The place that Cora has traced Derek to is a busy nightclub, full of people thrashing around in the dark, smelling of sweat.

Cora dances her way around, all the while looking for her real target. She flirts and dances and then finally spots who she is looking for. Carefully she heads over, smiling warmly.

Derek glances over at Cora dancing and watches her moving, his eyes wandering up and down her form as a slight sneer forms on his lips. He covers it quickly with a charming smile as she gets closer, not moving. Letting her come to him.

Cora makes her way over and smiles at Derek, a faint giggle escaping her. “You like what you see?”

Derek smirks and reaches out, putting a hand on her hip. “Mmmhmm. I can offer you a good time, like something you ain’t never experienced before. You up for a little private party, babe?”

Cora looks him over and then smiles, running a fingernail up his thigh. “Ooohh, really? Sure… I like a good party. What do you have in mind?”

Derek half smiles and pulls her closer, his hand squeezing her ass firmly. “Come on and I’ll show you, babe.” He grabs his keys and nudges her toward the back door. Eyeing the way she moves as she walks, smirking.

Cora smiles and puts on a good show for him, allowing herself to be nudged in whatever direction he wants.

Derek leads her to his car, a non descript black sedan. It is clean though, outside and in. He gets her door for her, copping a feel as she moves past him and flashes her another super charming smile. Then he gets in himself and starts to drive.

<CoraAnn> smiles back and sits down, glancing from the window toward him as they drive, keeping an eye on where they are going but also watching him and playing the flirt, sliding her hand down her leg and adjusting the edge of her skirt.

Derek grins and takes her out well past the warehouses, to a few small buildings out by the bridge. He gets out and then lets her out, before leading her to the center building. Inside, there are a few more guys playing cards with their firearms laying on the table. He smacks her on the ass and the guys chuckle as he moves toward the back with her.

<CoraAnn> jumps but giggles as she gets smacked and lets him take her off toward the back. She eyed the guns for a moment, but was careful not to stare, or make eye contact with the other creeps.

Derek takes her into the back room where it looks like people might have been sleeping. The windows are totally boarded up and painted over and there are a couple of couches back here as well as a dresser. It is dimly lit, but he finds his way easily enough and he pulls a little red capsule out from a package in the top drawer.

<CoraAnn> tilts her head a bit and continues smiling as she watches him curiously. “What have you got there?”

Derek moves closer to her and reaches up, running the capsule across her lips as he starts to press against her. “Tell me, if you had the chance to have great sex again and really feel it, wouldn’t you?”

<CoraAnn> binks, taken off guard but actually intrigued for a moment. She turns and looks at him with a raised eyebrow. “No way. I mean, I would but… seriously?”

Derek grins and leans in, kissing along her ear. “Damn right. I’m all about free samples if you wanna try it… we could have a real good time.”

<CoraAnn> nods and parts her lips a bit, pressing closer to him. “I’m all about having a good time.”

Derek puts the capsule under her tongue and unzips his pants as he shoves her toward the bed. “Good, cause I am gonna fuck you till all your hair turns purple.”

The capsule does exactly as he said it would, causing her to blood to flow through her body, warm her, and make her feel everything as if she were human again. It is a terrible rush, enough that she sweats blood. He is quite rough with her during, holding her in awkward positions while he pounds away at her, just a means to an end. Afterward, he lets her finish him off, and she can take her blood from an alternate source. (Ew.)

<CoraAnn> goes and cleans up, knowing she wasn’t going to like coming down off whatever that was… and there was not enough mouthwash in the world for what she just did.

By the time Cora has cleaned up, she comes out to find all three of the men totally gone. Car is gone… and it looks like she will have to hoof it back into town.

<CoraAnn> heads back toward town, probably the longest walk of shame ever.