Katie walks into the Trill and takes a long look around before making her way over to the bar and ordering a couple of beers. She takes a seat there, and brushes at her greased up and lightly burnt coveralls.

After a thorough cleaning, Izzy decides to head back to the trill. She needs info and wants to tell that Cassian fellow about her encounter. She decides to let blue in with her unless he is not allowed.

Katie takes a couple of drinks of her first beer as she looks around, and gives her shoulders a loose roll as she yawns.

*Katarina* saunters in and props her boots up against a table edge, giving Erik a two-fingered wave.

Katie looks over and spies Katarina, giving her a friendly wave. “Hey, what’s up?”

*Katarina* looks at Katie. “Hey yourself, chica. Just stopping in for a bit.”

Izzy tries to keep to the edges, not wishing to be surrounded by people. She looks around for Cora or Cassian

Katie nods her head as her eyes follow the girl skirting around all the bikers. “I see.”, she says before taking another drink of her beer. “Me too.”

Izzy resigns herself to asking the barkeep she insulted the other night. “Ello again, Erik was it? I need to know how to contact either Cora or that Cassian fellow” Izzy’s cockney accent a bit less prominent as she tries desperately to speak proper English.

*Katarina* nods, then looks in Izzy’s direction, giving her a slightly cocky grin. “Well, hello there.”

Izzy turns slowly to look at Katarina, “hello…” She says slowly. “I don’t believe we’ve met”

Erik raises an eyebrow and points to Katarina. “Oh, that one there is quite familiar with the both of them.”

Katie grins a bit and waves as well. “Me too. Cassian and Cora are mutual friends.”

“thanks mate” Izzy turns her full attention to the two ladies. “Well, I guess I sould tell you why I am looking for them”

Katie nods and adjusts her goggles from the top of her head to over her eyes as she grins and takes another drink of her beer. “Sure thing.”

*Katarina* “You mean Snow White.”

“why is it everyone looks at me like I got a booger in my nose or something”

*Katarina* looks at Erik. “….Don’t tell him I called him that.”

Katie looks over at katarina. “Don’t call him that.”

*Katarina* “…Fine, fine. I won’t.”

Katie tilts her head and peers more closely at Izzy. “I don’t think vampires can get boogers. Right?”

Izzy watches the two of them for a moment “Cora and Cass said they would help me find Boss. They call him Patrick. And said last Lynn might know him. I’m not supposed to talk to her because it’s top secret what he is doing for her. Also there is a fishman in the lower floor of a condemned motel.

It tried to bite me, I left it there.

*Katarina* tenses up at the mention of Lynn, watching Izzy. “…A fishman?”

Katie ews and finishes the first beer, shuddering. “Ugh, those things are gross. You saw one… recently? Like… how recently?”

“yes, smelly, sticky, slimy, fishman. It attacked me, I pushed it away and I left. It was just me n blue down there. Last night or the night before. It’s probably still there”

Izzy considers a bit “actually it was some time ago. But I’m sure it lives there.”

Katie thinks about it and then nods. “I could check it out. Those things are Fomori, or that is what I was told. A corrupted spirit possessing what used to be a person.”

“foam or what? Possession? That’s some hookie stuffs I don’t want to deal with.” Izzy scribbles to address on a coaster. “The fire escape is unlocked. That’s how I got in. The floor is rotted and not stable. So if you go in, be careful. It’s on the lower floor”

Katie nods as she takes the address. “I can fix all that. Not a problem. You only saw one?”

Izzy’s brow furrows as she thinks “just the one. It was strong too. I got tough skin, but you…” Izzy leaves the sentence unfinished not wanting to insult someone she just met.

Katie laughs and tugs on her shirt a little bit. “It’s okay. My skin might be soft but i can make this cloth tougher than chainmail.”

“really, that seems cool and scary at the same time. I trust my wits and my two hands, and blue to take care of problems. Guess you do magicy stuff?” Izzy looks to Katerina “what about you? You do any of that weird stuff?”

Katie shrugs her shoulders a little bit. “It’s not weird. Especially considering you are a walking corpse technically.”

*Katarina* tilts her head. “Maybe.”

“that’s not nice” Izzy laughs “but it is technically true”

Katie looks Izzy over again and smiles. “That’s okay. I can actually do things like patch you up and stuff too. Or turn you inside out, or make you spontaniously combust… I mean, I wouldn’t cause you are friends with Cass and Cora. But there were some guys that tried to get in my head and I have no issue doing that to them.”

Izzy counts herself lucky to know Cora now “since we are back on that subject.. and thank you for not funging me, how do I contact Cora or Cassian. I really need to talk with either of them.”

Katie takes out her phone and looks to Izzy. “Gimmie your number and I’ll text theirs to you.”

“I left my throw away phone in the motel… With the fishman. I haven’t picked up a new one yet. Boss always said not to keep a phone too long, we didn’t want to get traced. It’s part of our job”

Katie laughs. “No such thing anymore. Well, I bet Dan has some that can’t be traced. Maybe we can hook you up. Well, with there not being payphones anymore, soon as you get a phone I’ll give you a way to contact them.”

“thanks… I just realized we’ve be chatin this whole time and I forgot my manners again.. Boss would be so angry. Hi I’m Izzy” Izzy extends her hand in greeting.

Katie smirks a bit and starts on her second beer. “Katie. The quiet one debating her life choices over there is Katarina.”

*Katarina* “I’d say I make good ones, but that’s not true.”

“pleased to meet you both” Izzy orders some snacks, using what little money she has left. “If you will excuse me a moment, blue needs a snack. He’s been waiting a while now.” Izzy gets up and heads outside calling to blue when she gets there. She croutches in an out of the way spot, calming herself as she feeds blue. Her anxiety slowly subsides.

Katie chuckles a little bit to herself and puts a finger through a burn on her clothes. “Some would say the same about me. But my risks are always well calculated.”

Steeling herself, Izzy comes back in, dusting crumbs off her clothes. “Apologies, blue was hungry. I should go. I’ll get a new phone and check back in here after a bit. You girls take care and be careful with that foam thingy.” Izzy nods to both of them and tilts her chin up to Erik. “Til next time”

Katie nods and waves. “Will do! have a nice night.”

*Katarina* gives her a jaunty wave

*Katarina* heads off, waving to Katie