When we last left Nephthys and Dan they were at Nephthys’ place, discussing spirits and magic and stuff.

<Dan> Spirits and I aren’t quite on speaking terms. Not any hate, just that’s not my focus.

<Nephthys> shrugs at that “So you mentioned you met a few vampires. Any rumors about them?”

<Dan> Not really. As I said I’ve been out of town for a while, just getting back now and I’m as out of the loop as anyone. *he takes a big sip from his Taco Bell cup, winces and rubs his head*

<Nephthys> Shrugs again “A lot of that going around.” She says “I did hear there’s some kind of curruption in the park…”

<Dan> Well, I think that’s something we can agree on. If our power source is the same or similar, a corruption to it is something we can agree needs correction. What have you heard?

<Nephthys> “That the spirits are going to be attempting a ritual to clense it soon.” She says shrugging at that “There’s a bit of black sludgie stuff coming in from the ocean in the umbra.”

<Dan> Well, we have different names for the concept, but I’ll also admit that’s not an area of focus for me. I don’t really work with the offline world.

<Nephthys> “You should keep an eye out. There are spirits that can disrupt your digital toys.” She says chuckling

<Dan> Well, they’d likely have more trouble with mine, but I’m aware of the concept. It’s on my to learn list, but the list is long and the study is hard. So much to learn in this world and such a limited amount of time to learn it. Which is why slowing time and increasing life seem to be an obvious workaround to get more time for it all, but that’s a trap itself.

<Nephthys> “Or you could just write down what you know and pass it on to your children.” Nephthys shrugs “But I’m just a traditionalist that way

<Dan> Well, the volume of data to be transmitted would make writing difficult. Coalating and printing maybe but still that only handles things easily expressible with words and 2d images. Limiting. Plus, you’d have to have kids for that to wlork.

<Nephthys> “Oh I’m sure you can find workarounds.” She says chuckling “Besides, if you can’t have children, that’s what Orphens are for.”

<Dan> *does a reasonable impression of Archer* Can’t? or Won’t? But seriously with us, even if we have kids, it’s far from a guarantee that they’ll be like us. More likely I’d get an apprentice and pass my knowledge on to her.

<Nephthys> “There you go.” she says shrugging “It’s not a guarentee for us either, but we can’t pick and choose.”

<Dan> Yeeah, if someone comes along with a compatible paradigm… once I’m in a position to teach instead of learn. *he shrugs absently* So what else can you tell me about this corruption?

<Nephthys> “I only got a brief chance to see it. But it’s coming from the ocean like I said, it’s probably The Unmaker.” she shrugs “I can tell you more in a week or so.”

<Dan> The ocean eh? And.. unmaker? *he hits some keys on his phone* I haven’t heard of that, can you tell me more?

<Nephthys> looked Dan over “Nala, the first mother was the first. She’s the creator. Rahjah the Bright Brother was the second, He’s the stabilizer. Cahlash, the Shadow Brother was the last. He’s the Unmaker.” She says giving him the cribnotes version of the Bastet version of the wyrm/weaver/wild triat

<Dan> Ah! Fascinating! *he stabs at his phone a bunch* We have a very similar concept, of course with different names. Build/maintain/destroy cycles are all over. We have Dynamic, Pattern, and Primordial, Though we also have questing in there which I’m sure the name alone will give you the rough concept of.

<Nephthys> “Either way, the Unmaker is a great threat. Never underestimate that.” SHe says pouring herself some tea.

<Dan> It’s part of the cycle of things, and you need balance at all points in the cycle, no side can get too powerful or too weak without disturbing the order of things

<Nephthys> “A bit suprised to hear you say that, but yes. There’s wisdom in that.”

<Dan> What did you expect me to say? We’re mostly about balance, though of course everyone wants one side to be maybe just a bit stronger than the others.

<Nephthys> she smirks a bit “You seem to be very into Rahjah’s toys.” She says gesturing to his phone. “I wasn’t sure ‘balance’ even entered your… Paradigm was it?”

<Dan> Rahjah? I’ll admit I’m from “team create” *she can almost hear the quotes as he says it* and I think the world needs more newer things, but even I can admit that you need to recycle the old, and you need a maintenance phase, just continuous new things coming out gives you no time to adjust and adapt and find the new way forward and the RIGHT new thing.

<Nephthys> “Technology in general is a tool of stasis.” She says sipping her tea “It makes it harder to change things, suppresses the life giving power of Nala, and holds back the Unmaker.”

<Dan> Well, we’re full of surprises, and I’ll have to disagree with you there. New tech has changed the world more than anything else I can think of.

<Dan> A hundred years ago cars barely existed, communications was at best horse drawn riders delivering letters, I could go on and on about the change that technology can bring

<Nephthys> sips her tea a little more. “And what has happened to biodiversity over the last few thousand years?” she asks smirking

<Dan> Increased in some ways, decreased in others. Changed a lot for sure. There have been more extinctions than new creation for sure there, I’ll agree.

Dan takes a long sip from his Taco Bell cup

<Nephthys> “Humanity has spent their entire history cutting down Nala’s works to make their lives easier. That is why technology is the work of Rajah. It is even more obvious in the spirit world. Rajah’s spider face connecting the world in its unchanging web.”

<Dan> Interesting how you see it. My web changes on a daily basis, there’s no real static nature to it at all. But it all depends on what angle you look at things I think. Change in some places, destruction in others, stasis in yet others, it’s all the cycle. I don’t know.

<Nephthys> “You should start working on spirits. It might open your eyes to where things lie on the balance.” She shrugs slightly

<Dan> It’s on my list, but the list is long, and there are not nearly enough hours in the day. But I promise if we’re still talking in a year I’ll at least be able to say hi to the offline population.

<Dan> At the same time, if you learned a bit about computers and technology you might see the dynamicism inherent in it. Startups happen all the time, things move forward at a rate never before seen in human history.