<Storyteller> The Tremere Chantry is fairly busy tonight and everyone seems to be working on something. Even Petri is seen roaming about instead of hovering around his mistress’s door. There are a few ghouls about too, a couple of them seem new to those that have been around for a while.

<Conrad> sets down the book he was studying and pokes his head out the door to his private room to see what is going on. This was the busiest he’d seen the Chantry since arriving, and though he would like to ignore it and continue his studies, it seemed prudent to at least have some idea of what is happening. If he is lucky, he won’t be needed to assist, but when was the last time he

had been lucky?

■► Cassian ◄■ is roaming the halls with a notepad and tapping some things into it here or there as he goes over universal supplies for rituals and standard items that would be in the ready should they need them.

<Storyteller> Petri, who stands easily over 8 feet tall pauses and looks down at Conrad. The gargoyle smiles and reveals a full set of razor-like teeth in his stony face.

<Conrad> gives the towering creature a nervous smile. His Sire had told him a little of Gargoyles and the history behind them, but none of that had prepared him for meeting one. Petri, as he’d heard it referred to, was far larger and more imposing than he could have expected. But from what he understood, these creations were also extremely loyal. “Ah…good evening…Petri, I don’t

suppose you know what all this fuss is about?” The professor does his best to come off as confident but not demanding. In truth the Gargoyle makes him more than a bit nervous, he’d read a bit about their revolution and its aftermath and wasn’t convinced that having one around was the safest idea.

<Storyteller> Petri makes some motions with his long, bony, clawed hands that Conrad, being a linguist recognizes as sign language.

<Storyteller> The understanding he gets is that it’s a monthly sort of general organization and inspection of some sort. Like just an update for reporting.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Everyone has 10 minutes to get to the meeting room and sit at the table so we can begin our exciting meeting.” His announcement in general to the Tremere. He hoped it would go by pretty quickly because meetings were boring, and no like higher people up the pyramid would show up because that’s annoying.

<Conrad> sighs and gives Petri a forced, but not unkind, smile. “Thank you, Petri. I suppose I should do…something to get ready. Or contribute.” He ducks back into his room but leaves the door propped open and begins gathering the notes he’s been taking on his Thaumaturgical studies as well as a few notes on local slang and dialects, organizing as best he can. As a professor and

researcher he was accustomed to meetings and reports, but he had never much liked them. It wasn’t an issue of not enjoying presenting his work, he could talk about things he studied for hours on end, but rather the often competitive nature of academia, which, in his experience, was multiplied a hundredfold among the Tremere. His notes gathered, and a few choice books under his arm for

reference, Conrad proceeds to the meeting room. He doesnt sit immediately, unsure if certain seats have meaning or higher ranking members who prefer them. Once everyone else seems mostly settled he finds an empty spot and tries to relax.

<Isabo Kali> is already there, making sure everything is ready and taking Brandon’s electronic toys away from him so he’ll play proper attention. They do speak a bit back and forth in Frenxh, and act rather like siblings.

<Brandon Tresti> waits for her to get to the other side of the room before pulling his phone out and tapping at the screen a few times.

■► Cassian ◄■ heads into the room after getting his recordings and walks by with the notepad held in one hand. His other hand reaches over to Brandon’s shoulder..to his phone and he swipes and pushes some stuff to mess up whatever Brandon was searching for. He then walks over to his seat and sets down the notepad and stands there at the head of the table.


Jacob walks to the meeting room, intrigued but also nervously, hoping it is not about him. He does his best to maintain his composure and greets everyone politely as he enters the room.

<Storyteller> Jacob trips on the leg of the chair he was about to sit in and falls over it onto the floor.

Jacob stands up and wipes himself off and moves to a back wall or a book case and cautiously leans against it rather than sitting in the chair. He would prefer to not draw any more attention to himself…

<Conrad> quirks an eyebrow at the odd display of clumsiness, but is otherwise too absorbed in thought to pay it any mind.

<Isabo Kali> just gently clucks her tongue at jacob before turning her attention to Cassian.

<Brandon Tresti> looks over at Cassian and sighs, putting the phone away…

■► Cassian ◄■ “Alright, we’re almost all here, but this is good enough to go with. Isabo…where is our missing Tremere at?.. Everyone may be seated.” He settles down into his chair comfortably and crosses his fingers, setting his hands on the table comfortably.

<Isabo Kali> glances around, taking a mental tally. “The pickpocket isn’t present. I could attempt to locate her though if you like.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I would like to know where she’s at. This is that monthly meeting we have to have and everyone is supposed to be accounted for. Just don’t take too long. We can always go searching after if it is necessary.”

<Isabo Kali> nods and her eyes go a milky grey color as she enters a trance. “Natasha seems to be driving around Samson’s turf. She appears to be alone and observing the location.”

■► Cassian ◄■ frowns. “Okay that’s not supposed to be how this works. Did you tell her to go out there and observe recently, alone?”

<Conrad> makes use of the distraction to go over some of his notes and reread a few paragraphs he was having trouble with in one of the books.

<Isabo Kali> snaps back to where she is and shakes her head as he green eyes settle back on Cassian again. “No, I did not.”

<Brandon Tresti> snickers a little bit. Someone else was getting in trouble for a change.

Jacob eyes Conrad studying dilligently appearing perhaps jealous…

■► Cassian ◄■ “Alright.. we’ll make this brief as I do not know what would prompt her to go there on her own but we might just have to go get her in case something is weird that is going on. I’ll send her a little message.. can you fill us in on what is happening Court-side with the Prince and those meetings?”

■► Cassian ◄■ takes out his phone and will send a text message to Nat. <txt> You are missing something rather important. Msg back.

<Isabo Kali> looks thoughful, and when she speaks her French accent is very evident. “The Prince has become more withdrawn. No one has seen him at Belle’s for a couple of weeks now. Dupre has taken over most of the little formalities in his sead, such as introductions.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Is there a reason Icarus isn’t present?.. and.. is there anything else to note about our beloved Prince and Dupre?”

<Brandon Tresti> shakes his head. “Dupre standard toreador stuff. Bishop is not leaving his house, and no one has seen Becca in the last couple of weeks either. Icarus has been sleeping pretty deeply as of late…”

<Conrad> frowns as the meeting continues. While he understands the need for politics and the purpose it serves in Kindred social relations, he has yet to acquire a taste for it. He had unwittingly helped his Sire supplant a rival once, and the experience had left a bad taste on his tongue. Still…the intrigue was interesting to watch, if not participate in. Yet.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Alright on all of those.. Now, next we move to Samson and the Anarchs. Have any new discoveries been made that will aid us in our planned attack against them? It is important to note they have humans held as a sort of hostage thing and we have a masquerade to watch out for, so planning around that will be necessary, whether we scare them away

through one method or just get passed them to get at Samson and his ringleaders about him. We’re not aiming to take out -all- of the anarchs.. and I have a way in for one of our Tremere who is new…once I talk to another anarch who owes us, for some validation to her story.”

Jacob seems to think for a moment,”Who exactly are the anarchs? I am not very familiar with them. Are they aligned with those snake people we encountered before?

<Conrad> perks up and sits straighter in his seat. A full on attack against the Anarchs? This wasn’t at all what he’d expected. Things certainly were getting off to an interesting start around here. And what was this about snake people? Perhaps it was good that he’d spent the last few nights studying!

■► Cassian ◄■ “The danger noodle people are Setites and Anarchs are not Setites. Samson however has some explosive device or whatever that we need to secure, and he’s being a general problem. Someone else decided to also tell Samson that the Tremere killed two of their Anarchs so they are mad at us. In the end, I could have just disputed perhaps about the

killings since I know who did misinform the Anarchs and actually took the two others… -but- they have a device or weapon of some sort that is a danger and at this point we can use this to our advantage and attack them before they do us.. since I doubt they’d listen to me anyway.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “If we take out Samson and some of the other elites, the other Anarchs will be able to take their time and choose a new leader and well, leave us alone … and we will have turned over the weapon to Zane to hold onto so it’s not used stupidly.”

<Conrad> mumbles under his breath. “Why is it not surprising that someone is mad at the Tremere…”

Jacob,” Perhaps we could use some mages to parlay them for us and avoid any uneccesary bloodshed? A neutral party to sort things out. They seem to be able to handle their own as well.”

{Icarus} comes wandering in, rubbing at her eyes and Petri kind of guides her to the room. She looks like she is in her early teens and wears a simple black ankle-length dress.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Jacob.. that would be a fine idea, if I even cared to parlay. I want to take advantage of their hatred at us and get the weapon instead. Samson has become a serious problem to the Brujah and others and now he has his targets on us. He’s too mad to leave in charge of the Anarchs and we have an excuse to deal with it, so I figure the Tremere

can take care of the problem and the Brujah can help clean up and assist the other Anarchs and tell them more what happened later when Samson and his enforcers are gone.”

■► Cassian ◄■ gives a nod to Icarus. “Welcome.”

Jacob nods” Perhaps illusions or simulcrams then? We could engage their full attention without losing any of our own strength.”

<Brandon Tresti> looks at Jacob, then at Cassian and just keeps his mouth shut.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Brandon, the more you can get on the region, the more help it will be. I want to see how we can best get the mortals out of the way so we can get to the heart of the matter, and also to Samson and his higher ups rather than just having to go through all the anarchs. We want to sneak in, get advantage, take those people out, secure whatever

weapon it is that Samson has, and work with Zane on removing it and getting it somewhere/anywhere else. I’ve promised that we’d give it to Zane and -that- is a big Tremere secret. Do not just tell anyone else about this Samson attack. Those who will be involved other than Tremere will be talked to and you will know who they are if they come here or we talk in the back of the Trill.”

<Brandon Tresti> nods. “Okay. Not much to go on out there but I might be able to get a drone flyby.”

<Brandon Tresti> “And in more practical nature, i can look up the residency lists for the apartments they are using.”

<Conrad> sticks his nose firmly in his book, hoping that he won’t be expected to take part in this attack. The closest he’s ever been to a fight is a few hunts that didn’t go as smoothly as expected. He has little confidence in his ability to handle another Kindred in combat.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Excellent… so the rest of you can work on your combat prowess, whether through Thaumaturgy or weapons..so you will be ready to go and assist as you are required.” No one was being left out. Sascha wanted to blame the Tremere..well all the Tremere were going. That’s how Cassian responded to all this anywhoo.

Jacob nods,”Well I suppose this means I should double down upon the studies to be ready for this.”

<Isabo Kali> nods. “I can assist with learned either as the case may be. As can Cassian I believe.”, she eyes Brandon momentarily.

■► Cassian ◄■ nods, confirming what Isabo said.

<Conrad> mutters a string of curses under his breath. “Well…if I wish to survive I’d best buckle down I suppose.” He sighs and sets his linguistic notes off to the side, He looks up at Cassian and nods to get his attention. “Lord Regent, my Sire taught me a ritual that may be of use, assuming we can acquire some sort of personal effect from the target before hand.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “What is said ritual?”, he’d ask of the Conrad.

Jacob,” I was actually hoping you could teach me more about transmuting our blood. I believe I am missing some final theorems necessary to begin converting other studies into thaumaturgy.”

<Conrad> perks up a bit. “It’s simply called The Jinx. A simple but effective curse, it turns fate against the target, making them more luckily to have bad luck, guns jamming, tripping on their own feet, other such failings. It can be quite potent, but as I said it does require an item belonging to the target as a resonant focus.”

■► Cassian ◄■ smirks. “I am familiar with the ritual. It is a good one for some things and of course can be done, but we’re still going to need to be attacking on a larger level. It is a good strategy though, Conrad, to employ to weaken their lines.”

<Isabo Kali> smirks slightly and swaps to her natural French, “That sounds like a job for Natasha… She has very sticky fingers.”

<Conrad> nods. “Happy to help.” He knows it’s too much to hope that he’ll be allowed to stay behind and do ritual work, but if he does have to go fight on the front lines he wants his opponents at as big of a disadvantage as possible.

Jacob smiles with interest,” You have studied arts of cursing? I would be very interested in studying with you sometime if you are willing to exchange notes. I am currently attempting to convert some old magic of mine to match this new form, perhaps you may find it useful some time as well. Regardless, we are allies now are we not?”

<Conrad> turns towards Jacob and smiles. “But of course! I’m not sure just how much help I can provide aside from this singular ritual, but the exchange of knowledge is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest strengths of our clan.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Work with Nat on that if you would, Isabo.” He’d then look to Conrad. “That’s a good thing. We do so much better collectively when we work together.” He’d then look thoughtful a moment. “I think those are our main issues.. a word about the Prince though…”

<Brandon Tresti> gets up and stretches. “And on that particular note of sucking each others’ dicks, I am gonna get back to my cameras.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “If you are questioned by the Prince, or Dupre, who is Seneschal..or those who say they come speaking with their authority, you are to refer them to Isabo, as she is Primogen, or me.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “We’re done here unless anyone has anything else to add.”

<Isabo Kali> nods her head in agreement. “I have built a reputation with these other Elders and I prefer not to look like an idiot so if you do deal with them I sugggest you behive.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “There are quite a few of us and the Prince was kind of angsty when I showed up..let alone all the ones who have after me..so just be mindful and you do not want to make us look bad. Whatever we do out here is our business. Conduct yourself well outside of here.”

<Conrad> shakes his head, relieved that the meeting is over. “Well, time to get to work then.”

{Icarus} just listens, watching those in the room, especially the new ones before standing and nodding silently to Petri. She does say as she passes Cassian, “My apologies for being so late.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods to Icarus. “No worries. We should talk tomorrow.” * he stands and would squeeze her shoulder lightly as she passed and release. “Be well.”

<Conrad> approaches Jacob and hands him a business card. “Here is my number. Anytime you wish to compare notes let me know. I am not much one for politics so I am typically here, unless I need to mingle with the locals to feed and research.”

Jacob waits patiently to be dismissed. There is a lot on his mind, and his lack of results Thaumaturgically bears heavy upon his mind. Perhaps he can acquire some much needed theory from Cassian or Isabo. Regardless, his question remains unanswered and now he simply stands waiting. Undead and restless, still slightly injured.

<Storyteller> The group somewhat disperses fairly wuickly and gets back to what they were doing, now with a little added motivation.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Have a good night and research.. be prepared. We -all- will take part, regardless of where you are assigned, in this battle versus the Anarchs.” He’d head to the door and then waggle his fingers. “Toodles.”

!logout Conrad