<Aaron> comes downstairs and stretches before seeking the coffee machine, eyeing the industiral monstrosity before getting himself a cup. He adds extra sugar and cream before looking out through the back window toward the yard.

Dan walks into the chantry after his loooooong absence, just at first looking around to see what’s changed and what has not,who is around, etc

Aaron moves back toward the front door and waves just slightly as he sees Dan. “Hello. I do not believe we’ve actually met. But Coyote says he’s seen you around before. I’m Aaron.”

<Erin> comes downstairs and waves to Aaron and Dan as she fetches herself some tea and honey.

<Dan> And if you can’t trust coyote, who CAN you trust? Hi Aaron, I’m Dan.

Aaron nods to Erin and sips his coffee, glancing out of the window again and then smirking as Dan speaks up. “Well, welcome back. Are you looking for something or someone, or just here to visit?”

<Dan> *nods to Erin as well, goes over to get his own coffee in a glass full of ice* I’m just settling back into things here after being away a bit. Figured I’d see what was going on here and who was around. Nothing in particular planned

Aaron nods. “Well, the Umbra is is some turmoil. The house has been attacked a few times by some corrupted werewolf.”

<Erin> nods in agreement with Aaron and smiles to Dan as she smells her tea. “A few different things going on right now. Not all so dire. But some are quite harrowing.”

Dan chugs his iced coffee at a somewhat alarming rate. “So is that werewolf gone, or still around? Anything else I should know about?

Aaron sighs and looks back out the window. “Jesse is around, she can’t leave the house right now as we fear she may become a target due to present condition. Ramirez and I have strengthened non-physical defenses though. Katie has been at work with more physical means of home defense.”

<Dan> I don’t think I know Jesse. But how can I help?

Aaron shakes his head. “It is still out there, somewhere. Katie had some silver ammunition made I think. And we have a couple of shifters here it seems to not want to tangle with head on.”

<Dan> Yeah, shifters are bad juju. Fighting them is a pretty surefire way to get dead. I ran into Katie getting her bullets actually, we found a friendly gunsmith, and are working on a project piece with him. Should be all around better.

<Erin> looks to Dan. “I am sure that Katie could use help with the camera systems. She made some filters that allow the cameras to scan the spirit world as well.”

<Dan> Very cool, I’ll work with her on that. I may have some access to the data domain to create some useful overlays for them. Can probably rig up a scanner that will pull object IDs for things the current collision plane is clipping even.

Aaron blinks, then laughs. “Just going to assume that means you can help. If we can identify threats, we can sic the local defenses on them before they ever reach the wards. Oddly enough, the vampires have been helpful in protecting the place as well.”

<Dan> wait what. Vampires? That.. that doesn’t even parse. I don’t get it. But yeah totally means I can help for things in the physical or elemental ranges but not so much for the spirits. I don’t really know how to deal with offline data structures yet, but I have some really novel ideas on restitution if I can get at the backups

<Erin> shakes her head a bit. “It is a long story, but we have made alliances with some of the local vampires. The fact they are fairly bullet resistant and some of them have lesser magics has been a boon. Doc put up some barriers that harm things like shifters if they touch it.”

<Dan> Well, I guess shifters don’t really like us much since they draw power from the same places we do. Causes tension. But it seems the enemy of my enemy isn’t usually my friend in this world. And the blood suckers have their own issues.

Aaron takes a seat but nods. “Well, as I said we have a couple of friendly ones… Well… We somewhat rescued them and I feel they may feel they owe us. Once they locate a place of their own with the Spirits I am sure they will move on to do their own thing. It may also be that my bloodline makes me related to them and so they feel more comfortable with us. As for the vampires… I do not know if it will last, but for now this


<Erin> sips her tea as she listens, then nods. “There is more at stake, fighting each other just helps the bad guys at this point. Besides, it seems like quite a few of the vampires are rather nervous of potential harm caused by you guys so I doubt they would start anything.”

<Dan> Well, I can’t say I trust them, but if you say they’re helping I’ll… I don’t know what I’ll do, this is weird.

<Erin> chuckles. “I am not a Mage, either. Though I am what you would call Awakened in my own way so I don’t contribute to enforcing reality the way a regular person does. At least that is my understanding.”

<Dan> So… what are you then?

<Erin> “We are called Amenti. Essentially, an Immortal. I can do some sorcery as well, but it is not like yours.”

<Dan> Well, huh. I’ve never even heard of those. Learn something new every day. All I know about immortals I learned from Highlander, so I assume the only thing that works is cutting off your head.

Aaron finishes off his coffee and puts his cup in the sink before looking back toward Erin. “So, you just live forever… Or you can’t die?”

<Erin> looks to them both. “Actually I can come back from pretty much anything. Even burned to ashes… It’d just take a while to gather enough of myself back up to come back… Or so I am told. I have only died once and prefer to avoid it in the future, it still can hurt.”

<Dan> Yes, I’ve heard death can be quite painful *scratches his chin* So do you age?

<Erin> looks thoughtful. “I do not believe so. The spell that grants us this eternal life I imagine also stops physical aging. Though I will temporarily die about once every human lifespan.”

<Dan> So, you’re not immortal until suddenly you are? Cool.

<Erin> nods. “Sort of. If you know anything of Egyptian mythology, it is Osiris that gives us this power. Some people refer to us as Mummies.”

<Dan> Oh, hey, I saw that movie too! Brendan Fraser is great!

Aaron blinks. He then looks at Dan and chuckles. “Well, that is a new one. But interesting and we don’t mind the assistance. We will assist you too. Jesse told me about you needing to protect something for a while.”

<Erin> giggles at that. “Well that is kinda funny… Mostly because I have seen it and I am a librarian. But we don’t get any crazy super powers like that really. Just kinds of Hedge Magic really.”, she nods to Aaron. “Thank you. I appreciate that. I do have to be careful for a while.”

<Dan> What type of hedge magic? This is pretty cool!

<Erin> “Mmmm, I can enhance an objects properties, make myself know how to use an object even if I have never seen one before… And I can make charms to negate minor entropy effects and potions that heal even open wounds.”

Aaron smirks. “Too bad we didn’t have that a few months ago when I got shot up. Our magic managed to keep me alive but man that sucked.”

<Dan> Are those potions only for you, or will they work on anyone?

<Erin> “They should work for any living thing. But they have a shelf life so stockpiling is not really an option.”

<Dan> Too bad for the vampires then. But very cool. Very very cool.

Aaron nods. “We could probably extend that somewhat. I am familiar with how Time works.”

Aaron: “I have used it to slow down the effects of poison before, that should be similar.”

<Dan> Well, depends on the base shelf life, most time extension is at best geometric, so you can run a week into a month, or a day into a half week, but you can’t make go indefinitely. Usually. Unless you can. I also know things about underclocking and overclocking certain localalized objects. It tends not to go well.

<Erin> “I usually keep up with having at least a little on hand but we can see. Katie was working on something involving the vampires… Something about repairs to their patterns or something like that. Since if they get hurt they may see one of us as food unintentionally.”

Aaron nods in agreement with Dan. “Yeah. I could double or triple the time it would take to lose potency but I can’t stop it.”

Katie comes in from the garage and looks around before heading over to the industrial coffee maker and getting a 40oz thermos of the stuff.

<Erin> nods. “Well every little bit helps sometimes. Hey Katie!”, she says as Katie gets her coffee. “Working hard still?”

Dan watches Katie get her coffee and nods appreciatively. “A woman after my own heart. Hey Katie.” *he goes up to refill his iced coffee*

Aaron tilts his head as Katie passes by, frowning. “You alright?”

<Cecilia> comes downstairs, looking to the group there and giving them a polite nod before going to make some tea.

Katie laughs and sips her coffee before nodding to Dan, then to the others. “I have been working on interdimensional defenses. I feel like a greater understanding of spatial relativity may be required for further progress.”

Aaron glances toward Erin, then nods to Cecilia. “Uh, sure. Not my area of expertise.”

<Dan> Spacial and data relationships happen to be my area. What can I do for you? I don’t really understand interfacing with offline code though so we’ll have to work together there.

<Cecilia> listens, steeping her tea, adding some sugar and milk into it before heading into the front room.

Katie grins and takes another drink of her coffee. “Oh! Awesome. Maybe we can build a decent interface in my workshop you can use to render digitally. Kinda like a reverse 3D printer. You can map things on multiple dimensional levels and then we can interact with them in one form or another.”

<Erin> is just as lost in that particular conversation and smiles to Aaron. “Don’t look at me, I like books and ancient architecture.”

<Ashe> pulled up to the Chantry in his black mustang and killed the engine before looking the place over. It was odd to just drop by a place unannounced, but Ramirez had extended an “open” invitation to drop by when he liked. So he figured he might as well take the other mage up on it and poke around while he could. Apparently there might be a suitable shed he could repurpose for his use, which was a generous offer. He climbed out of

the car, but rather than head up to the house, he figured he would nose about around the house first, check the foundations the general state of repair, and see if he could spot one of these sheds that he could use.

Aaron starts to head up the stairs before pausing. “I am gonna make sure Jesse doesn’t want pickled ice cream… But uh, I think someone is snooping outside.” He says before then going upstairs.

<Dan> why both with sensors data at all? Just grab the raw sim data and 4d locational aids and we can render the whole thing. Shouldn’t be too hard, a day or two I recon. Maybe a bit more if you have to help explain what things it needs to sense and they’re not what I’m used to

Katie looks thoughtful as she processes that, then nods. “Sounds like a plan. Have you learned to deal with multiple dimensional layers? I am having a littl-“, she nods to Aaron and then pulls out a device which she uses to check the outside cameras. “Hmmm. One person, walking around the house headed toward the back.”

<Cecilia> looks up. “What are they looking for?”

<Dan> Depends on how you mean that. If you mean offline processes, I can’t process those.

<Ashe> would pause now and then, crouching down to check the foundation here or there for any cracks, and then continue. His long straight black hair was tied back at the nape of his neck and he was wearing a simple pair of worn jeans and a fairly fitted t-shirt. Nothing really out of the ordinary. After rounding the corners of the house he’d spot the shed that Ramirez had been talking about. It likely stored yard equipment at the

moment, but that didn’t bother Ashe. It wasn’t like his occupation was the cleanest. He made his way over to the shed slowly, not worried about time and gave the front a good look over before circling the outbuilding to get an idea of the state of repair and how much work he’d need to put into it.

<Erin> gets up and peeks out the windows carefully to watch Ashe. “Oh! He is safe… But what is he doing?”

<Cecilia> looks at Erin and goes over to look, tea in hand. “Why don’t we go ask him and find out?”

Katie shrugs a bit, but keeps an eye on the camera while she speaks. “Uhm… Ramirez and Aaron refer to it as the Umbra. I have made some filtered lenses that allow us to see that dimension but I am still working out interaction with it. Since the creature that attacked us us capable of such interdimensional travel, it is important.”

<Dan> Oh, I know that guy, met him before. Ashe. One of us, but new to it.

<Dan> You need to totally mess with him by having everyone know his name before he walks in.

<Dan> As for that.. yeah Umbra is their word for offline processes. I have some really cool ideas on how to interact and res them temporarily and scan their info storage.. they’re not really gone, just backuped and not given any cycles so it SHOULD be totally possible but you have to create a process and hollow it then write the new data in just so… lots of work

Katie thinks a moment and then nods. “Ahh, I see now. Still, your knowledge of data and spatial awareness will be most useful. But… I have to go check on some processes, so catch me later, okay?”

<Dan> Sure thing, I’ll be around. You know how to find me.

<Erin> just shakes her head a bit. “Someone might warn the kid that it might not be safe out there.”

<Cecilia> watches Ashe for a moment before setting her tea down, opening the door and heading out, picking up her cup of tea as she goes.

Dan picks up the controls and starts poking around the security system

<Dan> His name is Ashe, new mage, PLEASE mess with him by knowing that

<Ashe> takes a moment to place a hand on the shed and closes his eyes while he breathes out slowly and then grins. This would likely do. He backs up and dusts his hands off before looking around at the property in general. It was quite and peaceful out here, not a bad thing at all. Looking at his watch, his grin widens and he settles himself down onto the grass, legs folded neatly under him as he closes his eyes to enjoy the fine day

and meditate.

<Cecilia> lets out a dry laugh as she steps out, following Ashe’s trail until she comes across him in the back. “Ashe, what are you doing?”

Katie nods and refills her coffee before heading back off toward the garage.

<Ashe> nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard his name, quite suddenly, and from a voice he didn’t know. The startled movement might not have been a problem except it was shocking enough to dislodge something small and black from his head, which he tried to catch, but accidentally knocked farther away with the back of his hand. The young mage made an alarmed noise as he lunged for the object, legs still folded, which lead to him

face planting in the grass… but… he did manage to catch the small black object in his outstretched hands. He let out a breath into the face full of grass and mumbled, “Sitting. I was sitting.”

<Erin> shakes her head again and goes to get some tea. “Poor guy.”

<Cecilia> watches Ashe startle and topple over into the grass, hiding an amused smile behind her teacup as she took another sip. “Well, I can see that.”

<Cecilia> “But why here, exactly?”

Dan watches the scene unfold on video. “Oh, and he can be a bit awkward as he figures stuff out still”

<Ashe> makes a soft grunting noise as he pushes himself into back into a sitting position, still careful not to squeeze the thing in his hand too tightly, which only makes him look more awkward, “Well. The tree here offers a bit of shade and my head tends to get hot if I sit in the full sun.” Ashe said rather simple, but he was a bit distracted as he delicately picked the Salamander out of his hand, holding it between his finger and

thumb to eye it critically, “Besides, Ember doesn’t like roasting and I can’t meditate with him complaining in my head.” Which was in itself, really weird. Luckily Ember seemed to be fine since Ashe gently places him back on his head.

<Erin> sighs and heads outside waving to the pair. “Uhm, maybe head inside to talk?”

<Cecilia> nods, giving the salamander a before looking at Erin. “I’ll be inside in a moment. I’m sure Ashe will join us, won’t he?”

<Cecilia> begins to head inside shortly after, looking back at Ashe.

(a little smile*)

<Ashe> looks around and shrugs. It was a perfectly nice day outside, but he supposed that was an invitation to go inside. At least as much an invitation as he was likely to get. So he rose with far more grace than when he’d toppled over and followed Cecilia inside, “Uh, sure Ma’am…”

<Erin> makes sure they get in and closes the door. “Sorry… Had issues lately and it is safer inside with the doors closed.”

<Cecilia> steps inside. “Ah, yes.”

<Ashe> turned around to look at the door dubiously, “Particularly bad pollen allergies?”

<Erin> chuckles. “Not exactly. But, welcome. Would you like some tea?”

<Ashe> would give Erin a polite bow to her hospitality, “I would be honoured to share tea with you, but forgive me. I am afraid that I am not sure who’s company I am keeping.”

<Erin> nods and smiles as she gets him a cup of tea. “I am Erin Summers. Dan says he has met you before, and the other woman is Cecilia.”

Dan turns and nods to Ashe. “Hello again”

<Cecilia> gives Ashe a polite nod, sipping her tea.

<Ashe> Straightened himself and looked between the three, his lips spreading into a smile as he recognizes the man, “Yes, I met Dan at a bar and I have met Ramirez as well. Ramirez extended an invitation to come out here.” He trailed off, wondering if perhaps that offer wasn’t as open as he’d been assured.

<Dan> Welcome to our little clubhouse.

<Erin> brings him the tea and smiles in return. “Ahhh. Yeah. We know Ramirez. I saw you the night you ran out of here too. If he says you are welcome, then you are.”

<Ashe> gives a sheepish look as his eyes crinkle shut, “Ah, yeah…” He supposed that it wasn’t a very good defence that they all sounded like they were a few cards short of a full deck and talking about monsters, “It was kind of Ramirez to make the offer. I am sorry it took me a bit to come back out. I didn’t understand his manner of invitation.”

<Erin> smiles and nods once more as she retakes her seat. “Quite alright. There was a lot going on at the time.”

<Erin> gets up and nods politely to the others. “I need to go lie down. But I hope to get to talk more in the future.”

<Ashe> Bows to Erin, “Oh course. I should be around more.” At least hopefully.

<Cecilia> finishes her tea and goes upstairs.