::Maryska meanders into the club looking around, her hands in her pockets her boots clicking against the ground as she settles into a seat:: “Beer” she calls out to the waitstaffer.

::Maryska takes the bottle from the server and takes a sip nodding to them, paying for the drink up front, her eyes looking around and making sure she wasn’t in any direct trouble, her sunglasses still covering her eyes as she looked.::

<Ashe> made his way into the Trill with an easy smile on his face. His long black hair was tied back tonight with a small metal clasp. He’s wearing faded jeans and a chocolate brown t-shirt tonight. His face lights up when he spots Maryska and he heads over to join her at the bar, “Hey, what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” It was such a bad pickup line.

::Maryska smiled as she heard the line come out with that voice.:: “Having a beer and waiting for the man of her life.” She sips her drink and turns to face him. “Good to see ypu again.”

<Ashe> places a hand over his heart as it wounded and takes a step backwards, “Oh! my wounded heart. The maiden is taken by another. What shall I do now?” Then he darts in and attempts to pluck the beer from her hand, “Maybe I can have the consolation prize?”

::Maryska smiles and let’s him take the beer.:: “and the man takes my beer, sweet irony.” ::she licks her lips and watches him drink.:: “how’ve ypu been?”

<Ashe> smirks and gives her a wink as he takes a long sip of Maryska’s beer as he waves for the bartender to bring another, “I’ve heard that stolen beer tastes better. I am not disappointed.” He jokes as he sits on a stool beside her. “I haven’t been up to much really, just getting myself settled in. How about yourself?”

::Maryska gestures to the bar around her.:: “enduring the qualities of life, and enjoying the freedoms I’ve been given.” She looks to Ashe with a solid look. “Although there is one thing missing from my adventures.”

<Ashe> lifts an eyebrow and chuckles, “You make it almost sound like life is something to be endured and not enjoyed in itself. I try to be thankful every morning that I wake up.” He sets the bottle down, even unable to see her eyes, her posture and facial features convey her look easily enough. His soft grey eyes were curious, “Oh? What are you missing, Mar-chan?”

::Maryska smiled.:: “A second date, lifes been painful since the last one, I prefer enjoying things with someone else around.” She speaks the words a little lower, moving closer. “Now if only I could convince that man from my first date to go on another… ” she draws her finger down his chest from his throat.

<Ashe> sucked in a breath as his eyes widened. That wasn’t quite was he expecting, but it certainly made his heart race in an entirely pleasant way, “Yes!” Which came out a bit too enthusiastically as he caught her hand in his about halfway down his chest, “Uh… look… I know a bunch of people stay at the chantry… but.. I have a spare room at my house… if you ever need a place… or just want to crash…” He winced and chuckled at

himself, “Ok… maybe that was a little too much…. I know a good pizza place and a spot to watch stars by the water?”

::Maryska smiled, showing some teeth, a nice white smile.:: “I have a place of my own actually, nice and cosy little apartment, and I’d love to get a slice of pizza and watch some stars with you.” ::she moved a little closer.:: “Youre adorably cute when you get excited ypu know that?”

<Ashe> Chuckled more, running a hand through his hair and enjoying that smile. The nervousness was all over him the closer she came, “I… would prefer handsome and dashing… maybe a cassanova?” He lifts her captured hand to his lips to place a soft kiss on the back of it, “You make me excited… and flustered… and nervous… but I love seeing you smile.”

::Maryska settles into the place that’s not far from him as he kisses her hand.:: “I doubt a Casanova would blush as red as you.” She grins and pulls his hand to her lips now and kisses. “And you are very handsome.”

<Ashe> turns a modest shade of red at that, his fingers twitching slightly as she kisses his hand, “P-probably not.” He admits sheepishly, “I might be out of practice with this.”

::Maryska looks him over, she pulls her sunglasses off and blinks rapidly a couple of times and squints a little as she looks at him, then slowly allows them to open a bit so he can see her solid ice blue eyes.* “that’s alright sexy, you have heart, which is better.”

<Ashe> was taken aback when she took off her sunglasses. He’d never actually seen her eyes before, but they were beautiful and he took in a deep breath as they seemed to threaten to swallow him whole, “You’re eyes… are stunning…” He even seemed to miss the sexy part.

::Maryska smiled and blinked a bit more and then wiped some tears away.:: “thank you for saying so.” ::she looked into his deeply.:: “I wanted to see you without these on for a change, the view is better.”

<Ashe> lifted a hand and gently brushed away a stray tear with fingers that were surprisingly gentle given their callouses, “You shouldn’t hide something so beautiful.” Ashe’s lips twitched into a wide smile, “I don’t know, if you say i have heart, then maybe the view lies?”

::Maryska smiled when he touched her cheek and at his words.:: “if the lights weren’t so bright, Id keep them off.” She blinks again and slowly puts them back on.:: “that’s better.” ::she looked at him with a soft grin. “Now that… Is Casanova.”

<Ashe> grins and leans in to whisper in her ear quickly. Then he releases her hand and darts for the door.

::Maryska looks him over and watches him dart for the door after the whisper, finishing her own drink and paying then walking out.::