<Jonas> is where he usually is lately. Since the shop has been functional he’s been all about working and making sure the lights stay on and the fridge is full of beer… and a little food. Currently he’s at the workbench with an absolute mess of all sorts of mechanical parts. To the untrained eye it probably looks like a case of watches exploded with springs and gears and the like all over his work mat. He’s got on a magnifying visor and

looks a bit like a monkey trying to solve a 10000 piece jigsaw puzzle at the moment.

<Cora> ducks inside of the shop in the French Quarter, glancing up briefly at the bell sound before casting her eyes back out again. Shrugging it and the rain outside off, she runs a hand through her wet purple and black hair before taking a long look over the room.

<Jonas> looks over as he flips the visor up with his left hand, “You worried about being followed or something?”

<Cora> “After some of the things I have seen. Yeah, pretty much. Been creeped out for days. But no biggie.”, she blinks as she looks him over before edging closer to get a better look. “Whatcha workin’ on?”

<Jonas> “If someone were to follow you through my door and mean you harm they’d get the rudest of awakenings you could possibly imagine.” He looks down at his mess of springs and gears and parts, “Oh, this? Just a motorized assembly for a pet project. What can I do for you, though?”

<Cora> smirks a bit. “Dude, any idiot tries to jump me in a gun store is already in trouble.”, she says before curiousity overrides her usual aversion so she gets a little closer. “Like a machine gun? Ohh, I got to fire an old Tommy Gun once. That was fun.”

<Jonas> “Those are neat. Gotta love the classics. Did it have the drum magazine like in the gangster movies or the straight mag like you see in the World War 2 movies?”

<Cora> grins. “Big drum. It was Al’s. He’s actually pretty cool. He told dirty jokes.”

<Jonas> “Is Al someone I’ll run into around here?”

<Cora> shakes her head, flinging a bit of wet here and there in the process. “Nah. He’s in Chicago. That’s where I grew up.”

<Jonas> blinks, “Chicago. Al. Tommy gun… Capone?”

<Cora> nods and chuckles a bit. “Yeah… I was in the car with him for a good thirty minutes before I realized who he was. He’s one of my kind.”

<Jonas> nods, “Okay. That’s a bit of a trip to wrap my brain around.” He takes another few seconds to process that before asking, “So how’re things lately? Haven’t really seen you in a few weeks. At least it feels like a few weeks. I’ve been busy as hell with getting this place ready for business.”

<Cora> nods, thinking on it a moment. “Maybe. I lose track of time. But this place looks all spiffy. Seems a little odd in this part of town but it’s not exactly ghetto gunstore clientele.”

<Jonas> “I couldn’t exactly choose where my grandpere’s house was so I’m just makign the most of it. I had the building worked on to accommodate the shop so it’s all safe and legal. It’s also no weirder than some of the voodoo shops that are around the area. Probably more normal, actually, if you think about it.”

<Cora> thinks a moment and then nods and hops up, sitting on whatever table or counter is closest and not covered in stuff. “Yeah. Guess so. We don’t have anything like that at all back home. This whole city is weird though. I mean, well, all of them have legends and stuff I guess.”

<Jonas> “Nawlans has quite a number of legends and stories. Mostly ghost stories or voodoo stories. Some zombie stories, too.” He leans on the table resting his hands on it behind him, “So what brought you into my shop tonight?”

<Cora> shrugs a bit, shoulders hardly moving the thick leather jacket. “Just wanted to see the place really. Your card didnt list it but a few people have been talking about it.”

<Jonas> “Yeah, the cards were older. I have some new ones coming with the address on it but I won’t start giving them out until I have a nice sign over the front door or something, or maybe some professional letting painted on the door. So people are talking, huh? Hopefully all good things.”

<Cora> chuckles a little. “Well mostly. Always gonna be haters out there.”, she kicks her feet out a little in an alternating pattern. “So what you do in your off time? Hadn’t seen you around the Trill.”

<Jonas> “Kinda a workaholic. I’ve been out on the river a bit checkin’ it out. There’s some work to do around here that I’m gonna help with involving a corrupt wolf and snakes. Lynn said she’d keep me in the loop on that.”

<Cora> sighs and nods. “Yeah… You can have that thing all to yourself big guy. Though I am working the snake angle.”

<Jonas> “I’ll have help with the furry problem. I recall something about you not being a fan of big furry werewolves?”

<Cora> glances sideways at him for a sec before shrugging, but her expression is a bit uncomfortable. “I understand we are all people… I mean, I don’t go around killing people or anything. Some do though. And that one for sure ATE one of the Mages. Fucking for real tore her apart and ate her.”

<Jonas> “I heard that, too. It’s gotta die so it’ll die. Simple as that.”

<Isabelle> steps inside the store with her iPhone open with the exact specifications of what she wishes … for all that she controls the fabric of reality, there’s a certain … ‘reassurance’ in the possession of tools. If there is a bell for customers to announce their presence, she hits it.

<Cora> sighs and shakes off another shudder. “Theres some creepy ones of my kind too.”