<Lynn> sits in the back booth of the bar, taking out her phone to message Cass to meet her there. Her fingers tapping on the side of her untouched beer bottle.

■► Cassian ◄■ would show up moments later, meandering into the Trill. He’d peer around, noting this and that was where it was supposed to be and who was lurking about, as he headed over to Lynn’s booth and would slide in opposite side of her. “Greetings.”

<Lynn> smiles and nods to him as he sits. “Hey. So, we need to go over a couple of things. First off, my deputy archon has returned from London and I would for him to work with you. Cora will work with Santiago.”

■► Cassian ◄■ looks intrigued slightly. “Not sure who Santiago is, and who is this deputy Archon? Why have I lost my dear partnership with Cora?”

<Lynn> tilts her head a bit in genuine surprise. “You question a lot for a Tremere. Santiago is another of you under me operating in the city. A Toreador. Esmond is the other just returned and you need to keep a bit of an eye on him. He got pretty comfy with the redhead before. You all will work together, but I have to make sure certain things are taken care of.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Oh Tremere are always questioning, Lynn. If not directly, as I am here, they will research anyway through other methods.” He smiles sagely. His brow arched. “Are you saying he worked with -that- red head? That’s intriguing.”

<Shotgun> nods and relaxes a bit in her seat as she watches the people moving about the bar in the early evening. “Yes, -that- one. We have word she went so far as to take orders from him, and they spent at least one day together under the same roof. I do not know what her intentions are, but I highly doubt they are good.”

■► Cassian ◄■ frowns slightly. “So, if he worked so closely with her and you believe her intentions were no good..what do you think his were and why is he still an archon?”

<Shotgun> “Well, he just worked the last six months with Lucinde directly and she obviously didn’t think his intentions were an issue, or else he wouldn’t have come back. I don’t know what the redhead’s interest in him was. Or what will happen should they encounter each other again.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Alright, so what is it you exactly wish me to do with this circumstance? It would seem if he was with Lucinde, she’d have investigated him pretty solidly.”

<Shotgun> shakes her head. “Just keep an eye on things. I know though your paths have crossed she hasn’t tried to get up close and personal with you. At least i wouldn’t think so.”

■► Cassian ◄■ shakes his head. “No, she has not. She, and others are concerned, as I am, about the demon problem we have. That is the extent really.”

<Shotgun> nods. “But still, they are not our friends, whether we have similar temporary goals or not. They are monsters and they care nothing for our laws.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods in understanding that point of view. Of course he kind of believed all vampires could be monsters, whether they held themselves under a religious zealot leadership, or a fanatical noble leadership…both were feudal in design and followers would be what they were under each ‘regime’ as far as he was concerned. It was the individuals that made

themselves more that were his concerns most often, as they would do either great good or great horror and manipulate the systems of the Sabbat or Camarilla, and there were worse things than that, such as infernalists, Baali, Setites.. and he still would never be a fan of the Giovanni, though he’d not reveal why either. “That is true.” He’d agree with her because even if his answer

was more complex in his mind, what she said wasn’t wrong to him.

<Shotgun> wasn’t going to say she felt deep down all of them were monsters anyway, some just hide it better than others. She sighed, almost inaudibly and turned the wedding ring around on her finger. “Anyway, they aren’t posing a threat at the moment and I have other things to worry about such as Anarchs trying to blow up buildings and Setites doing God knows what.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “We’re going to go out and settle some of this with the Setites soon and hopefully clear at least most of them out. What’s going on with the anarchs? Anything I can do to help?”

<Shotgun> shakes her head. “You have enough to worry about. Zane says it’s handled, despite coming to me two weeks ago saying that Samson was holding human hostages. And while that makes him a total Dick, there isn’t much I can do. Going in there and causing a ruckus would just end up violating the masquerade.”

■► Cassian ◄■ never figured he had enough to handle unless he was actually swamped with stuff to do, and he could get very bored without something to keep his brain focused…or 20 somethings, but there was no arguing with his boss on this one. He smiled. “Very well. I’m sure Zane has it more than handled.” He did believe the big Brujah could take care

of this other asswipe, for sure.

<Shotgun> nods and writes down a number for Cassian. “Here is Esmond’s number. You two should meet up soonish, I know he wants to get back into action but he really should settle back in first. He is not used to dealing with outsiders either, so I am having him go with you since you have such a good reputation with the mages.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Very well.” He’d accept the number. “Is there anything you wish me to mention to him or that I should notice other than he has had some kind of relation with the red head?”

<Shotgun> chuckles a little bit. “He’s very Ventrue. Just a heads up. He was Cora’s partner before. Try to keep him away from alligators.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Is there a story behind keeping him away from alligators? Please say there is.” He looks so curious.

<Shotgun> laughs lightly and nods. “So his first real day on the job… Cora and Esmond go out to check buildings in the swamp for snakes. He worse a suit. He also tried to take on a ghouled alligator with a .38 and nearly lost a leg.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Oh, that’s great. He does have guts though, so I’ll give him that.”

<Shotgun> nods. “There is that. He’s got a soldier mentality, almost knightly.”

<Shotgun> tips her hat and gets up. “I need to go check up on some things, but will catch you around. We still have a lot of work to do here.”

<Henry> The door to the trill opened as a slightly shaggy and bespectacle head poked it’s way inside the doorway to peer about the biker bar. The man that nudged his way inside didn’t look like a biker in the least, but he had been here twice before so he was fairly confident when he awkwardly entered. He was dressed in beige slacks, a cream dress shirt and a navy sweater vest tonight. He was still bereft of his satchel, but that could

not be helped. He took a brief look around the establishment before stopping a waitress, “Uh pardon, Miss. MayI trouble you for a spot of tea and some of these lovely orange slices?” First things first! Sitting and a table came after the tea and food…. or at least the food. Gods be damned, but was he hungry.

<Sissy> paused s she looked at Henry, tilting her head and watching him as he addressed her. He must have thought her a waitress or something. Glancing around, she didn’t see anybody else available so she just nods to the funny older man and goes to see about his request.

::Maryska walks into the club looking around, she examines the people here, she wears dark denim, biker boots, and mountaineering glasses.

Martin walks into the biker bar, shaggy dark hair falling loosely about his shoulders. He scans the room and then makes his way toward a quiet table in the back to sit, where he takes out a notebook and starts going through it.

<Henry> was so happy. He was going to get tea and food. His lunch was just not going far enough these days and what a lovely waitress! Perhaps he’d tip even better that usual, not that he was stingy, he just so very much wanted his tea and food. He spotted Maryska as he was peering about for a table, “Ah! Maryska my dear. It was Maryska wasn’t it? It is a pleasure to see you again.”

::Maryska glances towards Henry and takes a moment to figure him out.:: “yes, I’m sorry, I am horrible with names and faces.. You are?” ::she was honestly having a hard time remembering if shed met the man.

<Henry> pauses for a moment, unsure of himself. She was the right person, wasn’t she? “Ah, yes. Henry. Dr. Henry Haines. We met the other night and you purchased me chinese. We ate while we were discussing horrid things that go bump in the night?”

<Sissy> manages to get Henry’s tea and oranges and takes them over to him, smiling quietly as she offers them to him.

Martin minds his own damn business off in the corner, just going over the old notebook, which looked well worn as if it had been handled in such a way thousands of times before already.

::Maryska nodded as she seemed to recall what was being said.:: “Ah yes, the shadows that kill.” ::She nodded and pointed at him at the same time as she started to recall the conversation and moved to sit with the gentleman at the table, she pulled out a chair and settled into it. “So, what have you been up to Henry?”

<Henry> Smiles at Sissy oh so thankfully. His hands curling around the tea cup like it was the most precious thing on earth, “Oh, My Dear! You are simply lovely.” The older man spared a hand to fetch his wallet and he pulled out a few bills to cover the cost and the tip, “I have been looking forward to.” He paused as Maryska so blatantly references murderous shadows and gave the young Waitress a sheepish look, “Fancy turn of phrase

that. Killer shadows.” He chuckled and handed her the folded bills.

<Sissy> swallows as she looks between them, and just nods softly. She brings a hand up in a gesture from her chin outward, and then makes a motion to cover her ears briefly. She does however accept the money gratefully and then goes over to give the bartender his share. He looked mean and she’d care not to anger that one.

::Maryska looked at Sissy and then at Henry as she settled into the seat, then leaned in to speak to him. “I thought most of the bar was supernatural…”

■► Cassian ◄■ slipped out of the Trill to go do Tremereing elsewhere.

Martin looks over at Maryska and Henry a moment, then off toward Sissy and the bartender, he shakes his head faintly to himself.

<Henry> was slightly dissapointed that sign language wasn’t one that he knew, but he gave her a smile and nodded his understanding. Then he turned back to Maryska and chuckled, “I don’t know, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and I can not always tell who is what.” He spoke those words quietly, “Perhaps you are more skilled in this than I? It is… a breach of the way of things to speak so boldly. I would not wish that on the one I


<Henry> Sadly Henry missed cassian’s departure.

<Sissy> looks around for a moment after paying off the bartender, and ordering herself a frilly drink before going to sit at a table by herself.

::Maryska rolls her neck and takes a moment to sort of look Sissy over to see if she can recognize anything about her, scratching the back of her neck and making it appear that she’s not starring, easily done as the sunglasses she wears hides what she’s actually looking at anyway.:: “Yes, I suppose I should be more careful…I’m getting too lax.”

<Henry> follows Maryska’s look and watches the young lady sit and order a drink which had the unsettling effect of alerting him to the fact that she was not actually a member of the wait staff. “Oh my…” Henry’s cheeks burned in embarrassment, “Pardon me a moment, Ms Maryska. I do believe I owe that poor woman an apology.” He rose from his seat and quietly made his way over to the young woman’s table, not that it mattered since she

couldn’t hear. He placed a light hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

<Sissy> seems to notice Henry’s approach before he actually touches her and she looks over at him curiously, setting her drink on the table. She raises an eyebrow as she looks the older gentleman over for a moment.

Martin watches the goings on in silence from his own table, mildly amused.

::Maryska watches Henry do whatever he’s doing, but looks to the bar and goes up to get herself a whiskey, she then returns to her table after paying for it and settles back into her chair, crossing one leg over the other slinging an arm back, watching the other patrons that are here.::

<Henry> gives the woman a warm smile. The sort of smile the not only reaches the eyes but makes them crinkle in a way that says he was one to often smile and seldom not full of some sort of cheer, “I beg your pardon ma’am.” He bows his head in apology, “I am afraid I have made a grievous mistake my dear. I did not mean to mistake you for one of the staff, I hope I did not trouble you with my carelessness.”

<Sissy> smiles after studying his face for a moment and then nods. “Not a first. Besides, it bought my own drink to do you the favor.”, she says finally. “And forgive me, I had thought you were lost but the bartender seemed to know you.” Her accent is both faintly Slavic, and carries the tone of someone who can’t properly hear their own voice.

<Henry> was taken of guard by that and looked around the room briefly, “Lost? whyever would I be lost? Do I… look lost?”

Martin takes his notebook and stands up, walking over toward Maryska’s table. He watches the strange woman just bail out as he was about to ask her something, and he sighs and goes back to his seat once more.

Martin sighs. “Well fuck. I seem to have that effect on people.”

<Sissy> shakes her head a little bit at Henry. “Sorry. No, I suppose not.”

Martin grumbles a bit more to himself and then walks off, disappearing quickly once outside.

<Henry> supposed that was an answer, though it was a confusing answer, “Ah, well. My apologies again, Miss.” He stepped back and shook his head as he returned to his table only to find his drinking companion gone. The welshman blinked at the empty table in surprise. This was an odd night.

<Sissy> looks around for a moment and then moves over to Henry’s table to join him. “I know you tried to play it off, but you meant what you said earlier? You saw them?” She tucks her dark brown hair behind her right ear, which is covered in scars almost to her chin on that side.

<Henry> looks up as Sissy joins him, he’s very careful to only speak when she can see his lips, imagining that she was reading them to understand his words, “Ah… ” bloody hell, “The shadows?” He went a little pale and looked around the room, “I have experience with them. Entirely unpleasant.”

<Sissy> pales as well, having hoped there would not be a confirmation. “I did as well. Tip: they greatly dislike getting shot in the face with a flare.”

<Henry> Nodded and the corner of his lip twitched slightly, “I did not have a flare, or much of anything. Luckily a new friend saved me before it was too late, “You… angered the wrong person as well?”

<Sissy> bites on her lower lip in thought before nodding. “Not sure what it wanted with me to be honest. I do pyrotechnic work for outdoor shows so it was the only weapon I had, but effective. It dropped me and I had to go to the hospital.”

<Henry> Runs a hand through his hair, “I didn’t make it to the hospital… just to a warehouse, you were lucky.” He taps a nervous hand on a table, “Did you, by chance, have anything to do with missing children, or voodun items? Even in passing?”

<Sissy> shakes her head a little. “Not that I know of. This was a couple of years ago. I am guessing your encounter was more recent?”

<Henry> nods, “Oh yes. Quite recently and far too vivid in my mind. I am glad that you… didn’t meet a terrible end. Do you know many people here?”

<Sissy> shakes her head again. “I am not one to fall to darkness so easily, and appearently neither are you. No, recently moved here. But I usually work with bands and performers so I always get to see all sorts of places.”

<Henry> Smiles, “Well, welcome to New Orleans. I am afraid I must warn you that there are some dangerous sorts about that you should be aware of if you are here for a bit. Perhaps you’d be willing to meet with some friends of mine? They could give you more information, I am sort of still trying to figure things out myself.”

<Sissy> smiles a little. “There are dangerous sorts everywhere, but I thank you for the offer. Maybe I would not mind meeting them. I do not usually talk about this sort of thing often, bad luck. Draws it to you. But perhaps I can be some help myself. From what you said, it is not a good situation.”

<Henry> “From what I have seen, not talking about it did not save me from the danger. I am hoping that being informed could be a touch better for me.” Henry withdrew a card from his pocket and handed it to Sissy, “I am afraid that I have work in the morning, but please, contact me I am sure my friends could use any help you could give them. We are all in this together, it seems.”

<Sissy> takes the card and smiles, nodding. “Alright. I should be going too. My name is Sarha Horvath. Stay safe till we have a chance to meet again.”

<Henry> “You as well, my dear.” Henry would stand, giving the young lady a polite nod and then head out for the evening himself. Though, if she were leaving at the same time he would be a gentleman and walk her to her car.

<Sissy> lets him walk her to her car, thinking the gesture is sweet from the nice older man. At least he wasn’t pervy at all. She checks her back seat before starting up the car. Then she waves goodnight to him before driving off.