<Zoelie> gets her bag together and goes downstairs

Katie yawns and comes out of her workshop, there is some sort of imprint on her cheek where she fell asleep on the equipment. Her coveralls are covered in grease and scorch marks.

<Zoelie> checks to see if anybody else is around in the chantry while getting ready to go. looks up as katie comes in. “Bonnlematin, Katie. Did you absorb any new knowledge?”

Katie grumbles and rubs her cheek. “Actually… that could be possible. You could have yout mind active while sleeping and still absorb understanding of things you are in contact with. Learning by osmosis.”

<Zoelie> “I definitely tested that theory in college. But it was with books not…uhhh…is that a pattern of a wrench or what?”

Katie laughs as she gets herself a thermos of coffee. “Yeah… So what’re you up to?”

<Zoelie> “Getting ready to head out to the aquarium, see how our friend Elena’s doing?”

<Zoelie> “You should come.”

Katie tilts her head and tries to recall who this person is, finally she shrugs. “Sure. Who is that?”

<Zoelie> “She’s a water elemental. Met her a few weeks ago, then she came by and met Cassian and the others. Thought you were here too but I could be wrong.”

Katie takes a drink of her coffee and nods. “I may have been but between working on stuff and there being like a bizillion people about it is hard to keep track if i have not had actual interactions with them.”

<Zoelie> nods “I know the feeling. Some people are good at that stuff, but I have to take notes.” taps her tablet with her fingernails.

Katie laughs and nods, looking down at her clothes and then shrugging and heading for the door. “Okay, lets go then. I got my coffee.”

<Zoelie> “Right on. I’ll call the lyft.”

<Zoelie> “Not catching it here though, going to tell them to pick us up around the corner

Katie waves a hand. “Oh no. I’ll drive. There is no around the corner. Unless we want to walk a mile or so toward town.”

<Zoelie> “Alright, and yeah I guess that’s what I meant.”

<Zoelie> puts her phone away and will head out with Katie.

<Zoelie> will give her some directions to the place

Katie drives out there to the Aquarium, allowing Zoelie to give her directions instead of just letting the car do it, since she went through the trouble.

<Zoelie> heads into the aquarium and pays the admission fees for them. She dons her spectacles and goes looking through the exhibits trying to spot Elena while just gathering data.

}Elena Selune{ is just coming out of her show, hair still wet as she comes around from the back, pausing to look into the shark tank before turning back and spotting Zoelie. “Oh Hello again.”

<Zoelie> smiles as Elena emerges. “Hey there, Elena. How’ve you been? This is my friend Katie, we have some things in common.”

Katie follows Zoelie, looking around here and there, raising an eyebrow at the sharks for a moment before nodding to Elena. “Hey.”

}Elena Selune{ smiles and nods to Katie as well. “I am doing well. Nice to meet you, Katie.”

<Zoelie> “Too bad Sparks didn’t take you up on the job around here. It looks like fun.”

}Elena Selune{ smirks. “Oh, she did. She might even be around here somewhere. But we generally do not cross paths.”

Katie looks over and listens, not sure who that person is either so she just remains quiet.

<Zoelie> looks happily surprised “Well that’s good news, haven’t seen her around in a while so good to hear she’s getting out and doing something.”

<Zoelie> “I mean I wonder if she and katie even met yet, and she suppose to be staying with us.”

Katie grins at that and pulls her coffee out and takes a drink before putting it back into a holder inside of her labcoat. “Well, I do spend most of that time in the garage lately.”

}Elena Selune{ nods softly and sits on the edge with her back to the large tank. “Just doing the same thing over and over isn’t healthy. And yes, Sparks is… odd, but seems to mean well.”

<Zoelie> nods “Yeah I guess you could say that about a lot of us.”

<Zoelie> “So do you like…perform or something, Elena?”

}Elena Selune{ tilts her head a bit and then nods. “Oh! You were not with them when they came to see my show before. Yes. I do a mermaid show here, swimming with the sharks and rays. I wear fake gills but the kids love the webbed hands. The tail is fake too but I have learned to swim with it on effectively.”

<Zoelie> chuckles “Sorry I missed that!”

Katie glances back at the tank again, eyeing the sharks. “You swim, in there with those?”

}Elena Selune{ glances back over her shoulder and nods. “Yeah. They are well fed, so they don’t bother me. And the fact I can breathe water helps, though i disappear now and then to the magic bubbles so normal people don’t realize that.”

<Zoelie> “Yeah swimming with sharks would be a big nope for me.”

<Zoelie> “No wonder everybody gets a thrill.”

Katie shakes her head a little bit, taking a half step back anyway when one of them swims by the glass. “Yeah… nope. I am pretty sure i am an air-breathing land creature and do not belong in the water.”

<Zoelie> “The beach was fun though.”

<Zoelie> “Just crazy Elenas in the surf, nothing with fangs.”

}Elena Selune{ chuckles faintly. “Ah, yes. The spirits out there were acting strangely and I need water to pass across the barrier.”

Katie looks over and listens. “Hmm, that’s interesting. But I suppose it makes sense. As for the spirits, also not my forte.”

<Zoelie> “And are they still? Acting strange?”

}Elena Selune{ pauses, then nods. “They are, but I will have to see about it after the Eclipse. Right now the Umbra is very active.”

<Zoelie> “Oh yeah the eclipse is tomorrow. Everybody in the bible belt sure it’s armageddon.”

}Elena Selune{ takes that in, and then shrugs it off. “Well, it will have some effect in those who have Luna’s blessing. Though we are far enough from it that it will not be as noticible here.”

Katie hears that and frowns. “Oh no. Ethan. Shit.”

<Zoelie> frowns, her playful expression melts. “What? Ethan could be in trouble?”

Katie nods her head. “It’d be like having an extra full moon. Not sure how that works for sure… but, we should talk to him before then. He might want to go to his room, just in case.”

<Zoelie> nods “Yeah, having a full moon in the middle of the day…seems like it shouldn’t be such a big deal I mean it’s gonna be like…for 3 minutes…”

}Elena Selune{ listens, looking a bit back and forth. “What are we talking about?”

<Zoelie> “We have a friend who’s uhhhhh blessed by Luna.”

Katie almost chokes on her coffee. “I guess that is a way of putting it. Only three minutes… I can think of a lot of damage that can be done in that short a time.”

<Zoelie> “Yeah and well…it’s not just Ethan we gotta be concerned about…”

<Zoelie> “It’s the other one that killed Amy.”

}Elena Selune{ listens, tilting her head. “Are we talking of shapeshifters? It usually does not make them freak out.”

<Zoelie> “It doesn’t? Well…ours does but he’s got reasons. And this other one, well…he’s a corrupt piece of trash. I wouldn’t put it past him to be waiting on something like this to do something even worse than he already has.”

<Zoelie> “I mean, if the eclipse increases their power…”

}Elena Selune{ listens, and nods. “Oh, the corrupted one took one of yours? I am sorry. I have been trying to repair some of the damage it has done along the river but have not encountered it head on. Which is for the best if it is a Tainted Garou. I would not stand a chance.”

Katie’s alarm starts going off in her pocket and she yanks out her phone. “Oh, oh no. This is bad. I uh… I gotta go. Issue at the garage. Uhm, message me if you need a ride back, okay?”, she doesn’t even wait for an answer as she bolts for the doors.

<Zoelie> nods “Yeah that thing is nasty. Pretty sure it’s got some kinda grudge.”

<Zoelie> shakes her head “Oh well.”

}Elena Selune{ watches Katie go and blinks. “Well, that sounds exciting.”

<Zoelie> smirks “It’s probably something that will blow up the garage.”

}Elena Selune{ shakes her head. “That certainly would be exciting. So what have you been up to?”

<Zoelie> shrugs “Just the usual, studying and trying to be helpful where I can.”

<Zoelie> “Not a whole lot of time for just going to the beach and such.”

<Zoelie> “What about you, you just been working?”

}Elena Selune{ nods her head in agreement. “I understand. Luckily I enjoy my work and it serves a dual purpose. I strive to educate and remove human fear of misunderstood predators such as these sharks.”

<Zoelie> smirks “Not sure how you get people to be less afraid of sharks…I mean you can watch shark week all you want it don’t mean you ready to get in the cage and be lowered iunto the ocean with them.”

}Elena Selune{ laughs and puts a hand on the glass of the tank. “They don’t have to do that… just stop killing them off by the thousands because there’s no reason to care about something like that because it’s just a scary monster.”

}Elena Selune{ “For every human killed by sharks, ten thousand sharks are killed by humans.”

<Zoelie> “I believe that, actually.”

<Zoelie> “Kinda like everything else in this world.”

}Elena Selune{ nods in agreement and turns back to Zoelie. “That is true. Most humans aren’t even aware of the damage they cause.”

<Zoelie> “You give them an excuse, when the people who are aware of it try to tell them, they deliberately turn away. People are afraid of anyone more aware, more perceptive than they are.”

}Elena Selune{ “Yeah. Or anyone who is different.”, she says as she studies her webbed hand briefly. “I have no doubts that people only tolerate me because they believe me fake.”

<Zoelie> winces visibly “I wish you were wrong. But freak shows wouldn’t make any money if you were.”

}Elena Selune{ “So how are the others? I suppose I could come by there sometime.”

<Zoelie> “They seem to be ok. Why don’t you come by tomorrow, I’ll pick up some stuff for dinner.”

}Elena Selune{ nods and smiles. “Sure. I’d like that.”

<Zoelie> “What do you like to eat besides fish tacos?”

}Elena Selune{ chuckles. “I prefer fish in general to other meat, or frogs. I know a few places that cook up some frogs legs. Other than that I eat a lot of vegetables.”

<Zoelie> “Alright I know a great place I can get some shrimps and crabs and haddock and if you wanna bring a salad or something that’d be good.”

}Elena Selune{ smiles and nods. “That will work. I will see you tomorrow then.”

<Zoelie> “Alright Elena! Have fun with the rest of your shift!”

<Zoelie> will call a lyft to come get her and drop her off a mile from the chantry lol so she can walk the rest of the way back

}Elena Selune{ nods and waves. “Thanks. You have a good afternoon.”