Dan wanders the streets of New Orleans aimlessly, sipping occasionally from an oversized travel cup. He eventually finds himself near the gunshop he’d visited a while back and decides to pop in to see how things are going.

<Jonas> has the hair metal cranked up in his shop tonight and has some metal pieces clipped in a stand with a large magnifying glass over them as he works with a small precision file. He’s constantly consulting a small piece of paper on his work surface after filing a bit and then checking with a micrometer.

Dan will walk in, but wait until Jonas seems to be at a decent breaking point before disturbing him. He is keenly aware how annoying it is to be interrupted in the middle of deep concentration at work.

<Jonas> doesn’t break his concentration as the little bell sounds when the door opens. After the filing is done he looks up for a second and nods to Dan, “One sec.” He then checks his work with the micrometer and nods before looking up again, “Hey. I remember you. What’s up?”

[[ Current song on the speakers is Ratt’s Round and Round. ]]

<Dan> I was just in the area and figured I’d stop by, see how things are going. You know a CNC mill would probably be more precise for that.

<Jonas> “Oh, I have access to some of that stuff for certain jobs. This, however, is a labor of love and deserves a personal touch. These parts are going into Colt Peacemakers from the 1800s.”

<Dan> Yeah, that was back before we split they came up with that one. I know my history some. Good design, way ahead of its time, obviously. Like the 1911. But those are over a hundred fifty and one hundred years old respectively. Time for something more modern I think.

<Jonas> nods, “The 1911 works so well and is an indisputable classic of firearms engineering. I have one that I rather enjoy taking the range. A Kimber. These parts were a custom order so they’re getting the full treatment.” He sets down his tools before walking over to the front counter, but not behind it, “So shall we talk again about what I can do for you?”

<Dan> Sounds good. I was thinking of a full full custom order. Hand or machine crafted. I’m a machine guy but you’re the expert here. A special cartridge that we’ll make, big heavy round but an even bigger spring so you get a fast cycle rate. I’m working with Katie on some state of the art metallurgy for it, plus methods of keeping it from breaking down. Basically the goal is a very accurate piece with a big round and high

rate of fire. I want it all.

<Jonas> “She’s helped get me some metal. What size cartridge are you looking for?”

<Jonas> “So far it kinda sounds like you want a Grendel.”

<Dan> A Grendel? I don’t know what that is. Well, besides the Beowulf reference. And as for cartridge size, I’m not really sure. I want something that can really pack a punch, and also something we can reload ourselves and make even better in various ways. Be it silver rounds, higher power, depleted uranium core, etc.

<Jonas> “It’s an AR platform but with a 6.5mm round. Unless you want bigger and then we are talking about the Beowulf.”

<Jonas> “The Beowulf is a .50 in AR-style.”

<Dan> Hmmm, probably I need two weapons. A long rifle and a pistol. The long rifle in .50 sounds good, but how well does the internal damping system reduce the kick with the smaller stock? And does it have swappable barrels on it for different needs? I need to think more on my long gun needs here.

<Jonas> “I’m very open to discuss weapon possibilities for your needs as long as you’re clear on what those needs are. Legality doesn’t come into play until I’m about to sell you something.”

<Jonas> “So, a .50 cal rifle is easily do-able. You need a short range weapon with maximum punch as well. Another .50 is possible and common in the Desert Eagle, but something tells me you want more than that.”

«~Daedalus~» A moment later, and he’d walk into the shop. Upon hitting the wall of sound, he’d pause for a moment, brining a hand up to his ears, before he adjusted.. at least as much as he could, after a moment. He’d look around the room, taking in the surroundings, before his eyes settled on Jonas and Dan. Given the two appeared to be talking.. he’d.. linger in

the background for a time, waiting for a turn to speak.

<Dan> Well, .50AE may be ok, especially if we can reload it into a higher powered cartridge. Like a +P for 9mm. Just make the gun able to handle it and we’ll make up some special rounds, but then it can also fire regular ones as well. Because we tend to be somewhat limited in how many special rounds we can cook up.

<Jonas> looks over as Dae comes through the door and nods to him to at least show him he’s recognized, but then looks back at Dan, “How much power are we talking about here? I need to make sure the chamber and barrel can take the pressure unless you want it looking like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon when you squeeze the trigger.”

<Dan> Trying to avoid the Bugs Bunny effect, yes. I was thinking somewhere on the order of 25-50% more power out the round from a combination of a heavier bullet, different materials, and more a more even powder burn.

<Jonas> “Well, we can use something harder than steel for a chamber and barrel, easily, with added cost. I’m assuming price isn’t a limiting factor?”

<Dan> Not overly, no. Not since Google bought out my first company.

<Jonas> “You’re not shitting me, are you? Google bought your company?” He just blinks accepting it at face value for a few seconds to gauge Dan’s reaction.

<Dan> Yeah, they wanted the routing technology I developed. Made it into Google Maps. Guess it worked out pretty well for them.

«~Daedalus~» He’d give Dan a once over after acknowledging Jonas, before his attention drew towards the furnance in the back, and then all the surrounding work-tables. He’d begin to wander towards the equipment, a bit curious as to its purpose, given he didn’t see any anvils nearby.

<Jonas> “Now you’re talking Greek to me. I have a router upstairs and that’s about all I know about ’em.” He’d start watching Dae while still giving Dan most of his focus, “Okay, so the rifle I’m sure I can manage. Have you ever seen a Beowulf cartridge before?”

<Dan> I have not.

<Jonas> nods, “Wait here.” He heads toward the door in the back marked ‘Private’ while paying close attention to where Dae is what he’s looking at. He disappears for about 90 seconds before coming back out and heading right back toward Dan while trying to gauge how far Daedalus moved while he was out of sight.

«~Daedalus~» By this time, he had begun to move past the tables and towards the furnance; it was about the only thing that really interested him in the shop.. at least for the moment.

<Jonas> heads back to Dan and drops a 5.56mm and a Beowulf cartridge onto the small cloth on the counter, “Here you go. Clear as day comparison.”

<Dan> Yeah, pretty clear. So in an AR formfactor that seems to have a lot more punch. Heavier bullet as well I assume.

<Jonas> nods to Dan but his eyes are on Dae, “Totally. Beowulf is about a 375 grain bullet.”

<Jonas> “We can tailor that, though. Hollow points, penetrators, whatever your pleasure.”

<Dan> Hmmm, I wonder if I could make a round that was both. A penetrator tip but then behind that it would frag. Maybe something about needing the consistency of.. uh.. ballistics genetin .. to trigger the break.

<Jonas> “Best of both worlds. I carry Starfire ammo. We can do something similar. It’s basicall a hollow point that’s filed internally into 5 flangers so that when it expands it’s like a spinning starfish. No armor and you’re fucked. The catch is that in the base of the lead is a steel pin so if you’re armored you’re still fucked.”

<Jonas> grins, “I don’t play.”

«~Daedalus~» He doesn’t move to touch anything.. that would be rude. For now, he simply observes the furnance at a distance. After looking at it for long enough, he eventually begins to wander back towards the front of the shop.

<Jonas> speaks to Dan but is obviously focused on Dae right now as he meanders hiw way about his workshop.

<Dan> Sounds good. And maybe could swap out the steel pin for something with better penetration characteristics.

<Jonas> “Tungsten, maybe?”

<Jonas> watches as Dae walks back toward the counter where he and Dan are.

<Dan> Yeah, Tungsten, depleted uranium, something that will do the trick. and maybe set the fins so they break off and bounce around inside when the penetrator exits.

<Jonas> “Filing the jackets will help the soft core fragment. Easily do-able. If you want DU that’ll be a little hard for me to work with, with my present tools. Katie mentioned reinforcing the furnace. I’m guess you guys are gonna make sure I can work the metal you need, right?”

<Dan> Yes, and possibly provide some materials of our own. Some things may be tricky as to who does what but I’m sure we’ll work it all out.

<Jonas> “If you guys have the materials and are willing to invest the time and energy into making sure I can work ’em I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

<Dan> I’m sure we can make this all work out just fine.

<Dan> And I’ll probably handle my own optics and control system on it, maybe would be nice at least on the long gun to have it able to take an electronic firing signal in addition to the trigger. Maybe on the pistol too if we can make it small enough.

<Jonas> “Okay, so an electric trigger. That’ll be something new but I’m sure I can manage it.”

Yeah, I may have some computers doing calculations for optimal firing time and decision. But also should still work the old fashioned way.

<Dan> Yeah, I may have some computers doing calculations for optimal firing time and decision. But also should still work the old fashioned way.

<Jonas> “Okay, so wait now. You want like an exposed contact for your link or something? are we talking like a Cyberpunk Smartlink?”

<Dan> Something like that, yeah. Can be pretty simple really, get an electronic signal of a certain voltage and duration, release firing pin. No fancy feedback needed really about the number of rounds and all that. At least in this version.

<Jonas> “I can handle simple electronics based on another project. I think I can do that. You wanna use a standard connector like a USB type A for the link for now?”

<Dan> Whatever connector is easiest for you, though Microusb or USB C on the weapon end might make more sense.

<Jonas> blinks, “I think I can manage that. I guess everything these days is C, right?”

<Jonas> looks at Dae again and then back to Dan, “So I think some planning needs to happen. Are we good on that for now? I have another customer that I don’t want to ignore for too much longer.”

<Dan> Well, I guess. I tend to use custom things with more bandwidth, but this doesn’t need much. And of course, sorry for keeping you.

<Jonas> shakes his head, “Nonono, it’s cool. It’s jsut we’ve been talking since he walked in and all and I wanna give him some time because I want his money, too. Gotta keep the lights on and all.” He grins and looks at Dae, “Evening, sir. What can I do for you?”

«~Daedalus~» Turning his attention back to Jonas, and away from the myriad workbenches and tools, he begins to speak, “.. Greetings; you are a smith of sorts, yes?”

<Jonas> looks at Dan, then back at Dae and nods slowly, “Sort of, yes? Do you need something made?”

Dan wanders around looking at the stock now and pondering options, while also listening to the following discussion

«~Daedalus~» “Aye; I was wondering of your price of steel? Though I am a slight curious as to your.. lack of all forge-related tools, I would say. To be clear; I do not mean to say that there is a complete lack.. just.. a slight lack.”

<Jonas> “Well, if you’re to be a customer of mine we need to talk about what exactly it is that you desire. Talk to me about the tool you need made and leave no detail out. None.”

«~Daedalus~» “.. Details. Perhaps a leather-wrapped grip.. hand-and-a-half, double-edged, .. damascus steel if such is possible?”

<Jonas> blinks, “You want a sword, then?”

«~Daedalus~» “Aye, I do… Though by your lack of proper.. tools, I would surmise it is not your.. speciality, as it were.”

<Jonas> “I certainly work with metal, but I don’t think I make the sorts of things you’re looking for. My weapons would kill at a distance.”

«~Daedalus~» “.. Unfortunate. I realized it was possibly.. a long shot, as it were, to appoach you with such a thing, taking in mind your current tools, but I had to try.”

Dan looks over to Daedalus. I know a sword guy actually if that’s what you’re looking for. Though he tends to the Japanese end of the spectrum.

<Jonas> looks between Dan and Dae, “Yeah, I’m out of my depth here if you’re talking about something like a katana. I’m sure I could forge something like that but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

«~Daedalus~» He turns to Dan, “While the blade and style may be different.. perhaps we would be able to work something out.. either way, I would thank you for your assistance in such a manner, for.. options, as they are, are rather limited.”

<Jonas> “Yeah, not really gonna get a sword out of this shop. Now, if you wanted to fill someone full of bullets from anywhere between 20 to 2500 meters I’m your guy.”

<Dan> Well, give me your number, I’ll get in touch with my guy and see if he’s interested. I think he’s on the pricier side of things though, apparently has family history from Japan and everything. He’s kinda old school.

«~Daedalus~» “.. I am afraid I, at this time, have no such ‘number’. .. At times, I visit a gathering point, .. though admittedly not as often as I likely should, but otherwise I know not how else to get in contact with you.”

<Jonas> remains silent at this point and just pays attention to Dan and Dae as they talk in his shop.

<Dan> Well, then that makes things tricky. Who doesn’t have a phone, but can pay for a sword? Huh… *Dan looks deep at Daedalus for a second* Hmmm. I’m not sure how to get you in touch then.

«~Daedalus~» “I suppose I shall have to visit this location in.. tandem with yourself, until I have such a thing.. or we figure something out there, for it as you say; tis a difficult situation.”

<Jonas> yawns a little, “I think it’s just about time to close up shop here, gentlemen. Is there anything else I can do for you guys tonight?”

<Dan> I think that’s all for now. Mr… I didn’t catch your name? We can meet up any time you say I guess, I’ll try to bring him along then.

<Jonas> “Jonas Green. My cards are on the counter and you’re welcoem to call any time and please encourage your friends to if they need firearms work done.”

<Dan> I meant him *he points at the other guest in the room*

<Jonas> “Oh.. right. I’m tired, sorry.”

<Dan> No worries. You should also know, that guy is one of your people. If you hadn’t figured it out yet.

<Jonas> nods, “Oh, I knew. He and I have a date in the swamp. Apparently he needs flying lessons.”

«~Daedalus~» “.. My name is Daedalus; might I ask as to your own, in such a regard?” Though as Dan says that, his face becomes a slight impassive, “.. While we are within.. a possibly safe area, was saying such out loud, wise?”

<Dan> I’m Dan. And this place is safe enough, given other things I’ve said and how vague that comment was.

<Jonas> “Daedalus, you’re in my house. This is my home. If anyone threatens a guest in my home they better have they’re runnin’ shoes on and be faster than bullets. Lots of them.”

<Jonas> smiles, “Are we clear?”

[[ Damnit, their. I’m tired. ]]

«~Daedalus~» “Very well. As to.. related subjects, ” His eyes would drift over to Jonas for a moment, “We are clear on the subject of your house. However, we shall see which one of us is capable of flight, when that time comes.”

<Jonas> makes an odd gesture, “Insert posturing comment here.”

<Dan> Huh, I should learn to fly at some point, that sounds useful. For now though I just book first class.

<Jonas> nods, “I could throw you like a paper airplane but I don’t think it’d work out too well.”

<Dan> I hear the trick is to throw yourself at the ground and miss, but I never quite got the knack.

<Jonas> smiles at Dae, “I’ll have to remember that.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d give a slight smirk in response, “We shall indeed see if you enjoy flight; for I am certain it is not the flight you are imagining.”

<Jonas> smirks right back, “Insert another posturing comment here.”

<Jonas> “I think it’s time for the smithy to close te doors at this point, gents. Thanks for coming by and I’m sure we’ll all be in touch soon.”

<Dan> Of course. Have a good evening gentlemen. *he heads out onto the street, again drinking from his travel cup*

«~Daedalus~» With a nod, he’d move to head on out as well, “Be well, I suppose we shall speak again soon.. either of you.”

<Jonas> smiles and nods, “I’ll catch you guys later.” He waits for them to head out and then locks up the front door before pulling the blinds and killing the lights inside.