Izzy, following cassian’s advice found a rather cheap motel near the less trafficked area of the city. Less people around to bother with. Blue trotted at her heels as Izzy became aware that she was getting hungry. With all that had gone on the past few days she had forgotten to eat.

After a bad tasting rat, Izzy finds a couple of stray dogs. Blue whines but Izzy needs food and people are too much to deal with. She leaves the dogs resting in an alley and heads into the downtown area.

Izzy decides it best to familiarize herself with the area. She notes the street that would lead her to the Trill, as also she notes the alleys she followed Cora into. “Blue, keep track of the smells yeah? We might need your nose to find our way about.” Izzy continues along the streets, marking their names and what buildings were on them.

<CoraAnn> follows along behind Izzy, Obfuscated, just tracking her and watching what she is doing.

Izzy stops by a street vender and buys a couple of hot dogs. She walks to the mouth of an alley and croutches down. She feeds Blue the hot dogs in small pieces as she pretends to eat with him. “almost forgot you were hungry too. I miss Boss. I miss the house, the big yard, the quiet. It’s noisy and full of people here, Blue. I don’t mind it if I’m on a job, but with no leads I’m just waiting and that gives me time to think

about it” after the last bite is gone Izzy gets up and looks for water for Blue.

<CoraAnn> just keeps following, remaining in the shadows and Obfuscated, though she does roll her eyes to herself.

Izzy decides to take some action. She starts walking toward the building that used to be the motel that Boss said he would be at. A big red sign read “Condemned” and all the widows were boarded up. Izzy goes in to the alley next to it and up the fire escape. Watching for anyone about, she takes her time picking the lock on the fire door.

<Storyteller> The door pops open fairly easily to reveals a musty, moldy smell and a room that is covered in sheets that reek of mildew and are coveered in gray stains.

Izzy slips inside and closes the door behind her. Blue begins sniffing everything and sneezes from the dust. “well let’s start searching” Izzy begins to investigate the area.

<Storyteller> It looks as though the roof collapsed at some point, and the whole building has had damage from rain. Furniture feels slimy, having layers of mold and algae growing in dark places.

Izzy makes her way downstairs. She walks carefully to avoid slipping. She sits at the bottom of the stairs, remembering the last time she was here with Boss. Trying to figure out where he could be now.

<Storyteller> Downstairs, something smells awful. Like a beached carcass. And there is a slurping, shuffling sound coming from the other room.

Izzy uses hand signals to tell Blue to stay put. She dr

She walks slowly towards the sound

<Storyteller> A hunched figure mumbles and gurgles to himself in the next room, covered in moldy sheets from upstairs it is hard to get a close look but that is obviously the source of the rotten fishy smell.

Izzy is glad she doesn’t have to breathe but feels badly for Blue. “excuse me” Izzy says, making sure she has a clear path out if she has to run.

<Storyteller> It turns around and hisses sharply, gills flaring as it lunges at Izzy and tries to bite her. It does not even break the skin but leaves of trail of slime on her where it touched her.

Izzy jumps back, preparing to knock the thing off balance. If she can push it down she could get up the stairs. She does not want to fight it alone.

<Storyteller> It is not too stable on it’s feet and gets knocked over easily, giving Izzy time to get her dog and get the heck out of the building, even as it hisses and screeches while slithering away with that awful wet slurping noise against the floor.

Izzy looks down at Blue “well, at least we know he’s not in there! We should let the Cass guy know maybe” Izzy heads out, but instead of going to the trill, she heads back to the motel to get cleaned up. With lots of soap.