<Ashe> was a cheeky sort of bastard sometimes. He didn’t always like to be predictable and this was no exception. In his defence, he’d fully intended to take Maryska to dinner and a movie, up until about two hours ago. Then an idea had struck him. Why not go on an adventure? So he’d looked up some venues and picked a dinner theatre that ironically featured irish plays and had picked up Maryska at the Ruby Slipper before beckoning

her to his black mustang and grinning as he explained they were going on a road trip. He would have filled her in on the way and now they were approaching the glowing city scape of Baton Rouge, “So… tell me you at least like Irish food?”

::Maryska nodded at Ashe when he asked his question, she was dressed nicely, dress pants, a nice blue blouse, one might assume business casual, still wearing her sunglasses however. “I enjoy food, I do not care who made it, as long as it tastes good.”

<Ashe> Laughed and nodded to a brochure that was in the center console of the car, “Well they haven’t gone out of business, so I am going to hope the food is either great or that if it isn’t… that the acting makes up for it. Plan B is MacDonald’s and the movie.” He’d give her a playful wink with that statement. Ashe himself was dressed in black slacks and a maroon dress shirt with a silver tie that brought out the grey of his

eyes. His long black hair was tied back at the nape of his neck with a simple silver toned metal clasp. Every now and then he’d glance at Maryska as he drove, almost as if making sure she was still there and real.

::Maryska remains in the front seat and occasionally looks to the seat beside her, it was clear that she was nervous about something, but besides tapping a finger there was very little to tell about it. “Please not McDonalds… I hate fast food.” She makes an pick face. “At least that kind.”

<Ashe> shifted in his seat and laughed as he turned off the interstate and began to navigate the streets. It was likely they’d have to park on a side street and walk a couple of blocks, but he didn’t mind. “Are you ok? You seem a little nervous? I promise that I won’t actually take you to a fast food restaurant, if that makes you feel better? Or if you don’t like the idea of a dinner theatre we can go somewhere else?”

::Maryska looks down at her finger and stops tapping it and looks to Ashe with a smile.:: “No, this plan is a good one, I’m simply, out of my element.” She states in admission.

<Ashe> grins and shrugs his shoulders, “Well, I’m not exactly sure what I am doing either. This is kind of a first in a long time.” His eyes crinkle in amusement and he leans towards Maryska to half whisper, “Luckily, since neither of us know what we’re doing, we won’t know if we mess it up. So we can enjoy ourselves without worrying, right?”

::Maryska smiled and nodded as she looked out the window. “So a dinner theater, this will be fun.” She said looking back at him smiling.

<Ashe> “That was my hope. Otherwise we drove an hour for nothing.” He chuckles as he stops a spot to park the car. From his GPS it was still a few blocks from the dinner theatre, but not really that far for two people who were young and healthy. He pulled into the spot, turning off the engine and the headlights, “Well, it is time. We shall either be rewarded with excellent food, drink, and entertainment or we shall have to return

to New Orleans in disgrace! Only going forward will reveal our fates!” Perhaps Ashe was being a touch over dramatic, but he couldn’t help but be in good spirits. Ashe climbs out of the car and would head around to join Maryska at her side and lock the doors with the dongle as he offers an arm, “Shall we?”