::Maryska too Ashes arm and smirked a bit.:: “Are you always this enthusiastic on a date?” ::she brushed a bit of hair back behind her ear as she walked with him towards the dining theater, her feet still walking softly as she moved. “What made you think of this after the plan for supper and a movie? Just felt like doing something slightly different?”

<Ashe> grinned a little sheepishly, “I’m not sure. I haven’t had many dates to compare with, but probably. I spent most of my teenage years working and studying with my grandfather and that left little time for a social life.” Something Ashe was hoping to make up for now, “A dinner and a movie was a good idea, but you don’t really get to talk during movies. I thought this way we could have a show and still talk. I also thought you

might enjoy the unpredictability of it. Something spontaneous.” Ashe blushed at that and if she was looking at him, something moved in his hair.

::Maryska smiled and nodded, her eyes were on their path, even though she was on a date, Ashe could tell she was still keeping aware of her surroundings, sort of like a predator or hunter.:: “I do enjoy a little unpredictability in a night of fun.” She glanced in Ashes direction a moment and stopped, she started to look a bit more at his head. “Something’s in your hair.” She reached up as though to grab it.

<Ashe> had an easy gate and he was either relying on Maryska tone the eyes and ears or he didnt think they’d hit trouble tonight. Ashe had never really ever run into trouble before. He did pause as Maryska stopped and looked at her in confusion, “Something in my?…” his eyes suddenly went wide in understanding, but he leaned back to avoid her reach and lifted a hand to stall hers, if necessary, with a gentle touch, “Oh hey, it’s

alright. That’s just Ember.”

::Maryska looks at the hair and then at Ashe with an expression that could only be defined as waiting for an explanation.* “And Ember is..” She slowly rolls her hand as if gesturing for him to finish an unfinished statement.

<Ashe> chuckled and lifted his hand to his hair so that the little black salamander could wiggle into his palm so Ashe could hold it out for Maryska to see, “Mar-chan, may I introduce Ember Reginald Charmander the third. He’s a familiar.” Oddly, the little salamander lifted it’s head at the introduction so that its bright red belly was visible and peered at Maryska. Then it lifted it’s little front leg and… yes… that was a


::Maryska looked at the little Salamander and waved back, staring at it incredulously, then looked at Ashe with what one might think a stare, but her eyes were hidden.:: “A familiar… Like the cat to the witch in old witch stories.” ::she looks at it again and then back to Ashe.:: “Alright.” ::she took his arm again and started walking.:: “I’ve seen stranger… He’s kinda cute too.”

<Ashe> placed the little guy back on his head, “It wasn’t my first choice… but he is oddly fitting. IT’s kind of like a cat, yes. They help us mitigate the paradox we generate from using our magic. I guess I should find something to keep him in aside from on my head, but he sort of matches my hair.”

::Maryska looks up at his hair and then at Ashe.:: “You mean like a pocket?” ::She raises an eyebrow.:: “In something like a jacket?”

<Ashe> grinned, “I was thinking something a little more robust so that I don’t accidentally squish him.” Having his familiar die would be painful in more ways than one, “I am thinking like an insert into a pocket that he can be safe in. He’s not very fast or tough.”

::Maryska nods:: “well you make blades, I’m sure you can create something that can house him and not kill him.”

<Fiona> makes her way through downtown Baton Rouge, wearing sunglasses, as well as https://www.polyvore.com/banshee/set?id=222807679 .

<Ashe> laughed a little, “If I killed my familiar, I would be a terrible mage.” He shook his head, “I’m glad you think he’s cute, in any case, I was worried that you wouldn’t like him. Though if you had to listen to him in -your- head you might not like him so much. Little guy has a potty mouth.”

::Maryska is currently wearing a business casual purple blouse and black pants, as well as her usual biker boots and her mountaineering sunglasses with leather side caps.:: “I like him more now.”

<Fiona> also has dark hair that falls to her upper back, and looks to be Indian in appearance.

<Fiona> also has dark hair that falls to her upper back, and looks to be Indian in appearance. The voices attract her attention and she focuses on Ashe’s, moving in his direction. “I see we have company.”*

<Ashe> was wearing black dress pants and a crimson dress shirt. His long black hair was left hanging to his back. He turned his head at the voice and smiled, “Company?” He wasn’t sure what she meant about that

<Fiona> looks different than when Ashe last saw her.

<Ashe> He still smiles, because he is polite.

::Maryska looks to Fiona and then at Ashe, then back again.:: “I’m sorry, do we know you?”

<Fiona> “He does. We’ve met.”

<Ashe> lifts an eyebrow, “We have?” He was fairly sure they hadn’t, “I am not sure we have… I’m sorry, but you might have mistaken me for someone else.”

<Fiona> keeps her head turned in Ashe’s direction. “In New Orleans. A blonde woman with a cane.”

::Maryska looked back and forth and furrowed her brow:: “guessing games are wonderful, but we’re on our way to dinner.”

<Ashe> blinks slowly, “Wait… the blind woman? You… are not blind….” He looks apologetically to Maryska. He had no idea why the not so blind woman was here and not in NOLA

<Fiona> snorts. “No, I’m damn well not blind. What clued you in?”

::Maryska’s anger was slowly becoming palpable, it had a feel to it, her jaw was pulsing as the woman began to speak in condescending tone, and was still in their way. “I don’t suppose you can speak about this later?”

<Ashe> swallowed as Maryska seemed to be losing her cool In his defense, Fiona had been mimicking a blind woman. How was he supposed to know different. He moved to sidestep Fiona with an apologetic smile, “I am afraid that Mar-chan and I have a dinner date at the dinner theatre. Perhaps we can catch up later. I don’t want to be late.”

<Fiona> turned to Maryska, one hand closing into a loose fist and addressing Ashe. “Then go. But remember, this is -our- city.”

::Maryska was still clenching her jaw, she was keeping herself in check, even her tone was calm…. Ish. She was taking a deep breath to help keep her head about her as she contemplated the woman before her.::

<Ashe> lifted an eyebrow at Fiona, “Yeah, sure. Your city. We’re just here for the theatre, ok?” How the hell had this devolved into threatening and posturing?

<Fiona> “Did I say -my- city? I said -our- city.”

<Ashe> let out a long sigh, “Ok, your people’s city. Better? Look I am not looking for trouble. I came here for a date. A romantic date. I don’t recall threatening you when you were in -our- city.” Whatever that meant.

::Maryska just kept quiet, her breaths were calm, she was still radiating anger, maybe just a little more than before, was kinda hard to tell, but she seemed to be keeping it in check, rather professionally one might say.::

<Fiona> doesn’t move as Ashe sidesteps her. “Then go have your date.”

<Ashe> shook his head. People were strange. He left it at that and would head past Fiona with Maryska to head to the dinner Theatre with his rather angry date.

::Maryska walked past the woman, her hand still holding Ashes and rolling her neck to release a little tension as she continued forward silently, not even casting a second glance at the woman, but her ears did seem to pull back a bit.::

<Ashe> waited until they were well down the sidewalk before looking at Maryska with concern, “Are you going to be ok, you seem to be… upset.”

::Maryska walked the distance down the street with Ashe and blinked a few times, taking a long deep breath, she looked at the man with a soft smile.:: “I’m fine, just reacting poorly to a situation that was instigated without necessity, territorial dominance pissing war as it was, apparently the vampire has friends, and she wants us to know that this city belongs to her and the friends she keeps.”

<Ashe> frowned softly and shook his head, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I honestly don’t know anyone in this town. Maybe we should just go in case she decides to round up her friends and have a go at us.” That was the last thing Ashe wanted. This was turning into a nightmare of a date.

::Maryska nods:: “While I don’t turn away from a fight, I’m not willing to stick around when one has been promised with greater number, let’s depart, we can find something more fitting back home.” she turns back around with Ashe and begins to return to the car with him, her eyes were now keeping well aware of their surroundings, preparing for any eventuality.

<Ashe> nodded, “Guess this was a bust then.” He stuffs his hands in his pockets to head back to the car and looking for all the world like someone kicked his dog. He had somehow managed to fail at having a date, but he’d drive them both back to New Orleans to try and salvage the evening somehow.

::Maryska gets into the car, and leans back in her seat as she buckles up, she looks out the window of the car. “bitch….I was looking forward to that.” she grumbles a bit and then looks at Ashe. “still not too late to grab a movie, we can get something at the theater.” she patted the mans thigh while in the seat of the vehicle.::

<Ashe> tensed and blushed asthe hand touched his leg, but it wasn’t from the stress of earlier, “You are right, we will still be able to catch the late show.” He smiled at Maryska and pulled out of the parking space to begin the drive back to New Orleans. It would likely be just after midnight by the time the movie was over, but that didn’t really matter. PMaybe they could even find a place to eat after.

::Maryska smiled and nodded.:: “And if you trust me, I know this little restaurant, tucked away that happens to have great food.” ::she grinned at the man and winked, or at least he’d assume she did because her right eye seemed to twitch, causing her sunglasses to move a little.

<Ashe> grinned, “Of course I will trust you. You already told me that you enjoy good food.” It was odd that she always wore glasses, but hey, there were stranger things and he didn’t mind.

::Maryska smiled and nodded.:: “Your idea was great Ashe, we just didn’t know we’d run into that, do that again, but keep it in our own backyard from now on, suddenly I’m not interested in Baton rouge…unless I have a gang at my side.”

<Ashe> Nodded, “It’s a shame. They have some of the best theatre in Baton Rouge, but I don’t want to bring trouble home or run into it. I’m not that powerful as a mage. I think I’ll need to ask Ramirez about it. Find out what is up there.”

::Maryska nodded and would converse about his original movie plan, and would actually take the time to order the tickets on her cell phone and pay for them so that they would have seats when they got to the theater, she felt rather bad, the poor guy sprung a great surprise, and she was flattered by it, she didn’t want him to think it was a wash, so she did her best to try and make the night a good one.:: “Seats are

bought, and the restaurant is open till 2am, so we’re good.”