::Maryska steps into the bar looking around, she had been here once before, it had been a quiet night, she wasn’t sure what kind of night it would be now, however she was hoping to see some familiar faces, or perhaps a few new faces. She was wearing jeans, biker boots, and a black T-shirt as well as mountaineering sunglasses with leather blinders.*

<Cora> is sitting in her favorite shot up leather jacket, feet up on one of the other chairs. Magenta bangs offering a big contrast to her otherwise black hair.

::Maryska looked at Cora for a brief moment and shrugged, this place had a few oddities, let’s see how many of them are friendly, she moved to the woman’s table with her hands in her pockets, speaking with a mix of Ukrainian and a bit of a Texas tint.* “evenin, mind company?”

<Cora> looks up at Mary a moment before shrugging. “Sure, have a seat, and a beer.”, she slides one from.a bucket over to the other girl.

::Maryska nods with a smike and settles into the booth across from the woman. “Thanks, names Maryska, just moved here from Texas a few weeks ago, keep running into interesting new people.”

<Cora> nods a bit and takes a drink from her beer. “Ahhhh. For a minute I was afraid you might be a jealous wife or something going to clobber me. Don’t laugh. Its happened. Recently.”

::Maryska smirks and nods.:: “The night is young, I don’t have a husband though, or a boyfriend so, you’re safe for now.” She sips her own beer that skid across the table. “You need to date fewer husbands.”

<Ashe> An unassuming Man of Asian decent slipped in the front door of the bar dressed in blue jeans and a black tee. His long black hair was tied back at the nape of his neck and for those who had a more sensitive nose he smelled faintly of hot steal and charcoal. Even cleaned up as he was, the smells of the forge still clung to him. As he made his way to the bar he spotted a familiar face and gave Maryska a friendly wave. He kept

running into her, not that it was a bad thing

*Katarina* pushes the door open and saunters in, moving into the booth where everyone is and sliding in. “‘sup, people.”

<Cora> nods and takes another drink. “I hear that.”, she chuckles.

::Maryska smiled and waved to him and then waved him over.:: “Ashe! My friend, come sit with us!” She slipped over in her seat to make room for the man to join them.*

<Ashe> would grin more broadly and make his way over towards his friend and give her a small bow of greeting, “Thank you Mar-chan, I’d love to. Thank you.” He settle himself down into the offered seat.

*Katarina* stretches, giving Cora a fingerwave in greeting.

<Cora> waves back at Katarina. “Hows it going?”

*Katarina* “Decent enough, once I got back home.”

::Maryska looks at Cora and then to Ashe as she speaks.:: “Cora, this is my friend, Ashe, we only met recently, so far he’s a good guy.” She smiles and looks at Katarina. “Hello, I am Maryska, just met Cora, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

<Ashe> chuckles at the introduction and bows in his seat to Cora and Katrina in turn. No one ever seemed to give him last names, oh well, “It is an honour to meet you both.”

*Katarina* “An honor? Way to make it sound like I’m royalty or something. And nice meeting you too.”

<CoraAnn> passes Ashe a beer as well. “Oh. Well, sure. Have a seat and a beer and nice to meet you too.”, she says as she runs her hand through her purple and black hair.

::Maryska looks at the group of people that seem to have congregated at the table.:: “wow, this table filled up fast, I’m not even sure exactly what kind of people I sit with.” ::she smirks a bit and shrugs sipping her beer:: “Except Ashe, he is a blade smith.”

<Ashe> Smiles and takes the beer as he chuckles lightly at Katarina, “It is just a polite greeting Katarina-san, but if you want to be royalty, I could address you more formally.” He eyes were almost dancing with mischief as he takes a sip and nods to Mar-chan, “Indeed, and you are a mistress of the blades, yes?”

*Katarina* “Just call me Kat, seriously.”

::Maryska gestures to the group with her beer bottle.:: “I am not a Mistress of blades, I know how to use them, I’m actually a ranch hand, my parents are farmers.” she looks around at the other people in the bar, her eyes still behind those mountaineering sunglasses, and brings her attention back to the table. “I decided to step out of the farm and look around at the world a little before deciding to take over the family


<Ashe> Grinned at Katarina, “Ah! Neko-chan then?” He couldn’t help himself.

<CoraAnn> looks over at Maryska as a little silver rodent head sticks out from one of the bullet-holes in her jacket. “You should meet Lynn. She has a big ranch she visits about once a month with all these horses and stuff.” She gently pets the little creature peeking out.

::Maryska nods.:: “You’re the second person to mention this Lynn, I really wouldn’t mind meeting her, perhaps I could get a job at her ranch, if she’s looking for help.” ::she sips the brew that she has in her hand again, and looks at the little creature.:: “cute, a friend of yours?”

*Katarina* just rolls her eyes and leans over to flick Ashe. “Nope.”

<Ashe> gasps and looks playfully pained, “Very well, very well, Kat-chan, but that is my final offer. I have to have some propriety!”

*Katarina* grumbles. “This never escapes this room.”

<CoraAnn> chuckles. “This is Bullet. He’s a sugar glider.”, she carefully gets him out from her inner pocket. “Though sometimes he gets into the beer instead and then he’s like a drunk flying rat…”

::Maryska giggles and leans forward looking at the sugar glider a little more closely.:: “This is a flying squirrel kind of creature yes?” ::she regards the little rodent for a few moments and then looks as Ashe and Kat have their little back and forth playfully.::

*Katarina* looks at the sugar glider, stretching out a hand with her palm down.

Bullet goes running up Katarina’s arm and onto her head, nuzzling and nesting in her hair.

<Ashe> watches the sugar glider with interest and then grins at Mar-chan, “This is an interesting place. Do you have any interesting pets? I have… an old tabby cat.”

::Maryska nods.:: “I have a horse back home called Bludzhon back home, he’s a Clydesdale horse, he got the name from crushing a cattle theif.” ::she nods with a smile, seeming quite proud of the horse.:: “His hind legs are very powerful, he actually kicked our chevy truck over onto it’s side when father honked the horn behind him.”

((-2nd backhome at the end))

<Ashe> blinked slowly at Maryska, “I think… I’ll keep the old tabby. Less chance of having my head kicked in prematurely.”

<CoraAnn> laughs a bit at that, shaking her head. “Lynn rescues horses that are deemed too mean, ones from rodeos usually… that have been abused and stuff, why they got ‘mean’ in the first place.”

*Katarina* reaches up to scritch the sugar glider, watching the others.

::Maryska nodded.:: “I believe I was told this too.” ::she looks at Ashe grinning.:: “he’s a good horse, he looks after the cattle.” ::she would glance over at the sugar glider perched on the womans head.:: “That is a cute squirrel.” she sips her beer looking back to Ashe.:: “the horse did not kick the man, it bludgeoned him.”

<Ashe> took a long drink of his beer and then set it down with a shake of his head as he smirked, “Right… bludgeoning is much better. I am glad be cleared that up. I suppose I will visit the horse then.”

Bullet hunkers down, happy in his nest of hair.

<CoraAnn> just shakes her head, but smiles in a friendly manner. “He is, when he isn’t chewing holes in my jacket.”

::Maryska nods and looks at the holes.:: “so the little thing is much like the jacket, well loved.” ::she grins.:: “otherwise, it would be dead.” she sips her beer again to the end and looks around.:: “My apologies for the short time, but I have to head out for the night, I’ll see you all again soon.” ::Maryska looks at Ashe and smiles at him.:: “Oh, can I have your number? I would like to set up an appointment to talk about

some blades I want made.”

<Ashe> wasn’t entirely sure why anyone would want a rodent as a pet, but the creature seemed harmless enough, “Ah yes, of course Mar-chan.” Ashe tugged out a business card from his pocket and held it out to her, “Anytime you’d like to talk, I am usually free. It is the benefit of being self employed.”

<CoraAnn> nods and waves to Maryska. “I can usualyl be found around here so many I will see you again sometime.”

::Maryska would take the card in hand and pull out her celphone, put the number in and then place the card in a sleeve attached to the case.:: “Thank you, I will call you soon.” ::she nodded her head to him and stood up from her chair after the announced leave, she took out pen and paper and wrote down her name and number on the piece twice, tore it in half and offered one to each.:: “I hope to meet you both again some time,

I liked this.” ::She looked at Cora and nodded.:: “I will keep my eyes open for you.”

::Maryska took the free moment afterwards and slips out the door for the evening.:: “Good night.”

<CoraAnn> nods to the others, reaching up to take her critter back as well. “I cannot stay much longer either. Supposed to be working.”

<Ashe> nods and rises from his chair as well, “I am afraid I must also head out. I tend to wake with the dawn. It has been good to meet with you all.” Ashe would bow and then head out.

*Katarina* “Later, Ashley.”

*Katarina* then looks at Cora, leaning forward to let her take Bullet.

<CoraAnn> just chuckles. “Funny, that’s usualyl when i go to bed.”, she gets up and nods to kat. “Keep the beers. Glad you are doing better though. We should like hang or something when it’s not life and death.”

*Katarina* “Wednesday sound good?”

<CoraAnn> nods. “I hope so.”, she waves as she heads out.

*Katarina* stretches and heads out.