<Ashe> Walked into the trill, this time trying to look a little bit more like he belonged. At least in so much as the short Asian man really could. He wore black jeans and boots with shiny buckles and a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket. Biker’s did wear black and leather afterall. Ok, he probably looked like a poser, but he did kind of like the jacket and boots. His hair was tied back at the nape of his neck, as usual. The

young mage made his way to a table to set himself down and wait for his date. A small box was set on the table with a single red rose as he fidgetted like a nervous high school student.

::Maryska came into the Trill a little while later, she was wearing her riding boots, a pair of denim jeans, a t-shirt, leather coat with a denim vest over top, wearing the mountaineering sunglasses, her blond hair tied back as she see’s Ashe and smiles a bit and heads over to his table. “Well, hello there.”

<Sissy> walks into the bar and takes a long look around before making her way over to the bar, taking a seat on a stool there and pointing out some bottles of beer, and paying for them before sipping one as she looks around quietly.

<Ashe> stands as Maryska walks in, smiling as she heads over to the table. He doesn’t miss a beat as he leans in to bashfully kiss her cheek and pull out a chair, “Hello to you too. Tell me, what is a beautiful lady like you doing in a place like this.” He moved around to his own chair and sat down and gently nudged the flower and box towards her. Of course it was a box of chocolate because that was what you got pretty girls, “I uh…

got you something.”

::Maryska looked at the box and the rose after the kiss on the cheek, the pleasant words spoken to her, she returns the kiss to the cheek and smiles.:: “Nice words, and a lovely gift.” ::She looks inside the box and the smile gets a little wider.:: “Chocolate, a wonderful gift, and a rose to go with it.” ::She looked Ashe over.:: “Nice outfit, is this a new look you’re going for?”

<Ashe> fidgetted as the gifts were accepted and then breathed a sigh of pleasant relief, “I’m glad you like it. I asked what I should get on one of those dating forums and this was… the least offensive suggestion.” He winced, that might ruin the sentiment, but Ashe was trying. He held out his hands and looked down at himself, “I was trying to fit in, fly casual, look like… a biker. I think I did somewhat ok?”

::Maryska smiled and nodded.:: “You look like you’ve seen a bike from the sidewalk at least, look, Ashe, the best person to be, is yourself, trying to act like someone you’re not, gets you called out faster, if a biker thinks you’re a poser, they’ll pick on you faster.” ::she sits down with him and looks at the box and rose.:: “I love that you tried hard to find something, and the chocolate is always a way to a girls heart.”

she looks up at him and pulls one from the box and eats it. “I prefer a man to be themselves.” ::she licks her lips and closes the box top.:: “This is all great, and it shows you want to work hard, but while we date, we’ll learn about eachother, good first gifts, but as time goes on, you’ll know exactly what kind of things I like.”

<Sissy> finishes her beer and gets up, walking around and taking a look at what else the place has to offer. Darts, pool, people playing cards. She chuckles faintly.

<Ashe> grins sheepishly, “Well, in my defense I am trying to figure out who I am after ending up in this place. I… kind of like the jacket though. I think it could be me. I feel a little bad ass dressed like this.” Sometimes it was just nice to feel that sense of confidence that some clothing imparted. “I don’t suppose you’ll put up with me while I figure out the person I am?” He had a general idea, but this world was largely new and

it had challenged his beliefs and perceptions. Given the environment and the clientele of the bar, Ashe pauses a moment to look at the woman wandering around.

O_o but I will lose my background information!

::Maryska looks up at the woman and follows her with her eyes for a moment and the looks back to Ashe.:: “You are who you are, you just haven’t realized it yet.” ::she smirks and orders herself a beer, and her attention is returned to the man she’s taken interest in.:: “To answer your question though, yes, I’ll stick around while you figure yourself out, it’s a continuing growing experience for some.”

<Sissy> gets a few looks here and there, as she is dressed just casually, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She continues to walk around, and watches people playing pool or darts.