::Maryska steps into the bar looking around at the bar patrons, at the staff, and moves through the place much like a shark would swim through a reef looking for a pool of moving water to rest in, she eventually settles at a table, having found her pool of slow moving water she places her order for a beer to the waitstaff, a beer, local at least, she wasn’t incredibly picky, not like the stuff could actually get her drunk to

any spectacular effect, perhaps a light buzz that she could shrug off if she really needed or wanted to. Maryska’s fingers brushed through her hair as she pulled out a newspaper and began to read through it, over the recent events of hatred, over the president and all of the horrible things that were happening. The woman was particularly looking for smaller reports, bump in the night kind of things, stuff that was completely

out of the ordinary, she was looking through stranger papers like the enquirer, the star, and so on, she was on the hunt for the dumb ones first, they always got attention somehow.::

::Maryska pulls out a pad of paper and a pen, sipping her beer she begins to write down little instances that she believes might be indications of little monsters that may be trying to influence other people, or create issues for others. She hadn’t started when she’d first gotten here, but she had enough time to relax to start her hunt once again, her feet were planted on the floor as she leaned over the table and wrote out

her agenda, wrote down her possible target locations. A possibility was always there that these instances were just human beings being assholes, but it was always worth a look, the police almost never bothered with the smaller things, sure vigilateeism was always frowned on, mostly because it made the cops look bad, but when it just seemed to be a situation taking care of itself, well, they didn’t look as hard, this was where

she did her best work, in that dark grey middle area.::

::Maryska sipped her beer and continued to do her paper work, she would continue to write little plot points, perceptions based on news paper information, going back to notes that she had made with the prior reports, her information gathering based totally on eye witness reports as stated in the rags that were draped over the table that she had. Maryska then ordered a plate of nachoes, the food was easily able to be ordered

in a bar, most of them served food of one kind or another, she made sure that she had enough room on the table for when they came.::

::Maryska received her Nacho platter a little while later and began to eat them, she was rather enjoying the simple flavour of baked cheese and such, working on the differences of each scene as she was eating, bobbing her head to the music that was playing over the speakers in the establishment, tapping her foot to it, and basically just being another bar patron as far as anyone else knew.::

::Maryska eats her nacho’s and finishes her beer after some time of doing her paper work, packing everything up into a small bundle and stands up, handing the wait staff a few bills to pay for her food, and a few extra dollars for a decent tip. She looked around at the people inside and made her way towards the door, and to her new home.::