<Isabo Kali> stands over the staked Cora and motions for Petri to carry her to another room to drop her off.

■► Cassian ◄■ gets out of his car and heads to the front door of the Tremere chantry, scanning about as he goes.

<Isabo Kali> looks rather crossly at the other door laying in pieces, and then getting pinged by Brandon, goes to meet the Regent at the door. “The Death Mage dropped Cora off, and we put her in a room… but she went nuts, not quite a Frenzy, she seemed in control. She went through the Warded door. Then punched one of the ghouls… then turned on the Gargoyle. Petri put a stake in

her and she is locked back up.”

■► Cassian ◄■ sighs as Isabo finishes relaying the news of what transpired. “Well, I’m going to guess this is Derek or the corrupt werewolf again as this seems to be their strategy to get to things they should not have. Let’s get a vessel of transference and put regular blood in it for the exchange. I’ll go talk to her while you get that, if you don’t

mind. Let Brandon and Petri work on setting up the new door which we will be warding again. We might want to ward more doors at this point and do some haven security stronger than before.” He’d move down to the room whih Cora was contained and Petri was likely guarding her.

Petri is standing outside of one of the rooms, making sure that does not happen again. It was his job to protect the Chantry, and so he did. He was told to immobilize rather than destroy, so he did. He nods his head to Cassian as he apprchaes, and moves out of the Regent’s path.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Greetings, Petri. Be on standby for a moment while I revive her please. After she is calmer, please help Brandon replace the door she demolished. You did a good job. I’m glad you were here.” He patted the Gargoyle on the shoulder and then would walk into the room to see the state in which Cora was in. He’d check her over while she still

had said stake in so he would know how badly she was messed up other than the staking.

■► Cassian ◄■ and for clues otherwise.

<CoraAnn> is in good shape, no wounds aside from the stake in her chest. She feels hot to the touch though, as if she were running a fever. And even though her heart can’t currently beat due to the wood sticking through it, she seems to be trying to breathe still, making soft gurgling noises as she does.

<Isabo Kali> comes in, wearing leather gloves as she sets a jar down on the floor nearby.

■► Cassian ◄■ makes sure she’s secured then with bonds so she can’t move much.

■► Cassian ◄■ brushes her hair back from her face and would study her a moment, checking out her aura. He frowned slightly as she was a lot warmer than she should be. He’d put his gloves on and then take her hand, touching it to the vessel of transference. He’d then open her eyes to see if he could tell if she were drugged or not. “If you can find out

what’s in her system that shouldn’t be with that sample, that would be good. We may just have to do a sort of dialysis treatment for her to get whatever it is out faster.”

<Isabo Kali> nods and carefully takes the jar, breaking the seal to make it safe before taking it out toward the lab. “I do not know how long it will take, but i will try to be quick.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “That’s fine. I think I’m going to do the blood transfer now anyway to be sure. This is quite abnormal. I’d like to know what it is he used though.” He’d head out and then come back with the dialysis machine. He’d check the straps again because Cora was strong, and then unstake her, since she’d need her heart to pump in the new blood in

exchange for the old drugged up blood that she now had in her system. After, he’d prep the IVs and wait for her to wake up because he knew she was going to instinctively resist if he started immediately after removing said stake.

<CoraAnn> snaps out of it immediately as the stake is pulled, her body healing itself up out of reflex. She groans and strains a little against the restraints before she tries to focus on where she is. She looks over at Cass and her body shivers for a moment. “He gave me something. I feel like I’m dying, Cass. I can’t make it stop. You can’t- can’t take the blood. Only way I have

to track him.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “We’ve secured enough blood to do our experiments and track him, Cora. You need to relax while I move your blood through you and get you some blood that won’t try to make you feel like you are dying, okay? We can track him. The blood won’t lose its potency to do that with how this is done. If you really want to keep some of it in you, that’s

up to you, but at least let me reduce the effects some more than what you currently have. Isabo is now checking what exactly was put into you.”

<CoraAnn> nods weakly. “It hurts. Worse, I know what he did to Katie now. He is gonna pay for that shit.”, she has a spasm, near seizure before closing her eyes and trying to relax. “You have to have the right blood to replace. Or I… I’ll get sick.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Ah yes.. someone with unnaturally colored hair.”

■► Cassian ◄■ frowns and is thoughtful. After this point, he was totally going to be prepared and have that on stock labeled for such an emergency. Ventrue and their darn eating habits. “Well.. I may actually have to go out for that in large doses, which I will go do momentarily. What did you go do, Cora? How did you find him to confront him and acquire

his vitae?”

<Isabo Kali> returns, muttering something about ventrue and not a drop to drink before looking over at Cassian. “The vitae isn’t tainted with any kind of drug I can find. It must be something magical in nature. It looks like Thaumaturgy. Causing an effect like the Blood Rush ritual.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Alright, I can undo that then by unweaving. Thank you. That saves us some time at least. She’s going to need the blood of well… people with dyed hair in unnatural colors, but the ritual means we don’t have to go through this whole process. I was hoping not.”

<CoraAnn> whimpers, not opening her eyes but seeming to be paying attention to Cassian. “Uhm. The Bale Street Cache. Some… tablet things. Made for me. I found his hunting grounds. I am an Archon, remember? I.. uhm… rather not talk about the last part.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes you are an archon, but I’m supposed to be your partner so.. a little heads up next time, okay?” He’d smirk and then head out of the room briefly and come back with some other supplies. He’d then start drawing symbols on the floor around her with some chalk and on the walls at her level of height. “I am going to undo the ritual

he did to you, and then afterward we can trace him through you, and if for some reason that would fail, we have more of your blood here as well, with his in it. I do want to hear about the last part though. You know if its particularly disturbing, he’s just going to use it against you so I might as well know now so he can’t.” He’d start working on the unweave ritual ritual.

<CoraAnn> opens one eye and watches him, though she groans again in pain rather than respond as she goes over that in her head, debating.

<Isabo Kali> stands back, over in the doorway as she watches Cassian work.

■► Cassian ◄■ would whisper/chant some words softly in old hermetic/Tremere latin and then cut Cora’s forearm on the top with a knife. He’d draw a pattern with it on the floor, and then after, he’d light it on fire, which after black fumes would rise above it and fade off. After he’d rise and then remove Cora’s bonds so she could sit up. “That should do

the trick with the ritual itself. You will still have the blood of him within you, so then we have two methods to track him with. If we need to go separate to sneak with two groups, we can now. After this, in case something happens where we do need to give you a blood transfusion or get you something immediate, I’m going to have some extra blood for you on hand here. I suppose we learn

what we need as work more together on things.”

<CoraAnn> yelps as he cuts her and she slowly gets up to her feet after he releases her. She seems calmer, and she has already started to cool, her heart stopped beating. She starts to say something, but the glances over at Isabo still there before looking back to Cassian. “Thanks… I’m sorry for crashing things. It was like being on PCP or something, I was freaking out when i

started coming down.”

<Isabo Kali> looks between them and bows out gracefully. “<french> I shall offer you some privacy to conduct your other business, Regent.” She then goes to work on her own stuff, like making sure Brandon fixes that damn door.

■► Cassian ◄■ nods and would check her over. <French> “Thank you for your help, Isabo.” He’d then nod to Cora again. “The effects seem to be toning down swiftly. This is good. So…now that we are alone, what happened?”

<CoraAnn> glances off the way Isabo went before looking back toward Cassian and then putting her fingers through the hole in her shirt where she got staked. “Uhm… so… I… I went and found him and uhm… I got him to pick me up. I went back with him and he offered me some little pill thing, he put it under my tongue… he said it would … it would make me feel real sex. And

uhm… I let him sleep with me and then I uhm, well… I swallowed his vitae. He left the area when i went to go clean up. I walked to the Trill and Zane gave me some clothes and then uhm… I got Ramirez to bring me here when i realized something was really wrong.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods and his expression went thoughtful. “They really are working on breaking our wards, but what he did, I don’t know that you feeling like you were dying was inaccurate. After all.. he definitely knew it was you. Maybe Derek is upping his gme more and getting more confident at this point.”

<CoraAnn> makes a bit of a face. “Yeah well… I think they have been using it too. And…”, she frowns deeply. “That’s how he bonded Katie and she didn’t drink his blood. He had sex with her and she got his vitae that way. There’s no telling what kind of ghoul network these guys have.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “That’s almost rather gross to think that’s how he’s making ghouls and blood bonding people, but totally possible so I’m not sure why I’m that disenchanted by it. I agree that this makes it more difficult to ascertain how many ghouls they actually have at this point. Are you okay, Cora? You really took one for the team.”

<CoraAnn> shrugs her shoulders a little. “I was following orders. It wasn’t my plan. Not the first time I’ve uh, used my assets in that department. Probably won’t be the last. It’s an aspect of my job. You have magic… I have sex and hitting things really hard.”

■► Cassian ◄■ cants his head to the side. “Whose orders? Lynn or higher?”

<CoraAnn> shrugs again. “Lynn told me but it could have come from higher. There is a Justicar in town, but uhm… not really supposed to let anyone know so you can’t say anything either.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Which one…and I won’t. Mum’s the word and all that. We do have some other clothes you can wear if you wish, since we did wreck your blouse anyway.”

<CoraAnn> half chuckles. “Toreador, I think? She has been coming and going, not sure what they are doing exactly and I don’t ask. It wasn’t Lucinde. This was Zane’s shirt. No biggie.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods. “Well that makes things more interesting. You sure you don’t want to pick out something better?”

<CoraAnn> sighs. “Sure… and i could use a ride to like the Trill or my apartment I guess too. Since I had to get a ride out here.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Very well. Let’s go then. I’ll give you a ride out.” He’d lead her down the hall to a spare room with clothes to rummage through. He’d then wait for her and after head out and start up the suv to head back to the city.

<CoraAnn> looks around just a bit, tossing on whatever and following him out, ready to get out of creepy Tremere land and back to the Trill.

■► Cassian ◄■ would so take offense! Maybe. He knows Tremere are creepy.

■► Cassian ◄■ drives off to the Trill.