Katie goes to the address she was given and looks at the old building, lowering her goggles. That girl was not kidding, this place was falling apart. She opens up her phone and calls Ramirez.

~*Ramirez*~ answers the phone. <p> “Hello.”

Katie keeps an eye on the building as she speaks into the phone. “Hey! You wanna give me a hand with some more of those fish guys? This building is all kinds of entropied. Which is totes a word I just made up.”

~*Ramirez*~ <p> “Congrats on making a new word, mom. That baby is going to go far. Tell me the address and I’m on my way.”

~*Ramirez*~ will grab Aaron and take him along to help fight fishy fomori.

Katie chuckles and reads off the address while she waits outside, leaned up against her car. “Hmmm. This is one of those times where if I smoked at least I’d have something to do.”

Aaron gets grabbed and goes with… it had been a while since he had seen any action, and he really disliked Fomori.

Katie yawns and debates going to get a coffee.

~*Ramirez*~ pulls up a half block away and walks down to meet the Katie and checks out the building.

<Amy (Wraith)> hangs out, hitching a ride with Ramirez… fairly literally as she appears to exit his body upon arrival.

Aaron waves to Katie as they approach, taking a look at the building himself.

<Zoelie> heads off with katie and ramirez

<Storyteller> The building is an old motel, probably wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with, looks like a pretty sleezy place but it’s since been abandoned and that has not helped it any. It is visibly in disrepair, busted windows, some of the lowers ones are boarded up… the fire escape looks intact. Building it only 4 stories.

Katie waves to the others and thumbs at the building. “We always seem to end up at the nicest places.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods, looking it over. “Yeah, what is this place regularly supposed to be for?”

<Zoelie> “And why are fish people hanging out in it?”

<Amy (Wraith)> looks at the building and makes a face, staying close to Ramirez. “Ew. It’s definately got some decay going on. Some of that is not natural.”

Katie shrugs her shoulders. “Some vampire at the bar told me she was looking around in the building and found a fish-person here. Said it attacked her.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Definitely entropy going on.” He nods to Amy. “Well, let’s go see what they want here and go evict them for not paying the rents.”

<Zoelie> “Kinda thinkin the owner do not care about squatters.”

Aaron nods in agreement with Zoelie. “Or they ate him.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Eating him is not beyond their norm apparently.” Starts heading to the building entrance.

Katie looks over at Aaron and takes out her raygun. “Welp, there was a happy thought.”

<Zoelie> “You guys are joking, right?”

<Zoelie> sideeye

<Amy (Wraith)> nods and looks around the first floor entrances with a frown. “These are all boarded up tight.”

Aaron looks at Zoelie. “Nope. Think… Innsmouth. These things are corrupted spirits that possessed a broken or weakened human and alter them physically and mentally.”

<Zoelie> “….so…if we damage them we damage the person they possess?”

Aaron shakes his head. “There’s no going back… it’s not like a ghost. Like maybe in the very early stages before it warps them physically… but once they have changed it’s over. The spirit binds to the soul and it’s permanent. They are monsters from that point forward.”

Katie looks over at Zoelie, then Aaron. “That’s… kinda sad…”

<Amy (Wraith)> looks thoughtful at that, “I am sure we could change that… given experience and time to work on it. But for now, these are a threat.”

<Zoelie> jaw drops open like “oh” then she looks really mad “That’s wack as fuck. How do we get rid of them?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah I think we’ll have to get better at what we do to be able to undo all that, but at this point I don’t really tend to think much is impossible.” Ramirez goes to see if he can pry off a couple boards, adding entropy into the motion to make it easier.

Aaron nods in agreement. “The Wyrm is corruption itself. Amy is right, we could undo it perhaps if we knew more. But right now we need to make sure they aren’t trying to reproduce. They aren’t too bad… for Banes anyway… these just seem to have physical strength and claws and teeth to watch out for. They die like most living things do.”

Katie shudders at the mention of reproducing and moves to help Ramirez break into the building.

<Zoelie> “I take it they reproduce by infecting some other damaged person.”

<Storyteller> Ramirez and Katie get the board off fairly easily. The decay of the building rather assisted in that process. There is a rancid smell coming from inside, like some rotting ocean carcass.

<Zoelie> grimaces “Well somethin dead in there.”

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s something fishy going on here.. Okay, sorry, I had to say it.” He enters and looks about, getting a layout of the place what he can before he can choose a path.

<Amy (Wraith)> looks over at Ramirez and shakes her head. “That was awful.”

<Storyteller> Inside the place is covered with a thick layer of slimy mold on everything. And around in the dark places, there is a skittering sound accompanied by a sloppy wet slurping sound of something much larger.

~*Ramirez*~ takes out his gun at this point, careful to not get it nasty with the slimy snot about.

<Zoelie> “not sure what’s worse, the stench or ramirez’ jokes.”

Aaron frowns and looks around quietly, pulling the large combat knife out from his jacket. “Ramirez’s jokes. For sure.”

Katie stays near to the doorway and uses her Forces for nightvision via the goggles, checking for movement.

<Zoelie> puts on her specs and looks around, wondering what she will be able to set on fire if the need arises. she fingers the matches in her hoodie pocket.

<Storyteller> Something lurches out of the dark at Ramirez, but it flops somewhat lamely onto a slime covered counter. It slurps through it’s lamprey-like mouth at him, as its skin boils and moves on its own.

Aaron holds the knife but stays back. “Ew! It’s crawling with larva! I recommend backing up and torching it.”

Katie stops. “Lar- larva? Oh my God I am gonna throw up.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Katie..laser it to death.”

<Zoelie> already has the matches in her hand “yeah i knew i didn’t really wanna know about reproduction…”

<Zoelie> lights some scrap paper on fire and will throw it in the horror’s direction “I have to have a fire lit….this better not go out…”

<Zoelie> is ready but holds off on lighting the paper

Katie resets her raygun a little bit and takes aim at the thing before starting to fire off the heat ray. It cuts through everything in its path like… well, a laser beam and super heats the air around it, drying out all of the nearby slimy surfaces too. “Uh, we might want to vacate in the presense of flammables! There is a 90% chance this building is coming down.”

Aaron is all for that plan and proceeds to get the hell out the way they came. “Kill it with fire!”

<Zoelie> backs the hell up towards the door

~*Ramirez*~ “I don’t think we care if the building comes down, as long as we stop the breeding session going on in here.”

<Amy (Wraith)> moves around, not really worried about falling debris and wants to make sure none escape. “Agreed.”

<Zoelie> will amplify that mofo when everyone gets out the door

<Storyteller> As the groups just gets outside the building, the wood in the building flares up in flames and the place catches in no time. There is an awful shrieking and flopping from the lamprey-mouthed creature and it sounds and looks like there is popcorn under its skin as the little larva explode from the heat.

Katie shudders as she starts to head for the car. “Gross gross gross… good riddance.”

<Amy (Wraith)> stays behind just to make sure nothing is getting away… then leaves the flaming building. “I didn’t see anything left moving in there.”

<Zoelie> “That was….yeah….let it burn.”

<Zoelie> “So uhhhh that person that told you about this place…that thing didn’t actually touch her when it attacked her right?”

<Zoelie> “This is the kinda shit that turns people into hermits living in bubbles.”

Katie shakes her head. “She said it tried but couldn’t break her tough skin.”

<Zoelie> “her tough skin…who was this girl?”

Katie watches the flames and the nearby buildings, taking out a spray and spraying what looks almost like silly string foam onto the walls, which then soaks in.

<Storyteller> The building goes up super fast, and starts to collapse in on itsefl even as the group hears sirens in the distance, getting closer. The foam does help in keeping the fire from spreading to anything else nearby.

katie shrugs as she gets in the car. “Not sure. Izzy? Some vampire. She seemed nice enough and pretty new.”

~*Ramirez*~ lurked to make sure everything was dead and remained inside. He’d light a smoke while watching the building burn..of course by sticking the cig into some of the fire because it was the thing he was compelled at the moment to do. The sirens coming was the sign to start getting out of there so he’d walk back to the car and Aaron was along with him for

the ride back ot the chantry.

<Zoelie> “Oh ok…maybe vampires are immune…”

<Zoelie> gets back in the car so they can get the hell out of there and let the cops deal

<Storyteller> The group makes it safely out as the police and fire departments arrive to check out the scene. Not a bad response time for this part of town actually.