<Shotgun> sits across from Zane in the U-shaped booth at the back of the bar, talking quietly. The rest of the bar is noisily bustling about like always, with bikers here and there playing pool, cards, and darts.

<Esmond Westley> was back from wherever? who really knows, his memory of London was particularly foggy and he was after the one person who could set it kind of straight for him. Politely stomping out his cigarette at the door and then immediately lighting another when he gets through the door he spots that old cowgirl that makes him feel a modicum of safe and scared all at once.

Approaching her in her booth and taking a seat opposite. “Howdy”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at Esmond and scoots out of the way, growing quiet and curious and certainly not in a position to interupt.

<Shotgun> smiles as she sees Esmond, nodding to him. “Welcome back, Esmond. I am glad to see you again.”

<Esmond Westley> coughs mostly for appearances sake, giving zane a little nod, memory as fuzzy as it was he still remembered that unnecessary excitement seemed to follow that man. “I think I’m glad to be back, although I can sorta sense that time has rolled on without me here. Would it be presumptious of me to ask if either of you two wants to give me the good and bad news?” he asked,

eyes darting between them both observantly.

<Shotgun> nods, watching him for a few moments before speaking. “Well, we have a new nest of snakes. They have a pet werewolf, some corrupted thing. Good news is that there are other allies about, some strange but helpful nevertheless.”

<Esmond Westley> winces a little at the mention of ‘werewolf’ if you want a dog, why not get a dog? shifting in his seat a little he blinks slowly to drink in the info. “I guess I’m going to have to be the St. Paddy of this town and drive the snakes out of New Orleans again. When you say strange though… I don’t think you’re talking about mowing their lawn at midnight strange are you?”

he was happy to spout mouthful after mouthful, he was starting to get that familiar home feeling or at least an echo of what that felt like when he was alive.

<Shotgun> teeters her hand a bit, but her expression is thoughtful. “Well… some of them are Mages. Basically human, but they can do things you would not easily believe. They can move around during the day so that has been a great help, and they are perfectly capable of defending themselves.”

<Esmond Westley> blinks slowly to drink the info in, Mages were never a fun time was one thing he had heard in London. then again he was bad at making friends so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep them at arms reach. “Wouldn’t it be easier to employ ghouls for such work? Maybe the isle has rubbed off on me more than I thought but the idea seemed pleasant and they’re reliable and dependent”

he states, tapping an old beer bottle for an ashtray.

<Shotgun> shakes her head at that and adjusts her hat. “The snakes crossed these Mages, attacked them. So they are on our side. Just don’t piss them off, some of them do have the ability to turn you into lawn furniture.”

<Esmond Westley> does smile, his stony expression moving an inch or two. “You say that like I’d make a bad set of lawn darts” he jokes, taking another drag and leaning back in the chair. “Let’s change the channel, anything else new apart from mages and snakes and the big bad wolf?” he probed, brows furrowing a little at a display of poor manners from some non important biker behind her.

<Shotgun> nods faintly at that and adjusts the ring on her finger in deep thought. “There is more, but that can wait. There are a few more of us. The apartment is still open to you. Cora has recently gone back there. Santiago and Cassian I am sure you will meet eventually. They are also working for me.”

<Esmond Westley> nods to that, with him being gone it was only right that she bring in new ranch hands. His gaze followed the ring but again met her eyes. “New pups huh? I sure hope my room is left the way it is, I’m not spending another few months tracking down all my old stuff”

<Shotgun> chuckles faintly. “Well, I think Cora left your room alone, everything should be there. Santiago has been there from time to time though. Cassian stays at the Chantry with the other Tremere. He’s a bit of an odd duck, but i think you two will get along.”

<Esmond Westley> “It might be narcissistic to think that Cora missed me, I did sort of abandon her in the middle of a job to fly off to the land of Kings and Castles. I’m honestly glad to hear that she’s still kickin’ the run ins before I left were near fatal for her at times.” Esmond is a wind bag right now, he was hoping that somewhere deep down Lynn didn’t mind the fourth degree.

<Shotgun> smirks and then glances once at Zane before getting up. “Your car is still in one piece too, in my garage. I didn’t let Cora take it. You’ll get back into things. You don’t have to jump right back into it.”

“Oh but I do, I bought my snorkel.” He again jokes, the only characteristic of his he found most Ventrue lacked. “Thank you for taking care of her, she’s a good gal and I was worried Cora might show too much of a good time.” he checks his watch while speaking and stands up himself, taking it as a cue for the pow wow to be over.

<Shotgun> smirks and lights up a clove before heading out herself. “Take care. I’ll see you again soon.”

<Esmond Westley> salutes Zane and waves after her. Taking his exit as well to get back to his usual past time of wandering the streets of NOLA and chainsmoking. Ready to get the leather of his shoes dirty and find a cheap meal, maybe a petty thief would do for the night.