<<Vaclava>> walks through downtown new orleans, letting the music from the enigma guide her.

The music seems to glide through alleys, steps light and soft. It is shadowed back here but doesn’t feel unsafe.

<<Vaclava>> knows the address she’s headed to, but is listening to the music and allowing it to guide where she steps, where she turns her head to look, where to pause and listen for whatever could be hiding in the shadows. unsafe or not, the shadowy corners are always so interesting.

The song is almost like the footsteps of someone who would be creeping along the shadows themselves. Each note a soft and stealthy footfall, a pause here or there to look around, and then a continuation and lightening as the turns the corner to come up to the steps of the small building.

<<Vaclava>> smiles to herself and pauses, taking a look at the building.

The building itself is just a brick building with no windows on this side of it. It’s small, squeezed between two larger buildings that have storefronts on the other side. The door is a medium blue, which stands out against the brick. On the door itself in black, a single chord of music is written.

<<Vaclava>> wriggles a little with joy. studies the chord of music to see if she recognizes it.

As she hums the sound herself aloud, she realizes the sound it makes is almost like Alice’s name. Al-ice. Al-ice.

<<Vaclava>> giggles and runs up the steps, humming the tune, and knocks on the door in the same rhythm.

The sound echoes off the inside, but it seems empty. All around, the shadows dance as a moth flutters around the nearby light.

<<Vaclava>> listens and looks at the moth, waits a few beats, then knocks again in the same rhythm

A black cat walks out from the alley and sits down on the bottom step, watching Vaclava. She remains silent, staring with yellow eyes.

<<Vaclava>> looks back at the cat, tilting her head to study it. Is it in good condition, does it look stray, or does it have a collar, etc.

Most notably she does not seem to be upset at the presence of Vaclava when most animals avoid anyone that doesn’t have Animalism. She is well fed, but no collar. She rubs against the steps a bit but stays just out of Vaclava’s reach.

<<Vaclava>> “Mmm you are a curious creature. I vwill hafve to bring some treats vwith me ifv you are here next time I try to vfisit…” takes out her phone and dials back the number the text message came from. if there’s voicemail, she’ll record about 15 seconds of the street sounds around her.

When Vaclava starts recording the cat starts meowing, and then jumps up onto a dumpster lid in the alleyway and watches her.

<<Vaclava>> “Don’t vworry, darling,” she says to the cat. “I vwas invfited to meet her here. I vwould nefver just barge in and snoop.”

<<Vaclava>> lingers, half expecting a message back, then says goodnight to the cat and wanders off to go find a bite. she won’t do it in this neighborhood though, it’d be bad mannners.

<<Vaclava>> decides to head back down towards the trill and see if she can duck into a bar or two along the way to find her prey.

The cat follows, though at a distance the whole way. Along rooftops and dumpsters… and even when she can’t see it she swears she can feel it watching her.

<<Vaclava>> finds that very amusing and doesn’t bother trying to lose the cat.