shotgun is an amazing vwoman. Vfery strong and clever.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks at Cora, then at Izzy. “Uhm, you seriously not gonna tell her that this guy is dead?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods to Izzy. “Ah, haven’t heard of him.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “And ouch.” * to what Zane just said.

Izzy’s head comes up sharply “he’s not dead!” She shouts without thinking. “I would know… Wouldn’t I?” Izzy is sure she would..

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks from Cora to Zane and then at Izzy. “How..would you know?”

<<Vaclava>> looks baffled

“because… We did the thing… Y’know.. there were some tough times out there ” Izzy says in a rush of emotion her accent making her hard to understand “we are bonded… That doesn’t go away? Wouldn’t I know if something happened to him? Like… Like when twins feel each other’s pain and stuff? That’s how it works… Isn’t it?”

<Zane Calbeni> shakes his head. “Uhhhhh, well, back around last Halloween the Sabbat though it’d be funny to send a ‘band’ into town to play and wreak havoc. Bunch of us got caught up in the fighting after they started shit. He was a badass, but there were quite a few of them and some of them fairly expereinced by the looks of it. Usually they send new ones to fuck around… it’s been

a yearly near-prank by them for like thirty years. Last year they meant business. We were caught offguard.”

<CoraAnn> looks to Izzy. “It can take a while to wear off, even after they are dead. It’s weird like that. Only usually snaps if they were like mean to you and shit.”

Izzy turns away, her voice thickens”but.. I would know….” Izzy tries to find that piece of him she has clung to, not even knowing if that’s how it really works. “I won’t give up until I know for sure”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° lofts a brow and takes a sip of his beer. “Harsh.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Cora is right.. a blood bond connection won’t break like spontaneous where you know it if you actually had a decent relationship. You are genuine and care so you just didn’t feel it, if he’s really gone.”

Izzy puts her head in her hands, unable to properly cry, she keens low in her throat.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ frowns and leans over, putting a hand on Izzy’s shoulder. He’s so nice when he’s not raging and eating your face.

<CoraAnn> sighs and looks over at Izzy. “I am sorry. I was gonna let Lynn tell you… but Zane had to be a jerk.”

Blue skitters in through and around people’s feet, and jumps up into Izzy’s lap. A medium size dog, he doesn’t fit. He nuzzles her and licks at her face, sharing her loss.

<Zane Calbeni> shrugs. “Yeah cause making her wait while she looks for him is sooooo much better.”

<Conrad> stands outside the bar for several minutes after his cab drops him off. He checks the name on the slip of paper several times with a look of disbelief. No mistake, this was where Isabo had said he could find Cassian should he need something. But it just seems so…out of character. Of course, it wasn’t as though he really knew his new Regent all that well, but the man in the

pressed suit who picked Conrad up on his first night here simply didn’t strike him as the type to frequent a biker bar. “No accounting for taste, I suppose.” He chuckles and shook his head in resignation as he opens the door and slips in as inconspicuously as possible. Last thing the middle aged professor in his buisness casual wear needed to do was attract the attention of some unruly

bikers or, worse, Brujah.

Izzy pets Blue, gathering her emotions and soothing herself and him. Blue in turn whine and wags his stumpy tail. “I.. I guess I had to find out sooner or later. I just can’t believe it… I want to see Lynn. I need to. Please,” she turns to the others, nodding thanks to Ethan.

Jacob notices the newcomer as he enters the bar and waves to him.

<<Vaclava>> blinks back tears in dismay “Oh dear. Please accept my condolences, Izzy.”

The front door of the Trill is a heavily steel door with several dents in it… and worse, on the porch those are certainly blood stains. Inside is noisy with laugher and drinking and people playing pool or darts. The air has a thick cigarette odor, and possibly a hint of pot, especially near the back.

“thank you, I think I’ll be okay. I’ve got Blue, he’s countin on me to pull through this mess and start living my life again.” Assuring blue that she’s okay, Izzy sends him back outside before he gets in trouble.

There is a viking looking guy behind the bar in the center of the room, mixing drinks. He watches Conrad for a couple of moments before looking off at Zane, shrugging, and going back to his work.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Maybe you should call her if you can, Cora.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° sips his beer, watching what was going around with some intrigue, including who was walking in the door now.. a guy in a full suit. Must be a vampire or some other supernatural because no one else would wear that in here, unless they were like some major record producer. They always dressed like they were big time even if they were basically

just music pimps.

“I think I’m going to head out, I need to be alone for a bit. If ya got any paying jobs, I could use some cash. I’ll be around. I want to be a little less whiny when I talk to lynn ya?” Izzy stands, she turns to wave at the room and heads out the door.

<Conrad> does his best not to curl up his face at the variety of unpleasant smells assaulting his nostrils. From across the bar he sees someone wave to him. He isn’t sure he recognizes the face, but it seems safe to assume that the man in question is a fellow Kindred, and so, he reasons, probably his best bet for the moment. He does his best to ignore the bartender’s gaze as he crosses

to the, hopefully, friendly face, and hopes that he doesn’t attract too much more attention. “Professor Conrad Austenveidt.” He reaches out his face and puts on what he hopes is a disarming smile.

<CoraAnn> shakes her head. “No way. She’s dealing with the police stuff right now after the marina incident.”, she then looks to Izzy and nods. “Sure. Hey, if you need a place to stay i know a few places.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Sorry about your loss, Izzy.” He’d say have a good night but yeah, it wasn’t going to be a good one.

*Katarina* gives Izzy a two-fingered wave before looking over at Conrad. “A professor, eh? We don’t get much of those around here.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods to Conrad. “Sup, man. Welcome to this place. My first time here too.”

<<Vaclava>> looks up at conrad as he approaches. there is a twitch as he introduces himself but she smiles and offers a hand “Vwelcome to New Orleans, Proffvessor. Is this your vfirst vfisit?” her accent is noticeably eastern european.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks over at Vaclava. “So what do you do here?”

*Katarina* also sounds vaguely Eastern European.

<<Vaclava>> to dragos smiles mischievously “I vfollow vwere the music leads me. I compose and play piano, and one ofv these nights I vwill conduct an orchestra. I’m vworking on a ballet right on, actually. I vwould lofve to hear you and your band play, howefver.”

<CoraAnn> stretches and sighs after Izzy leaves. “Well… this week blows.”

<<Vaclava>> looks at coraann and nods “Yes. Vwhich I vwas hoping vfor distraction vfrom.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Oh really? I would love to hear what you’ve got. I started playing violin and am really good.. but I play mostly guitar in my band.”

*Katarina* perks up. “Right. So, tell me more about your band? And do you have any open spots?”

<CoraAnn> glances over at the pair of them and nods. “I play as well, mostly guitar, sometimes bass. We have contests here once in a while.”

<Conrad> nods in turn to each of the three that greet him. “Yes this is my first time here. In fact I’ve only been in town a handful of nights now. I’ve spent most of them catching up on some reading. I decided it was time to get more acquainted with my surroundings.”

<<Vaclava>> eyebrows shoot up “Violin? Really?”

<Conrad> puts on a thoughtful frown as he listens to the conversation. “Czech, and you two…Romanian yes?”

<CoraAnn> studies Conrad for a moment or two, then smirks to herself.

*Katarina* fingerguns at Conrad. “Bingo.”

<<Vaclava>> “You should hafve been here vwhen Cora battled Kaitlyn and her vfiolin.”

<<Vaclava>> “It vwas epic, Dragos!”

<<Vaclava>> nods to conrad and smiles brilliantly “You’re good. German? Or Austrian, perhaps?”

<Conrad> smiles and nods “Yes, German by birth and the first decade or so of life.”

<Conrad> “And I would hope that I am good, it is, after all, my area of speciality.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods. “I was very good with the violin..in a famous orchestra that traveled all over Romanian territory and into slavic regions and Europe. Of course eventually I became like I am now and couldn’t do that after a while because you have to grow old or else. I have played guitar and some other instruments here or there and can sing pretty

decently. My band is called Wicked Carnival and mostly I play lead guitar and sing backgrounds. My drummer is named Animal. She’s awesome and very good at it. Found a woman recently who has just the most beautiful voice i’ve ever heard and she can put such strength behind it.. She’s become the lead singer for the band now.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “If you are good at guitar, what else are you good at, Kat? You can come and try out and see if you work with our sound if you want.”

*Katarina* “Guitar and singing. I was part of a band in the late 80s, up in New York City.”

<CoraAnn> listens and she smiles a bit when Vaclava mentioned the last little contest they had.

*Katarina* “And sounds cool. When’s your next practice?”

<<Vaclava>> smiles affectionately at Cora then looks back at Dragos “That can’t hafve been an easy lifve vfor you…I am guessing you are Romanii? They vwere seen as a plague in my time.”

<<Vaclava>> to Conrad “Ah, you specialize in language?”

<CoraAnn> smirks. “I specialize mostly in profanity.”

<Conrad> nods enthusiastically and a genuine grin spreads across his face. “Oh yes, I devoted my life to the study of how languages form, spread, and mutate. I’ve had a flair for them since I was a child. I’m up to 16 that I can speak, or in the case of some of the dead ones read, fluently.”

<Conrad> chuckles and turns to Cora. “If your interested I have quite a large reportoire of foreign curses”

<<Vaclava>> laughs “Vwe are alvways interested in how to curse at people in their natifve language.”

<CoraAnn> grins a bit at that. “Awesome. Yeah, totally could use that.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods. “Yes, I am Romani as was our orchestra..which half the time we were accused of thieving if some nobles weren’t happy with any of us, -but- they wanted to hear us play so much.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “occasionally since we were accused, I can’t say I didn’t go steal shit after anyway. I mean why not if we had to run anyway..” * musing with a smirk. Ah memories of stupid arrogant nobles.

Jacob waves everyone good night and heada back to the chantry.

*Katarina* “…..How old are you?”

<CoraAnn> chuckles at Dragos and nods. “I would too. Fuck that.”

<<Vaclava>> “Goodnight, Jacob!”

<<Vaclava>> “Yes and it only got vworse vwith the great vwar. I am sorry that your people vwere murdered by those jackbooted thugs.”

<CoraAnn> gets up and nudges past Vaclava before hugging her and stretching, swatting Zane on the head lightly. “I gotta go. I need to check on Bullet and maybe go see Jonas about a bigger gun.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Oh, a few hundred years old. Enough to remember nobles being shitty.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks at Vaclava and nods. “Thanks. You’re nice. Czech people weren’t always. How old are you guys?”

<CoraAnn> looks over at Dragos. “Not old.”, she chuckles and waves.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° laughs. “Ah forgot the age old rule. Don’t ask women how old they are even if they have fangs.”

*Katarina* “Same.”

<<Vaclava>> hugs cora and kisses her cheeks “See you later, my darling.”

<Zane Calbeni> waves and snickers at that. “Yeah. Cora’s a little baby.”, he gets up and nods to everyone as he heads toward the back. “You’re welcome to come play here the next night we do that. Should be one coming up.”

<Conrad> hesitates to reply for a moment, but decides there can’t be too much harm in it. “Including living years, I myself am just under 70

<Conrad> looks round at his remaining conversation companions and relaxes a bit. The Kindred of his home city were far more malicious. Back home he’d had to measure every word and action. He hadn’t been here long, but the vibe so far was much more relaxed. “So to which of our esteemed families do you each belong?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° took note of Zane’s offer and thumbs up. “Thanks, man.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods to Conrad. “70 works. Wait till you get over 100 and then you start thinking life is such an odd thing.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ gets a bottle of Jameson. The shifter could drink a lot and not feel it.

<<Vaclava>> “I vwas born in 1915. So slightly older than some.”

<<Vaclava>> raises an eyebrow at the jameson “Ah, you’re a whiskey drinker.”

<Conrad> looks at the whiskey with nostalgia. Nothing could beat the rush of vitae, but he did sometimes miss the occasional glass of bourbon.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I drink different things..whatever stays good pretty much. It’s okay. There’s better.”

<<Vaclava>> gets up “Vwell I must be going. Good morning, efveryone!” hugs and kisses and leaves.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ waves bye to Vaclava.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I need to get going but it was cool to meet you, Conrad. Have a good night and welcome to the city.”

*Katarina* “Let me know when your next practice is!”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Will do. Give me your number.”

*Katarina* rattles it off.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° gives her his. “Right then. later, Kat!”

*Katarina* “You too!” She leaves shortly after, taking Dragos’ number down.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° heads off heading back to the baton rouge

<Conrad> nods his farewells as the others leave and sits back in a chair, scanning the patrons to get a feel for how things run.

<Storyteller> The place has quite a lot of bikers that come in and out of the place as the main patronage. They smoke, drink and maybe he might take notice of a blunt or two here or there. They are loud and occasionally obnoxious to the point you can talk about most things and no one notices jack or shit about it. Occasionally Erik the bartender has to cut some bs out between

a couple bikers here or there but mostly people like this place and appreciate it for what it is.

<Conrad> settles in and listens to the exchanges to the bikers, noting local slang and dialects. It wasn’t quite the ideal research environment, but he needs something familiar to focus on while his mind mulls over some of the more complex thaumaturgical theories he has been studying. The rituals he finds much easier, reliant on ceremony and incantation as they often are, but the path

powers are different, requiring much more internalization of the theories and power involved.