It is eerily quiet in the Trill this evening, as it would seem that most of the usual patrons have gone to see the outdoor concert being held to raise money for flood victims.

<<Vaclava>> heads down to the trill to see who’s about this evening

Zane is just heading out as Vaclava comes in. “Oh! hey! I was just on my way out to the show. Are you going?”, he gives her that charming boy-smile.

<<Vaclava>> perks up as zane stops by her, face lighting up into a beautiful smile. “Zane, darling, ofv course I am! Vwhy else vwould I be here!” kiss kiss

Zane grins and takes her by the arm, turning to head back out. “Of course. Silly me.”, he says and gives her a light kiss on the cheek.

<<Vaclava>> beams “Is there going to be a lot ofv crashing drums and screaming?”

Zane guides her out and starts to walk down the block toward one of the local parks. “Quite possibly. I know a few of the people involved in this one. I am sure a few of the others will brave things to sneak a listen as well.”

<<Vaclava>> wriggles in delight “Hmm sounds like a bit ofv an advfenture, darling”