<Sissy> works on getting things set up, double checking the sound equipment and in general running about eighty percent of everything going on behind the scenes while various musicians get ready for their show.

<Sissy> keeps an eye out here or there, simply hyper aware after the last few days. It wasn’t quite so on edge here and now though.

<Sissy> hums or sings quietly to herself as she works, and as those first to perform for the night get up on stage she slips quietly into the background to watch.

<Sissy> wasn’t afraid, though a little part of her thought perhaps she should be. It had been a very strange couple of weeks. She had met some interesting people, and seen a lot of things she’d rather not have. She did wonder what happened to that nice older gentleman… she should bake him some cookies or something.

<Sissy> watches a couple of the forms in the audience and really kind of wishes that they could do this crap in the daytime… then again, it is awful hot then. Still though… the dark gave her the heebie jeebies.

<Zane Calbeni> makes his way to the concert, already in progress and cheats his way through the crowd to get a good spot by absuing his Presence like an Elder.

Jacob walks to the concert. He may no longer be alive but he can certainly still experience things. He passes his ticket over to the ticket booth and walks into the crowd of people. He spends wills his blood to warm his body so that he can blend in with the living.

<Sissy> is in the backstage area, keeping an eye on things and scanning the crowd from time to time.

<Sissy> goes up to the stage as the first band leaves and starts to reset things a bit, and takes out her list to make sure certain things are set the way the next group wants it.

<<Vaclava>> just sticks close to zane and reaps the benefits 🙂

Jacob spots Zane and Vaclava moving through the crowd and move over to greet them.

<<Vaclava>> looks over curiously as jacob approaches

<Zane Calbeni> looks Jacob over as he approaches. “Sup, Twinkletoes? Toss any glitter lately?”

<<Vaclava>> raises an eyebrow

Jacob raises an eyebrow.” No definitely not as I absolutely do not glitter but thank you for asking. How have you been?”

<Sissy> moves back once more as the next band comes on stage to play, this one far more loud. The beat rhythmic and primal.

Jacob perks up slightly,”Zane do you… feel strange?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks at Jacob and edges away. “Don’t… touch me. I feel plenty weirded out by you already.”

<<Vaclava>> squeezes zane’s arm tightly with her hand “Something is vwrong…” starts looking around trying for a clue to the direction this danger is coming from.

Jacob frowns,”Vaclava you feel it too?”

<<Vaclava>> looks at jacob in concern, clearly considering whether what she feels is coming from him or not.

<Jacob> “Any idea what the cause is yet?”

At first it is hard to tell because of the noise level of the crowd in general, but it is quickly realized that the sounds have changed from outdoor party to panic and confusion. Something huge steps out from behind a truck, and roars. It is covered with a slick, oily fur and it’s feet almost look turned backwards. It’s easily nine feet in height or more and top heavy, with massive arms that end in viscious claws. Its muzzle is almost

too big for its face, and when it opens its mouth there are clearly two sets of jaws inside. It rips through the nearest people, sending dismembered parts flying and people screaming and running. Zane was standing close to the initial attack and gets a claw clear down his back, splitting him wide open.

<<Vaclava>> screams and will activate celerity, try to drag him away on her turn. masq is already breached. nobody’s going to be paying attention to her with a 9 ft critter like that rampaging.

<<Vaclava>> try to drag Zane away on her turn, to be clear.

<Zane Calbeni> yells and growls as he is struck, turning to face the creature and immediately regretting that. He recognizes that thing, and forces his blood into action.

<Sissy> nearly jumps out of her skin, upon seeing that monster she grabs her things and moves to hide as quickly and quietly as she can. She squeezes under the stage and lays there, rying to ignore the flying body parts.

Jacob falls back to the learned bits of Thaumaturgy that he has been learned

He will make do with what he can for now.

As quickly as the attack happened, the creature tears off and warps, then disappears. In its wake is destruction and death and a lingering smell of all things death both plant and animal. People have panicked and gone in all directions, leaving behind any and everything in the process.

<Zane Calbeni> growls as the thing goes, and doesn’t let Vaclava pull him away. He looks over the scene and starts grabbing and smashing phones and cameras where he can see them. “Come on, we gotta minimize this shit.”

<Sissy> remains firmly in her hiding place for the moment.

Jacob noda and assists with destroying evidence. “I am going to try and find the security consoles and delete any footage.”

Jacob heads off to find out where security was recording from.

<<Vaclava>> pulls herself together, seeing that zane wasn’t able to move despite nearly being sundered in half.

One of the tripod cameras falls over on top of jacob as he tries to mess with it, hitting him in the head.

<<Vaclava>> will go through peoples phones and look for cameras, etc.

<<Vaclava>> “This vwill be vfor nothing ifv it continues its rampage, Zane!”

<<Vaclava>> blinks “Oh dear…” goes to help jacob get the camera off him.

<Sissy> finally sticks her head up when the sounds of people screaming has stopped, she spies the people destroying electronics and quietly slinks away from the scene.

<Zane Calbeni> shakes his head as he starts to force himself to heal a little bit of it, despite making himself hungry in the process. “We gotta get before the cops get here. That thing was a hit and run or else it’d have kept going through us.”

Jacob nods,”Sure let us do that. Perhaps we should take some of the footage with us as well for study.”

<<Vaclava>> shudders as she continues to work. “But vwhy choose to hit and run here?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks to jacob. “Be my guest, but I doubt there will be anything. I just didn’t want us on them and people showing up asking questions. The mages had to filter it, it doesn’t show up on camera or some shit. Also, the panic will make people not know what they saw so we are lucky there.”

<Sissy> moves along the outskirts and picks her way through the mess while not looking at potential dead people, making her way toward the main street with a shudder.

“Fortunately we also did very little to draw attention to ourselves. That creature would likely be the focus of everyones mind so the elders should not have much to yell at us for.” Jacob goes and finds a decent recording to take with him so they can view it later and destroys the rest. Making sure to do so as quickly as possible.

Pretty soon the sound of sirens approaching comes from up the street.

<<Vaclava>> “Time to depart!”

<<Vaclava>> would naturally also pause to help anyuone who looks like they MIGHT still live through losing an arm, etc.

<<Vaclava>> has first aid woot

Jacob hurries along to leave and get along with the others.”Should we report this to our authorities? I believe the Elders should know that a monster is attacking the kine.”

Any humans that got hit were done for, or are in a condition that first aid is not going to assist. The smell of blood is also getting to Zane, his Beast near the surface after such an attack and forced healing.

<Zane Calbeni> looks at jacob and just doesn’t have the strength to deal with that. “Yeah, go be a little Tremere. But I technically am my authority. And most of them are already aware of that thing, though its getting more ballsy.”

<<Vaclava>> “Let’s just get out ofv here vfirst.”

Jacob hurries to get out of there moving quickly as the sirens approach. He seems flustered by the whole ordeal.

<Sissy> gets to her car and bails, doing her best not to be noticed by those that stayed behind.

The lingering stench of that creature seems to follow them all for some distance before finally dissipating.

<Zane Calbeni> isn’t about to explain to anyone, especially cops why he has a gaping wound from his shoulder to his ass. He lets Vaclava help him back to the Trill where he can at least rest up and get something to eat.

Jacob heads back to the Tremere Chantry and drops off some footage of the creature with Brandon and tells him what happened. He then heads to the Trill to relax for a bit while he begins to make plans.

<<Vaclava>> will definitely help zane back to the trill