<Shotgun> shrugs a bit. “Still not totally sure what that means… but I’ll take your word for it. Only way for me to know is to try.”

<Jonas> “I guess we’ll find out, then, after I can get the pieces fabricated. Hey, any word on those trouble items? Corrupted wolf and Setites and all that?”

<Shotgun> shakes her head. “Not since last we spoke. I am aware that some others are trying to flush the snakes out through their drugs… and while I don’t entirely agree with the method… the snakes are worse.”

<Jonas> “If they’re running drugs through the city they’ll need weapons, too. Anyone looking into how they’re arming themselves? If they’re looking for machine guns it’s a matter of time until they get wind of me and come knocking.”

<Danny> The motor whirred, and the air hummed as Danny starts up the ventelation fan up in his lab, blowing the smoke clear up, keeping the smell away from the streets as his chemicals stewed. He rolls up both a bay doors on either side of the old oil change shop which has now become his lab, mechanics play ground, and squat. Home is where the head lays to him. Stepping outside, he snaps at his gold zippo, lighting up a joint as he looks

around the street, then up at his sign, debating on taking it down, or changing it.

<Shotgun> nods. “On that one. I ask you be careful… and i may have to ask you are selective in that regard who you sell what to. In some hands… your trade could cause a great amount of damage to innocent people.”

<Jonas> “I don’t have the facility to dig into people’s backgrounds more than the government already allows me to. If they’re not a convicted felon and they pass the NICS they look like any legal gun owner to me. If they want a machine gun I’m not about to risk my license by selling that to someone without all the proper paperwork.”

<Shotgun> smirks a little bit. “Alright. That’ll do. Most of us can fake that sorta thing, or frankly just buy it. But it will be harder for the ones I am worried about to do something like that.”

<Jonas> “Even scumbag humans can buy the paperwork for that. The system has always been just a best effort, but it’s an effort I stick to every time. Nothing’s stopping them from making the weapons themselves, either. All they need is someone reasonably good with machines or computers for that.”

<Shotgun> leans against his counter a bit and nods again. “Also true I suppose. So what got you into this kind of work?”

<Shotgun> spins the ring on her finger around a few times as she speaks, almost absently or in a comforting manner.

<Jonas> “I was brought up around firearms, my grandpere was in the military, my father does government work, I’ve always been around them. I used to love going shooting with grandpere and then after we’d always clean the weapons and he taught me how to strip ’em down. I guess it just kinda kindled a passion. I started wondering how other kinds of firearms worked and fit

together and it snowballed from there.”

<Shotgun> nods and smiles before taking up her case and glancing toward the door. “Neat that it seems to run in your family. I should probably get moving. I have work to do still to find these snakes. But your help is appreciated and I’ll see you around.”

<Jonas> “Stay safe out there. Catch ya later.” He’ll wait until she leaves before heading back toward his parts and finish checking them to make sure they’re all in-spec.