After Izzy’s car ran out of gas, she was forced to hoof it to the city. Though she did not know the surroundings very well she decided to go through the forest as opposed to following the open road. Boss’ last words to her echoed in her mind as she wound her way through the trees.

‘if I don’t return in three days, meet me in New Orleans. I’ll be In the hotel we used last time we went. You remember the place’s Izzy had nodded. Boss was always right and he never failed to come back… Except this time. Izzy wasn’t worried. She knew he could handle himself. So could she, boss had taught her how after all. She looked down to her canine companion, Blue. A Shepard mix. A mutt, much like herself. A stray

needing a friend, someone to look after him. He was a good dog, if a bit scruffy on the edges.

“well Blue, whaddaya think?” Izzy’s cockney accent filtered through the trees, startling several night time scurriers off the path. “Think Boss will be upset we are late?” The dog gives a low growl and wuffs lightly. “nah, me neither. Boss is never on time for anything. Bet he’s even got us a new mark lined up already. He’s a smart one, he’ll be there, waiting for us…. ” Izzy’s voice trails off and she simply listens to the

sounds of the animals going about their nightly foragings. She checks the time… A few hours til dawn. With little choice she picks up the pace. She wouldn’t make it to the hotel before dawn, but she would find shelter. “c’mon Blue! Let’s race! ” Izzy and Blue run through the trees, each of them trying to out run the other.