<Jonas> reassembles the revolves after measuring every piece down to the tiniest of spings and the threading on every screw and packs them back in their case before heading over to the front counter and picks up the phone while flipping through the pages of his little notepad.

<Lynn> is moving around already, making sure her other weapons are all pristine before putting them away and checking her messages.

<Jonas> finds the page with Lynn’s number on it and dials it.

<Lynn> looks at her phone suspiciously before answering. “Hello?” Technology was creepy.

<Jonas> “Lynn, it’s Jonas. You’re can come by for your revolvers any time you like. I’m done with them for now.”

<Lynn> nods to herself. “Oh, alright. I will be right over then.”, she does make her way to Jonas’s with some haste, not really for the revolvers quite as much as to perhaps discuss some matters regarding the other recent activities.

<Jonas> will be at his usual work bench around the center of the shop with another mat laid out with parts on it. This time he’s got a micrometer out and is checking 4 discs each with 6 holes around the outer edge and a coffee can looking piece of metal as well.

<Lynn> makes her way inside and blinks as she studies Jonas for a moment, trying to figure out exactly what he has going on there.

<Jonas> looks up as the bell rings. He smiles and sets his toys down and starts walking over to the front counte,r “Hey! You got here fast.”

<Lynn> smiles. “Well I don’t live far. So what have you got there?”, indicating said toys.

<Jonas> “Parts for my pet project. A weapon I can use when I get bigger and covered in fur. It’s usually mounted in armorer vehicles but I think I have the strength for it.” He’ll reach down under the counter and pull up her case, “Here you go, all safe and sound and in working order. I took detailed measurements for everything down to the smallest spring. Now the fun part will be fabricating replacements out of tougher stuff than the old

steel they’re made of at the moment.”

<Lynn> looks impressed. “Do you need a strength test of any kind? To see what you’re up against?”

<Jonas> “It’s nowhere near ready to be fired yet. I haven’t assembled anything yet. So far I’m just triple checking all the measurements of the parts. If this thing malfunctions it’ll take my arm with it. If you’re interested, though, when the time comes for the test firing I’ll let you know. The whole bayou will know when I test fire this.”

<Lynn> nods her head and smiles again. “Nice. Least it grows back, right?”, then she blinks. “Wait, can you heal dismembered limbs?”

<Jonas> “I’ve heard stories that if the cut is clean and it’s tended to fast it’ll reattach. Otherwise we’re not so lucky.”

<Lynn> frowns a little bit. “It kinda sucks, even for us but at least it comes back… Unless a Tzimisce does it… They can make that shit permanent.”

<Jonas> “Not sure what a Tzimisce is, but I’ll try to remember that.”

<Lynn> wrinkles her nose distastefully and nods. “Monsters sums it up neatly. So how’re you liking the city?”

<Jonas> “Oh, I’ve liked it just fine for a long time. I was born here in this very house. A better question is how’s the city liking me. So far I seem to have more interaction with you guys than the general populace. Not a bad thing, of course, just an observation. Maybe I need to fire my advertising company. Doing lots of business through the mail keeps the lights on, but I like seeing peoples faces and talking to them in person.”

<Lynn> nods. “There seems to be a rather high population ratio in this city… Very popular with supernaturals.”

<Jonas> “So far everyone I’ve met has been just fine. I’m sure I’ll find a bad apple eventually but I have no plans on that one ruining the bunch. How about you? You still worried I’m gonna cause trouble?”

<Lynn> shakes her head at that. “Nah. If you were gonna cause trouble… You could. I think you’ll be more help than harm anyway.”

<Jonas> “I try to be. This is my world, too, so just walking around wrecking the place makes no sense if I have to live here, too.”

<Shotgun> nods in agreement with that as well. “This is quite true. I try to instill that in so many others, especially my kind. I mean, we are likely to be here hundreds of years from now… no sense making it harder later.”

<Jonas> “I’m not sure I could handle living that long. I think I’d get bored after maybe a hundred years. Hell, I’m sometimes bored with life now.”

<Shotgun> laughs and shakes her head. “There are some that feel the same way. But I believe in adapting. I have even learned to use a computer… which was not easy for me, trust me.”

<Jonas> “I can imagine. Some movies are based around that sort of confusion. The first one that comes to mind,” he chuckles again, “was Interview With The Vampire. Funny because it’s vampire-related and funnier still because it started around here.”

<Shotgun> quirks her lips faintly, then laughs. “I suppose so. It was hard for me. I fell asleep for a while… woke up in the 70s, bit of a culture shock. But i have done pretty well sonce then. I don’t break phones nearly as often as I used to.”

<Jonas> “You won’t be breaking your revolvers when I get the parts made, either. Do you know if you can bend tungsten?”

<Shotgun> blinks. “Not sure what that is to be honest. Probably never tried. I can tie a crowbar into a bow, cartoon style though.”

<Jonas> “Tungsten is a lot harder than tool steel. It has to get 3 times hottel than steel to melt.”