<Jacob> A prim and proper middle aged man made his way into the rough and tumble biker bar with his leather satchel hanging easily over one shoulder. He was wearing a pair of black dress slacks. A cream colored dress shirt and a navy blue sweater vest. It was with a rather pleasant look that he made his way over to a booth and carefully extracted a wooden box from his bag. It was old and worn, but set on the table with care. It opened

up into chess board and Jacob moved to sit in the booth as he began to set the pieces.

<Ashe> had followed behind Jacob in entering the room since the other man had arrived before him by a few moments and now he was leaning against the bar and eyeing the chess board with interest as he sipped his beer. Ashe was dressed rather simply tonight in jeans and a t-shirt with his hair tied back into a loose tail at the nape of his neck. After a moment longer if watching her made his way over to the booth and gave the middle aged

man a smile, “Hey, just wondering if you need a second player? I sort of know the game and I’d like to give it a go.”

<Jacob> looked up from his task with a startled little look at blinked at Ashe with a surprised owlish look, “Why no. I mean yes… certainly you may join me. I’d rather fancy playing another chap. White or black?”

<Ashe> grinned and chuckled at the nervous man as he settled into the booth, “Doesn’t matter, how about black?” It matched his hair, which was as good a reason as he could think of to pick a colour. “You often play chess by yourself? Or do you just hope people will show up to play?… In a biker bar.” He was quite obviously amused by the idea

<Jacob> laughed a little nervously and turned the board so that it was oriented properly, “That does mean that I will have the first move and initial advantage.” Jacob cautions, though when Ashe doesn’t seem to mind he shrugs and accepts, “The second game, you may go first, if we play another.” He pauses for a minute and ducks his head with an embarrassed blush, “No, but I will if I fancy a game and there is no one about. This is my

only social club.”

<Ashe> nods and looks over the layout of the board, “I suppose it’s a good pass time. Keeps the mind working and it looks like a bit of a challenge, depending on who you play. I suppose you’re probably pretty good.”

<Henry – not Jacob> smiles and takes the time to order himself a cup of tea before they start the game. He wasn’t in any hurry tonight, “I’ve played a few games, but you won’t find me at any competitions. I prefer a more social game among friends. Which, you will have to forgive me, I am not certain we have met.” Jacob extended a thin hand to the young man, “Henry Haines, it is a pleasure.”

<Ashe> likewise extends a hand to the older gentleman, “Ashton Blake, or just Ashe to my friends. At your service.” He’d had the slightest respectful nod to his head as they shook hands. Afterall, it was polite and he didn’t know who or what this man might potentially be. He couldn’t help but have an amused look on his face as they waited for Henry’s tea to arrive and sat across from each other with a chess board between them. Idly he

picked up a pawn and looked it over in his hand, “You know… It’s kind of strikes me as unusual to be playing chess in a bar. A biker bar. You… kind of look out of place here, you know that?”

<Henry> politely accepts his tea as it arrives and thanks the waitress with a very genuine look of gratitude when the wonderful woman brings him a bowl of peanuts and more orange slices! He might get fat off nuts, but it would at least curb the dreadful hunger for a short time while he was eating. He laughs at Ashe’s assessment and carefully moves a pawn from e2 to e4. “I don’t imagine that anyone would be upset by a casual game of

chess, it is rather quiet.”

<Ashe> decides to move a pawn from d7 to d6, “That isn’t quite what I meant.” He admits with a sheepish look as he watched the thin bookish man ponder over the early moves of the game and add a second pawn to the first with a move from d2 to d4.

<Henry>”Perhaps, but I am not overly worried. You can’t judge people by appearances and the people I’ve met here have been nothing but kind to me.

<Ashe> nods his head, “It’s true. You have a good point with that.” He admits as he decides to move a night from G8 to F6. He didn’t want to look like he was copying Henry afterall.

::Maryska meanders into the bar, her boots clipping against the floor as she moves, wearing black demin jeans, a blue T-shirt, her hair is brown and jaw length and still wearing her Mountaineering shades with hte leather blinders.

<Henry and Ashe> were both sitting a a table together. Ashe had a cold beer that he was nursing and Henry had his tea and a plate of devoured orange slices put off to the side. They were currently leaning over a chess board and scrutinizing their moves. Ashe wasn’t doing so well and a number of black pieces were by Henry’s elbow. The Welshman very carefully moved his knight to take another of Ashe’s pawns.

::Maryska moved over to the table and looked down at the board.:: “Hm, ches, a thinking game.” *she looks at Ashe and then at Henry.:: “You don’t appear to be doing so wel.”

<Ashe> looked up as Maryska arrived at the table and slid over in a seat for her to join them if she liked. He wasn’t winning, but his good natured smile likely indicated that he didn’t mind too much, “I’m not dead yet.” It was a fairly proud statement, “besides, I won’t get better if I don’t try.

<Henry> nods and gestures for the seat Ashe had cleared, not content with an implied entreaty to join them, “Please, dear. Won’t you have a seat.” Henry was going easy on Ashe, but the young man was right. He wouldn’t get better if he didn’t practice and the middle aged man was trying to strike a balance between going easy on Ashe and winning in a handful of moves.

::Maryska sits down at the table with the two that were trying to have their time of maneuvering. “it is true, never learn by not doing.”

<Ashe> stops a waitress and politely orders Maryska a beer, which she hopefully enjoys. “How have you been, Mar-Chan? I met some of the other the other day, out at the Chantry. I’m going to be co-opting a shed out back for a work space. They have some unique setups that I can use.”

::Maryska nods with a smile and looks at the layout of the board.:: “Well, it is good to see that you’ll be doing your art, do you have an idea for your first pieces?”

<Ashe> the game seems to have been suspended for the moment since it would likely be seen as rude to keep playing while they had a third person at the table. “Well I do have a forge out behind my home, but this work area will be for other more specialized tasks. I do, afterall, have a second art to practice. I was asked by someone to make a pair of kukri knives. So I have started work on those.”

::Maryska nodded and looked at the two men.:: “please don’t stop because I am here, chess is a wonderful thing to watch.” she was looking at the pieces like she was born into it somehow, then again, it was sort of a passion of hers as a spectator.::

<Jacob> smiles at Maryska and nods to Ashe, “I do believe it is proper for a lady to choose the entertainment. So if she’d fancy watching a game… I believe it is your move, young man.” He chuckles genially and gestures to the board.

<Ashe> looked dubiously at the board and Maryska, “If you are certain?” He eyes his pieces and after a moment he moves his bishop to check Henry’s King, “Check.” He groans as Henry reveals it to be a little trap for Ashe and the bookish man, easily claims the bishop with a pawn that Ashe hadn’t seen.

::Maryska nods:: “the only piece of advice I can give you Ashe is this, when you play chess, you play the other person, they show you everything on the board, and hide everything as well, you need to learn how to read both the board, and the player.” ::She nods and looks at Jacob, and then back to the board.::

<Henry> nods his head at Maryska, “There is also something to be said for thinking a few moves ahead. You are focused on only the move you are going to make.” He places the bishop back on the board in the place it was before Ashe had moved it and gestured at it, “You took the easy move and didn’t think about the moves you will make after this one. Think about it this time.”

<Ashe> sighed and ran a hand over his hair, “That is easier said than done.” He mutters, but he does focus on the restored piece and then looked between Henry and Maryska, “How can you think moves ahead when you can’t be sure what the other person is going to do?”

::Maryska smiled.:: “Chess is also a combination lock, know the numbers, how each character moves, see where they can go, and then what you can do.”

<Ashe> gave Maryska a bemused look, “You make it sound so easy… and yet…” He looks back to the board and then finally makes another move, his knight moving to threaten Henry’s king and force it into a less mobile location.

<Henry> smiles at Ashe’s new move and nods at the man, “That is much better. Now, take a look at the board and try to predict what move I will make.” He sat back for a moment to enjoy a sip of tea while Ashe studied the board, “Do you play, Maryska? I would love to enjoy a game with you sometime.”

::Maryska shakes her head and watches the board.:: “My brothers play, my father plays, but I never did, I always liked to watch the little soldiers move around the board, watch the magic happen, so much so, that I was too interested in the dance, than to learn to play.”

<Henry> blinked a couple of times and looked between the board and Maryska, “If you understand the dance, then you can play, my dear.” He chuckles and shakes his head before casually reaching over and moving a piece. He’d known what he was going to do moves ago, slowly wearing down Ashe’s forces to draw the gave out as long as possible.

<Ashe> sighed, “Well, that was -one- of the moves I was thinking of you making…”

::Maryska shakes her head a little:: “I’m a spectator for this game, I’m not a player.” ::she looked at the board a little more and then to Henry. “I can’t make this one out, I came in late.”

::Maryska looks down at the chess board and then looks at the watch on her wrist and pats Ashe on the shoulder. “Well, it was fun, hopefully we can talk again some more.” she grinned, got up, and walked out of the bar.