<Ashe> made his way into the Trill to find a comfortable table off to the side for a relaxing evening.

<Ashe> Tonight Ashe was dressed in a nice pair of black pants and matching shoes. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but the crimson dress shirt was nice and and set off his black hair quite nicely. His hair itself was tied back with a silver clasp and hung down his back. After perusing the drink menu for a minute or two he ordered himself a glass of whatever was on tap. As long as it was cold and wet he’d be happy and this didn’t seem like

the place to get a good bottle of sake.

<Nephthys> Heads into the Trill. She’s got the distinct impression this place is the hangout for shifters, and she’ll need a favor from someone with a better grasp on the Umbra than her.

<Ashe> looks up from his beer when the door is opened and smiles as he spots Nephthys. The finely dressed woman is given a nod of his head and a small wave of his hand in greeting, “Neph-san, it is good to see you again.” Perhaps it was something of a game for Ashe to adopt other people’s names into shortened forms, but he was pleased with that one.

<Nephthys> Smirks at Ashe. “Well, not who I was hoping to see, but maybe you can get me in touch with the right people.” She has a seat across from him “How have you been doing?”

<Ashe> Chuckles and his eye crinkled slightly at the greeting, “Well, I suppose it is not too bad to be a consolation prize. I am seldom the person people are looking for, but I like to think that I am not without merit and my company can be pretty good.” He waved down a server, just in case Nephthys would like a drink, “I’d be delighted to buy you a drink while you await your proper prince charming, who exactly are you looking for?”

<Nephthys> “Anyone who can deal directly with the spirits.” She answers. “I’ve got a ritual to perform, which will require the spirits to vacate the area.” She then flags the bartender “Red wine please.”

<Ashe> lifted his eyebrows, “Well… I can’t do that myself, but I suspect one of the more experienced mages could help you. I can’t see or speak to spirits myself. What sort of ritual are you looking to perform?”

<Nephthys> “That’s a personal question.” She says “But long story short, I’m looking to reshape the umbra near my home to more easily defend it.” Without giving away what a den realm is and why it’s important, that particular answer should suffice.

<Ashe> wouldn’t have known what a den realm is in any case and looked confused by the explanation, but he did catch the -personal- part of the question so he wouldn’t pry, “Ah. Well… I hope you get your shadows sorted out. Maybe you could use lamps or better area lighting to get the look you want? It might be easier in the long run.”

<Nephthys> Chuckles slightly “The umbra is the spirit world, silly.” She says shaking her head.

<Ashe> makes a small noise, maybe understanding? Probably just more confusion, “Oh, I just it makes sense that spirits have a world. I guess. Why can’t they just use this one?” Then he looks more confused and gives Nephthys a long look, “Are you a spirit then?” It might be an odd question, but if she wanted to shape the spirit world then it obviously mattered to her.

<Nephthys> “Well spirits are odd creatures, they reflect our world and we reflect theirs.” She answers both truthfully and cryptically “And no. I’ve got connections to the spirits, but not very strongly. I’ve also got duties to them that I need to perform this ritual to do.” She says with a shrug.

<Ashe> “It sounds confusing and it isn’t really something I’ve ever dealt with. I deal more with forces, matter, energies, and the mind.” He taps his head and grins, “But it does some really interesting.”

<Nephthys> “Mmm. My talents lie in research mostly, but that still doesn’t give me an excuse to be negligent to the spirits.” She shrugs “Perils of being a servent of Nala.”

<Ashe> Nodded, “I’m mostly a one trick pony myself. I dedicated all my time to learning my craft, but I am hoping to branch out and learn more…” He trailed off and gave Nephthys a questioning look, “Nala? I am… going to assume that isn’t a Lion King reference.”

~*Ramirez*~ meanders into the Trill after work. He may probably smell like well…weed, but whatever, right? He’d go to the bar and order a bottle of ipb and then look around. He’d recognize Ashe and head over that way.

<Nephthys> “Nala the creator, mother of cats. The egyptians called her Bast, the chinese Li Chou, the Greeks Hekate.” Nephthys answers and sips her beer.

<Ashe> chuckled softly and shakes his head, “I am afraid I am not up on any of that, but I’m sure she’s a good… godess?” He spares a moment to wave Ramirez over, “Ramirez-san, have you met Neph-san? She is looking for someone to tame spirits so she can landscape the shadows near her home. Do you know anyone?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Nephthys as Ashe introduces her and he shrugs. “Hey Neph.. and it depends. Why would you want to ‘tame’ the spirits and what sort of spirits? We talkin’ spirits of nature or spirits as in wraiths?”

<Nephthys> “The latter. I just need them temporarily vacated for a ritual.” She explains. “Reshaping the umbra a little, making it easier to defend in that area.”

~*Ramirez*~ “So…what are you? Some sort of shifter?” He eyes her, studying her a moment deeper than just some mundane glance.

<Nephthys> Looks back at Ramirez “I’m a cat.” She says looking deadly serious. Returning his scrutiny with some of her own.

~*Ramirez*~ ‘s expression doesn’t seem to change as he sits down though and takes out a cigarette and lights it. “A cat, huh? Cool… so what is this ritual because I don’t like talking to spirits to tell them to do something if it’s not in their interest.”

<Ashe> was a little out of his league here, simply drinking his beer and listening to people talking about talking to spirits. That was… damned strange

<Nephthys> sips her beer. “I have a duty to defend the Umbra near my home, and I can’t enter it on my own without reshaping it somewhat.” she answers. “And before I can reshape it I need to claim it… and to do that I need the spirits there to not be there, temporarily.” that was as detailed an answer as she was willing to give.

<CoraAnn> comes in through the back door of the bar, wearing one of Zane’s shirts and not looking very happy as she makes her way to the bar and just grabs a bottle from behind the bar. She takes a mouthful of whiskey and swishes it around in her mouth before swallowing and then shuffling over to Zane’s usual booth in the back and climbing into it.

<Jonas> pulls his over-sized custom bike up outside the Trill and backs it in toward the building to park it. He does as usual and locks his helmet into the sidecar with a steel plate over the opening and then heads inside. Once through the front door he makes for the bar straight away and just nods to Erik when he catches his eye and raises the usual two fingers.

~*Ramirez*~ takes a drag on the smoke. “I suppose I can talk to them and if they won’t listen to me, I know a couple people who could do it too.”

<Nephthys> “They arn’t currupted, at least as far as I can tell.” she answers. “They should be as reasonable as spirits usually are… I can provide some Gnosis to give to them if you’d like.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You probably will owe them something for making them leave for a while. Will they be able to return after if they chose to?”

<CoraAnn> scoots around the the back of the horseshoe-shaped booth, not even setting the bottle down.

<Ashe> really needed a lexicon to this place, but at least Ramirez seemed to be able to help Neph, “What exactly do spirits like that we could give them? Just gnosis things?”

Erik nods and passes Jonas his two beers. He doesn’t pay any mind to Cora, in fact being careful to avoid the agitated girl.

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Cora and gives her a slight wave. He could see she did not look like she was having a good night. He wasn’t exactly sure who the other big guy was but he had seen him once before.

<Nephthys> “Of course.” She says nodding. “I don’t plan on keeping out any spirits of Gaia.” She says, still not lieing.

<Ashe> Didn’t know Cora or anyone else. To him the new comers were just like any other patrons in the bar. Some happy, some upset, it did take all kinds to make the world, afterall.

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Ashe. “Gnosis is basically the same thing as Quintessence, hombre. She’s talking about nature spirits, like in the Umbra.”

<Ashe> at least knew what Quintessence was, “Ah, so her form of quint and all that is happening in the umbra that is for spirits and not meaning the shadows. Right.”

<Jonas> gets his beers and looks around to see who’s here while finishing half of the first one in 3 large swallows.

<Nephthys> finishes her beer “Anyways, thank you Ramirez. ”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Right, Ashe.” He’d then look back to Nephthys. I will need some information about you though to give the spirits to ensure them what you want is the right thing for them and well…the region they are in.”

~*Ramirez*~ “And you might not get immediate approval, like if they want more than gnosis.”

<Nephthys> “What’s to tell about me?” She asks ” I’m a werecat. I come from Egypt. I’m here seeking knowledge I can’t find in my homeland. I serve Nala, the creator and Gaia of the cycle.”

<CoraAnn> sighs and takes out her phone, sending out a text to Cassian, and to Jonas since he’s on her backup list. :: I got what we need to track the snakes back to the nest. ::

<Nephthys> “And I can’t imagine they’ll be opposed to simply leaving for an hour or two.” She says before flagging down a barkeep and ordering another beer.

■► Cassian ◄■ texts CoraAnn back a moment later. <txt> “Excellent. I will speak with you tomorrow. I am dealing with another situation currently but will be free then and have likely someone new for you to meet.”

<Jonas> finishes beer number 1 and starts walking toward Cora with number 2 in his left hand. He stops half way there as his phone lets out the “Mail, muthafucka!” sound clip from National Lampoon’s Eurotrip. He looks at the message quickly, then continues his walk and stops at the edge of the table, “Is now a good time to talk about that? .. and what’s wrong?”

<Ashe> Nods and looks between Neph and Ramirez, “Well, if I was being asked to leave my home so someone else could set up shop, I might want to know that they aren’t going to do anything I don’t like? Maybe they might want to know how you are going to reshape their home?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Fair enough. That should do. Just be aware that sometimes spirits like to send people on quests or whatever. I’ll do what I can though. When do you want this done?”

<Nephthys> “Tonight if possible.” She says “The ritual is tied to the moon phase, I’ve only got another night or two left or I’ll have to wait another month.” if Ramirez is reading her aura still, it’s a half-truth.

<CoraAnn> shrugs a bit and takes a few long drinks from the bottle of whiskey as she looks to Jonas. “Uuuuuhhh, yeah. Don’t worry about it. Chalk it up to i took one for the team and got the info we needed to hunt these guys down but it has to be done soon.”

<Jonas> “I’m okay with soon. Mind if I park it here for a while? I’ll look less wakward sitting while we talk.” He chuckles slightly.

<CoraAnn> nods from the very back of the U-shaped booth. “Yeah, go ahead. Anyway… like I said… we have a few days tops to track him… I mean, I might be able to find where he’s hiding and we go back later but from what i saw… he’s moving a lot.”, she shakes a little and puts the half-empty bottle on the table, looking paler than usual.

<Jonas> slides into the booth and sets the beer bottle down on the table, “Okay, so tomorrow night? Or can you tell me and I can scout it tomorrow morning or around noon-ish?”

~*Ramirez*~ “So what moon phase do you need for this ritual?”

<CoraAnn> shakes her head a bit. “Uhm…”, she holds her head. “Shit. No, it doesn’t work like that. I can home in on him through his blood. So I have to… to go. Fuck. He drugged me with something… I don’t feel good.”

<Jonas> “Let me math this out, here. If you can track him through his blood then you have his blood.” He lowers his voice a bit and asks just about a whisper, “You drank his blood?”

<Nephthys> “The full moon… Tonight’s moon.” She says raising an eyebrow at Ramirez The idea of someone, even a human, being that out of touch with Luna felt… odd to her. Then again she was raised by Bastet so thinking like a human, even though she’s homid, isn’t entirely first nature.

~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, well you sure it’s only on a full moon?”

<Nephthys> “It’s much easier on the full moon…” She says, telling the full truth “I’d rather not have to do this without Luna’s assistance.”

<CoraAnn> nods. “Uhm, yeah. Kinda what I do. Not a perfect option but it will lead us right to him.”, she shivers a little bit, and then grabs a peanut and throws it at Ramirez’s head.

~*Ramirez*~ gets thocked in the head by a flying war peanut. “Ow.” He offers flatly. “Thanks, Cora.” He’d smirk slightly and then glance back to Nephthys. “Alright, well give me this address then so I can talk to them. I’ll be out tomorrow and meet you there.”

<Nephtyhs> writes down her address and phone number, signing it with an eye of horus with a feline pupil. “Great. That works.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods and would accept whatever it was she wrote down. He gives her his phone number.

<CoraAnn> texts Ram. :: I need you to drop me off at your neighbors, amigo. ::

<Ashe> luckily didn’t need to dodge war peanuts, but this place was looking a little too rowdy with the nuts and he stood with a grin, “Sorry Ramirez-san, I need to get going. Try not to get a concussion with random peanuts.” Then he bowed his head to Nephthys, “Good night and good luck Neph-san.” With that he’d head out.

~*Ramirez*~ takes out his phone and peers at it a moment and then responds. <txt> Sure thing, Cora. I can go as soon as you are ready to go.

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Ashe. “Alright, hombre. See you later. You should come out to the house.”

<Ashe> nods at Ramirez as he heads out, “Yah, sure. I’ll stop by tomorrow.”

~*Ramirez*~ waves farewell to Ashe and then would stand up. “See you tomorrow, Neph. I will likely bring someone else with me who can talk to the spirits as well and is closer to them than I am.”

<Jonas> chugs his beer and moves to stand from the booth, “Call me as soon as you have it figured when we’re leaving. I’ll make sure my gear is ready tonight so I can go on a moments notice. I’m gonna head home and get to it, then.”

<Nephthys> nods “Thank you again, Ramirez.” She says bowing slightly “I should get home as well.” She says finishing off her second beer, “I’ll call an Uber.”

<CoraAnn> nods to Jonas. “Thanks. Looking forward to seeing them get a good stomping.”, she says and sinks down to lay on the seat of the booth.

<Jonas> grins, “I haven’t had a reason to cut loose in a while. This could be scary, or fun.. maybe a little of both? Hey, if you need anything call me, okay? You look like hell and we’re kinda friendly. I don’t leave friends hangin.”

<CoraAnn> nods faintly. “I am going to someone who can help. But I’ll call you.”, she half curls up, shivering lightly again.

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Alright, have a good night, Neph.”

<Jonas> nods and goes to the leave the empty on the bar for Erik before heading out to his bike to drive back to the Quarter.

<CoraAnn> looks toward Ramirez, curled up in the seat of the booth. “Please tell me you have your own car tonight.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I do. Come on. Maybe you can tell me what’s going on too some? You don’t look too well.” He’d go over and offer his hand to her to help her stand.

<CoraAnn> gets up, shaky and nods to Erik before letting Ramirez help her out to his vehicle. She curls up in his back seat, shivering again and growling a few times. “I… went to find the one that… bonded katie. I uhm… I got close so… I could track him later. He… drugged me. I… don’t feel good. I need Cassian’s help.”

~*Ramirez*~ would help her in and secure the door, then drive out of the city, heading for the plantation house next to the one he dwelt at. “Alright, we’ll get you to him. You went out to find that lead Setite she was bonded to… Derek or whatever?”

<CoraAnn> nods weakly and growls again. “Yeah. I found him. I can track him now, no matter where he goes.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Whatever drug that is, can’t be good if it’s affecting a vampire.” He’d drive faster once he got out of the city and taking back roads. Cops weren’t usually out on those regularly at all, other than the usual ‘speed traps’, which he knew by heart now. He’d pull into the chantry driveway and then park the car, getting out. “We’re here.”

He’d open the back door and then head to the front door of the house and knock on it.

<CoraAnn> gets out of the car, looking around a little as if confused though she tracks Ramirez’s movements much like an animal would. She winces and growls again before making her way up to the front door, glaring over at the camera. “Brandon, let me in.”

The door opens automatically after a couple of moments and some light arguing in French behind the door.

<CoraAnn> shuffles inside and gets locked in a room for observation until she can be dealt with.

~*Ramirez*~ heads off after, going back to next door.