<CoraAnn> has been fairly subdued the last couple of days but finally is ready to get out of the apartment and get back to things. She goes with Vaclava, hardly having left her side at all.

<<Vaclava>> has actually kept her eye on CoraAnn and tried to get her to talk in a gentle way but accepts it if CoraAnn seems unwilling. She will check her aura with auspex though.

■► Cassian ◄■ meanders into the Trill with a more brisk pace than usual perhaps, though he seemed to be in a fine mood and didn’t really have a mission. He was just…faster for some reason.

<Henry> almost runs into the door as he tries to keep pace with the quickly moving kindred. Dear God, he needed to get in better shape.

*Katarina* casually saunters up to the entrance and pulls Henry back before he gets a broken nose. “Careful, kiddo.”

<Henry> looked a bit askance. He was a middle aged man and he didn’t think he looked that youthful…. perhaps it was a turn of phrase, “Oh… thank you… yes. Doors are troublesome…” But he was distracted, keeping half an eye on Cassian.

*Katarina* looks to be in her early/mid-twenties, with brown hair and Eastern European features. “You’re welcome, mang. So, why are we trying to run into doors, anyway? Bad day?”

■► Cassian ◄■ slid into a seat, since he had no reason to really order a drink. His fingers occasionally drummed out some random song beat now and then softly against the table top. “Hello Katarina, Vaclava, Cora..” He waved. “This is Henry, in case you don’t know. He’s my assistant.”

*Katarina* “Hey, Cass.” There may have been a slight pause before she said Cass, though.

<<Vaclava>> is starting to feel the pull of the thirst so takes cora hunting. probably waited a bit too long as she was a little too aggressive and her prey fell down some stairs with her. she decides it’s enough for now and drags cora to the trill.

<Henry> waved a hand at Cassian, “Well, I was trying to keep up with Cassian. However, he seems to be rather spry tonught and I am not.” Now that Cassian was finally sitting, Henry straightened his suit and let out a relieved sigh, “It is, however, a pleasure to meet you miss.”

<CoraAnn> goes along, after talking a bit and getting stuff off her chest she does seem a little better… her feeling that Vaclava is more understanding than Cassian on the matter.

<<Vaclava>> “good evfening, cassian, katarina…and a pleasure to meet your…assistant.”

<Henry> lifted an eyebrow. He supposed that assistant was like a name, “It is a pleasure, to meet you as well.” He offered to Vaclava

<<Vaclava>> had listened with calm concern to what coraann had told her the night before. she hugged her tenderly and did her best to control the rage that burned inside her, kept her voice modulated and empathetic when asking questions. but she was deeply furious and scheming vengeance.

*Katarina* “I guess that makes you the Doctor, eh?” She gives Cass a semi-cheeky grin before taking a seat in the group’s booth.

<<Vaclava>> smiles pleasnatly and offers her hand to henry

■► Cassian ◄■ “I am generally spry but I think tonight that fellow I had a drink from was kind of high.” He smirked, amused.

<CoraAnn> sits beside Vaclava at the table and smiles a little, starting to look like her usual mischieveous self again. “Hey. Another one? How many assistants have you went through this year?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Are you trying to scare my new vassal already? I have not had another one yet since arriving here.” He smiled.

<Henry> groaned at Cassian, but at least it hadn’t been the book he’d dropped on the poor man’s head addling his brains, “I suppose that is transferable then?” Of course it was. With a polite smile he takes Vaclava’s hand to give it a polite shake, but slowly turns his head to Cora Anne with a nervous look, “Went through? Cassian saved my life. I would be quite dead if it were not for his actions.”

<<Vaclava>> raises eyebrows “Savfed your lifve? Vwhy, Cassian, you’re setting a trend, you hero.”

*Katarina* kicks her feet up. “Oh, did Snow White play the role of your Prince Charming?”

<<Vaclava>> giggles at katarina

<<Vaclava>> “I suppose Prince Charming is better than…the other.”

<CoraAnn> sticks her tongue out at Cassian and shrugs. “Oh well. Yeah, Cass is good at that. He’s good at lots of things.”

<Henry> just gapped. Snow white? Prince Charming? “I… he didn’t… what?” Cassian was a man. A rather good looking man, but Snow White? “He didn’t save me with a kiss!” Henry finally blurts.

*Katarina* snickers, leaning back in her seat.

*Katarina* “But he still saved you, though.”

<<Vaclava>> “Really? How disappointing…” she murmurs.

<CoraAnn> shrugs again. “Of course not, he’s not Zane.”, she snickers.

■► Cassian ◄■ “I think I totally warned you not to call me Snow White again.” He eyed Katarina. He seemed amused at Vaclava’s statement but he looked mildly annoyed at Katarina. “Do not wonder when revenge comes for you now, for you will know who it is from.”

■► Cassian ◄■ takes out his phone and texts someone somewhere.

*Katarina* “Old habits die hard? Sorry.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yup, me too.” He smirked.

<Henry> clears his throat and looks down at his hands as he mumbles something under his breath and tries not to look too embarrassed. “That he did, Miss and he did not have to. It would not have been unreasonable to leave me to the fate I earned.” Henry was very happy to be alive, but he knew damned well how close it had come.

<CoraAnn> coughs a bit and shakes her head. “he’s not sorry.”

*Katarina* “Of course he isn’t.”

*Katarina* is relaxed


<<Vaclava>> “But technically she didn’t…”

■► Cassian ◄■ “You’re right, I’m not. I gave you multiple warnings prior, after asking you to stop. My revenge will be glorious..in all its petty light.”

<<Vaclava>> “Anyvway…now I am curious vwhat you vwere doing to earn vfinal death, Henry…”

*Katarina* arches an eyebrow. “Oh, sweetie. You have no idea what you’ve started.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Henry had the unfortunate pleasure of telling a Lasombra the word ‘no’. They don’t get that word often enough.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Have you ever danced with a Tremere in the pale moon light?”

<Henry> wasn’t really keen on getting involved in the Snow White debacle. It was not a fitting name for his teacher, “Ah… and I threw an ill timed rock.” Or perhaps it was an aptly timed rock, depending on perspective.

■► Cassian ◄■ addresses that to Katarina.

<CoraAnn> shakes her head again and orders some tequila. “Yeah… I’ve had my fill of Sabbat and Setites for a while. I’ll go play with Anarchs now. Thanks.”

<<Vaclava>> tsks “So vwe hafve Lasombra here now too?”

<Henry> looked up at the mention of dancing in the moonlight, “Oh? Dancing? Will that be part of my lessons? I rather fancy ballroom dancing, though I mostly know it from the theatre.”

<Shotgun> walks into the Trill, giving a brief glance around before her eyes fall on the group in the back. She is in her usual attire, complete with hat and shit-kicking boots that by the expression on her face, she plans to use in the immediate furture.

<Henry> looked up in time to catch Shotgun’s look and swallowed before he gave Cassian a ‘please tell me we aren’t going to get into a fight’ sort of look. Henry didn’t want to have his ass kicked and that woman looked like she wanted a fight.

<<Vaclava>> claps her hands and sings softly, however you can manage to sing this softly, she does, “By the light of the moon you know there’s not another moment, Not another moment, Not another moment to waste..”

*Katarina* looks over at Lynn when she enters, giving the woman a slightly nervous look.

■► Cassian ◄■ fidgets, and cracks his knuckles. Damn cocaine was giving him extra energy and he was already a person that was energetic usually. He’d send a wave to Lynn though. “Greetings, Lynn.”

<<Vaclava>> her face lights up when she sees Lynn “Ah Shotgun!”

<CoraAnn> smiles a bit over at Vaclava, “That was lovely.”, she watches Lynn curiously and yet cautiously.

<<Vaclava>> smirks slightly at coraann “I thought it vwas appropriate, you hafve the better vfoice vfor that type ofv music, though.”

<Shotgun> looks at Henry for a moment, as he is the only one she doesn’t know before then nodding to Vaclava, Cassian, and Cora. Then her gaze turns to Katarina, and there is blood behind those baby blue eyes. “You. You best be on your very very best behaviour. And you set one sticky finger back into my home or own my property, and you’ll be joining the asshole we tried to save you

from on the other side. ”

*Katarina* nods, looking like a rabbit cught in the headlights. “Understood…..”


<Henry> Relaxed as Cassian seemed to know the woman, taking his cues from the hyper active Vampire. Maybe HEnry could find a way to channel Cassian’s energy into teaching him more later. That thought was cut off though at the not to subtle warning. His eyes going wider, if possible. At this rate they were just going to fall out of his head and onto the table.

<<Vaclava>> goggles at Shotgun and Katarina

<<Vaclava>> under her breath “Oh my.”

<<Vaclava>> “Katarina…I’m shocked. I didn’t know you knew Shotgun.”

*Katarina* looks at Vaclava. “Well….we met once or twice…”

<Shotgun> narrows her eyes. “And she was invited into my home, from which she stole things as a sign of her gratitude.”

<Henry> Was thankful that his eyes really couldn’t fall out of his head. He simply muttered something in a vague language under his breath.

■► Cassian ◄■ “You should -really- give that stuff back to her.”

*Katarina* “I….tomorrow. I’ll give it back tomorrow.”

<<Vaclava>> “Oh dear.” clicks her tongue. “Tsk. She has a problem, Shotgun, I’m sure she’s sorry…she should really apologize…”

*Katarina* “She really is sorry that she stole those things from you, and won’t steal anything from you again. On pain of death.”

<Henry> looked at Katarina, speaking in the third person as if she wasn’t herself or responsible for her own actions. He leans in to Cassian to whisper, “Is the young woman slightly mad?”

<CoraAnn> mutters, “Scared out of her damn mind more like it.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “No, she’s slightly caught and scared of Lynn, with good reason”, he’d whisper back.

<<Vaclava>> looks at katarina and then gives shotgun puppy dog eyes.

<Shotgun> doesn’t take her eyes off of Katarina. “She needs to be.”

<<Vaclava>> “Vwhatevfver she stole…she’ll return.”

<<Vaclava>> “Vwon’t you, Katarina?”

<Henry> just blinks. Yup, he was seeing it. The supernatural woman was giving the other puppy dog eyes. Somehow that seemed so wrong.

*Katarina* “She will. She promises.”

<Shotgun> nods and then glances to Vaclava. “Nice to see you again, Vaclava.”, she eyes Cora a moment, then Cassian. “Take whatever backup you think you will require to stomp out the snakes. Don’t leave anything behind. Burn everything.”

<Shotgun> turns and walks back out again, the local boys staying out of her way as she goes back to her jeep.

<<Vaclava>> smiles at shotgun gratefully “Ah, the plaisir is mine, Shotgun.”

<<Vaclava>> gives Katarina a look like yeah. you’re doing it.

<CoraAnn> makes a face and squeezes Vaclava’s hand lightly. “Well, she likes you. She is just in a really bad mood.”

*Katarina* nods in agreement.

<<Vaclava>> squeezes back and kisses CoraAnn’s cheek. “I don’t blame her.”

<Henry> frowned at looked at Cassian in confusion, “What was that all about? snakes? Burning? Who is that terrifying woman?”

<CoraAnn> looks at Henry and chuckles. “Our boss.”

<<Vaclava>> “That is Shotgun,” she says to Henry. “She’s not a vwoman to play games vwith.”

*Katarina* just slumps into her seat when Lynn leaves.

■► Cassian ◄■ would have nodded to Shotgun. “Understood.” He’d then turn his attention to the others after she walked out. He’d look back at Henry, who was asking the obvious questions. “Setites. They are a clan that deals with corruption and we’ve had issues with them lately. They need to be gone from our region. She is Lynn, aka Shotgun, aka what

Cora said.. she’s our boss.” He smirks.

<<Vaclava>> nods “Yes the Setites…vwhat is our plan?”

<CoraAnn> takes a long breath and a shot of tequila. “It’s not even Lynn’s stuff. That’s why she is mad. It’s her husband’s.”

<<Vaclava>> looks at CoraAnn with a very serious expression for a long moment. “You really think…she has no personal invfestment aside vfrom her husband?”

<Henry> really didn’t understand… anything. At east he knew now that Lynn was some kind of boss since apparently vampires have bosses. Setites were apparently a problem, and Katarina was not a nice woman and had some desire to steal other people’s personal possessions.

<CoraAnn> shakes her head a little bit. “Nooo… actually she owns some nightclubs and has the ranch. But she … she likes simple stuff. Jame- Mr Winthrope is the one that has all the old shiny Ventrue stuff.”

<<Vaclava>> shakes her head slowly “CoraAnn…Shotgun may hafve simple tastes…but that only means she vwould vfalue loyalty and vfriendship more highly.”

<<Vaclava>> “Honesty.”

<CoraAnn> nods softly in agreement. “Yeah.”

<Henry> Well… Katarina had certainly failed in the merit department as far as the ghoul was concerned. What the hell kind of person stole from their boss after being invited into their home. He shook his head slowly and pulled out a small notebook from his pocket and began to scribble some notes in it.

<<Vaclava>> clears her throat “Ahem. So…vwhat is this about Lasombra? They think they hafve power here?”

■► Cassian ◄■ peered over with some curiosity at Henry’s notes and then looked back at the others. “So, how have you been lately, Vaclava? The Lasombra want something particular I think in the swamps, but I do not know what exactly. Some of that info was from a book that Henry had acquired at his job.”

<Henry> looked up from his journal at the mention of Lasombra and the swamp and nodded in agreement to what Cassian stated, “I am willing to bet that the older gentleman in the swamp would know more. He did ask us to visit.” The way Henry spoke, it might sound like they had simply been invited to tea.

<<Vaclava>> chuckles “Just a congenial vfisit vwith someone in the svwamps, eh?”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes, it seems someone is willing to aid against the Lasombra and whatever is going on with this situation. We just need to take a little trip out to the swamp and meet him.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “If anyone wants to go swamp mucking, you should feel free to let us know. It’ll be fun!”

*Katarina* “Will do.”

<<Vaclava>> “I don’t know, Cassian, vwill there be….unpleasant odors?” looks at her polished nails appraisingly.

<Henry> lifted his eyes skeptically at looked at Katarina sharply, “Pardon, miss. But I am afraid I will have to insist that you give your word that you will not take anything that belongs to the man we would be visiting. It would be entirely too rude to take something from someone who has offered aid.” Apparently these things needed to be clarified.

*Katarina* eyes Henry back. “Sure.”

<CoraAnn> listens, she was usually up for whatever. Though lasombra hit hard, she wasn’t real thrilled with that.

<<Vaclava>> tweaks coraann’s knee

<CoraAnn> smirks and nudges Vaclava gently.

<<Vaclava>> “I might need someone to hold my hand.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, I imgine there will be plenty of unpleasant odors. It is a swamp. However, maybe you can bring some febreeze.”

■► Cassian ◄■ because that would totally work. xD

<CoraAnn> smirks. “Scared of the dark?”

<<Vaclava>> makes a face “I just really don’t like the odor ofv decaying…things… It brings back…unpleasant memories.”

<CoraAnn> twirks her lip slightly. “Oh, yeah…”

<Henry> Wasn’t about to mention that there was a good number of ‘dead’ people around the table. He shifted awkwardly and looked at CoraAnn and Vaclava, he really needed to get a social life. Still, the odor of decaying things could be unpleasant, “If you place a bit of vicks under your nose, it does a rather decent job of masking unpleasant odors. I used to use that trick myself.”

<<Vaclava>> blinks “Really? I vwill hafve to try it…”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, it’s a good thing to do when you are around cadavers and the like. It might help in the swamps.”

<<Vaclava>> “I vwill try it. I do like to be usefvul…efven ifv I hafve my..idiosyncracies. I need to get a certain person to crafvt my gun as vwell…”

<Henry> smiled rather shyly, “Indeed.” He supposed most people wouldn’t think of those things and perhaps vampires less so since he imagined they didn’t always need to breathe, “I’ve been on some digs in the swamps and marshes. It is usefuil in those cases as well and I am not the most robust…” Henry could understand the desire to be useful, but he imagined that out of everyone here he was the least useful of all the people present.

He couldn’t fight or even use a gun.

<<Vaclava>> looks at henry “Neither am I. Yet I hafve this compulsion to vfollow …ah…those vwho are. So yes, I vwill vfind this vficks remedy you speak ofv.”

<CoraAnn> cuckles and shakes her head softly. “I know where we can get some. But whatever you do, don’t heighten senses.”

<<Vaclava>> nods “Do you think that vwould be bad, efven vwith this…vficks?”

<CoraAnn> laughs a little more. “Worse. Vicks is menthol… it’s really strong.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, sadly if you want to heighten senses in some areas, you will pay.”

<Henry> mentally noted that vampires could heighten their senses, “It is a very strong smelling mint ointment. It would possibly be unpleasant if you could smell much more keenly than a human.” He nods to Cassian, “I seem to be getting rather good at following the capable as well. I believe that is how I ended up here.” He chuckles softly as that.

■► Cassian ◄■ “The smells can be so sensitive you can taste them. Some smells are not worth that.”

<<Vaclava>> involuntarily sticks her tongue out “hmm…”

<<Vaclava>> “It’s honestly the odor ofv…illness. The dying but not yet dead.”

<Henry> tilts his head thoughtfully, “I hadn’t noticed that the ill had an odor. It must be something that is subtle, yes?”

<<Vaclava>> shakes her head “Oh no. It’s not subtle at all vwhen they hafve a vfatal illness. Or one that is vfery grafve. Like cholera, vfor example. Or dysentery. Because vwell…” whispers “they…vfomit. shit and piss…”

<<Vaclava>> “Typhus.”

<CoraAnn> looks at Henry and shudders at Vaclava. “Ew. Uhm… I was thinking nursing home but yeah…”

<<Vaclava>> actually does look truly horrified and devastatingly sad for just the briefest of moments, then her expression goes back to simply serious.

<<Vaclava>> nods to coraann “Yes, it’s not a subtle fragrance.”

<<Vaclava>> “I really like New Orleans….but…”

<<Vaclava>> looks off into the distance for a dramatic moment, then back at CoraAnn. “The music…is not all…pure.”

<CoraAnn> listens to Vaclava and then nods her head, leaning in and kissing her cheek. “Yeah…”

<<Vaclava>> hugs coraann around her waist. “So I’m not sure exactly vwhat this odor reminds me ofv…just something terrible.”

<<Vaclava>> “As ifv approaching death vwas not terrible enoughv.”

<Henry> supposed that someone that wasn’t of the living would find those things unpleasant and refrained from mentioning that the ill and sick probably found it a lot worse and would be far worse off for it, “I am sure… they don’t mean to upset you with their odors.” Kindred were strange creatures. Very strange. Not the kindest or humane of creatures. It was a valuable lesson that they were, at heart, predators of his kind.

<<Vaclava>> peers at henry “oh my. you think…i hold it against them? vwhat a supervficial creature you must think me.”

<CoraAnn> squeezes Vaclava’s hand again gently. “I don’t think he means it.”

<<Vaclava>> squeezes back “Vwell…I can’t say I blame him. He’s nefver had to die, yet, has he?”

<Henry> Shrugs. It was merely a point of interest for him as he examined the differences between mortal empathy and kindred, “It certainly does not sound like you hold their suffering in much regard compared to the unpleasantness you find the aromas to be.” No, he hadn’t died. He’d come very close, but he had not died.

<<Vaclava>> “Ah. Vwell…that could not be vfurthest vfrom the truth, Henry. The trauma lies in smelling vwhat is imminent, and cannot be avfoided. I can’t help them….and no-one can help me.”

<Henry> hums softly and tilts his heads as he leans in a bit closer, “Are you ill? You don’t look particularly ill?” Perhaps it was a kindred thing, “Cassian was able to do wonders for my health following my incident, perhaps he could assist you?”

■► Cassian ◄■ lofts a brow as he was just listening to the conversation. It had taken on a rather dark tone but nowhere as disturbing as some of the conversations he’d been privy to. He was coming down from his cocaine high however and thus kind of not focusing on one thing at once.

<CoraAnn> glances over at Henry a moment, and blinks. He was an odd little man. She gets up from the table and straightens her jacket. “I should probably get ready.”

<Henry> Odd was an apt word for Henry. Everything was a mystery to be figured out, including the people he was meeting that were so much more than normal. It probably wasn’t much of a surprise, at this point, that he didn’t have many friends…. or really any friends.

<<Vaclava>> blinks “Ill? Me? no….I’m a vfampire…”

<Henry> frowns in concern, “Well, yes. However you said not one could help you. So I thought perhaps there was an illness you were facing?”

<CoraAnn> sighs and leans down, kissing Vaclava lightly on the lips. “You are welcome to come back with me.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles at coraann, her eyes bright “I vwill hold you to that offfver.”

<<Vaclava>> to henry “No-one could help me because I died.”

<<Vaclava>> “I had an illness…they thought it vwas…tuberculosis…”

<Henry> Made a soft noise of understanding. Though, she had done quite well for a dead person. Most people would stay dead, “Ah… I am sorry for that.” He did seem genuinely concerned for her, but also confused. This was not something he every expected to face and let’s face it, Henry wasn’t the best socially.

<CoraAnn> tilts her head a bit at that, and brushes her hand along Vaclava’s cheek. “But at the same time, you were saved, and all of the music you write is saved.”

<Henry> this seemed like a rather private moment for the two women and this conversation had long ago exited his comfort zone. It rather felt like he was being a voyeur right now so he did the only thing he could think of doing, he ducked his head to focus on his journal and do his damnedest to give them women some semblance of privacy.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Ah, I see. Your little issue becomes more clear. Tuberculosis was such an awful sickness..consumption. It just wasted away people.”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles and cups her hand over coraann’s briefly “My dear, you compliment me. Yes, my music vwas safved. Inasmuch as I can …reflect it in my compositions. That’s another convfhersation. But I am glad you appreciate it.”

<Henry> After a moment, Henry quietly closes his book and looks to Cassian hopefully, “If it is quite alright, Cassian, I would like to return to the Chantry for some light reading before I retire, if I may take my leave?” And really, Henry was rather sure he’d done enough of a bumbling job at socializing to last him at least a couple weeks. He wanted to get out of the Trill before he stuffed a second foot in his mouth tonight.

*Katarina* saunters out

<CoraAnn> nods and sighs. “I gotta get going too… I can drop him off to make sure he gets back okay if you want.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Yes, I’m going to depart as well. There are things to research. Have good night. I can take him home.”

<<Vaclava>> nods and gives corann the keys to the delachappelle “Yes, go ahed.”

■► Cassian ◄■ stands up. “Be well.” He’d wave and then head out to drive home…kind of fast.

<Henry> would head out with Cassian, though at some point he might become religious during that drive.

<<Vaclava>> heads off to home