<Ashe> had rather liked the ambiance of the rather questionably named bar and decided to head back this evening to enjoy the night with a quiet drink. There was also the chance that some of the people that he kept nearing would show up and he could talk for a bit. Ashe was actually dressed semi-formally tonight in black slacks, polished dress shoes, and a navy dress shirt (without a tie, of course!). He’d left the last few buttons

undone as counter measures against the heat, but the AC of the bar was still a relief. He picked an unoccupied table and settled himself down to order a chicken Caesar salad and a beer. Maybe not the best combination, but hey, the man knew what he liked. Tonight his long black hair was fastened with a silver oriental clasp at the base of his neck.

Kefira was pretending to enjoy a drink there, still samiling at the shenanigans of the humams she had gone there with. An unreasonable boss, a girl that the guy onboard could not seem to attract the attention of, Trump in the White House …. she pretended to take another sip of her beer and listened patiently.

<Ashe> so far Ashe hadn’t really touched his beer, in favour of the meal. He was a light weight and drinking before eating was a sure way for him to stumble into a ditch on the way home. So dignified for a Mage! He couldn’t help but listen to the conversations around him and rolled his eyes when Trump came up, “Oh God… what did he do now? Nuclear war? Burn down the whitehouse? Wonder if I could just turn him into a rabbit…” it was

under his breath, but anyone who could hear it above the din of this place was likely not human anyways.

::It was unlikely that any humans heard, but Kefira was accustomed to a little of everything. She fixed a cool view on him, white pretending again to take a small sip of her beer, and then conspiratorically told her friends that she was about to hit on the luscious Japanese that recently entered. She put a stagger in her steps, as if having a little too much, before sitting herself clumsily

down at Ashe’s table:: “Are you expecting someone?” ::she purrs::

<Ashe> had just set his drink aside and turned his head with a bit of surprise and reached out a reflexive hand to try and steady the poor woman, but she appeared to be only drunk and Ashe was likely the safest person for her to be drunk with, at least. His softly coloured grey eyes crinkled shut was a grin, “No. I just came here to see who I might meet. Usually I can end up having good conversations.” After a pause, “Would you like

something to eat?” That would help with the drunkenness at least, “My name is Ashton Blake, or simply Ashe.” He extended a calloused and burn scared hand to the young woman.”

::He was too sweet. Born in the wrong century. Her smile widened despite itself, but before she could take him up on his offer to turn the President of the United States into a bunny, she needed she be sure.::: “Kefira.” ::she has an exotic look, but speaks English as if born in the states:: “I believe you and Trumf diagrees on some subjects? Could you -actually- turn the maniac into a

rabbit, then?” ::she seems unphased::

<Ashe> “It is good to meet you, Kefira.” If she had an ear for accents, his seemed to be more californian than Japanese, but there was a hint of that accent there as well. Perhaps picked up from a parent?He chuckles and gestures lightly to the screen, “It isn’t hard to find something to disagree with him on. His policies… do not speak to my ethics.” Her question caused him to lift an eyebrow at her and give a good natured smirk, “A

rabbit? No probably not.” His eyes were almost dancing with amusement though, “People would notice that… subtlety is key!” He was joking, but there might be a bit of truth to his amused answer.

::Kefira internally sighed. She wouldn’t be the only one who wanted to remove him, but the people had spoken – and the madmnan was in office. She still wanted to turm him into na rabbit, but she could not predict how the administration would go, without him. She glances again at the mortal. “So, you believe om blue phone boxes with the power to go forth or back in time … or are your eyes

a bit more open?”

<Ashe> was sure he was missing something here, “Blue…. phone boxes that go back in time?” The young man blinks and then laughs and taps a finger on his glass, “I am going to hazard a guess, Kefira, but you are not as drunk as you are playing at? My eyes are open.” It was an interesting way to ask that question, “Are yours?”

“I will not be capable of being ‘drunk’ unless you imbibe a copious amount off alcohol, and then offer a vein. No, I am not intoxicated.” ::she she sounds amused; he may also notice that she smells likie metal:: “But I did need an excuse to sit near you.”

<Ashe> “I suppose people seem to like excuses to talk.” He agrees with an amused smirk and then sobers and looks down at his wrist, “Ah, I think I follow. Hopefully you will forgive me if I don’t be that hospitable. I rather prefer keeping that tidily inside me.” He gives her an apologetic look, as if he was being rather selfish about it, “I also don’t drink to excess. I am a cheap drunk and I enjoy waking up in a bed and not a damp


<Ashe> paused as his phone began to buzz in his pocket and gave the woman an apologetic look, “Forgive me, Kefira-san. I am afraid I must head out.” Ashe would rise and then gice his table guest a polite bow before heading out.

Jacob walks slowly into the Trill. He had spent much of his time recently studying the work of his new clan and his new form. Undeath has not robbed him of the feelings of stress and he enters the bar to relax and find someone to talk to. The mystics and other patrons of the trill are quite relieving in their difference and seperation from the mundane. He is wearing simple earthy colors. A pale but pleasant face with dark neatly trimmed medium length

<Cecilia> comes into the Trill, accompanying Ramirez and looking around the bar.

~*Ramirez*~ pulled up the old beater car he was using from the mechanic shop. He’d get out and light a smoke, as if it was just something he always did, and head into the biker bar. He looked around and greeted a few of the patrons he actually recognized and then would order a stout from the bar. He’d have walked in with Cecilia, spotting her outside. “Hey, what’s

up, Cecilia?”

<Cecilia> “Oh, I just decided to pay this fine establishment a visit.”

~*Ramirez*~ “To what does it owe you for that?” He chuckled and then took a sip of his stout.

Jacob notices their arrival and goes up to shake hands with Ramirez.”Hello again, I have not seen you in some time.”

<Cecilia> “Boredom.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “True. Hey hombre. Sup?”

“Studying. I am taking a break here to relax and speak to interesting people… of which who is this lady you have with you?” Jacob holds out his hand,”I am Jacob, nice to meet you.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Cecilia. “She’s Cecilia. So interesting.” He shrugged and took a drag from his smoke.

<Cecilia> greets him in a European fashion after shaking his hand, giving him a kiss to each cheek before stepping back. “Cecilia di Pasqua, and I must say, it’s a pleasure, Jacob.”

Jacob smiles faintly,”The pleasure is very much mine. Have either of you heard anything interesting lately? Any new rumours or stories? Local legends perhaps?”

<Cecilia> looks to Ramirez.

~*Ramirez*~ shrugs. “Depends what you wanna know exactly. There’s stuff going on but who are you to want to know?”

Jacob looks at Ramirez feigning an innocent expression his eyebrows raised,”A concerned citizen of course… also a researcher. Perhaps something needs to be studied…”

~*Ramirez*~ “I have no idea what needs to be studied at this point. Watch out for the demons.”

Jacob blinks,” Demons? What sort of demons? Biblical? Like fallen angels or evil spirits?”

~*Ramirez*~ shrugs. “The kind that suck and are killing people to get what they want. The kind that uses some supernaturals against others and makes us have to fight against one another before we can find their ugly asses.”

Jacob nods,”Well I am willing to do what I can to help against them. Perhaps we could collorborate and create some rituals that combine our esoteric abilities.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Maybe. For right now, I think we’re just trying to get stuff together and plan for our counter attacks.”

Jacob nods,”I agree. I will have to look into anything that I can do. Although, if you develop any weaponry that is effective, I can assist with fighting as I would likely prove more durable against most things… except perhaps fire…”

<Cecilia> “Ah. Blessed weapons.”

~*Ramirez*~ shrugs. “Fire tends to work on most stuff. I gotta get back to work. See you guys later.” He’d wave and then head off to go do his night job. Selling illegals whoo. ~

<Cecilia> gives Ramirez a light wave. “Have fun.”

<Cecilia> then looks back to Jacob. “How good are you with fighting?”

<Nephthys> heads into the Trill, deciding she needs a drink after what she’d learned the past week. She heads inside, her heels clacking against the floor. She heads over to the bar.

<Cecilia> looks to Nephthys, giving the other woman a wave of greeting. “Good evening. What brings you to this fine establishment?” A light hint of mockery is evident in the last words.

<Nephthys> Looks Cecilia over. Neph is a woman of North-african descent currently dressed in a black pencil-skirted suit. She has striking green eyes. “Alcohol, mostly. You?”

<Cecilia> is a woman with Italian features and of Italian descent, wearing a fancy blouse, a skirt and heels.

<Cecilia> “Boredom, mainly.”

<Nephthys> Shrugs slightly “A lot of that going around for a party town.” it’s notable that Nephthys has a slight arabic accent. She flags down a bartender “Shot of gin please.”

<Cecilia> orders herself a glass of scotch, going to take a seat at the bar. “And why are we interested in drinking so much?”

<Nephthys> “General stress from moving to a new town.” Nephthys answers.

<Cecilia> “Ah. You have my sympathies in that regard.

<Nephthys> “So, I’m guessing you’re also from out of town.” She says smirking at Cecilia.

<Cecilia> “Oh, yes. I came to New Orleans for work.”

<Nephthys> nods a bit “I’m here to study. After a fashion.” She says shrugging. “So yeah. I’m Nephthys.”

<Cecilia> “Cecilia di Pasqua.”

<Nephthys> “So. What kind of work do you do?” Nephthys asks sipping her gin.

<Cecilia> “Item acquisition.”

<Nephthys> gives Cecilia a look “I hate to invoke steryotypes, but illegal item aquisition?”

<Cecilia> “Perhaps, perhaps not.”

Jacob sits down answering Celicia’s question,”I have not yet tested myself in combat so I would not know. However, I am hardier than most… people. That should work to our advantage.”

<Cecilia> arches an eyebrow at Jacob. “Ah. I see.”

<Nephthys> “Well given that you’re talking to your friend about combat… I think I can come to my own conclusions.” She says chuckling

“Yes. Well not all fights are physical miss.

<Cecilia> looks back to Nephthys. “Oh, I’m not built for long fights, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use a blade or shoot a gun.”

Speaking of, I have other places to go tonight. Have a good evening both of you.” Jacob turns and walks out of the Trill

<Cecilia> “So soon?” She lightly tsks at Jacob. “But have fun and be safe.”

<Nephthys> finishes her gin “I’m not bad in a fight myself, though I prefer hand-to-hand.”

Jacob nods and gives her a cell phone number,”Call me if you need any help. We can always use friends in these dark times.”

<Cecilia> takes the number if it was offered to her, taking another sip of her scotch. “I will, if I need to.”

<Cecilia> looks back to Nephthys as she finishes her drink. “You fell quiet awfully quick.”

<Nephthys> “You didn’t really answer what I had said.” She says shrugging “Either way. It’s an interesting town so far.”

<Cecilia> gives a little laugh. “Given what I’ve seen, I have to agree.”

<Cecilia> “In any case, I have to get to work. It was nice meeting you.”

<Cecilia> smiles and heads out, paying for her drink.