Abequa starts to explore the city, finding the people there strange but interesting. She finds her way into a bar, hearing music coming from inside and seeks out its source.

<Sissy> is in the bar, messing with some of the sound equipment near the small stage setup inside.

~*Ramirez*~ meandered into the city for a change of pace. The rumor was that the other vampire faction hung out here, but since at least two of them had come to New Orleans, what was wrong with going to their shady side of the forest for a change? He’d find out. He’d head into the same bar as the others were and wave to Abequa. He’d then go to the bartender

and order an IPA.

<Fiona> would be prowling downtown, people giving her a fairly wide berth, before spotting Abequa and moving toward the bar she was heading into. When/if she spotted Ramirez, she’d give him a long look, eyes fairly narrowed in suspicion.

~*Ramirez*~ glances over at Fiona who was looking back at him with narrow eyes. He’d look back at her and cross his eyes a moment and then sip his beer.

<Fiona> is also wearing sunglasses, but that was forgotten.

Abequa watches Ramirez with some curiousity before waving back and then looking over at Fiona before moving toward the stage, silent and near invisible in the shadows.

<Fiona> gives Abequa a single nod in return to the look, sitting at a table near the middle and turning to the stage.

Chrys is sitting inside the bar, enjoying the show with her legs crossed and an amused smile as she observes the others.

<Sissy> bangs on the sound system a little bit between sets, and gets out her toolbox, grumbling to herself.

<Fiona> gives Chrys a scowl, looking back to Sissy.

~*Ramirez*~ glances around the area and up to the stage with some curiosity. He’d watch Sissy with some curiosity.

Abequa creeps right up behind Sissy, watching what she is doing and sits absolutely still in the darkness, but doesn’t obfuscate, just watches.

Chrys grins at Fiona and wiggles her fingers in a wave. She watches Abequa, slightly interested. She also smiles at Ramirez, and sends a beer over to his table.

<Fiona> scowls even harder, but nods back.

<Fiona> also looks to Abequa, brow furrowing slightly behind her sunglasses as she looks to the goddamn ninja on stage, wondering what the hell she was doing.

~*Ramirez*~ looks at the beer and then asks who sent it over. He’d give Chrys a nod and wave of thanks in appreciation. He had no idea who she was but a nice gesture was cool. He’d wait to see if she wanted to talk and turned his attention between her and the stage with the sneaky woman and hte other that seemed oblivious that she was there, repairing her sound


<Sissy> grabs the wrench in her toolkit purposefully, and then sneaks a look over her shoulder at the woman sneaking up behind her before putting a bit of distance between them.

<Fiona> eyes Abequa. “Do you get off on this shit or something?”

Abequa narrows her gaze at Fiona. “Shut up. I have my reasons.”

<Fiona> “Yeah? You do? Then share with the damn class.”

Chrys snickers and then moves over to Ramirez’s table. “I wanted to apologize for the pit bull other there.”

Abequa shakes her head slowly. “I do not answer to you.”

~*Ramirez*~ lofts a brow curiously, but gives no other real signs that he is watching the scene with Fiona and Abequa and Sissy. His attention would partially be drawn back to Chrys and he studied her so briefly and nodded to her. “Oh, that’s fine. You don’t owe me a thing. She does seem rather angry though. Are they going to hurt that girl?” He’d say

the last sentence softer so Chrys could hear unless the others were using enhanced hearing gifts of some sort.

<Sissy> finishes her repairs but seems to keep a bead on both Abequa and Fiona at all times. She keeps her toolkit open as well, any assortment of things inside within quick reach.

<Fiona> “Well, tough. You’ve made me interested in what you’re hiding.”

Chrys watches them for a moment, then shakes her head. “That little one, doubtful. The other one is not so bright, and generally angry acting, as you noted. She might try something.”

<Fiona> just flips Chrys off in response to being called ‘not so bright’.

~*Ramirez*~ “She has good hearing too.” He scoffed. “So…what’s your name? I’m Ramirez.” He’d hold out his hand to shake.

Abequa, since she has been noticed, creeps around the side of the stage back toward the front. She just shrugs and ignores Fiona.

Chrys looks to Ramirez and shakes his hand. “Chrys. Nice to meet you.”

~*Ramirez*~ smirks and shook Chrys’ hand. “Nice to meet you too. You three from around here?”

<Fiona> scowls at Abequa, brow furrowing even more.

Chrys smirks at Ramirez and relaxes. “Yeah. We are. Well, I’m not originally… I’m Canadian.”

~*Ramirez*~ “This city and New Orleans draw a lot of people from all over. I haven’t really been up here too much though. You know someone named Sascha?”

<Sissy> doesn’t relax, even after the others take their attention off of her. She moves over to the bar and takes a seat there as the next set goes on, sticking with her job.

Chrys blinks, and gives Ramirez a second look before nodding. “Maybe. Could say we are distantly related even.”

Abequa continues to ignore Fiona, though she watches Sissy from time to time, her primary attention shifts toward Chrys and the man that has her interest. She comes over and takes a seat.

~*Ramirez*~ nods. He was trying for subtle but that tended to fail with him. He took a sip of the beer and set the botte down on the table. “Yeah, you kinda reminded me of her. She helped us out in NOLA recently with a friend of hers.” He’d look over at Abequa, who now came over to be seated with them. “Hello.”

Chrys smiles over at Abequa before nodding and shrugging to Ramirez. “We do what we want. What do you do?”

~*Ramirez*~ “About the same, though probably not in the same way. I have my useful skills though.”

<Sissy> waits till after that set is through and then goes up, singing a bit herself as she tests the equipment. It is purely tonal, a testing to make sure that everything is in order, but she isn’t half bad.

<Fiona> looks over at the discussion after giving Abequa a final scowl.

Abequa nods back to Ramirez, and then gets a bit distracted as Sissy sings, turning her attention back toward the stage and grinning. She slides out of her seat and starts to walk over, despite not trying to stalk like a cat coming up on a mouse, she can’t help but appear somewhat predatory as she walks up.

<Sissy> moves away from Abequa as she walks up to the stage, not getting in her way or letting her get too close.

~*Ramirez*~ listened to Sissy sing. She was pretty decent, though not the most awesome musician he’d ever heard. Still, there was something about her expression. He’d then watch Abequa once again get up and head toward Sissy, who seems to not like the advances. He’d ponder his options. Getting up and going over there would probably weird out the young woman

more, but she also was not clearly just mundane either. “Is there a reason she keeps going up to that woman?”

Abequa was not interested in the other girl, though she was interested in the music. Once Sissy backs off the stage again, she grins and takes the microphone herself, starting to sing something she had been working with Draggy on. The sounds that come from her are haunting and beautiful, and quickly silence the entire room aside from her voice.

~*Ramirez*~ blinks as this unimaginably talented voice just comes out from Abequa and absorbs all of his attentions. He’d blink again and then exhale slowly, caught up in the moment. “Wow”, he’d utter as he listened.

<Fiona> looks toward the stage, focusing on the woman’s singing and entranced with it.

<Sissy> stops moving, even with her hearing loss that was beautiful and she could feel it more than hear it as she watched the young predatory girl somewhat in awe.

Chrys listens and smiles, enjoying the sound and appreciating its power even without some sort of supernatural backing… Man, think of what she could do with an extra set of vocal chords…

~<AniMAL>* heads into the bar, starts to look around but is mesmerized by abequa’s gorgeous voice.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° heads into the bar and could hear that familiar sound of Abequa’s voice and then looked around to see the enthralled masses. Yeah, that was perfect. He might pick a couple people’s pockets for some cash or some cool jewelry as he headed to the bar and then waited for her to finish before ordering a drink. “She’s amazing, isn’t she?”

He’d smirk to Animal.

~<AniMAL>* her eyes flick back to dragos and she smirks “Yeah she is. And so how much richer are you for coming here?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I’ll find out later. You never look at the goods at the same place you got them from.”

<Sissy> takes immediate note of Dragos, despite the music she watches him but keeps it as covert as possible as she moves back around the back of the stage again toward her toolkit.

~<AniMAL>* nods, murmurs “Pro-tip, bro.”

<Fiona> continues listening, but if he stole from her, he’s going to have a bad night.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° gives a thumbs up to Animal. “Soon, we’ll be ready to tour again. Can’t wait.”

~<AniMAL>* “Mmm hmm guess you’re not saying you won’t double dip from your own audience though.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Nah, unless there’s someone particularly special in the audience.”

~<AniMAL>* “Good point.”

Chrys smiles and gets up, patting Dragos and Animal both lightly on the shoulders in a friendly gesture before heading out. She waves to Ramirez, “Goodnight. Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime.”

~<AniMAL>* blinks and smiles at chrys “Nite.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Maybe, take care, Chrys.” He’d wave farewell to her.

<Fiona> turns to scowl at Chrys, then looks at Drago and Animal, scowl still evident. “Where’ve you two been? Playing on the road?”

Abequa brings her song to a close and moves off the stage, smiling as she sees her friends Animal and Dragos, going over to where they are.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks at Fiona and grins that flashing smile of his. “Well, we did buy some new equipment. We want the band to be successful and all. How are you doing, Fiona? You look like someone ticked you off quite a bit.” His accent was slightly Romanian, but adapted to the U.S. clearly.

<Fiona> “Fine. I’m doing fucking fine.”

<Fiona> isn’t particularly moved by the smile.

<Sissy> keeps a careful eye on the girl, and wrinkling her nose as she goes over to the other two. Not terribly pleased by this. She takes her toolkit and slides off the side of the stage.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° smiles to Abequa. “Lovely as ever. Well done.” He’d glance over at Sissy with some curiosity. “Hey, you a performer here?”

~<AniMAL>* “Fine, huh? Hate to see you when you’re pissed.”

<Sissy> pauses and looks over at the man before shaking her head and pointing to the equipment. “No. I just fix the equipment and make special effects, sound distorions, lighting, and uhm, fireworks.”, she says with an unusual accent, faintly Slavic, but muted.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks at Sissy a moment, studying her. “Just for this place or do you work for a band?”

~<AniMAL>* “Hey Abequa, you put me in a trance.”

<Sissy> shrugs her shoulders at him, keeping an eye on the positions of Fiona and Abequa especially as she pauses to talk to Dragos. “Freelance. I work for several bands, as long as they pay me.”

<Fiona> stretches and gets up.

Abequa grins at Animal. “I couldn’t resist.”, she glances back toward Sissy and looks her over, still blatently ignoring Fiona.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Alright, got a card then?” He glances between her and then Abequa and then at Fiona. “Abequa, me and Animal here happen to be in a band and are getting things situated to get back in business after a small hiatus. I’ll give you my card to be fair.” He reaches in his back pocket, pulls out his wallet with black leather

and metal skulls on it, so classy.. and takes out a black card with the words and some ornate artwork. Of course it reads “Wicked Carnival” on the front with their symbol. On the back of the card is his name, Dragos Danislav and a phone #.

~<AniMAL>* nods to abequa “Yeah I’d do it if I could. Drum rhythm is another kind of trance altogether. LIke a body trance, not a mind one.”

<Fiona> looks to Abequa, bristling a bit, but says nothing.

<Sissy> looks at first like she doesn’t want to get that close to the man but finally takes it and hands him her own, which has her name Sarha Horvath, a phone number, and an unusual symbol on the back. (A glyph for memory occult/romani-lore).

<Fiona> heads out while the player goes AFK

~<AniMAL>* “Nice to meet you, Toolkit.” to Sissy.

Abequa grins at Animal again. “Rhythm is important. And there is something primal about it by itself.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° takes the card and nods to her amiably. “There a reason you are nervous? Fiona, who just left..she can be pretty intimidating but she mostly means no harm, or is too stupid to carry it out right. This is a cool symbol.”

~<AniMAL>* chuckles “Wow don’t let her hear you call her stupid.”

<Sissy> still keeps an eye on Abequa but relaxes as she studies Dragos a moment longer. “I guess you are right, it seems okay with her gone now.”, she glances over at Animal and half smiles, tucking her hair back behind her ear which eveals some scars that run from her ear down to her chin.

Abequa laughs a little bit. “Well, she really dislikes it when you ignore her.”

~<AniMAL>* looks slightly impressed. “Wow, you made someone really mad and lived.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I think she’s angriest at Abequa, but it’s kind of hilarious so… guys, this is is Sarha. Sarha, would you like to have a drink with us?”

Abequa nods. “I’d like to see her try. I’m sure I am faster. And not a door.”, she smirks before waving to them. “I should go back, I still need to meditate. I will see you guys later though.”, she makes her way to the doors and quickly disappears before heading back, making full use of her obfuscate.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Have a good night then, Abequa.”

~<AniMAL>* “Later, Abequa.”

<Sissy> watches Abequa go, and seems to relax fully once she is gone. She smiles as she looks between Animal and Dragos and nods. “Sure.”

~<AniMAL>* raises an eyebrow, watching the body language with interest.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° heads over to a table and orders a stout for himself. “Have what you want, ladies. It’s on me.” Well, it was more likely on someone in the bar who didn’t know about it but that didn’t matter, did it? Just a technicality now.

<Sissy> follows him and takes a seat, smiling faintly. She orders a Barn Door, and twiddles with one of her cards. “I have heard of you guys before, I am pretty sure. But you haven’t played anything locally?”

~<AniMAL>* orders a beer and lets the condensation from the glass run over her hands as she holds it.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Not yet. You see, we had a nasty car accident that wasn’t really an accident but there’s no way to prove it wasn’t, and a few people died. We barely made it out ourselves. The van was even on fire. We needed some time to mourn and well, get some new blood in to start back up again.” His voice seemed somber, recounting the three

people who had died on their road trip.

<Sissy> frowns at that, certainly empathizing. “I see, and I am sorry for your loss.”, she takes a long drink from her mixed drink. “I would be happy to work with you. I am a good cook and a decent mechanic on top of my other skills.”

~<AniMAL>* glares at her bottle

~<AniMAL>* “So guess this is the part where we are supposed to warn you.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “As it stands we have 4 of us who are original members, Abequa, who has a killer voice, is joined up and we’re even doing new music. We could use someone with your skills to help set up and test instruments and what not. Someone handy at it saves the rest of us some time. Mechanic is definitely a plus. Cooking, that’d be up to you.

I’m sure we’d be willing to give it a go even if some of the band loves junk food and the other half of us like decent meals.”

~<AniMAL>* mutters “Yeah, decent meals…”

<Sissy> glances over at Animal curiously but shrugs it off before nodding to Dragos. “Yeah, I heard her. She is… different for sure, but a very beautiful voice.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods to her. “Yeah, she certainly is. How about you? What got you into deciding to work for bands on equipment and what not?”

<Sissy> shrugs a bit. “My family was always on the road. Music and food were a way of life, you know? And I just have a knack for getting machines to work right. Runs in my family.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “The symbol on your card, is that familial then?”

<Sissy> looks down into her drink and takes another swallow. “Yeah, bit of magic you could say. Supposed to make a client not forget you and call you back.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I am Romani. It looks kind of familiar to me.”

~<AniMAL>* blink “You need that? I mean…”

<Sissy> nods slightly before looking back toward Animal curiously. “Well, that’s just a trick. But it is said we have some real magic too.”, she looks back to Dragos. “I am too. Your name is old country, roughly the same region as my family. Though we came over here long ago.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods. “Yeah, it is.” He nods. “I have a bad memory so it’s just as well it can remind me.” He smirks.

~<AniMAL>* “He does have a shitty memory. It’ll be your job to remember to do certain …tasks.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “I write most of our music so other people can remember other stuff.”

~<AniMAL>* nods “Right. So true. You write everything but the beat.”

<Sissy> smirks a little and nods at them both. “I have a decent enough memory. My hearing on the other hand…”, she turns her head and reveals more of the scars on the right side of her face between her ear and chin, along her neck. “Accident with some fireworks, totally deaf on this side.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “And you aren’t afraid of fireworks now?” He’d look at the scars. Humans were so interesting with their scars and flaws. It made them more interesting to him since vampires could just about be flawless if they so desired and knew the right other vampires.

~<AniMAL>* frowns because the marks didn’t resemble fire scars at first…

<Sissy> shakes her head and allows her hair to cover up her neck and ear on that side again. “Not really. There isn’t much that scares me.”

~<AniMAL>* studies sissy as she says that. “Oh yeah?”

~<AniMAL>* “Is that right?” glances at sissy’s drink then back to her.

<Sissy> nods. “Yeah. Now those two in here earlier, I was cautious because your little friend was sneaking up on my deaf side. And… she is not as she appears to be. I can I don’t know… feel it.”, she takes the last drink and sets the empty glass down.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods, not bothering to deny that Abequa was more than she seemed to be. Abequa was going to have a hard time fitting in with normal people even if she wasn’t a vampire, with her history as it was. “Many Romani are sensitive to these sorts of things. It’s just something so many generations of us were around.”

~<AniMAL>* “Oh brother, now you’re gonna bring in the heritage again….” eyerolls.

<Sissy> smirks a little and gets up. “Thanks for the drink and the company. I’ll see you guys around. Just let me know what you need set up where.”

~<AniMAL>* “Ok toolkit. See you round.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods. “Yup, no problem. See you later.” He’d get up. “Come on, Animal. We have another place to hit before the night ends.”

~<AniMAL>* “Oh really.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° smirks with mischief and turns and heads out.

~<AniMAL>* goes with Dragos

~<AniMAL>* heads off to adventure with Dragos.