After Izzy’s overnight stay in the forest, she and Blue made it into the city proper. Izzy looks around at all the buildings. Some of them seem familiar but others are new. “well Blue, let’s find Boss”

<CoraAnn> makes her way about the streets, pausing once to roll her shoulders as she comes out of the French Quarter and starts to head off toward the Trill, hands in her pockets.

Izzy notices Cora on the other side of the street. Blue gives a low wuff, reminding her that they should keep moving. Izzy shrugs, why not follow the strange girl, any direction seems good at this point.

<CoraAnn> notices the person starting to follow her and raises an eyebrow after she gives Cassian a call. Once she puts her phone away, she starts to move toward side streets, somewhat away from people.

Izzy thinks for a moment, if she continues following the girl she would come off as creepy. “whaddaya think Blue? Should we follow her into the darkness?” Blue just stares up at Izzy, wagging his stumpy tail slightly. Izzy decides to follow the girl, cautiously through the side streets.

<CoraAnn> steps off into the alleyways and quickly fades into the shadows behind a dumpster, obfuscating. She waits until Izzy passes where she was and then studies her from behind, then steps out into the open. “Hey, you got a problem?”

Izzy turns slowly, holding her hands out to show she is unarmed. She shushes Blue as he growls, the dog stepping between Cora and Izzy. “I don’t. I’m looking for someone and got distracted by you, hav

Things have changed since last time I was here and so I’m lost.

<CoraAnn> watches the other girl for a minute, her hands still in the pockets of her leather jacket. “Who might you be looking for? I know my way around the city pretty well, anyone i don’t know i can usualyl find.”

Izzy cocks her head to the side, thinking for a moment. “I call him Boss, that’s all the name I know to call him. He left Chicago on a job and said if he wasn’t back in three days to come here and he would be at a motel we used before. But it’s not there anymore. He is taller than me with dark hair, blue eyes, and he wears a long black coat” Blue nods as if affirming Izzy’s description

<CoraAnn> raises an eyebrow and watches Izzy still carefully. “I happen to be from Chicago, you sure you aren’t following me?”

Izzy smiles. “If Boss were here he’d have hit me for rudeness by now. I’m not good with manners. I’m Izzy. And no I’m not following you. I think maybe your hair is bright and you looked like you know your way around. So I guess this is a poor girl’s attempt at asking directions. Also this is Blue ” Izzy indicates the mongrel at her feet. Though his hackles are still raised he seems to have relaxed a bit.

<CoraAnn> watches her a little longer, until a tiny silver head pokes out of one of the holes in her jacket and squeeks. “I’m Cora. That is Bullet. I’d recommend the Trill for looking for someone like that. Ask for Zane, he can help.”

Izzy notices the little creature. “Thank you Cora and I’m sorry for being all Jack the ripper stalky. Blue says he’s sorry too” Blue whines and wags his nub, trying to look cute. “one more question though, which way is the Trill?” Izzy hides her embarrassment. She hates being lost and isn’t fond of cities. Following strangers into alleys for directions is also uncommon. “I just want to explain one thing, this is the first

time I’ve been on my own in a while

<CoraAnn> points off down the street. “The way I was originally headed.”, she nudges the sugar glider back into her pocket. “I am sure I’ll see you around. Trill is sorta a hub of activity. Tip: Don’t follow people into alleys, good way to get shot.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks again.” turning to the dog she motions their new direction and they head off. Izzy still feels uncomfortable with the way things are going. She shakes her head. “Blue, I’d know if something happened to him, wouldn’t I?” Blue gives no response as they make their way towards the Trill and hopefully some answers.